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  2. Tulee oleen tiukka sarja vaikka meillä onkin vain keskinkertainen maalivahti.
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  4. But haven't this Jugi9 also helped in other areas?
  5. Guys, this article contains a bunch of subjective statements which seem to have triggered you in one way or another. I like that! Shows that you care about what you do and in turn I believe that was also the intention of the writer to stir the pot a little. Now it's up to you to prove these statements wrong in the upcoming games. However, if you have a problem with content that we put out, please shoot me a DM and we can discuss your contribution to the community on that part.
  6. Free RD/LD both hands looking for finnish team contact here or in psn: smarakki
  7. Give this guy a chance. Great and humble young man. Allready solid G and is hungry to learn something new everyday!
  8. Tonight we signed one more player !!! Welcome back Mr. Lapio @Valluxet!!
  9. mOcKbA iSn’t aS oFfEnsIvElY sKiLlEd🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
  10. Nice article! Good writing and Good facts
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  12. Was this article some kind of a joke?
  13. MEDIOCRE writer and poor facts 🤡
  14. Mockba isn't as offensively skilled? Riven Johdolla biggest surprise?
  15. NHLGamers, The ECL 9 Lite season has progressed all the way to the Semifinals in which we're seeing two very exciting matchups. All of the teams that are left have been storming through playoffs with just a few losses each so we can say that the competition is ramping up to a level where there will be no easy games. All of the teams that are left have secured promotions to ECL Pro for next season. Now all that remains is to determine the final marching order and crowning a champion. Without further ado, let's get into the details of our semi's. The ECL 9 Lite Semifinals are to be played between Friday, January 17th and Sunday, January 26th. Here are the matchups for the Semifinals of the ECL 9 Lite playoffs: (2.) Mockba vs. Sulkavan Sudet (7.) Mockba has defeated teams that were ranked 31st, 32nd and 19th and now Sulkavan Sudet will be their first true challenge. They had no problems against GREED, Carolus Icemen and Hokurit even though many of their games have been decided by small goal differences. Sulkavan Sudet haven't lost a game in the playoffs. They destroyed DEG eSports in the first round of the playoffs with goal differential of +18 but after that, WEREWOLVES HC and offensively skilled Rookie Mistakes were more of a challenge to them even though both series ended in a sweep. Sulkavan Sudet have the top 2 regular season scorers @Oxdoggi (78 points) and @Kemppane_ (75 points) in their lineup. Mockba isn't as offensively skilled, but their team play and ''quarterback'' defenseman @riihimaenharski is a winning combination. Will the offense of Sulkavan Sudet overpower the fact that they have only average goaltending? Is Mockba ready for their first real challenge? Can Mockba frustrate their opponent with their chemistry and play style? Find out in the semifinals! (3.) Riven Johdolla vs. Clumsy Penguins (4.) Riven Johdolla has been the biggest surprise this ECL Lite season as their fairly inexperienced lineup had a strong regular season and in the playoffs have battled their way into the semifinals. @Vattu__ is the purest goal scorer this season in Lite after coming second in regular season goals with 37 notches and leading playoff goal scoring with 27 goals to his name. He also leads playoff scoring with 40 points and has a shooting percentage of over 40% this season. Pro experienced Clumsy Penguins have lost only one game in the playoffs and have had no problems advancing to the semifinals beating Saucer Hockey, Sack Brothers and Company of Geeks. @Jugi9 is tied for most penalties (20min) in the playoffs with the rest of Clumsy Penguins getting only 12 penalty minutes combined, but penalties may not be a problem for Clumsy Penguins since Riven Johdolla has only scored 4 power play goals in the playoffs. Which will prevail - experience or confidence? Can @Vattu__ continue his scoring? Can @Jugi9 stay out of the box and find a way to help his team in other areas? Find out when the games start! Who are you rooting for to win it all? Leave a comment down below!
  16. Yo, I'm back on track with NHL and so I'm looking for a team. Prefering experienced long-term teams. I have experience from NHL 13-15 EHL and I can play every position needed, including goalie. I have always played by passing a lot and not focusing that much to do individual plays. I am 18 years old, from Finland and I can join discord, whatsapp etc when/if needed. Add me on psn so we can discuss with better details: KXnet1b
  17. Golden Whalers Is looking for G, D and an all-rounder. You should be preferably from Finland so that you won't feel like an outsider, but we won't decline anyone based off of their country. We have mainly played 3v3 because of lack of players in our roster. We haven't had many chances in 6v6 games with our own guys, so participating in the ECL wouldn't be a wise thing to do. At the moment I would say that our goal is to work on our teamplay or so called "Meidän peli". Our skill level isn't the greatest if you compare it to the ECL teams, but we are having fun everytime we play and we won't blame on anyone from their mistakes. If you are still interested, contact me here or at psn (Eksotikki).
  18. Free NHL ecl eashl player . Playing eashl for 7 years first time on nhlgamer first time heard of it . in versus always to top 30 , looking for club to join and others solid teammates and team to join . Can play any position except Goalie . PSN janyksvk30 . Hit me up to try me !!!!
  19. Free LW, C or RW for next tournaments and ECL contact me here or in psn: taunomaisteri
  20. Speedy Bros is looking for starting LW and C. If you are good 2-way forward and active enough, you might be player what we are looking for. Tryouts open almost every day, so lets build the team and play like an animals. Messages in here or psn Ampuhaukka78
  21. Rakish (pro) is looking 1 defender (prefer LD) and 1 forward who can play C and LW or RW. Last season was huge disappointment from us so we needed to change our roster little so we can raise top of pro and fighting for elite spot. If you think you can help us with that target, send me message here or psn: mikaasi or jimboslizer
  22. The main broadcast matchups are currently out of order and the Luleå-Leksand games on the 29th will take place on a wednesday, not a friday. Otherwise really solid stuff, well done!
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