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  3. Angry Cats 🖤❤️ IN: @vVoDee (I_MOTi_I) @jjake57 (jumalweleho) Vihakissat are pleased to get these two. Welcome aboard!
  4. Free 18 years old finnish LW/C/RW looking for Lite team I can play almost every day and my english is good so nationality doesnt matter. If you are interested contact via psn @IJakkeI https://nhlgamer.com/players/5130
  5. free RW/LW ready for tryouts looking for finnish neo team for next ecl i can play every day contact psn:penapsu142588
  6. conor mcgregor uff 229 press conference GIF by UFC

    jos sitä vaikka riipasis kovan kännin tänään

  7. Still looking! Hit me up.
  8. Brain Freezers are looking for a new LW/RW. We are qualified for ECL Lite in the next ECL because we went far into the play off series in NEO. We play daily at 20-23 Swedish time and longer in weekends.
  9. Free C/Rw spent most of the time in elite as captain with sjukstugan and AIK eHockey. last session was with my friends in lite. Missing the bigger games😁
  10. free RW/LD psn: Leftinkarlssoni
  11. Free winger or c ready for new competive team,both handed and ready for try outs ofc.
  12. Free RW / C I'm looking for an active competitive team. I prefer Finnish teams but I can also speak solid English. I can play almost any day of the week. PSN : xHatsi
  13. Last week
  14. Free RW After long chapter with Reality Check it is time for me to move on. I played 1,5 years and 4 tournaments with Reality Check. I'm looking for starting RW spot in competitive club, preferably top pro caliber, but I listen all kinds of offers. I have been effective player in Pro last seasons. Contact me here or PSN: Pursuitti
  15. Pata Hellalla is searching capable D-man n Forward. We r playing Ecl pro. Contact me if u r interested.
  16. free Hf- VF searching for a club.. played in neo pm here or on psn. feertiiga
  17. Free G for upcoming tournaments. Lite playoff level team or higher Contact here or psn
  18. Free RD looking for PRO team to the offseason and upcoming tournaments. I'm an active player and i can play almost everyday. Prefer Finnish teams. Contact here or psn: semiseko
  19. Storhamar looking for goalie for future tournaments Our goal for next ECL is to promote to Pro so we need goalie at least top lite level. Even better if you have played pro. For tryouts please contact @TuomoP83
  20. Ferrari @PleeMaker - @Patzlaf Red Bull Rynzzki - @Moneygunx Mercedes @FINSeRe - @Selezny Alpha Tauri @MAYZIIX - Mitrakov_V Alpha Romeo Zumppi - @janbonator Renault @kriketski17 - @Oliverigood Mclaren @Hoiggaa - Altsu123 Racing Point @Eken45jr - @ICappeI Haas @Crisu_rottis - @SepiDN Williams @Eki - @Erholtzi Calendar (all the races start at 18.30 EEST): 19.7 Italy 26.7. Britain 2.8. Australia 9.8 Russia 16.8 Baku 23.8 US 30.8 Canada 6.9 Bahrain 13.9 Belgium 20,9 Austria
  21. LW/C/RW (LD/RD) looking for other options for future tournaments. I played LW/C at Blackdawgs last season. Stats: https://nhlgamer.com/players/220 You can contact here or on PSN: XxProArskaxX
  22. D for club NEO/Lite. Playing both sides ,but LD more prefer. Played before RCL 5 ,6 and ECL9 Neo Contact DM or PSN rxndxmvsxr Have fun
  23. HOPELESS HOCKEY TEAM is searching for a G and LW for long term contracts. We are playing In ECL Lite division and our free player spots are starter position for future ECL tournaments. We are an Finnish team, mainly +30 aged but We want To give give younger lads an opportunity To show their skills too 😉. So if You want lots of playing time and u think that u can make a difference on the ice, Come and show us what u can do!!!! Contact JuHa2002 on ps4 for tryouts
  24. Hey, Looking for a ecl club, im a C ore RD and RW in this order. Have 62% face off pretty decent. Playing NHL for a long time in eashl. Im a passing player. Let me know if someone is intrested. PSN: Shorty-King2
  25. Free LD/RD looking for ECL club for next season (Neo/lite) I mainly prefer Finnish clubs (But can speak English too) I can play almost every day! Feel free to ask me for try outs You can contact me here or psn simbaaytyy
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