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    NHLGamers, It's time to kick off the ECL season for our Pro, Lite and Neo divisions this week. With that being on the agenda, there was a need for some promotions for vacant spots in ECL Pro. These vacant spots have been left by teams who have either disbanded or simply not signed up for ECL Pro in ECL 9. After promoting the expected four teams (Oton Letkutemppu, Vesa Pompa, Cheers Hockey & We Kings) at the end of the ECL 8 Lite season, a total of eleven spots were open in the division for this season, out of which two were filled with automatic promotions based on performance in ECL 8 Lite (Quarterfinal losers). The two teams promoted based on these criteria are Prowlers Esports (formerly Prowlers) and Virtual Horizons eSports (formerly Blackdawgs). After that, nine spots remained to be filled. The selection of teams receiving promotions has been made based on team history, previous merits and perception of skill and recent performance. Without further ado, here are your ECL 9 Pro groups (promoted teams in bold): Group 1: Cheers Hockey Children of Ice GHETTO FIREBIRDS HC Wildcard Horror Hockey Me Carvoset Nightmare Nordic Stars Oton Letkutemppu Pata Hellalla Resurrection Shooting Stars Silver Sword Griffins The Syndicate Vesa Pompa HC Virtual Horizons eSports Group 2: Alliance HT Bellizzi Black Horse Cowabunga Hockey Delusion Freddie Mercury Institute Gotham Knights Kaupallinen Yhteistyo Nordic Lightning Prowlers Esports Rakish Reality Check Sandstorm Vaxjo Lakers HC We Kings ZSC Lions The schedule has been generated and games will be ready to begin on the evening of Monday, 17th of November.
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    Team name: HanaaHC Team abbreviation: HNA Team captains (PSN IDs): Hazard-laser(C) Mikkaah(A) Eeduu99(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Hazard-Laser Mikkaah Seppojapertti Esaarnio Eeduu99 Zoueli Gresu__ Loncelot84 EA SPORTS club overview:https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=2391&platform=ps4 Teamlogo: ECL Pro application: yes
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    Team name: Horror Hockey Team abbreviation: HRH Team captains (PSN IDs): (C) hilleri84, (A) NNAHKA, (A) Isumppi90I Team roster (PSN IDs): jimmiNOhands xMaick82x hilleri84 hoiggaa NNAHKA Slaivone Anawaa JewKola Isumppi90I KenuFHR altsu123 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=29684&platform=ps4 Previous team name(s): Kattiautomaatti Team Logo:
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    Team name: POGGERS Team abbreviation: PoG Team captains: Terodee (C), Hassu85 (A), EABUNKA (A) Team roster: • EABUNKA • Hassu85 • JaKurrii • jansku23 • kojowaa • MrNaiMiZ • speedcell104 • Terodee • Yoloberg ... EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=111&platform=ps4 Team logo:
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    Still free. Out of form due to lack of play, but open to join anyone with a goalie spot
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    Team name: Clumsy Penguins Team abbreviation: CLP Team captains: Jugi9 (C), Timotei_97 (A), Anttiko10 (A) Team roster: Jugi9 Timotei_97 Anttiko10 FINpennywise Ssiltsu K0ssuu64 FunkyGames91 RollingStomper Kaz_zu ECL Pro application: Yes EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=2493&platform=ps4
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    Pata Hellalla In One of the best nicknames: KukaKaatoiJutin
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    Team name: Kaupallinen Yhteistyö Team abbreviation: KY Team captains:(Psn IDS) KrisutusB (C), Jooonasaurus (A), Jjmakkeli (A) Team roster: (Psn IDS) -KrisutusB -Jjmakkeli -Myrkky_Maik -Jooonasaurus -Bahvikameli -Jumalweleho -Sluibaaja_88 -Limbe65 ECL Pro application: Yes EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=20459&platform=ps4
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    Team name: Syntax Error Team abbreviation: SE Team captains (PSN IDs): JaikenK, HalvtBLind, Frameloose Team roster (PSN IDs): JaikenK Eyebiz IBjonol HalvtBLind Daigle_ MitchX99 Ohrstedt07 Frameloose ECL Pro application: No https://www.ea.com/sv-se/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=97508&platform=ps4
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    Team name: Mustangs Team abbreviation: MUS Team captains (PSN IDs): Virtual_Saku, tromi13, Xxhockey-3xX Team roster (PSN IDs): peita84 Virtual_Saku tromi13 ROM-ATTAK julien-meudon Xxhockey-3xX Raphalsky69 caboli30 Xx_CoCo_rhe76_xX GoMeZ__M5 QzRiiot ECL Pro application: No EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=11001&platform=ps4&isLocalized=true Previous team name(s): none
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    Team name : Titan HC Team abbreviation : NJT Team Captains (PSN IDs): mike_v_75 (C), Titan2215 (A), Skeleton-1978 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): • mike_v_75 • Titan2215 • Skeleton-1978 • martin_9477 • hanurik_63 • ALIKEY13 • The_Count81 • capitan-enrico • vv_krasilnikov • DED2564 EA SPORTS club overview : https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=25046&platform=ps4&isLocalized=true Team Logo: ECL PRO application : Yes
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    Team name: The Syndicate Team abbreviation: SND Team captains (PSN IDs): Tauri64-, David_ovic, Strumpan87 Team roster (PSN IDs): benjamint737 David_ovic el_cisne_loco Krangis- minokin- P-s-y-c-h-0-Swe Strumpan87 Tauri64- EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=27917&platform=ps4 Previous team name(s): SPARTANS Team Logo:
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    Team name: Ice Aliens eSports Team abbreviation: IA TeamTeam captains(PSN IDs): - Re1merShow17 "C" - oPHOENIXo87 "A" - HardSmoG "A" Team roster (PSN IDs): - Re1merShow17 - oPHOENIXo87 - HardSmoG - leder87 - Rakna89 - ghostpaddy29 - borusseontour77 - DONEBI666 - esse1977 - Bugflosse_DeluxX - SteVeKoecK - Nick1993_IT - Strahlmeier EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/de-de/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=2226&platform=ps4 Previous teame name(s): Ice Aliens HC Team Logo: ECL Pro application: No
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    Team name: Nordic Lightning Team abbreviation: NL Team captains (PSN IDs): eBasstian (C), nexhztah (A), TerrorsenkoI91I (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): eBasstian (C) nexhztah (A) TerrorsenkoI91I (A) Birkedal96 Andre_24x robbin974 Robin_dif Groppman Hlakevalley D3NK4N95 ... EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/sv-se/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=201&platform=ps4 Previous team name(s): N0 Name Team Logo: Same as in IS Cup 4 ECL Pro application: Yes
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    Company of geeks In: eSvamp amadee21 hammarjet Lerpsukka
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    FREE right handed C/LW/RW looking for 50/50 or backup spot LITE or PRO team. Played in PRO previous season as C.
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    Free C/RW/LW , looking for a finnish speaking lite or pro team, backup role works for me too. Contact me here or psn : dest_eagle
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    Team name: Polarbears HC Team abbreviation: PHC Team captains (PSN IDs): Jollboll (C), Taaninen (A), Jonbakken (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Jollboll Taaninen Jonbakken xTRANSORYx KungOrne Causepain84 Mekfiri Dex-Fleury Fillertz Sorkpippi X__Karlsson__x jimmieriksson EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=348&platform=ps4 Previous team name(s): Team Logo: Same as ECL Lite 8 ECL Pro application: No
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    Hey, Free Goalie looking for a team to ecl lite/pro. I can play a lot, almost everyday! Contact me on psn: Jerexu
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    Bucketeers IN : Tacterz , l-Aze-l Out : Demski13
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    Cowabunga Hockey In: panserhagen12 Huurut
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    Team name: Resurrection Team abbreviation: RES Team captains (PSN IDs): Jiihooo86, HellsinkiButcher, Janzela47 Team roster (PSN IDs): Jiihooo86 HellsinkiButcher Janzela47 Kasperi88 DesT_EAgLe Jumivas JAMJAM923 ImStigi Rum4Drunk EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=60770&platform=ps4 Previous team name(s): - Team Logo:
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    Team name: Carolus Icemen Team abbreviation: Ice Team captains (PSN IDs): mj_slam (C) pepsicharlie, (A) Vesterberg89 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): mj_slam IPsheroI ryttersson robsom11 Toppi0420 Fbkmarcus Vesterberg89 pepsicharlie Volano97 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/sv-se/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=6723&platform=ps4 Previous team name(s): - Team Logo: ECL Pro application: Yes
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    Sandstorm We are looking for ''50/50'' Goalie to complete our roster for the upcoming ECL season. Contact me, @TheArska or @MCH_98 here.
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    So, who are you guys facing in the first round? 😂 Will you stream it?
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    World of CHEL EASHL 6v6 club games - At the end of every period, you could see your personal stats immediately ( passing percent, skating mileage, shot and skating speeds) Shown passing percent could have impact in players development. When you see clearly your passing sucks, you should try to fix your playing.
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    Team name: Kouvola Screaming Eagles Team abbreviation: KSE Team captains (PSN IDs): oSandello (C), Dreamickie (A), jubens_ (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): aGuPRKL Dreamickie Hyyppa jonhesa jubens_ LPutti nkls1 oSandello Raminaytor Zjuxicu KeBBunS RNe92- JesseL2002 nibbero EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=5745&platform=ps4 Team Logo: ECL Pro application: No
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    Still looking for Defenders for the upcoming ECL Lite season, one each LD and RD. Contact: Zimowski95 on PSN or here on my profile @Zimowski95
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    Still searching! Due to slight inactivity, players for other positions are welcome to apply too. Best way to contact me is here in NHLGamer.
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    Team name: Tarpion Pallo Team abbreviation: TRP Team captains (PSN IDs): MarkMorty, Beeoo87, Eizpii_ Team roster (PSN IDs): Unski727 MarkMorty Beeoo87 Eizpii_ Mohko Rontti90 hasharrycane Luoti667 Juho244 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=10899&platform=ps4 Team Logo: ECL Pro application: No
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    Still looking for backup defender!
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    Free Agent: C / RW / RD
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    You are very correct, thank you! Round 1: 16.-23.12 Round 2: 29.12-5.1 Quarterfinals: 7.-14.1 Semifinals: 16.-23.1 Finals: 25.1.-1.2.
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    Nightmare IN: Ilikkaa From: Kansanelakelaitos
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    Thanks for all of your great work! I wish you all the best. Enjoy!
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    Team name: Dompa Poppers Team abbreviation: DPS Team captains (PSN IDs): Captain Bruno_anderhage , Assistant Captain Oasilverberg, Assistant Captain Hermiiis Team roster (PSN IDs): Bruno_Anderhage Oasilverberg Hermiiis Danthoz Transport4life Aditrologistics5 Goldberg_Aditro Aditrologistics6 Aditrologistics7 Aditrologistics8 https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=16280&platform=ps4
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    Wildcard looking good level (pro/elite) C, or Rw, or Ld
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    Virtual Horizons eSports Looking for Goalie, to complete the roster.
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