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  2. Команда Virtuoso ищет левого защитника (ЛЗ) в основной состав. Подробности в PSN VSO_DeLuRe_09
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  4. Still looking for try outs!
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  6. Free over 30year veteran both handed LW/rw. open for tryouts. Looking finnish speaking Lite level team, ECL ice-time not important, back-up role is okey. regular games in evenings more important. Best time to play 21--> Contact here or PSN: k0ssuu64
  7. Solid player, give him a chance!
  8. TeQuila SunRise (Lite) looking for a goalie for next ecl. If you are interested for a tryout contact me here or in psn Randomjanne
  9. Race 8 Russia Results: 1. @Erholtzi 25p 2. @Juunas 19p 3. @Hoiggaa 15p 4. @Eki 12p 5. @Rimpe 10p 6. @PleeMaker 8p 7. @Selezny 6p 8. P__A__D__D___Y 4p 9. @mikaasi 2p 10. Yberm 1p 11. @FinKonna 12. @Snapster DNF 13. Eeequ DNF 14. @janbonator DNF Pole position: @janbonator Fastest Lap: @Juunas Drivers and Constructors standings 8/10 (alphabetical order): Alpha Romeo 113p @Crisu_rottis 17p @janbonator 96p Ferrari 96p @Juunas 76p @PleeMaker 20p Haas 86p @samblenegger 18p zzazzam 37p Reserve: Eeequ 31p Mclaren 20p @FinKonna 4p @mikaasi 16p Mercedes 23p P__A__D__D___Y 8p Yberm 15p Racing Point 190p @Erholtzi 155p @Rimpe 35p reserve: @SepiDN 0p Red bull 90p @FakiiR1 21p @Hoiggaa 63p Reserve: @Selezny 6p Renault 2p @Anbtbl 0p @Snapster 2p Toro rosso 105p @Eki 104p @Pasi Modry 1p Williams 83p @Anenthran 53p @FaithVvanco 30p
  10. Free g. Can't play every day so I'm looking for 50/50 or maybe a backup role. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=1058
  11. Goalie looking for club for upcoming ECL season (pro or elite clubs ) can play as back up goalie . I’m back to NHL after long break last time I was playing for ECL 2 and ECL 3 season for elite clubs Victoria secret HC and Northern Stars also was playing for RCl Terrible bears long time so have plentyof experience but need a bit of ice time in good club . For more info contact me here or send me a message on PSN Loncelot84. Thanks .
  12. Race 7 Belgium Results: 1. @Erholtzi 25p 2. @janbonator 18p 3. @Hoiggaa 15p 4. Eeequ 13p 5. @Eki 10p 6. @Rimpe 8p 7. Yberm 6p 8. @FinKonna 4p 9. @samblenegger 2p 10. @mikaasi DNF 11. @Crisu_rottis DNF 12. @PleeMaker DNF 13. @Snapster DNF Pole position: @Erholtzi Fastest Lap: Eeequ Drivers and Constructors standings 7/10 (alphabetical order): Alpha Romeo 113p @Crisu_rottis 17p @janbonator 96p Ferrari 69p @Juunas 57p @PleeMaker 12p Haas 86p @samblenegger 18p zzazzam 37p Reserve: Eeequ 31p Mclaren 18p @FinKonna 4p @mikaasi 14p Mercedes 18p P__A__D__D___Y 4p Yberm 14p Racing Point 155p @Erholtzi 130p @Rimpe 25p reserve: @SepiDN 0p Red bull 69p @FakiiR1 21p @Hoiggaa 48p Renault 2p @Anbtbl 0p @Snapster 2p Toro rosso 93p @Eki 92p @Pasi Modry 1p Williams 83p @Anenthran 53p @FaithVvanco 30p
  13. SGWEER United is looking for a Goalie for ECL and GCL. If you're interested write me: CCBow-501
  14. Ищу клуб на новый сезон RCL и ECL. PSN. Igor-and-Yan. Опыт игры в турнирах RCL ECL FCL.
  15. Free Goalie looking for club. PSN. Igor-and-Yan The experience of playing in the championship RCL, ECL, FCL.
  16. Hello Community! Its LASSE time again (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pucsVu30CWA), so i'm looking club from PRO. My first pos. is RD, but i can also play LD if needed. Here my stats from past: https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=1822 PM me, so we can talk more. See you on ice guys!!
  17. Регистрация открыта до 11.10.2019 23:59 по Московскому времени. Старт турнира запланирован на 14.10.2019. Пожалуйста, используйте шаблон ниже, что бы зарегистрировать свою команду!
  18. RD/LD looking team to next EcL pro/elite I can play almost every Day Hit me up
  19. Hi, Player from finland looking a team to play with. I like to play in defend or centre. I speak finnish and english. PSN name is Multipedmiksu and NHL 2020 is the game.
  20. Hey, Good NHL player seeking team. I am from finland and i like to play defender or in the middle. I play for the team and i dont count how many goal i do. Thats why i like play defender or the centre. I speak english and swedish also.
  21. 33yo Finnish Dude ( RW / rd ) looking for team Pro/Lite... back-up role may be fine too. Maybe can try LW too... Last year i worked as GM of The Dudes. I am not that chatty in English parties, but i can communicate in English so English speaking teams are ok. I am ready for tryouts! i have NHL20, Send PM here or PSN ahonaattori
  22. Hi! Looking for team nhl 20! Pos: Rd,ld,lw,c Psn:sm4r4kki
  23. Hellou all! Looking for team @ nhl20! Pos: lw,c,rw (can play Ld,rd If needed)
  24. Best goalie in this game after Havuhansulinho. AND - I promise that you will get a lot of sexy pictures of supersexy girls if you just ask. TAKE HIM!
  25. NHL20 is released and I'm intensifying my search again.
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