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  3. Thanks @jahajaha93 and the whole NHL Gamer organization! Gotta say I’m glad we made it this far till the end. First of all this club was created just few days before the ECL started. I just had an idea to ask @Theoikeakarim to put down a club with bunch of irl friends and few others. Cause the Baltic Sea Eagles didn’t participate for this ECL 8, I thought we could really just pull this off. But anyways back to the game then! Our defense was solid in this series, and that was the backbone for our club on these games. Not to mention theoikeakarim who stood like a wall in net. For the offense we capitalized quite perfectly from our chances and played smartly with the puck. Once again it was a great tournament even though the DNA tried to screw us over. Gg’s Vesa Pompa!
  4. Our first roster is filling up with high potential players! Player to watch: Bockens goalie #1, LerantKoxsan, who is new to the EU 6v6 scene. Having played plenty of games with North Americans has made him invincible to high latency 😉
  5. @murderboy100 has been suspended from captain duty for the next two seasons and from playing for this season due to violating 2.4 and 13.10 of our rule book.
  6. Bellizzi looking for starting lw and backup player. Finnish player only. Contact here or psn.
  7. NHLGamers, After long season and some incredibly tight turns, we're proud to be crowning Oton Letkutemppu your ECL 8 Lite champion! It was certainly no easy feat, but Oton really found their stride in the playoffs. The absolute clinic put on in the finals goes to show that we are talking about a Pro ready team and we'll be waiting eagerly for what next season entails for these guys. NHLGamer would also like to congratulate Vesa Pompa HC, We Kings and Cheers Hockey for outstanding performances and promotions to ECL 9 Pro. The game by game results for the finals are as follows: Game 1: Oton Letkutemppu - Vesa Pompa HC 5:0 Game 2: Vesa Pompa HC - Oton Letkutemppu 0:1 Game 3: Oton Letkutemppu - Vesa Pompa HC 3:0 Game 4: Vesa Pompa HC - Oton Letkutemppu 1:2 Oton Letkutemppus championship roster: GOALTENDERS #4 K.Makise @Huuru #62 S.Rakastaja @Theoikeakarim DEFENSEMEN #16 J.Pappas @JokkePappa #44 O.Keskitalo @Duran93 FORWARDS #9 T.Lehclair @Thounimeister #9 O.Kuhta @Matson94 #15 T.Rautavaara @builtforspeedos #59 V.Svitov @RappioTaide #87 S.Crosby @Lehikoinen_ #88 P.Kaukalo @Juha88 Oton Letkutemppus road to the trophy: Regular season: 17-6-1 (14th) Round 1: BYE Round 2: 4:1 vs. Finnish Hockey Legends Round 3: 4:0 vs. Me Carvoset Quarterfinals: 4:2 vs. Blackdawgs Semifinals: 4:1 vs. Cheers Hockey Finals: 4:1 vs. Vesa Pompa HC Once again on behalf of all of us, congratulations! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
  8. Our team has multiple DNA players, but we still keep playing almost every day with few of them on the ice/bench, we get around 3-4 games in 2.5 hours, so not bad. To those who are annoyed that DNA teams still remain active, relax and take a breather - maybe do something that we do, we play various word games in voice chat while searching , hangman has been the favorite so far and I can honestly say the time goes by almost flying even when big chunk of games end into error before they start. We also do races on who gets back to the locker room the fastest after closing the application, that is quite fun and helps keeping fingers warm.
  9. Всем привет,в поиске клуба для игр RCL 4,RD,LD,клуб борющейся за плэйофф ,на меньшее не предлагать😂
  10. Teams with this DNA problem. Go and challenge some team (not Fin). Then you can play more than 1-2 games maybe.
  11. There is more important thing than "fight" here. You guys can also do your best and try to get this problem solved! Kenu and itspardytime has done great job to contact companies and make the things go forward. I dont say no one else has done that because cant know. Lets give everyone chance to play and try and lets focuse to help fix that problem!
  12. Oh, wow. If a team without any DNA fellas dodge you (bc 90% of time it doesn't work against you), shouldn't that be a hint for you to not search and take a break? Let that team to find other team? That's a little tricky one atm since you guys keep searching and finding that same "zero DNA" - Team again & again. Keep ruining others club experience, that's the fkin spirit! ;D So, my point: you are causing errors -> wait and don't force others to eat shit.
  13. Cant wait to see NACL teams in action! Hopefully all the teams will finish their season with full GP and no one quits once again welcome to NHLgamer and let us know when streams starts
  14. Ofcourse people wanna try to play because it can works, 2 games is better than 0 No one cant force people stop playing and trying, so if other teams knows opponent have more than one DNA player in squad, opponent can leave if they dont wanna try!
  15. Everyone ofcourse does what they feel like... In my small team of 6 skater and 2 goalie, 4 skater had / has DNA. After few days of DR error rumba, we made decision of play not more than 1 DNA Dude per game. That way we managed to get some games, but still i believe we didn`t have fun sitting in waiting simulator. And worse part of it was that we ruined gaming experience for many teams by causing DR errors. That is why we don`t play with DNA anymore. Dudes play with phone hotspot and other 4G connections... it is laggy, kind of sux, and everyone feels like a dork of paying once again extra to get to play this silly game. But at least we dont cause DR errors to others anymore and everyone has more fun. I get it that we nhl addicts have to get to play... but i don`t wonder why many get angry to you if you are causing something like 20 DR errors / night... If all teams would do the same... game nights would be "interesting".
  16. Finnish player looking for a new team. Last two seasons played as a skater in lite but now I want to test my skills as a goalie. Can also backup skater positions if needed. You can contant me here or psn: idko123
  17. Snoop Sonny


  18. Your comment tells me a lot about you as a person. You truly don’t understand why we seek a game? And if you don’t understand that was only rhetorical question. We have played only few evenings during this problem (because we have 3 "DNA players")but when we play we managed to get atleast 2-3 games/evening which is better than nothing. Its frustrating (for all of us) and that’s why I have tried to help solving this problem and tried to activate others but some of you rather be a loudmouth - its not suprising. I knew that my message might activate some morons but also I hope that it activates some smart ones too. I hope you and your followers could use few minutes of your precious time and help this genre via the link https://tuki.dna.fi/org/dna-fi/d/dna-laajakaista-ja-nhl19/ , thanks. Meanwhile if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
  19. Free finnish g looking for competive team lite team/pro to off season and next tournament. Can be 1st g, but maybe prefer back up spot will be best to me.
  20. HC ORBITA ищет вратаря . Обращаться: PSN: mizhganchic1986, ВК: https://vk.com/mizhgan86 , Whatsapp: +79106480754
  21. Rosvosektori is looking for goalie. Plenty of game time available. We are easy going, motivated and adults. You should be too.
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