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    Hi there NHLGamers, As you might have heard by now, our very own @Eki and @Artuzio have signed new contracts with an esports organisation called Sampi. I had the chance to have a discussion with both guys regarding their new contracts and how all of this went down. Most of you might have noted that Eki was already signed to Helsinki Reds, so this is a transfer for him. Artuzio, however is now signing his first ever pro contract. NHLGamer congratulates both! Team Sampi is most likely a very unfamiliar name to all of you, not simply because of the fact that is isn't a big organisation, but it wasn't officially founded until September 1st 2018. The founder of the franchise is professional football player Jakub Jankto, who currently represents Sampdoria in the Italian Serie A. "Jakub contacted me a few weeks ago and told me about his plans of launching an esports franchise. He mentioned that he used to compete in EA Sports FIFA some years ago, but financial restrictions came in the way. I think he even won a Czech championship in 2012. Jakub also got the chance to pursue a professional football career. He has a desire to help young gamers achieve their goals without restrictions.", says Eki about how the contract talks with Team Sampi begun. Artuzio says that in addition to NHL, the organisation has players competing in FIFA and Rocket league. competitive NHL will be one of the main focuses of the organisation. « Team Sampi made me an offer I couldn't refuse » -Artuzio on signing with Team Sampi I asked Artuzio about how he feels about his new organisation: "After the European Qualifiers of the NHLGWC I started receiving offers quite consistently, but I didn't want to rush it. Team Sampi made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so I'm very excited to represent them and start making a name for my new team!" What will your roles be representing the new organisation? "The organisation is so new right now, so I'm not completely sure what my role will be, but the main objective of Team Sampi is to support us players and provide the possibilities for us to compete at the very top.", said Eki. Both Eki and Artuzio will be focusing most on attending various tournaments and competitive play, they will be streaming occasionally but it isn't a requirement of the organisation. As this is now a transfer situation for Eki, I wanted to go a bit into the reasons behind the transfer and what he had to say about his former organisation Helsinki Reds. "Team Sampi offered me a contract I couldn't refuse. I have nothing bad to say about Reds, it was a good time. I learned a lot about the esports business and got to participate in all kinds of events thanks to them. It was a completely new thing for me. As Helsinki Reds was so close by, they were very involved in my gaming, creating stream graphics and hosting events. Team Sampi will be different in the sense that they merely aim to support their players and stay in the background. As of now there are no plans on hosting events or such. We will simply focus on winning and gaming." A piece of advice from the champion - Eki, as you now have some experience in the scene and have signed your second contract, what kind of tips would you give to gamers out there waiting to get their shot and sign a deal? "Once you have some success, you might get be getting several offers. I'd suggest staying patient and not just signing any deal. I've heard of players with really bad deals, so be careful and don't just sign a deal for the sake of representing an organisation." "Vegas didn't go as planned and I feel I am better than that, so I'll be looking to attend as many tournaments as possible and gain a lot of success in NHL 19. Versus is my main focus due to my contract, but I'll be looking to compete in some 6v6 action too!", states Artuzio after being asked about his ambitions for the new iteration of NHL. Eki's Car situation - I recall you saying you'll be buying a car if you win the NHLGWC, what kind of car stands in your driveway? I asked Eki. "I didn't get a car, says Eki with a laugh. I received the money a few weeks ago and decided to save it. It was the smart thing to do." Not only an unbelievably skilled gamer and new found the poster boy for the EA Sports NHL series but a responsible young adult too, who would've known? Huge thanks to both Eki and Artuzio for taking the time to have a chat with me. On behalf of the community, I wish both luck in their upcoming competitions. We're excited to see what the future brings!
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    Hey NHLGamers, On Friday I had the privilege to attend the NHL 19 press event in Helsinki and talk with lead producer Sean "Rammer" Ramjagsingh about the game. A couple weeks ago we asked you to send us your questions for the NHL developers and once again the community delivered! We had a bunch of messages on the forums, Twitter and Facebook and while I didn't get the chance to ask all of them, I'm positive that we got most of them covered. The event itself was very well organized and this time around EA had set up plenty of game units connected to the internet, so even the most serious gamers could play head to head without the disadvantage of playing down-screen. NHL Gaming World Championship 2018 winner Erik "@Eki" Tammenpää, who recently joined Sampi, was a very wanted guy for the press at this event and he was giving interviews left and right throughout the day. I also had the pleasure of playing my only game of NHL 19 against him and an exciting game it was! There were quite an amount of familiar faces at the event and you should be able to find at least @Dominointi, @Eki, @Hansulinho @MakezCR @Nieppii & @PleeMaker in this video. It was a pleasure to meet the guys, as always! « Huge thanks to all of the NHLGamer community out there for all your beta feedback! » -EA Sports NHL producer Sean Ramjagsingh extending a thanks to our community Rammer and the dev team was very pleased to see that our community had sent us loads of questions, we were even able to provide some ideas they haven't thought of previously. The producer and the whole team wanted to extend a thanks to all of you. « As the community knows, EASHL in my opinion is one of the greatest experiences we have in the game. By building out the World of Chel and the multiple different experiences, I feel like we can lower the barrier of entry into the EASHL ecosystem which is only going to make the competition better. » – Rammer on the development of World of Chel and EASHL We were very pleased to hear that the thought behind World of Chel wasn't just to bring out an enjoyable game-mode, but also to lower the barrier for new players to enter and experience the fun of EASHL. Hopefully we'll see a growth in the player base of EASHL and get even more skilled players into our community. « I think being able to practice is a big part of the learning curve in EASHL from a team-play perspective. This year we made a big decision to try and build out the experience around EASHL with the World of Chel. We think it’ll be an important tool for us to bring newbies and more people into the competitive EASHL scene. » – Rammer on Practice mode in EASHL Without further ado, check out the video below! What do you think? Did you like what you heard? Something we missed? Let us know in the comments.
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    NHL 19 Competitive Review: 'The NHL series has grown up' Welcome NHLGamers to the first ever game review on NHLGamer.com! First of all, you might be wondering how a NHL-only website writing a NHL 19 review makes sense from a traditional standpoint - we're not IGN, GameSpot or one of the other big bangers in the media industry, right? That is the same question we have been asking ourselves, and instead of coming up with a simple overview of all the different game modes and new additions to the game, we decided to go for a so-called 'Competitive Review' that really takes a deeper look at the gameplay and how it affects players' favourite game modes. After all, there might not be a better place for a profound NHL game review thanks to the many enthusiasts and top players that gather on our platform. Whether you're a hardcore player or not, you can expect some interesting insight into game mechanics, World of Chel including the new NHL Ones and EASHL, as well as Hockey Ultimate Team which will be the second focus of our review to cover the 1v1 portion of NHL 19. To take care of this, we tasked @gzell60, our long-time NHLGamer Staff member and NHL player since 2009, to dive in with his review copy. Let's get started! Gameplay: Familiar, but radically different The question is: where do we start? There is a slew of changes players will face when they first pick up NHL 19. Aside from passing and deking, all gameplay elements across skating, poke-checking, hitting, shooting and faceoffs have been adjusted, some more drastically than others. Skating For instance, skating feels like a night and day difference thanks to the addition of 'Real Player Motion (RPM) Tech'. All NHL 18 players are likely familiar with what felt like artificial delay that was present in the skating mechanics, which lead to gameplay being slow and not enjoyable a lot of times - neither did it replicate the explosiveness that actual ice hockey is known for, nor did it allow for many creative moves since they were too predictable and the controls were simply out of place. This time around, the gameplay is noticeably faster and skating feels much more direct and responsive, which gives more freedom when it comes to creating plays and pulling off breathtaking dekes. While I do understand when people argue about it looking too arcade-y, in my opinion it is a necessary trade-off to offer players the tools they need to show their true skill on the ice. After all, EA SPORTS NHL is not a hockey simulation. Once you get the hang of the new skating engine, you will start to notice how severely other areas of gameplay were limited by it before. Stick-checking / Stick-lifting Nothing less important, poke-checking has seen a drastic overhaul for the good as well. For the past 8 years, the so-called 'poke spam' was a tool that was commonly used by the vast majority of players online in defense - simply because mashing the R1/RB button was effective enough to steal the puck or cover open space without too much of a risk of drawing penalties, even if your stick passed players' legs multiple times. The players that perfected their timing and positioning on the other hand did not really see a big advantage on their hand, because poke spam got the job done pretty good as well. NHL 19 will now consistently call tripping penalties for poking through your opponents' legs, which means the often-talked-about skill gap is back. Don't even try to land a pokecheck from behind or from the sides unless you absolutely want to sit in the box. In addition to this, poke-check targeting was dramatically increased, which means that whenever you tap the R1/RB button, your stick will always go in the direction of the puck - before, there had always been some randomness associated to it (probably to make up for the poke spam). If you are perfectly lined up with your opponent trying to pokecheck, you can now expect these attempts to be successful at least 90% of times from my experience. If you are not perfectly lined up and feel like you need to take a risk, do not complain if you have to sit down in the penalty box. In the competitive scene, this is likely the single most anticipated adjustment, whereas many more casual players have complained about receiving way too many tripping penalties. On top of this, you might also be happy to hear that L1/LB spam, which was discovered on NHLGamer (and pointed out towards the development team first!) and commonly used along the boards as a replacement for pokechecks, is now a thing of the past as well. You can still use pass blocking, but compared to NHL 18 tripping penalties will now be called if you hit players' skates. To make up for close encounters where poke spam or pass block spam won't work anymore, the effectiveness of stick-lifts has been increased. Maybe to an extent where sticklifting becomes kind of a spam fest now, seeing how rarely slashing and high sticking penalties will occur even from mediocre positioning, but considering how it's a tool that is commonly used in real hockey too, I feel like we are not too far away from great balancing. Generally, the defensive focus has shifted away from poke-checks to sticklifts and hitting, which was improved drastically too. Hitting One of NHL 18's biggest flaws was its hitting engine, that turned out to be scarily close to broken whenever a big and heavy player was in puck possession. This was most noticeable in 6v6 EASHL, where at least most European top forwards were consistently using the Power Forward build that allowed them to make hitting players bounce off by using puck protection or holding the stick out to the forehand side - even if they were faced by other Power Forward or Two Way Defender classes. As a result, the physical component of the game usually went missing as soon as two skilled parties had to play each other (not only in EASHL, but also in VS and HUT). NHL 19's hitting engine however gets the job done pretty well. In the many hours I played before writing this review, I rarely saw players completely bounce off their opponent unless they were significantly slower or aiming was off. Instead, a stumble animation will now kick in much more aggressively when there is slight body contact, which will not only slow the opponent down, but possibly also make the player lose the puck for a short moment. This does not only apply to charged up hits from a distance, but also if you are skating side-by-side up close, which means hitting is now a viable alternative to stick-lifting. All in all, there is a satisfying balance between all the defensive tools that allow you to tackle a player in any situation. Personally, I'd like to see stumbles trigger even more aggressively than they do now simply because there should never be any kind of incident where body contact does nothing at all, even if it only means losing speed. These incidents do still occur here and then though. Other Besides skating, stick-checking/lifting and hitting, there are also a couple of smaller gameplay adjustments that made it into NHL 19. For one, it feels like both wrist shots and slap shots received a smaller nerf. While longer wind-ups during a slap shot seem to increase shooting power and accuracy and lead to deflected shots more often (probably to punish players that collapse all the time and refuse to cover the point more vigurously), wrist shots from the high slot now seem to miss their target regularly. I can only assume the latter was done to decrease the success rate of a specific glitch shot (short-side from the high slot), although it is only a partial fix and other known glitches still seem to work well enough. Additionally, I suspect an increase in AI learning during breakaways as most of the go-to moves in NHL 18 only seem to work once or twice during a game, whereas a wide variety of different attempts during a single game looks to be more successful so far. Looking at EASHL and other World of Chel modes (which we will get to in a second), skaters are now able to see an endurance bar in the lower left corner of the screen. Using L3/LS to hustle will use up more energy, while gliding or standing still will allow you to recover. The more you get used to this feature, the more it turns out to be a real gamechanger as it brings a whole new level of strategy to the game. Human goalies will be happy to hear their controls are not delayed anymore either, similar to skaters the game plays much more responsive and rewards good vision and quick reaction times with saves from cross crease attempts that were not possible in NHL 18. Lastly, broken sticks were disabled entirely in all online modes. This is just another indication that EA SPORTS are trying to achieve a game that is suited for esports, and on this road they aim to eliminate all RNG ('Random Number Generator', refers to game mechanics that are based on luck) elements. Next to the more aggressive stumbling I mentioned earlier, that brings me to my biggest point of criticism in the gameplay department which is related to glitch shots. Even though the development team tried to tackle these with lowered wrist shot accuracy from afar, they still seem to work very frequently, especially when goalies are handicapped by the goalie screen effect. NHL 19 shines thanks to reducing randomness (e.g. no broken sticks in online games, more accurate poke-checks) and encouraging quick, creative plays (that is what the new skating engine is basically all about), and that is why in my opinion, we need to talk about its existence. Personally, I believe disabling goalie screens altogether would lead to less successful glitch shot attempts, which in turn would further encourage passing, creativity, and skill. Similar to many other gameplay aspects, its a question of how much we are ready to sacrifice realism for competitiveness. Last but not least, I imagine many players would love to see an overhaul of the physics engine. It starts with clothing being static and not affected by player movement and ends with weird puck bounces from shots, rebounds and puck dumps a lot of the time. This is where EA's Ignite engine possibly hits its limits, and I hope and expect Frostbite to add a breath of fresh air not only to the physics department, but the overall presentation of the game in the future. This is of course a minor complaint in a competitive review, but let's not underestimate the effect of a good game presentation on broadcasts or live events! The viewerbase and thus the perception of EA SPORTS NHL as a whole could benefit from it a lot. World of Chel: An EASHL revolution... and much more! 'World of Chel' was one of the buzzwords that was used the most in the NHL 19 marketing campaign during the past few months. With World of Chel, EA SPORTS collected all of the Online Pro modes under one roof: EASHL (3v3 & 6v6 Club & Drop-in games), THREES Drop-In and the two new game modes, NHL Ones and NHL Pro-Am. A new level of customization and progression Aside of the game modes, a lot of work has been done to the underlying player and club progression system, as well as player customization. As you progress through player levels by gaining experience points in any of the modes mentioned above, you will earn so-called 'hockey bags' that include Pro and Casual gear, hairstyles, celebrations, emotes (for goals, big hits and big saves) and Hockey Ultimate Team reward packs from any of four different tiers (common, rare, epic or legendary) in random order. For club games, you are able to earn club hockey bags that include club-related items like logos, jerseys, arenas and arena customization options. While these club hockey bags remind us a lot of loot boxes in other EA games, they cannot be purchased with real money and only be earned by playing World of Chel, which makes the hunt for new gear a refreshing experience that rewards only the players that invest time on their road of becoming the best player out there. The sheer amount of new gear will definitely allow everyone to express their style on the ice, and is a big progress in the presentation area of the game. However, I have to ask the following question: Who thought it would be a good idea to send a player through 6 different selection menus to equip, for example, a hoodie (e.g. Casual -> Clothing -> Tops -> Home -> Hoodies -> World of Chel)? Performance-wise, menus still aren't the greatest of all time and this just adds another layer of complexity to the user experience. Yuck. Next to hockey bags, players are also able to unlock 'loadout slots' and 'traits' by levelling up, which are the two main changes to player build customization this year. While you still have a choice of different player classes (Power Forward, Two Way Forward etc.), they can now be adjusted in terms of height and weight (which affects player attributes to a certain extent) and by adding a maximum of three traits. There is a good variety of traits waiting for you to be unlocked, and each one comes with increases and decreases to player attributes at the same time. For example, you can choose to add to your Balance attribute while sacrificing Wrist Shot Accuracy, or boost your Acceleration at the cost of Agility. Furthermore, there is a second, more mysterious category of traits that allows you to boost a certain gameplay mechanic at a time without any visible effect on hard attribute values. As an example, you could decide to go for more effective deflections in front of the net, increase the accuracy of saucer passes or go for extended endurance. A player class, together with height and weight, handedness and three traits can be saved in one out of a total of five different loadout slots (e.g. one for NHL Ones and four other slots for different positions in EASHL club games). These changes to player build customization are a huge deal and a great mix between the procedure that was used up until NHL 16 (that allowed you to distribute attribute points any way you liked and turned out to be a little broken as several attributes didn't seem to have any effect) and the premade builds that were introduced in NHL 17 to even out the build aspect for increased focus on individual player skill. At the time of writing this, it feels like the development team nailed the balance between all the player builds almost perfectly, although a big chunk of this is also made possible by the many adjustments to gameplay. There's no reason anymore to go with a Power Forward all the time - instead, each player class really shows its advantages and disadvantages more than ever, and the whole building aspect is now more about creating the type of player that suits your personal playstyle best. This is an important prerequisite to becoming a game that is ready for competitive players and tournaments and personally, I feel like this has never been possible as good as this year since the creation of EASHL almost ten years ago. With all the positive things, there are two points of criticism I would like to get out as well. Firstly, I would love to see an even wider variety of traits to choose from, which are more evenly spread out across the player progression system. Currently you will have all traits unlocked before hitting player level 50, which means there are another 150 player levels to go before maxing out - and as far as it looks like, you will only be able to unlock cosmetic items and Hockey Ultimate Team rewards, nothing that influences gameplay. Secondly, now that Hockey Ultimate Team comes with (daily) objectives and milestones (more on that later), I wonder why there is no equivalent for World of Chel. An additional hockey bag a day or some truly unique pieces of gear that can be obtained by completing tasks across all the different World of Chel modes wouldn't hurt nobody, right? NHL Ones: Hockey free-for-all NHL Ones is one of two new game modes that was introduced this year. You are thrown onto the ice with two other opponent players for 3 minutes plus overtime (if needed) where you will battle it out against an AI goalie on a rink size that's approximately as large as the offensive zone of a regular NHL rink. The twist here is that compared to regular ice hockey, where only two parties are fighting for the victory, NHL Ones brings a third party to the ice which also introduces a lot of new strategical elements: If you are in puck possession, you will face off against two opponsing players that start to play defense together to keep you from scoring, and ideally you will do the same whenever you lose possession of the puck. Sometimes you will even find two players team up offensively: Imagine you're at 0 goals, Player B is at 1 goal and Player C is at 2 goals while there are only thirty seconds left to play. In this scenario, you either have the option to play on your own in hopes of scoring two quick goals - which is rather unlikely - or help Player B score the tying goal which would make the match go into overtime, giving you additional time to tie and eventually win. In theory, this kind of experience is a great addition to NHL 19, as it allows EASHL newcomers to quickly get a feel for controlling your Online Pro only and to get a couple of quick level-ups on your way to unlocking traits and gear. In practice however, and especially from a competitive perspective, the story is a little... well, very different. Penalties of any kind are entirely deactivated in NHL Ones. This is a step further from the Threes modes that were introduced last year, where only hitting penalties (boarding and hitting from behind) were disabled. Together with the small rink that does not give you a whole lot of room to show your deking skills in the first place, both defenders can simply run into you and press R1/RB repeatedly to eventually strip the puck away from you. This limits players' capabilities of creating scoring chances so severly that most people will just stay back and play the following waiting game for the entire 3 minutes: Step 1: Stand in front of the net, let Player B deal with Player C and ensure that nobody gets past you when B and C eventually got rid of each other Step 2: Wait for Players B and C to lose energy and desperately start hitting each other along the boards Step 3: As soon as either B and C are down on the ice and cannot get back up quickly due to low energy, get in and hit the remaining player to the ground Step 4: Use your breakaway opportunity and score a goal Talking about breakaways brings us to the next issue. Goalies in NHL Ones are way too inconsistent. Whereas 3v3 and 6v6 bot goalies are known to be incredibly strong on cross-creases and breakaways, and the only real working way of beating them is to refer to several glitch moves, goalies in NHL Ones tend to create highlight saves one time and completely open up the net for a free goal the next time. During my time with the mode, trying out plenty of different traits that increase shooting, deking and breakaway skills, none really made a difference to goalie behaviour - as it is now, you got to live with the fact that all of your breakaways may be saved while both of your opponents will find open nets most of the time (of course, I've seen it the other way round as well). At the same time, you will come across players that try to snipe the goalie from almost blue line distance (from the very back of the rink), simply because it works way too often. Lastly, the progression system in NHL Ones feels rushed and like a single huge missed opportunity. Currently, leaderboards are reset after a specific amount of time (24 hours?), after which you will be sent back to Tier 4. From there, each win will send you up one Tier, while two losses in a row will send you down one Tier. If you manage to get to Tier 1, you will be rewarded with a special 'Diamond Tier' hockey bag once the 24 hour event is over, that supposedly gives you higher chances of earning legendary and epic pieces of gear. So far, this 24 hour tournament is the only kind of progression system there is, and I have to wonder why there are no bigger scale tournaments or other incentives and possibilities to earn some truly unique pieces of gear. After all, we are talking about the same developers that came up with things like Competitive Seasons in Hockey Ultimate Team. Unfortunately, while being an incredibly fun idea on paper, NHL Ones suffers from too many issues and - in its current form - is only good for wasting time while waiting for your teammates to get online for 3v3 or 6v6 EASHL. As I do like the idea, I hope the development team will take a deeper look to find the right gameplay balance and make it a more intruiging experience all around. NHL Pro-Am: Offline 3v3 with your Online Pro Summarizing NHL Pro-Am is easy: EA SPORTS have taken 3v3 EASHL offline and allow you to step on the ice with your personal Online Pro to take on other Threes teams consisting of some of the best hockey players there have ever been. While the majority of games are on for three periods with two minutes each, there are also some final tournament games that require you to score three or five goals to win. Along the way you will play around 50 games which will earn you 300 experience points each and also allow you to unlock a few Pro-Am hockey bags. There is a decent amount of player level progress to be made here, so if you are all about leveling up your character as quick as possible and without much effort - the difficulty is rather low and your bot teammates will get the job done most of the time - you should definitely take a look at NHL Pro-Am. Together with NHL Ones, I imagine it's a good way to get prepared for EASHL. Ones allows you to nail the basics in player movement while Pro-Am gets you some initial teamplay practice. Even though both game modes are nothing special, I like this approach of encouraging more players to get into NHL teamplay. "Where there are no bot players involved, players can show their true skill" is something that was mentioned by EA SPORTS NHL producer Sean Ramjagsingh in one of the interviews with NHLGamer during the NHL 19 Producer Tour in Stockholm and Helsinki at the end of August, and you can clearly see that this is what the development team is striving for with World of Chel. With that being said, let's check how all the changes to gameplay affect 3v3 and 6v6 EASHL in NHL 19. EASHL: Sport gaming's best competitive mode, now even better From a game mode perspective, EASHL is pretty much still the same as in NHL 18. You will be able to play 6v6 or 3v3 club games, or join drop-in lobbies for both versions in case you are out of teammates. Challenge lobbies haven't made it into the release version of NHL 19, we reported about it earlier, but they will be back with the next game update in October. For some reason, playoff club games are also still available (does anyone really still play those?) - as I said, it's EASHL as you know it, with one neat addition: Clubs can now play 6v6 and 3v3 games at the same time, as they are now seperated into two different locker rooms. Personally, I know the feeling of having 9 players online at the same time all too well, and being able to rotate between the locker rooms without requiring anyone to pause until a game is over is a great plus. In terms of gameplay, I think we can all agree: the skill gap is back! And in EASHL, it is where it reflects the most. Now that poke spam is a thing of the past, the gameplay is all about positioning. As players in general are less confident in pulling off successful pokechecks and will resort to hits and sticklifts more often, this opens up a lot of newly gained space to create passing plays. Thus, forwards are well-advised to rotate as much as possible to create chances and find open passing lanes before they are struck down by a hit (remember, no more bouncing off!), while defenders will be rewarded by moving around more intensely and accurately to intercept passes (which now seems to work consistently if you are positioned correctly). Together with the new skating engine, that sped up the entire game in general and allows for more explosive movement, all of this becomes a much harder, but also more enjoyable task at the same time. Although the improvements far outweigh the negatives, it is only fair to mention them as well. Shot deflections, especially with the Deflection Master trait (increased your ability to deflect shots) being equipped, become nothing short of ridiculous sometimes. Slapshots from the blue line that would otherwise horribly miss the net get redirected towards the net, while the deflecting player is literally 10 feet or less away from the shooter. This and many other examples kind of break the idea to encourage passing and creativity, and deserve a solid nerf in my opinion. Outside of that though, there is not a whole lot to complain about. You still get occasional weird puck bounces, occasional magnetic sticks that allow players to magically pass through two defending players and occasional goalie interference calls that make you question some of the animation work going on, but all of that a lot less regular than in NHL 18. Still though, it feels like we are hitting the Ignite engine's limits in this department, and I am looking forward to the introduction of Frostbite that could potentially help with more accurate puck and player physics to make another big step towards an esports ready NHL game. This time around though, EASHL is very close to being exactly that. A mode without bots that allows players to show their true skill. And a mode that for now refuses to acknowledge this skill, as EASHL leaderboards are sorted by played games instead of competitive rating, which means a team that quits games 100 times in a row would be ranked #1. We talked about some weird design choices already and we'll add this one to the list. (At the time of writing this, EASHL has been suffering from severe matchmaking issues which kind of overshadow the whole experience. Players are frequently dropping out of lobbies due to 'dressing room errors' when the game loading screen kicks in, and there is no ETA for a fix, nor was any workaround discovered so far. EASHL matchmaking has an infamous record of issues in the past, from all game long home captain lag a couple of years ago, to matchmaking refusing to work altogether when teams idle in the dressing room for too long (which seems to be present still). The EASHL playerbase is definitely a little scarred, and many people are asking how these issues are still popping up and not discovered and fixed ahead of game release.) Hockey Ultimate Team: Great framework, joyful gameplay with issues Just like the headline, I believe it is worth splitting up the review about Hockey Ultimate Team into two parts: the framework, and the gameplay (which applies to Online Versus too). Objectives & Milestones: Progress matters In terms of the game mode, the framework as I like to call it, we are looking at various improvements over last year's edition of HUT. What stands out most in my opinion is the newly introduced objectives and milestones system, which rewards you with coins, loan players, packs and (hopefully!) yet to be discovered other goodies for the hardcore players that invest hundreds of hours each year into collecting player cards and building their dream team. Next to the obvious milestones (e.g. score X goals, play X games), there is also a daily category that unlocks specfic challenges for 24 hours only, like completing a set or buying items off the auction house. The amount of challenges is huge, and by the time I have finished this review, I was not able to tell whether they can actually come to an end, or if they expand indefinitely. In the past, Hockey Ultimate Team always felt like a tough grind when it came to obtaining new items, which eventually put me off after a month or two. With the implemenation of a steady flow of coins and items, this has changed into the right direction a lot, and I see myself coming back just to complete some of the daily challenges. Players that really go all-in with Hockey Ultimate Team are now rewarded even more, as the amount of coins they obtain by simply playing the game rises drastically. In that regard both casuals and competitive players will benefit a lot. Next to the objectives and milestones, a new feature that proves to be much more useful than it first sounded, are pack probabilities. When you hover over a pack from the store, pressing the Triangle/Y button allows you see the likelihood of obtaining a player of a specific overall rating range. It adds a lot to the transparency of the entire game mode, and is a good indicator on what to spend your coins and points (bought with actual money). Team building: Where less is sometimes more Talking about the contents of packs, players now come with much lower overall values compared to NHL 18 (I'll get back to that later on), and the development team also explained they were going to limit the amount of versions a specific player can have, for example Team of the Week specials. Looking back at NHL 18, where recently released player cards were essentially worthless after a month due to frequent releases of updated cards that came with increased overall strength, I think this is a good development. One could almost compare it with PS3/360 era legend cards for EASHL players that required you to play a ludicrous amount of games just to be able to keep up with other players and teams out there. In the end, it's always about finding the right balance between giving players something they can work for while still making sure skill is the deciding factor to win games. If you want to put in the money or work to obtain an ultra rare, one-time special edition of a player, that's totally fine - but having a team of top-rated gold rare players should not put you at a disadvantage as early as 3 months after release. On top of that premise, I also hope this limitation is going to affect collectibles and sets as well. Remember all the Flashback, EVO, Prime, Milestone, TOTW... ... ...collectibles from NHL 18? Yes, it really got out of hand quickly. When we take a look at the gameplay in HUT and Versus, we should likely start off by going back to player overall values. Whereas Evgeni Malkin was rated 88 overall in NHL 18, he is now an 86 overall in NHL 19. Another example? Sidney Crosby was reduced from 90 overall to 87 overall. The same effect will probably also apply to special editions of players in the future, which means players rated above 94 overall are thankfully not the standard anymore. This is good news for two reasons. First of all, it brings the player base closer together so focus is on skill instead of player strength. Secondly, certain game mechanics tend to break as soon as you get players with very high ratings on the ice, such as shooting and skating. Glitch shots can be abused even more frequently, and insane values on acceleration and agility made it easy to simply skate past players with regular values, making it impossible for the opponent to actually defend. And this brings us back to the first part of the review: Thanks to lower overall values, all the gameplay changes to skating, hitting and stick-checking stay entirely relevant in 1v1 modes as well. Focus on skill over strength? Yes, I mentioned it a couple of times already. Let me be straight with you: Hockey Ultimate Team and Versus are a joy to play. Similar to World of Chel, the improvements make a huge difference - NHL 19's 1v1 hockey is fast, varied, creative and unforgiving, though there are also a couple of issues that become apparent very quick. While the AI has been tuned to not take penalties anymore - or as one of our ECL staff members used to say, "EA are stopping the player from randomly getting punished for no reason from their AI just going bush league on a guy and slashing his face off" - this does not really work 100% of the time. During the two dozen HUT games I played for my review, I came across a few instances where the AI would still come up with a slashing or tripping penalty. As it was announced differently though, it is likely something that can and will be fixed with an update in the near future. Outside of these rare occurences, this change is another one for the good. Similar to goalies in NHL Ones, there is also some inconsistency to be noticed with HUT and Versus goalies too. While breakaways are fine and do not require any tuning from my perspective, the story is a different one when it comes to one-timers. From my experience, a one-timed slapshot after a cross crease pass, where a player's stick faces towards the inside (left-handed right wing or right-handed left wing), is pretty much a guaranteed goal. If your player's stick faces towards the outside though (e.g. left-handed left wing), one of two things will happen: Either will your shot miss the net horribly, or the goalie will ensure to save it in Spiderman-like fashion by all means possible. The distance to the net is not factored in either, so be prepared to get robbed on wide open nets as well. Interestingly enough, I spoke to other players about it (including the NHL Gaming World Champion, cheers Eki!) who all made a slightly different experience. One player was having issues with the supposed 'correct' handedness while seeing a bigger success rate with off-hand shots, whereas another player wasn't happy with low success rates on all kinds of one-timers. At this stage it is probably too early to tell what exactly is causing these different reactions, so time will tell if one-timers really need an adjustment in the long run. And then there's also the tiresome topic of puck ragging (players holding onto the puck in their own zone, preferably around the net, when they are in the lead). It is still present in NHL 19, and as far as it looks like, there are still way too many players that do not shy away from abusing it. Unfortunately, the AI still isn't smart enough to help pressure an experienced puck ragger intensively enough to regain the puck most of the time. While I do admit that this is something that may not be possible at all, the development team should keep trying to come up with other measures to tackle this issue. Whether it's a system that recognizes this behaviour and kicks a player the 2nd time after he received a warning, or if it's a severe decrease to momentum, passing and puck control once a player is in possession of the puck for an excessive amount of time in their defensive zone - I'm not sure what the best solution is. Anyhow, it should not be brushed under the carpet. Mic..macrotransactions: Dear developers, we need to talk Last but not least, a word about microtransactions. Or macrotransactions. As a reviewer, I received my copy of NHL 19 for free, so I decided to invest some actual Euros into HUT packs. More precisely I purchased 2 Ultimate Packs for 25€ each, which come with a whopping 30 players, 6 guaranteed rares and 17 guaranteed gold cards. Unfortunately, my best pull in there was one 84 overall Panarin, while the rest of the players were 81 overall or lower. While that could simply be bad luck, we are still talking about someone spending another 50€ on top of the 60-70€ for the entire game, and in that regard the value for the money is atrocious. On the opposite side, making use of the Gold Common to Gold Rare trade-in set gave me an 86 overall Evgeni Malkin, an 85 overall P.K. Subban and an 84 overall Auston Matthews. Purchasing five gold common players off the auction house is a matter of a couple thousand instead of 150000 coins (or 25€), and either I was incredibly lucky those three times (in a row!), or there are once again some serious balancing issues going on. Is there any safe way of improving matters without causing more problems in other areas? I'm not sure. In terms of the Ultimate Pack though, reducing the player count to 10 and increasing probabilities for 83+ overall rated players by 10% would probably change pack rewards for the better. And I could feel more confident about spending money on packs again. Conclusion NHL 19 does so many things right, it feels hard to criticise. The skating is on point, the new defensive meta is the most meaningful and welcome change in years, and with the introduction of World of Chel, EA SPORTS have finally started to show some love for the most skill-based and intriguing game mode there is. Since EA SPORTS NHL's incarnation, this year marks one of the biggest leaps forward, thanks to acknowledging core player feedback and a lot of attention to detail. Yes, there are still some imbalances and yes, there are still a couple of quirks - but in the end, they are far outweighed by pure joy. The NHL series has grown up. Now, it's EA's turn to prove they are serious about it with NHL 20. NHLGamers, what do you think? Of course, every single one of you will have a different take on several parts of the review, and I am very curious to hear about them. To me, it was very important to share the review with a couple of other players beforehand, that I know are as passionate about the game as I am, so it is as representative as possible from an ECL community perspective. Do you believe there is anything we failed to mention? Do you possibly disagree with one or more statements entirely? Tell us in the comments below! @gzell60
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    Written In The Stars Our current roster for NHL 19: #2 Totalii (A) #13 Dominointi #16 VesKuLiNe #20 JOHTAJAVIRTANEN #29 Bugimir #39 Hansulinho #40 jtorro1234 (A) #43 willekunq #91 FlyerKungen (C) #98 JANURI98 Be sure you follow us: Twitter Facebook THANKS!!!
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    Hey NHLGamers, Earlier this week EA SPORTS hosted a NHL 19 pre-launch event in Stockholm where invited guests got the opportunity to play the game before the upcoming release. This time it was me being lucky to attend at the event during the NHL 19 Producers Tour. Other NHLGamers attending were @The_Alpha_Furyan, @Darkic01 and @PillenUpp. I got the chance to interview the lead producer of the NHL Franchise, Sean Ramjagsingh. First off, I took the time to tell him that me and many others enjoyed the NHL 19 Beta a lot. I gave them credit for the skating in the game and for making the bots less overpowered. "Yeah, I agree. The bot stuff is mostly based on feedback from our fans. We started to change the behaviour of the bots when people played super conservative letting the bots do all the work. So we knew we had to make them more balanced", Ramjagsingh responded to NHLGamer.com at the NHL 19 event in Stockholm. Continue reading for the entire interview! Esdor: "How are EA going to promote NHL as an esport in the future?" Ramjagsingh: "We are still relatively new in the world of competitive gaming. We are pushing forward with Madden and FIFA right now but we took our first step this year with the World Gaming Championship. The NHL was in charge of that. This first tournament was mainly about testing and learning for us about how to host a big event. We got great feedback from the players participating. We got a feeling for the appetite of competitive gaming within the NHL Community. We were able to launch it in multiple different territories in North America and Europe as well. We got loads of feedback from the fans about what they want to see, what modes we should be using. Versus, Hockey Ultimate Team or EA SPORTS Hockey League. Now we will put our heads together with the NHL to figure out what is next." Esdor: "Is there an option to have one tournament in Versus and one in EASHL for example?" Ramjagsingh: "It's a great question. Tbd (to be determined) is probably the answer right now. We are still trying to figure out what our plan is moving forward. I think we saw great success with the individual versus experience, but when you look at what our community wants right now we see a lot of our core players asking for 6v6. When there are no bots involved, it's truly skill versus skill in that mode. We take all that into consideration as we build up our plans for the future." Esdor: "Have you considered hosting a tournament at an event like Dreamhack?" Ramjagsingh: "Tournaments is something that we look at when we decide about our competitive gaming strategy. All kind of tournaments kind of fall under competitive gaming - not only the World Gaming Championship -, but also smaller community tournaments, and tournaments for casual players as well." Esdor: "Will there be a challenge team option for playing 3v3 games in EASHL?" Ramjagsingh: "We are working on that right now. It's not there when the game is released, but it's on our roadmap for the upcoming months." Esdor: "Will the division packs be better this year in HUT?" Ramjagsingh: "We actually started fresh this year with a lot of our economy redesigned, and pack contents are a part of that. This year we are starting our players much much lower so there is more room to grow. We have reworked the content that is in all of our packs. So you can essentially get any of our best players from any pack available." Esdor: "Will you make it easier to apply many contracts at the same time in HUT?" Ramjagsingh: "We made some improvements there as well, to the contracts and the healing cards." Esdor: "Am I able to do giveaways as a streamer?" Ramjagsingh: "Giveaways are tbd. I don't have the latest information on that to let you know. I'm not sure where we stand at the moment when it comes to giveaways. The piece that we got to be careful is about the trades. Because people will exploit stuff if they can. It's not necessarily the streamers doing giveaways we want to find, it's more about the guys that abuse the system that we need to be careful with." Esdor: "Are wager matches possibly coming back again in the future?" Ramjagsingh: "No. We still stand by that - it's the gambling part of it that we want to stay away from." Esdor: "Have you thought about adding a logic that kicks idle players from HUT and Versus games?" Ramjagsingh: "We get that question a lot. Definitely something that we are looking at. We have been talking about players going idle in all different game modes, not just for Hockey Ultimate Team." Esdor: "Will you be able to see your opponents username before starting a match?" Ramjagsingh: "Yes you will. It's a challenge for us to make it work when people are dodging so much. People want to pick and choose their spots in some kind of try to maximize their time playing the game without taking losses. What we have done though is improving the matchmaking system. So hopefully you will get matched with someone that is at a similar skill level." Esdor: "What about cross-play between consoles when it comes to NHL?" Ramjagsingh: "That is up to Sony and Microsoft to decide. We are starting to see games like Fortnite making cross-platform possible, but that is a bigger conversation with our first party partners and not something that we can change on our own." Esdor: "Why is NHL not using the Frostbite engine like FIFA and Madden?" Ramjagsingh: "We will get there eventually. Moving over to Frostbite is almost like a console transition. It's a massive technology change. We are able to learn from FIFA and their transition to Frostbite, so we can have a smoother journey when we move over to Frostbite too. From a company perspective it's our one engine strategy, so it's just a matter of time. Now we are laying the ground work so we can hopefully get there in the near future." Esdor: "Why is there no feature that allows you to play a league together with your online friends?" Ramjagsingh: "It's something that we have heard from a lot of our fans actually, asking for tournaments or a feature where you can set up a league that track stats and things like that. This is something that we have on our to do list but there is no ETA (estimated time of arrival) yet. It is definitely something that we are looking into in the future." Esdor: "How come you can't take a timeout without going into the menus?" Ramjagsingh: "We are out of buttons, that is the main reason. There is not a faster way for us to do that. It's not ideal but we are just out of buttons." BarreBoza, @Darkic01, @esdor, Sean "Rammer" Ramjagsingh, Evan Dexter and @PillenUpp in Stockholm That's it from Stockholm, but stay tuned for our coverage from Helsinki, which should be dropping in the next few days! For NHLGamer.com @esdor
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    I learned that this player is currently a free agent. My own team has enough defenders but maybe someone else's doesn't. Jyrkkis entered my awareness in 2010. He and his friend TehhAhola joined my EASHL club at the time. A lot of his traits that have carried over to this day were already evident. The 15-year-old kid was a relaxed, even docile person, which I thought a bit unusual for a guy his age. My conception of most teen boys was a petulant and disagreeable guy hopped up on Euroshopper energy drinks. If memory serves, it was only once that I ever really witnessed a truly testy jyrkkis. He'd been assigned the task of babysitting some relative, a little girl I think it was. You know how those really young kids can get, especially if you're just trying to chill with some EASHL, so it was understandable even if out of character for jyrkkis. Jyrkkis was always a very mentally predictable guy. He's not stupid, not in the least, but with him you always know what you're going to get. He's never petty and he steers clear of any drama. He has never let ego get in the way. He can be stern when needed, but never in a way that's offensive or annoying to others. All that makes him one of the best team players I've ever encountered. It's not just the persona, though, that inspired me to write this and try to convince some good team out there to give jyrkkis a try. He has developed into an excellent player. He's a small name in the community, but I truly believe he's an elite player who belongs in some of the toughest matchups in the ECL. I don't think he's the flashiest defender. That sounds like something you might say about someone who's actually not that good, but that's not the case here. Jyrkkis at his best, which is amazingly often, brings a similar predictability in his game that he does in his character. He's predictably solid. My latest season with him was with Gotham Knights. I'm known to make plenty of thoughtless decisions that cost a penalty or a goal against my team. Countless times jyrkkis was there to patch things up. Like a guardian angel he'd descend upon the play and stop our team from suffering the consequences of my actions. As a defensive partner, you always know what he's up to because he's right where you want him to be. While I've focused on defense, jyrkkis's offensive contribution deserves to be considered. "Optimal" is the first word that comes to mind. To be blunt, jyrkkis doesn't really come up with the sort of game changing moves you'll see from the very top-end defenders like vatalisti and such. But he has an excellent knack for getting his team across the offensive blue line and once there, his decisions on the puck are intelligent. I would have to say defense is the standout part of jyrkkis's game but you'll definitely appreciate his offense as well. So there you have it. That's jyrkkis, the guy and the player I've had the pleasure of knowing for all these years. Wherever he ends up, I hope to one day see all that ability translate into recognition in the community. Because to me, that's long overdue with this guy.
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    With an application like this you could probably get into Harvard 😃
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    Dear NHLGamers, The time for yet another exciting ECL season is nigh, This year we are hoping to bring you even more action and excitement, and let me tell you, there has been some interesting developments. With more stuff going on around the ECL, there will also be more work and therefore we’re now recruiting some potential journalists to join our team! WHAT WE NEED ECL Lite Journalist x 2 ECL Elite Journalist x 2 You will be working within your writing team to create articles such as season reports and matchup previews about the division under your responsibility. In addition you will have the opportunity to pitch content ideas you'd like to create to the writing team and editor-in-chief. Good knowledge of the English language would be preferred, but the most important feature we are looking for in you is enthusiasm and the willingness to create content. In case you became interested, send us a short application for one or several of the positions mentioned above. If you have previous journalistic references, please attach them too. Please contact me (@jahajaha93) or @Kenu directly via private message here on NHLGamer.com. If it's not for you, perhaps you know someone who would be the perfect fit - let them know!
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    Hi there NHLGamers, We come bearing sad news to you, as EA Sports has today announced that the Challenge Club-function will not be present at launch in NHL 19. Don't panic just yet, though! The devs also made sure to let us know that this feature will be available again in the first patch early October. Why? The all new World of Chel required a rewrite of the old dressing room function EA had. World of Chel has a bunch of new features, such as the outdoor ones and rollover lobbies, which have certain requirements for the dressing room function. The previous Club Challenge dressing room was very restrictive tech-wise and didn't allow for much improvements. This restrictive structure didn't align with the vision EA has for EASHL, as they are now building a new dressing room function to allow maximum control for the player when setting up games with friends. What? In NHL 19, a new dressing room function will be implemented. When patched into the game, you will be able to select between a few game types in the dressing room. For what we know as Challenge Club, choose "Private Game". You will have to select a password for your game, after which a protected lobby will be created. All invited players will now be able to join the lobby using your password. This is how EA describes the process: When you are in the Dressing Room, go to Matchmaking Settings. Set “Game Type” to “Private Game.” Create an alphanumeric password between 4 and 10 characters. Make it unique enough so only you and your friends and opponents will know it. You will then be able to select your side. You can choose between Any, Home, and Away. Ready up. From here, you will match up directly with other players that entered same password that you used. This new dressing room will provide more control to the player in setting up games. We'll also see the highly requested option for club challenges in EASHL 3's and also the option to randomize teams. When the dressing room is patched in, there will also be a number of more features to it, these will be announced closer to the patch date. When? You can expect the patch to be out early October. Assuming that this goes as planned, this will have no impact on the start of the ECL 7 season.
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    Hey NHLGamers, with NHL 19 approaching rapidly (EA Access trials on Xbox One will be opened up in just 5 days!), we have now received more insight into how all of the open beta feedback - including ours, thank you for submitting your opinions! - from the past few weeks was received. The following changes have been made for the full release of NHL 19: +++ NHL 19 Release Version (1.0.0) Gameplay Physics Fixes to physics tensions and joint limits Hip check improvements Improvements to stumble fall animations Various animation blend fixes during physics reactions Skating Improvements to stop animations and transitions from stop to stand Improvements to pivot direction consistency Various animation improvements Goalie Fixed a user goalie blend after passing the puck out Various fixes to saves where the pads were not flush to the ice Fixed a case where goalies would get stuck in free skate in Ones Fixed some known cases for users getting stuck in butterfly Poke Check Improvements to collision volumes to more accurately detect incidental stick on stick or stick on body contact Fixed some cases where the defensive player could contact the puck after their stick went through the puck carrier’s geometry Fixes to conditions where the blend out of a poke check was still causing trips Puck Pickups Fixed an issue to allow the player to pick up their own pass if it was blocked/deflected Improvements to interception balance based on player ratings Improvements to staying onside during pickups Various improvements to puck pickup animations Specializations Various fixes to specializations and traits General Improve player support to get to loose pucks Fixed various desyncs Protect puck stumble animations added Improvements to CPU behaviour on breakaways and shootouts Improve logic to prevent accidental manual RS Switching Various fixes to fighting and scrum alignment Fixes to faceoff alignment in World of CHEL Seen once the AI skater will remain idle behind the net Fixes to control hints in training camp Presentation Various fixes to overlays not clearing properly Improvements to multiplayer hugs Various camera fixes Fixes to cameras clipping with crowd and arena geometry Lighting and Material improvements/fixes. Player skin will now appear more accurate New cameras added for each of the venues within NHL Ones World of CHEL Fixed various desyncs when going into gameplay in 3v3 and 6v6 drop in Fixed various crashes in the Dressing Room while opening hockey bags Fixed various crashes while customizing in the dressing room while match making Fixed a soft lock in the post match up dressing room, when one user would open the loadout selection screen as the timer ran out +++ Furthermore, we have received a list of changes that did not make it in time for the disc release, but will be available as a day one update when you first start up NHL 19. +++ NHL 19 Day One Update (1.1.0) Gameplay General Disabled various player interactions (fights, scrums, instigations) during Ones To compliment the fix to the bug that allowed you to win a forehand draw while using the backhand grip we made some faceoff balance changes Backhand stick lift now beats the tieup Forehand stick lift now beats the Backhand stick lift Removed broken sticks from online modes Fixed cases where CPU players were still taking penalties in non player locked online games Goalies Improvements to AI goalies from sharp angles Poke Checking Fixed cases where poke checks were tripping a player after getting puck first Fixes to accuracy of poke checks on stationary/slow moving loose pucks Fixed a case where players were not being tripped after consecutive pokes Various additional poke check targeting fixes Uniforms NHL Anaheim Ducks 3rd Uniform EBEL EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz Red Bull Salzburg Home and Away Vienna Capitals Home and Away Stadium Updates Updated scoreboard in the Prudential Center World of CHEL The game now defaults to preset home and away tops in 6v6 instead of user assigned casual tops. This resolves visual confusion during gameplay. Various changes to customization items for better in-game readability Fixed an issue where gameplay assets were being rendered in the main menu Fixed a case where the game would frequently hang when going into a 6v6 game of drop in Fixed rare crashes when rolling over to the dressing room after a match Fixed a rare crash in the post game screen due to Voip conflicts. Fixed a rare desync at the puck drop in Ones Fixed various issues where the game would crash when moving from one mode to another +++ What stands out most in our opinion are the changes applied to faceoffs as well as pokechecks. Even though a lot of players have been asking for the backhand-to-forehand switch to return, it is not coming back, and instead we are seeing adjustments to the 'rock papers scissors' mechanic as backhand sticklifts now beat the tie-up, and backhand sticklifts can be countered with forehand sticklifts. Furthermore, we are seeing another increase in punishing bad pokechecks by fixing rare occasions where a stick going through a skater's body did not result in a trip, while at the same time pokecheck targeting seems to have been improved. We expect these changes to reward good defensive positioning even further, now that the RNG aspect has been toned down. What do you think of the changelogs above? Did EA SPORTS meet your expectations? @gzell60
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    When will you add the feature that human goalie could use 6th player when he goes to the bench?
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    Hello! 😄 Im looking for club rest of the nhl 18 and also continue to nhl 19. - Im 25 years old finnish chick - LD, but I can also play LW - I know how to use R1/R2 and I know my place in the ice. - I have a mic - No club jumper PSN: illbiocandy
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    It's a small thing but I love that they removed broken sticks from online play. Some will argue that such random mishaps are a part of real hockey and aught to be included, but I'm all for decreased randomness and any shift toward a purely skill-based game.
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    A new team will join ECL 7 those next weeks. A team based on french guys from France and Switzerland, it’s name : Team France. The roster will mix some players from former Lite finalist, Hawks HC, from Cancun Pirates and free agents. « Our country is not the most dynamic on this soft, nevertheless we can now create a team with some good and very good players from our country, or our language for the swiss guys. We're gonna work hard as soon as the soft will be released to be set for october. About the team name, just a team from France, we don’t pretend to be in any case an official Team France, but we find that quite funny. », explained Gomez_M5, manager of Team France. This is the optionnal roster from now G : Trollstivegen (from Raging Monkeys, former Hawks HC) G : Lefebvre83 (from Cancun Pirates) D : Method4 (Free agent, former Hawks HC) D : Chomkos (from Cancun Pirates) D : Iceman130993 (from Cancun Pirates) D : Virtual_Saku (from Cancun Pirates) F : Izzo1706 (from Banterfield Batallion, former Hawks HC) – Team Captain F : Gomez_M5 (from Cancun Pirates, former Hawks HC) – General Manager F : Takeo_28 (free agent) F : Givystar (from Freddie Mercury Institute) F : xXcoco-Rhe76Xx (free agent)
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    Northern Stars are looking for a starting RD. That means we are looking for a player who can hold his own in ECL Elite. Contact me on PSN (Floor17) or pm me here.
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    When will it be possible to play vs NA teams with same connection for both sides? And also, was Rammer a part off the riots in Vancouver after SC loss 2011?
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    Rusty Blades(elite) In: Migo_boo99 from Shameful Knights
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    Hey NHLGamers, Let me start off by thanking you - our community - for the excellent feedback that you submitted based on the NHL 19 Beta! I can confirm that the feedback was received in Vancouver and we have been thanked for submitting it. Next week we will have a great opportunity to talk to some of the EA SPORTS NHL producers face to face. Like last year, we are aiming for another interview compiled from your feedback and specific questions about the NHL series. This opportunity is truly a great way for everyone to voice their opinion and to keep our community and its members recognized as a valuable source of direct community feedback for the development team in Vancouver. How do I submit the feedback/questions? Easy in many ways! 1) Use the comment section below or 2) Write to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! (Pro tip: Use all of the channels to increase your chance of making it to our list of questions!)
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    Hi there NHLGamers, The release of EA Sports NHL 19 is nigh and us gamers are slowly returning from the wild outside and sunny beaches towards the familiar comfort of our gaming stations and consoles. Today we're bringing you some news about the new title, this time in the form of some reworks and additions for the Hockey Ultimate Team mode. In NHL 18, one of the major problems with HUT was the quick inflation of the market caused by a few various factors. Most notably, the lower overalls and bigger gap between low and high rated players went out the door very fast as a wide variety of special player items were released early on. The fact that the market was flooded early on also diminished the incentive for several players to chase higher rated players, as similar items were so easily available. Another problem encountered in HUT games were gamers position-locking themselves, the mere possibility of doing so received heavy criticism as it steps back on the competitiveness and overall fairness of the game. It also defeats the purpose of PvP-play. EA announced that they are going to try their best to address these problems in the new release, which is only 16 days away (13 for early release). This leads us into discussing some of the changes made from previous years iteration. Changes to NHL 19 HUT Rebalancing the economy is going to be one of the main priorities in making HUT fun for the gamers. The development team has a few answers for achieving a better market balance and avoiding the inflation we saw in NHL 18. First off, overalls have been lowered even more than last year. In NHL 19 HUT base item overalls will range from 55-85 at launch, with a few exceptions being Alumni and Legend items. The lower overalls will allow for more stat growth to happen throughout the year. Secondly, the player item class/rarity division has been revamped. In NHL 18 the class/rarity ranging from bronze to gold directly reflected the league the player played in. All CHL players were bronze items, all NHL players were gold items. This didn't allow for effective leveraging of the entire player catalogue. In NHL 19 we will see a change, where the item class/rarity reflects the overall of the player in question, not the league the player plays in. Here is how the class/rarity system works in NHL 19: 50-55 OVR Bronze Common 56-61 OVR Bronze Rare 62-67 OVR Silver Common 68-73 OVR Silver Rare 74-79 OVR Gold Common 80+ OVR Gold Rare A new class/rarity division will allow for a more effective way of sorting players and it will also make higher rated players harder to obtain, regardless of the league they play in. In addition to these two courses of action, the weekly live items are being changed. As the release frequency during NHL 18 was very high with four live items being released each week. NHL 19 will not feature Flashback player weekly items anymore, making for less new player items hitting the market. Trade-in sets have been renewed a bit too in order to make unwanted and lower rarity cards more valuable to the gamer. At launch, NHL 19 will feature six different player trade-in sets: 5 Bronze Common Players -> 1 Bronze Rare Player (6 hour cool down) 5 Bronze Rare Players -> 1 Silver Common Player (6 hour cool down) 5 Silver Common Players -> 1 Silver Rare Player (6 hour cool down) 5 Silver Rare Players -> 1 Gold Common Player (6 hour cool down) 5 Gold Common Players -> 1 Untradeable Gold Rare Player (8 hour cool down) Gold Rare Re-Roll (2 Gold Rare Players -> 1 Untradeable Gold Rare Player) (8 hour cool down) NHL 19 will also feature a trade-in set, which will allow trading five gold rare players for a gold rare collectible. This trade-in set will have a 24 hour cooldown. Other than having less player items flooding the market, NHL 19 will have position lock from HUT removed. New additions to NHL 19 HUT Well, right off the bat one of the new additions will be the much advertised 200+ alumni and legend items available for HUT gamers. According to EA, the legends and alumni will range all the way from all-time greats to local legends and fan favourites. 30 alumni player items will be available all year from the HUT store, and the rest will be released in weekly waves, with availability being time limited. Gamers will have four main ways of obtaining legend player items. 32 legends will be available in sets at launch. Some will be released as monthly collectibles available for gamers who have completed daily objectives, which is another new addition we will discuss in a bit. Seven legend items can be obtained by completing various in-game milestone tasks, such as scoring goals, completing sets or taking shots on goal. On top of these three ways, there will be legend packs in the HUT store. Legend packs will be available for a limited time and contain a guaranteed legend item from a pre-selected pool. Objectives are a new addition that might resemble daily challenges for all our Fortnite players out there. EA promises to introduce various types of objectives in NHL 19, as there will be daily tasks, but also progression objectives and special event objectives in HUT. Objectives reward the gamer with HUT items of various types. Milestones aren't a new term, but they will be introduced in a whole new way in NHL 19. They are long-term goals with impressive rewards as you go about your progression in HUT. Some milestones could be goals scored, challenge stars earned or objectives completed. Milestones will have higher rewards than objectives. Loan Players might be familiar to FIFA gamers, who have played a bit of FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). This addition brings you the opportunity to try out star players in your line-up for a limited time before heading to the auction house to spend your hard-earned coins. Loan items can be earned in many ways, such as through completing objectives or surpassing milestones to name a few. So there you have it, it seems like a bunch of needed changes have been done to HUT for NHL 19. Is it a hit or a miss - what do you think? Let us know in the comments! Source: https://www.easports.com/nhl/news/2018/hut-deep-dive
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    Update: We have received more details about the Cover Athlete, Legend and Rookie items that are part of the Legend and Ultimate editions. These were added to the Legend edition description. Hey NHLGamers, Today marks the last day of August, which means we are about to enter CHEL MONTH! It also means we at NHLGamer are about to come back to life from our short summer break, and with NHL 19 on the horizon, we felt like helping you find your way through the maze of different editions to pick the option best suited to you. Welcome to our Buyer's Guide! NHL 19 Standard Edition (69,99€ / 59.99$) To start off, let's take a look at the three preorder options. First: The Standard Edition. Without surprises, this one comes with: Base game 5 Hockey Ultimate Team Packs (1 per week for 5 weeks) It's available in retail stores (check if your retailer features the 5 HUT Packs as a preorder bonus!) as well as on PSN and Xbox Live, and releases September 14th. Digital preorders: PSN (EU) PSN (US) Xbox Live NHLGamer thinks: "The Standard Edition is the best choice for anyone who is looking to play NHL 19 for as cheap as possible and does not care whether he or she is able to get started later than other players. With 5 HUT Packs until October, it's a good option for players that are intrigued to take a peek at the HUT game mode. As it is the only edition available at retailers, keep an eye out for potential deals (coupons etc.) to lower the price even further compared to the digital listing. If you are on the fence whether or not to get NHL 19 at all, grab the physical copy and reserve the chance to re-sell it used down the road." NHL 19 Legends Edition (89,99€ / 79.99$) On top of the content in the NHL 19 Standard Edition, the Legends Edition includes: 3 days early access An additional 15 Hockey Ultimate Team Packs (total: 1 per week for 20 weeks) 1 HUT Cover Athlete Item Wayne Gretzky (85 OVR) P. K. Subban (80 OVR) William Nylander (80 OVR) Patrik Laine (80 OVR) 1 HUT Legend Item (85 OVR) Mats Sundin Peter Forsberg Mark Messier Guy Lafleur Brett Hull Marcel Dionne 1 HUT Rookie Item (80 OVR) Ondrej Kase Clayton Keller Charlie McAvoy Casey Mittelstadt Noah Hanifin Teuvo Teräväinen Alex Debrincat Mikko Rantanen Pierre-Luc Dubois Esa Lindell Anthony Mantha Jesse Puljujärvi Jared McCann Adrian Kempe Jordan Greenway Charles Hudon Kevin Fiala Nico Hischier Mat Barzal Pavel Buchnevich Thomas Chabot Nolan Patrick Zach Aston-Reese Timo Meier Vince Dunn Mikhail Sergachev Mitch Marner Brock Boeser Alex Tuch Jakub Vrana Kyle Connor 1 Unlocked World of Chel 'Hockey Bag' This edition is not available in retail stores, and can only be obtained digitally on PSN and Xbox Live, with access on September 11. Digital preorders: PSN (EU) PSN (US) Xbox Live NHLGamer thinks: "In our opinion, the NHL 19 Legends Editions offers the greatest value at its price - but only if you are interested in Hockey Ultimate Team! With a total of 20 HUT packs scattered across 4 months until January 2019, and 3 items that will be available instantly, it is guaranteed to give you a decent head start and is recommended for players that are already familiar with Hockey Ultimate Team, willing to keep up with its developments in the long run. With 3 days of early access, it is also the best option for hardcore players on PS4 that want to get on the ice as soon as possible." NHL 19 Ultimate Edition (99,99€ / 99.99$) On top of the content in the NHL 19 Legends Edition, the Ultimate Edition includes: An additional 20 Hockey Ultimate Team Packs (total: 2 per week for 20 weeks) As with the Legends edition, it is not available in retail stores and can only be obtained digitally on PSN and Xbox Live, with access on September 11. Digital preorders: PSN (EU) PSN (US) Xbox Live NHLGamer thinks: "Most likely the option that is most difficult to justify. We believe it's best suited for hardcore HUT players that have money to spend and don't want to miss out on 20 additional HUT packs for 10€/20$ more. Considering EA's HUT strategy during recent years, this money could also be spent on limited time special packs that have a higher chance of top draws, guaranteed collectibles or other goodies, and will start to appear about a month after release." EA Access Play First Trial (Xbox One only, 3,99€ / 4.99$ per month) With EA Access, Xbox One players have an additional option of playing NHL 19 early. At 4€/5$ for a 1 month subscription, it allows you to access NHL 19 on September 6 as well as a couple of other trials like FIFA 19 and Battlefield 5 and a selection of older EA games in the EA Vault. Keep in mind though: You can only play each trial for a total of 10 hours! For more details about EA Access, click here. NHLGamer thinks: "If you're playing on Xbox One and you are not interested in playing Hockey Ultimate Team, but want to be one of the first to start playing NHL 19, grabbing one month of EA access together with the NHL 19 Standard Edition seems to be the best mix - especially if you have some love for other EA games as well. And if HUT happens to be one of your favourite game modes, pick up the Legends or Ultimate Edition afterwards to increase your head start even further." Were we able to help you with your buying decision? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to share your choice with everyone else! @gzell60
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    Proeficient veteran looking for club in Elite or high tier Pro (NHL19) After finding NHL19 to be a game where I can use 4-6hours daily, I've decided to make one more effort to look for spot in the top. I'm ready to commit for this game and exited at fighting starting positions in high tier teams. Positions: LD/LW/RD/C I've made my "name" as smart and tranquil defenceman, but I'm not bad at offense either. Good at positioning and patient to look for that good spot, not just throwing saucer to impossible slots Handedness: Right and Left Learned my trait for both sides, rightey being my stronger side, but only by a margin Pros and Cons: Patience, positioning and stickhandling Patience is a virtue. I rather slow the game down than make bad pass forward to lose possession. I do know how to breakout quickly, and how to make fast paced passes thou. I know where to put myself in different situations. With me you won't get a skillstick god, but I can handle the puck and get around players, my way. What I'm looking for and for what I'm ready: I'm looking for chance to fight as a starter in Elite or high tier Pro clubs. My preference would be finnish teams as I'm also interested at coming eSM tournament. I have proper headset for VOIP, mentality to keep training and training and fighting spirit. I don't ragequit games and I always demand the best from myself. If you've read this far and think I might be a great additions to your club feel free PM me here, or directly in PSN, and arrange a tryout when next iteration of NHL comes out. Cheers MovaaN
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    SPEEDY BROS HOCKEY In: vizka13 ( Penalty Box) Siltsu2993 (Finnish Prospects) Jabmodes (Squad vilttiketju) oo- Joyst1ck -oo (Tiki Talk) Out: Jarmonen klassikko jubex0r Mirok02
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    Hey! 23y old Finn looking for a club (Elite/Pro team) for the NHL 19 and the next ECL season. EASHL and NHL veteran (EASHL since 2011 The Mato, Afro Lions, PoF, Finnish Roosters...). Positions: LD/RD Latest teams: Gotham Knights, Finnish Roosters Msg me! PSN and Steam: jyrkkis_
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    Rajatorpan Mafia We are a new finnish team formed by a bunch of friends and are looking to play in ECL 7.We tried to form a team already in ECL 6 but our plans fell apart... We have previous experience from EASHL starting from NHL 11 At the minute we are lacking a RW and a G so if you are finnish and in a need of a club message me here or on PSN: @Enassi
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    Not really a question but just a thing which stood out to me in the Beta. Please bring back the faceoff where you start on your backhand but then quickly switch to your forehand. So you pretty much can fake out your opponent. Basically just keep it as in NHL 18 - don't remove this possibility as it would cause a wastage of variety regarding faceoffs.
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