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    NHLGamers, Today we’re extremely happy in announcing that Written In The Stars - our reigning ECL Champions and one of the most successful teams in the NHLGamer era has commenced a partnership together with HAVU Gaming - one of the most exciting organisations in Finnish esports. HAVU is one of the most well-established and active organisations in the Finnish esports scene and they have been announcing lots of convincing partnerships as of late. With the start of FCL today the timing is great to commence yet another tale of success. “HAVU has been looking for different options to expand into more games in competitive esports. Both the growth in popularity in different sporting games & the strong community and history around ice-hockey really made sense to go strongly into NHL esports. We had a great open discussion with the the team and our goals in the future were really similar. We want to show the world that Finnish NHL esports is going to stay in the absolute top also in the future. We are here to stay and to win titles.” - Lasse Salminen, CEO of HAVU Gaming "It is a great honor to welcome HAVU Gaming into NHL esports. HAVU has in only a couple years been able to make themselves an impressive powerhouse within esports and we know that anything they decide to dive into, they do it with focus and effort. NHL esports has taken some massive strides recently and a lot of the credit goes to organisations such as HAVU that possess the vision and courage to jump into uncharted territory, providing support to a very potential competitive NHL Gaming scene and bringing it to the eyes of an even bigger audience. Written In The Stars is the reigning ECL Champion and one of the most consistent performers in the NHLGamer era, I am confident these guys representing HAVU are destined to do great things in the future." -NHLGamer founder Kenneth @Kenu Lehtinen HAVU will from today onwards take the spot of Written In The Stars in ECL Elite. All team history will also be assumed by the new organisation. We had a short talk with the team captain Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha: HAVU has formed several interesting partnerships as of late and is making a convincing surge for the top of Finnish esports. What does it mean for you guys to represent HAVU? - We’re very excited and privileged to have this opportunity. HAVU has a great drive, an exciting brand and an organisation full of amazing people. We really got the feeling that HAVU wants to make a big push and invest in us, which surely adds to our excitement. How does it feel to turn a new page in the history of Written In The Stars? After all, you were one of the most consistent top-level performers in recent years at NHLGamer. - Personally I feel a bit sad, but all things must end someday and this new chapter will certainly be an interesting one. We’ve always wanted to lead the way and you’ll be seeing an even bigger push from us in the future tournaments. In the end, there’s nothing else but excitement about this new venture! Do you think the new organisation will effect your team in some way? What can we expect from HAVU’s NHL team going forward? - That’s a question you’ll have to ask again in a few months, but obviously the organisation having our backs will be a massive help to our team. We’ll have to take this chance in absorbing the positive energy and turning it into our asset moving forward. After all, we’re still playing the same game with the same guys, now only with more style! HAVU NHL Roster: Risto @Dominointi Järvi Ilmari @Buantso Lehkonen Topi @topikeranen Keränen Wille @willekunq Juntunen Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen Vesa @VesKuLiNe Voutilainen Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha Kristian-Mikael @Nassustelija Katajisto (In order of appearence in photo, from left to right) About HAVU Gaming Having been established in April of 2017, HAVU Gaming has just over 2 years worth of history in the rearview. Despite a rather young age, the organisation has been making waves in the esports world and is currently one of the most followed Finnish organisations. The organisations most notable accomplishments include a Finnish Esports League Counter Strike-championship in 2018 and a second place finish in 2019. In addition to this, HAVU has an impressive variety of streamers on their roster. Partnerships with the wildly popular lifestyle clothing brand Billebeino, Finnish hypermarket giant Prisma and multinational tech company Lenovo in the last month speaks volumes about the impressive surge for the top HAVU is starting to make. About NHLGamer Since its inception, NHLGamer has continuously strived to offer the best possible experience for any and all gamers who have come to enjoy the competitiveness of playing the EA Sports series of NHL games. We made our biggest stride forward yet when we in late 2015 introduced the first ever European Championship League (ECL) - a league where all the best European NHL gamers create teams and compete against each other in the game mode EASHL (6vs6) for the title of best EASHL Team in Europe. Since then, NHLGamer has hosted a wide variety of leagues worldwide and live-events in both Finland and Sweden.
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    Team name: Written In The Stars Team abbreviation: SKY Team captains (PSN IDs): FlyerKungen (C), willekunq (A), Dominointi (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Dominointi FlyerKungen Hansulinho Nassustelija Puantso topikeranen VesKuLiNe willekunq EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Written In The Stars Team Logo:
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    Team name: FILADELPHIA Team abbreviation: FIL Team captains (PSN IDs): Patzlaf (C) I_Eki_I (A) FinKonna (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Sibeeliuss FinKonna Janzuh vatalisti mikaasi PleeMaker Patzlaf I_Eki_I EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/FILADELPHIA Team Logo:
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    Team name: Butterfly Effect Team abbreviation: FLY Team captains (PSN IDs): jergelii (C), Vilupoika (A), vviljo (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): jergelii Vilupoika NikkeDangles xDoumi vviljo Totalii Roisto999 ramseyy2  EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Butterfly
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    NHLGamers, It's with great pleasure we're able to announce that we have teamed up with Gigantti in order to bring you the Finnish Championship League! The FCL has the official Finnish Championship license (eSM 2019) from the Finnish Esports Federation (SEUL) and it will be played in both the 6vs6 and 1vs1 game modes. The FCL will be hosted over the next upcoming weeks and will culminate at Assembly Summer 2019 in Helsinki on Friday the 2nd (1vs1) and Saturday 3rd of August (6vs6) 2019. The game used to decide the new Finnish champions in ehockey will be NHL 19. The combined prize pool is 10 000 EUR, with both 6vs6 and 1vs1 getting a 5 000 EUR split (see below for a more detailed look)! This time around also non-Finnish citizens will be able to participate in the 6vs6 portion! The upcoming tournament will feature a foreign player quota, which entails that a majority (51%) of the teams roster (and line-up) must be Finnish. In addition, all captains must be Finnish citizens. All players require an eSM 2019 license in order to participate in FCL 6vs6 and/or FCL 1vs1. The cost of the license is 5 EUR and it can be obtained at esm.gg/pelaajalisenssi/ (click here for instructions in English). The one-time purchase of the license allows you to take part in all eSM 2019 leagues and tournaments (for 1vs1 you must be a Finnish citizen). "Why now, it's the Summer!?", someone might ask. To get to play for the Finnish championship at Summer Assembly powered by Gigantti is simply a great opportunity that fits together with our vision of providing high quality leagues and tournaments for our gamers all year long. We have been looking to give the teams and players an opportunity to prepare a bit longer for the Finnish championships than they have in the past and this enables us to do so also in the future. Signups are open effective immediately and will be open until Friday, 5th of July at 23:59 CEST. Please find a preliminary schedule for FCL 6vs6 below: Sign-ups: 28.6.-5.7. Group stage: 8.-17.7. Playoffs Round 1: 19.-21.7. (BO3) Quarter Finals 22.-24.7. (BO3) Semi-Finals (BO3), Bronze game (BO1) and Finals (BO3) @ Assembly Summer 3.8. SIGN UP YOUR TEAM FOR FCL 6vs6 HERE Please find a preliminary schedule for FCL 1vs1 below: Sign-ups: 28.6.-5.7. Group stage: 7.-17.7. Round of 112 19.-20.7. (BO3) Round of 56 21.-22.7. (BO3) Round of 28 23.-24.7. (BO3) TOP 16 Finals @ Assembly Summer 2.8. SIGN UP FOR FCL 1vs1 HERE (Finnish citizen only) NHLGamer reserves the right to adjust the schedule and structure based on the number of teams and players signed up to the FCL. The qualification stage for FCL 1vs1 is open to users on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The total amount of finalists from either console is yet to be determined but will be confirmed once the sign-up period has ended. The final tournament is played on the Playstation 4 console. FCL 6vs6 is played only on the Playstation 4 platform. Invitations FCL 6vs6: Reigning Finnish champion FILADELPHIA will be invited to round 1 of the playoff stage as the #1 seed as per eSM 2019 rules (restrictions apply). FCL 1vs1: Reigning Finnish champion Erik @Eki Tammenpää will be invited to the final tournament as the #1 seed as per eSM 2019 rules. Eki also finished #4 in the NHL GWC 2019. Eki represents Team Sampi. Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen, who finished 6th in the NHL GWC 2019 will be invited to the final tournament as the #2 seed. Hansulinho represents HAVU Gaming. About us Since its inception, NHLGamer has continuously strived to offer the best possible experience for any and all gamers who have come to enjoy the competitiveness of playing the EA Sports series of NHL games. We made our biggest stride forward yet when we in late 2015 introduced the first ever European Championship League (ECL) - a league where all the best European NHL gamers create teams and compete against each other in the game mode EASHL (6vs6) for the title of Best EASHL Team in Europe. While proud of our achievements and the success we've had in creating and maintaining such a great community of talented gamers, we are not done yet. Our long-term goals include growing the community, hosting larger leagues with prize pools and working together with organizations at the cutting edge of gaming and esports. About our partners Gigantti is the largest consumer electronics retailer in Finland, with 41 stores and 1200 employees. In 2017, Gigantti started its own esports organization Team Gigantti. Team Gigantti's top achievements include among others Overwatch Contenders European and Finnish Championships in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Assembly is a bi-annual computer festival, esports event, demoscene and lan party in Helsinki, Finland. Assembly Organizing is a community of over 200 volunteers who passionately arrange the unique Assembly events in Finland since 1992. Their roots trace back to the early 90's when demo groups and individuals from the demoscene organized the first Assembly events. Assembly has been a catalyst to the Finnish game industry. They have been part of the birth of Rovio, Supercell, Remedy, Housemarque and many more gaming companies from the talents of the Finnish demoscene. Today they are backed by the Finnish non-profit company "Assembly Organizing". The Finnish Esports Federation (SEUL) works as the umbrella organization for Finnish competitive electronic gaming. Our mission is to improve and promote electronic sports and the activities of our members. The federation was established in December 2010 to respond to the growing need for an organization to promote esports as a hobby and as a respectable sport. The activities performed by SEUL are divided into the development of esports, protection of player’s interests and communicational work. The development of esports is done partly by utilizing workgroups, which are based on the work of our volunteers. The board is responsible for the day to day operations in co-operation with employees. The federation co-operates with many national organizations such as VERKE, EHYT ry and KAVI, promoting a positive image of gamers and gaming in general. The federation’s participation in international field is strong, since we represent Finland in the International Esports Federation (IESF). SEUL is also on the receiving end of the yearly grants given out by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture for youth programs. What are you waiting for? Sign up now for the chance of winning the Finnish Championship and some great cash prizes! We sincerely hope to see as many of you there as possible! Also, since the sign-up period is rather short, we'd appreciate it if you spread the word to everyone! On behalf of NHLGamer.com,
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    Team name: Northern Ascendancy Team abbreviation: NOR Team captains: Supreex (C), Kanelipena (A), Azestine (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Supreex Kanelipena AzeStiNE The_Alpha_Furyan (Swedish) Nampa77 Minokin- MartindalexC (British) EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Northern Ascendancy Team Logo:
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    Team name: Symphony Team abbreviation: Sym Team captains (PSN IDs): indi969 (C), laurilion (A), iilmarii(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Beniittto indi969 ICappeI laurilion iilmarii Joukkiii Makeaxl Edhoolm97 nylanderi EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Symphony Team Logo: Same as before
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    Rusty Blades Out: Supreex MartindalexC The_Alpha_Furyan Kanelipena Foppatofflan PatzyDrake In: Swagx88 SadaPoika jtorro_ Nieppii Jhuliush
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    Team name: POGGERS Team abbreviation: PoG Team captains (PSN IDs): Yoloberg (C), KURKISTELIJA (A), JaKurrii (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Yoloberg KURKISTELIJA JaKurrii Chafak kojowaa Hassu85 kikiukko EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/POGGERS Team Logo:
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    Hey NHLGamers! After a week of games fraught with upsets and demolition jobs, the groups are slowly coming together, and we are starting to get a good idea of who will end up making it in to the playoffs. Indeed, it appears as though the end of this week will be one entertaining way to end a season as almost every group is still up the air, so much so that for many groups, the final three playoff bound teams may not be properly decided until the final night of the season in a few days. Let's quickly look over what we are looking at with the FCL: The FCL is an abbreviation for the Finnish Championship League, which is an independent follow-up to our national GCL, RCL and SCL leagues. We're partnering with tech giant Gigantti in order to bring you this experience, which will culminate at Assembly Summer 2019 in Messukeskus of Helsinki, Finland. A total of 36 teams are divided into five groups of 7-8 teams. These teams will play every group opponent once in a home-away matchup, after which the top three out of each group will advance to the playoffs, starting already on Friday, the 19th of June. The playoffs will be played in a best of three format. Tomorrow, Tuesday 16th of July, we'll be broadcasting two FCL matchups - your favourite caster Arttu Hämäläinen will be calling the action. Stay tuned for a more specific announcement later today or early tomorrow. Anyway, let's get into how each group is doing, who are favourites to finish in the top 3 based off of p/g averages, who are within range of making a challenge and gaining entry in to the top 3, and finally who are in danger of missing out / have already been eliminated. Group 1 1. SOPPAJENGI (1.8 P/G, 10gp) 2. HAVU Gaming (1.67 P/G, 12gp) 3. Mockba (1.36 P/G, 14gp) -- Group 1 probably holds the lone distinction as the only group where the top three teams have all but clinched their playoff spots already. In fact, the only team within range is Supernatural, who would have to win at least 4 of their remaining games, although in practice they would probably have to roll closer to 5 if they wanted to become a lock for the playoffs. Nevertheless, if they are able to trade blows with SOPPAJENGI, then run the rest of the table then stand a very good chance of displacing Mockba and entering as the third seed. Group 2 1. Rusty Blades (1.75 P/G, 8gp) 2. Northern Ascendancy (1.67 P/G, 6gp) 3. TeQuila Sunrise (1.5 P/G, 6gp) -- If group 1 was all but finished already, then group 2 is the antithesis of that as every team bar one (Uuteen Nousuun) stand a decent enough chance of cracking the top 3 providing they go on a bit of a run. It is especially cliché, but the adage that "every game counts" has never been more applicable than it is here. Group 3 1. Almost Famous (1.83 P/G, 6gp) 2. Ghetto Firebirds (1.5 P/G, 10gp) 3. Symphony (1.38 P/G, 8gp) -- Moving on to group 3 we have another somewhat open set of teams, Virtual Horizons eSports for instance are currently in 6th place with a measly 2pts, however they have only played 4 games, with 2 of them coming against Symphony where they were able to steal a win in regulation. Ghetto Firebirds head up the group currently with 15pts in 10 games, however if they are to lose any more games, they may very well find themselves on the outside looking in once the dust has settled. Group 4 1. POGGERS (1.67 P/G, 6gp) 2. Kaupallinen Yhteistyo (1.5 P/G, 6gp) 3. LIONHEARTS (1.43 P/G, 7gp) -- You wanted an absolute free-for-all as a group? Well, look no further! Every team bar one not only are 'technically' within range of a top three finish, hell, they each stand a decent enough chance at it. Cannonieris for instance are currently sitting in 6th place with 6pts in 8 games, a total that in other groups may very well have spelled doom for them, in group 4 however all that means is that they are just 3pts out of a playoff spot, throw in some upset wins against the leading teams and the mounting of a comeback from those in positions 4,5 & 6 should not be deemed to be out of the realm of possibility. Group 5 1. Raccoon Rampage (1.83 P/G, 6gp) 2. TIKI TALK (1.75 P/G, 4gp) 3. Butterfly Effect (1.29 P/G, 7gp) -- Last, but certainly not the least we find group 5. A group in which no one has been mathematically eliminated, and one in which one slip up by any team could cost them very dearly as far as their playoff hopes go. Raccoon Rampage & TIKI TALK are perhaps the only ones who have some breathing room, although if this 'breathing room' ends up being squandered due to two losses they could very easily find themselves back fighting in the thick of it to claw back those lost points. As every other team is seemingly on their tails. That's all for now! Remember to stay alert for our broadcast announcement, which matchup would you guys like to watch?
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    Team name: Rusty Blades Team abbreviation: RB Team captains (PSN IDs): Tanski87 (c), Lamsa (a), Swagx88 (a) Team roster (PSN IDs): • Tanski87 • Lamsa • Swagx88 • Migo_Boona • Jhuliush • SadaPoika • Nieppii • jtorro_ EA SPORTS Club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Rusty Blades Previous team name(s): - Team logo:
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    #OneMoreMonth #OneMoreCup Team name: Dynasty Team abbreviation: DYN Team captains (PSN IDs): jumalpeku (C), Sandr0hh (A), TehhAhola (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Aurum-Digitus DieCutterMC DUNZA JParola jumalpeku kriketsi17 MukiMaisteri OriginalPumaz Sandr0hh TehhAhola EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Dynasty Team Logo:
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    Team name: GHETTO FIREBIRDS Team abbreviation: GFB Team captains (PSN IDs): kepakkoFIN (C), Sakkem95 (A), Aantri (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Jeresti Sakkem95 GreventiousFIN kepakkoFIN Vilze92 Jertsicc Aantri Taettonov originaL-SnuS (sui) NHLDennis86 (ger) EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/GHETTO FIREBIRDS Team Logo:
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    Free goalie for next ECL
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    Team name: Horror Hockey Team abbreviation: HRH Team captains (PSN IDs): hilleri84 (C), NNAHKA (A), Isumppi90I (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): jnmxx KenuFHR xMaick82x hilleri84 HolyFlyer NNAHKA hoiggaa Isumppi90I lozt_amigo ??? EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Horror Hockey Team logo:
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    Team name: Nordic Stars Team abbreviation: NS Team captains (PSN IDs): Seahyena (C), vire30 (A), taunomaisteri (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Emelek_27 Hirvikorpi Jerax13 KaTuNaRsKi Kusimaakari Seahyena taunomaisteri uhNikke vire30 EA SPORTS club overview: Nordic Stars Team Logo:
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    Team name: Perjantaipullo Team abbreviation: PLU Team captains: "C" Ankkalasvegas, "A" Maexsa, "A" Epsri Team roster (PSN IDs): ANIMALpak82 Ankkalasvegas Aziz1802 Epsri k31jj0 kowiz89 Maexsa Tonezki-_-89 Tuuski_36 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Perjantaipullo Team Logo:
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    Yh, if you want more value for group stage in future, just put group winners to the seeds 2-6, runner-up teams to the seeds 7-11 and third placement teams to the seeds 12-16. New ranking would have been following: Anyway, I hope in future NHLGamer can give us more time to play FCL, not only couple weeks + playoffs which are played in one day per series. More regular season games or something, like in SCL. At least we need to get rid of from these BO3-series (personally I hate BO3), give us more time in future to play BO5 or BO7, like in SCL. Oh my, is Swedish Championships better in these days? 😵 I know, time is limited, I know Kenu. For every team, good luck and have fun out there. Enjoy the playoffs, I know it can be over in 45 minutes but still. 😂
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    All righy then. As some might have noticed, my last message can be forgotten. Rusty comeback was and idea just a couple days after FCL announcement. And I am really glad of the roster we managed to gather together. We are still learning the ropes with each others, but this is a bunch of guys who can really play and are nice to play with. Oh yeah, Rusty is new and so is our logo:
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    Evolution will make a comeback in the next version of NHL and we are looking for players that are active and has the skills to challenge the best. If you are interested in joining message me here or at PSN crisu_rottis
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    Team name: Almost Famous Team abbreviation: aF Team captains (PSN IDs): Ikavalko (C), Rimpe37 (A), jahajaha93 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Ikavalko Rimpe37 sokkelo__ Juiggaa jahajaha93 Pikkardz sweatyyy-99 Jonitski SepiDN EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Almost Famous Team Logo:
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    Free agent for upcoming ECL 9 LD/RD Contact on PSN or here! (NOT FREE AGENT ANYMORE)
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    Free RD looking for a club. Rw/c works also for me, but RD is the spot im known to play and have played mostly. Looking for a team that likes to get puck moving and is looking to shape their game better all the time. Has relaxed atmospere, but still plays for the big W.
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    Team name: SOPPAJENGI Team abbreviation: XXX Team captains (PSN IDs): Pro-m99 (C), Mehiiss (A), Keranee(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Pro-m99 🇫🇮 Mehiiss🇫🇮 Keranee🇫🇮 eken45jr🇸🇪 IbjonoI 🇸🇪 Crisu_rottis🇫🇮 ReDMisTi🇫🇮 Nouluuk14🇫🇮 Filip15900🇫🇮 Eissi83🇫🇮 Sam_XD__🇫🇮 EA SPORTS club overview:https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/SOPPAJENGI Team Logo
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    Team name: Supernatural Team abbreviation: SNL Team captains (PSN IDs): Koyzek (C) Tinkesakara (A) Oicteppotulppu (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): • Koyzek • Tinkesakara • DoLeZh • Oicteppotulppu • Anawaa • Teemu_Underdawg • Eetu999 • Jann3_67_ • HAR5K1 • ssiltsu • KonuR- • Rustylul EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Supernatural Team Logo: 
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    Team name: LIONHEARTS  Team abbreviation: LHS  Team captains (PSN IDs): xKeskitalo (C) Potilas_ (A), SanteriAK47 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): • xKeskitalo • Potilas_  • MCH_98 • xteemuzz • Discokryckan (Swe) • Obagol (Swe)  • l_Maise_l (Swe) • XxProArskaxX EA SPORTS Club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/LIONHEARTS Previous team name(s): -  Team logo: 
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    Team name: Mockba Team abbreviation: MOC Team captains (PSN IDs): Oliverigood (C), Jarmonen (A), Klassikko_ (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): farssine Jarmonen Oliverigood Klassikko_ pablojardinero ROUHEEE riihimaenharski sumskoy26 (rus) EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Mockba Team logo:
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    Team name: TeQuila SunRise  Team abbreviation: TQS Team captains (PSN IDs😞 Randomjanne C, Jaakko musta A, HatsiGaboom A Team roster (PSN IDs): Randomjanne Jaakkomusta HatsiGaboom apetttaja RollingStomper N44TTI_16 Tseimssi Myrkky_Maik EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/TeQuila SunRise Previous team name(s): TeQuila SunRise Team Logo:
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    Free LD for FCL Backup role is fine https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=1386
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    Free C/Rw/Lw for Fcl and next Ecl I mostly prefer to play C, but i can also play both wings equally with left and right🙃 The last couple tournaments i´ve played in Unlucky Boy not free
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    Soppajengi FCL IN: cHIIMEERa eissi83 Sam_XD_
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    Team name: Checkmate Team abbreviation: CHE Team captains (PSN IDs): TackleControl (C), Juizki (A), Naikou88 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): friilander Juizki Kim_20_00_ KingOfApes_ Naikou88 Neazz1 TackleControl EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Checkmate Previous team name(s): - Team Logo:
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    Free dman looking for a new team. Played the last seasons in Filadelphia and Written in the stars
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    Hi NHLGamers! We want to start by thanking all teams and players for making the hectic group stage as efficient and problem free as it has been! We've seen some great battles within each of the groups and it really was a nail-biter all the way to the last round! As the FCL was wrapped up tonight, a situation has arisen in which tiebreakers will have to be applied. The situation in question is as follows: Butterfly Effect (+43), Dynasty (+25), GHETTO FIREBIRDS (+22), Rusty Blades (+23), Symphony (+41) and TIKI TALK (+15) all finished the season with 12 games played, 9 wins, & 19 points. The numbers in the brackets denote the goal differential for each team. Per the rulebook, in the event of such a tie occurring the following tiebreaks shall be used: Unfortunately, we failed to spot that having ‘head-to-head results’ would lead to some pretty major complications due to the multi-group setup that we are running with the FCL. While it works excellently within the groups or solely involving teams that played each other, it can not be implemented in this case. As such, we have decided that as this tiebreaker is only relevant to some of the teams (GHETTO FIREBIRDS vs Symphony and TIKI TALK vs Butterfly Effect), we will have to disregard it from the tie-breaking process and move straight to goal differential instead. Once again, this error is on us for not spotting the possible discrepancy in the rules, as the tie-break procedure was drawn up to be applied in a tournament setting where there is only one group, such as ECL: Elite, or at the very least a tournament with an even number of groups and cross-seeding in the first round. Ergo, as no teams are tied regarding ‘goal differential’, Butterfly Effect will take #7, followed by #8 Symphony, #9 Dynasty, then Rusty Blades, and finally bringing up the rear of the group we have GHETTO FIREBIRDS at #11 and TIKI TALK at #12.With this out of the way then, we can now give everyone a full rundown of the seeding for the playoffs, which will be shown below. As always, we would like to extend a thanks to everyone for competing thus far, as well as wishing good luck to all of the remaining teams! The first round of playoffs is to be completed and reported by end-of-day Sunday July 21st. Playoffs are played best-of-3 - meaning two wins takes you to the next round. Dynasty (#9) vsSymphony (#8) Rusty Blades (#10) vs Butterfly Effect (#7) GHETTO FIREBIRD (#11) vsRaccoon Rampage (#6) TIKI TALK (#12) vs Almost Famous (#5) POGGERS (#13) vsHAVU Gaming (#4) HC Wildcard (#14) vs Northern Ascendancy (#3) Mockba (#15) vs SOPPAJENGI (#2) Invictus (#16) vs FILADELPHIA (#1) For future leagues/tournaments involving more groups, we believe that defining the head-to-head result being applied only within the group and adding a tie-breaker using the placement within the group (i.e. Dynasty #1 in group 4) as the third tie-breaker would help value the group standings better. Please share your opinion with us in the comments. Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs - we can't wait to see what happens next!
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    So, this is what, 8th year in a row we get "seamless puck pick-ups"? RPM skating transformed the game from skating forward with the puck to skating backwards with the puck. Reading between the lines, I assume shooting and passing is done backwards now too.
  37. 17 points
    We have our 20 drivers now!! Thank you to everyone involved so we could get this league going Drivers and teams: @Juunas @PleeMaker - Ferrari @janbonator @Crisu_rottis - Alpha Romeo @Tuukka.R @FakiiR1- Red bull @mikaasi @FinKonna - Mclaren @Eki @Pasi Modry - Toro rosso @samblenegger @The_Alpha_Furyan - Haas @Snapster @Anbtbl - Renault @Rimpe @Erholtzi - Racing Point P__A__D__D___Y, Yberm - Mercedes @FaithVvanco, @Anenthran - Williams Race Calendar: 21.7 Australia 28.7 Bahrain 11.8 Canada 18.8 Austria 25.8 UK 1.9 Germany 8.9 Belgium 15.9 Russia 22.9 Japan 29.9 Brazil All races start at 17 CEST, before or after real F1 if It's a race weekend. I will stream the races for those interested Race
  38. 16 points
    NHLGamers, As promised, we'll be delivering a good amount of FCL action tonight. The group stage of the league is heading into the conclusive fixtures and we've secured some crucial games to be streamed for you guys. Arttu Hämäläinen and Joonas @SUPERVIRTA Virta will be your casters. Tonight's matchups: 20:00CEST Symphony - Blackdawgs Symphony were one of the favourites to win group 3, but due to unfortunate point losses against a surprisingly strong GHETTO FIREBIRDS and Virtual Horizons, their chances to win the group are looking slim. Blackdawgs are still in the playoff race, but this matchup will seal their fate. 21:00CEST POGGERS - Cannonieris POGGERS didn't do a lot of training efter their last ECL stint so their form was a bit in question, but they have surely proven themselves, going 5-1-0 so far and looking like very strong candidates to win their group. Cannonieris haven't performed up to par, but can put a dent into POGGERS' playoff aspirations tonight. 22:00CEST SOPPAJENGI - Supernatural Group 1 has a surprising leader as SOPPAJENGI has taken the league by storm. The eccentric mix of players managed to win favourite HAVU Gaming in their debut and have gone 10-0-0 in their last ten. Supernatural are out of the playoff race, but will be looking to effect SOPPAJENGI's playoff seed. Tune in tonight at www.twitch.tv/pelaajatcom
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    Northern Ascendancy are looking for a starting C for the upcoming FCL. If you're interested, feel free to throw me a message here.
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    Hi NHLGamers! Earlier today EA released a gameplay trailer for NHL 20. Among the 'innovations' shown were: RPM tech 2.0, Signature shots, Contextual shots, Explosive transitions, & finally Goalie intelligence. Of the five innovations, around 2.5 have been already been loosely shown off by EA previously in the reveal a few weeks ago, namely the new signature / contextual shots, as well as some improvements made to the RPM tech which debuted last year. Anyway, the trailer in question is available just below so let's get straight into that... Per EA, here is the rundown for the RPM Tech Speed & Shooting as shown in the trailer: In addition to the RPM tech, they also released a "deep-dive" regarding Goalie Intelligence. Once again, this is per EA. NHLGamer SHORT TAKE The puck pickups have been one of the most debated subjects in recent years, although almost annually promised to have been improved, very little has actually happened on that front. RPM tech was an exciting and positive overhaul of the skating in NHL 19 and can be expected to greatly increase the flow and speed of the game now that it's being implemented in shooting and puck pickups too. Goaltenders will also receive some new tools to combat rebounds and crease bounces too - a much welcomed addition. In the end, it comes down to how well these animations respond to surprising in-game events. We'd expect nothing less than for our community to work out these kinks and provide some valuable feedback in order to fine-tune the end product eventually. Finally, we'd like to provide you guys an opportunity to ask some gameplay related questions. Eight of the EA Game Changers had an opportunity for a hands-on experience with the game in the development phase at the EA HQ in Vancouver. @Kenu as our inside man made the trip in late April and might have some insight to your questions. Shoot your thoughts and questions in the comments section below!
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    Looking for a team next ECL (Elite/top tier Pro) I play RW (C), and I am looking for a team I can commit to for a longer period of time. I can play almost every night, am very competitive and ambitious. I can play the style of hockey you want me to play. Some hands and skill, steady both offensively and defensively. Pick me up! Fluent in Finnish and English.
  43. 15 points
    Team name: Raccoon Rampage Team abbreviation: RAR Team captains (PSN IDs): C Ojamoska, A Koskenlaiskuri, A Lazzio Team roster (PSN IDs): illbiocandy JumalanTuhnu JykkeL Koskenlaiskuri Lazzio Ojamoska tzon93 VesqGame EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Raccoon Rampage Previous team name(s): - Team Logo:
  44. 15 points
    Team name: Cannonieris Team abbreviation: CiE Team captains (PSN IDs): KukaKaatoiJutin (C), TuomoP83(A), Meicci(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): amadee21 (Swe) Hammarjet (Swe) i-Svamp (Swe) KukaKaatoiJutin (Fin) Meicci (Fin) Oukkigg (Fin) Rubituss (Swe) Swahneen (Swe) Tepazor (Fin) TuomoP83 (Fin) - More to come later this week EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Cannonieris Team Logo:
  45. 15 points
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    Hi there!. This post is for Finnish gamers only so i write it in finnish. 🇫🇮 Nordic Stars etsii tiiviisee ja aktiiviseen kokoonpanoonsa (4 hyök. 3puol. 1mv) pidemmäksi aikaa hyökkääjää, koska hyökkiosaston pojat lähtevät yksi toisensa jälkeen sotimaan, alkaen ensi viikosta. Suurta plussaa on, jos pystyt pelata molemmilla kätisyyksillä, sekä sentteriä että laitoja. Jos etsit kesätiimiä, tai yhden turnauksen pelipaikkaa, niin säästä meidän kaikkien aikaa, äläkä suotta laita viestiä 😀 Jos kiinnostuit, ota yhteyttä täällä tai psn. Niin sovitaan tryoutista: @Vire30 tai @Seahyena EDIT: Etsimämme pelaaja löytynyt. Kiitos kaikille kiinnostuksesta ja hauskoja pelejä! 😊
  47. 14 points
    REBUILDING IS REAL 😁 Cowabunga hockey (PRO) Looking for players in every position for next ECL9 (NHL20) Contact me in psn: Fin_torspo90
  48. 14 points
    Team name: TIKI TALK Team abbreviation: ESA Team captains (PSN IDs): itspardytime (C), Saviinainen (A), P____C____J____P (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): itspardytime TeMeX Sagee95 mir0zkin thewix_1 Saviinainen I_gibs_l P____C____J____P Pettersson12 EA SPORTS club overview: later... Team Logo: same as always
  49. 14 points
    Team name: Virtual Horizons eSports Team abbreviation: vH Team captains (PSN IDs):@lycki10, @Nakkertoni, @Serg1vratar Team roster (PSN IDs): Serg1vratar_vH 🇷🇺 xMotzz_29 🇷🇺 Sluibaaja_88 🇫🇮 Lycki10 🇫🇮 Nakkertoni 🇫🇮 xLVxRiTchEy 🇱🇻 Valta15 🇫🇮 KrisutusB 🇫🇮 Ilikkaa 🇫🇮 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Virtual Horizons eSports Team Logo:
  50. 14 points
    Team name: We Kings Team abbreviation: WK Team captains (PSN IDs): Hbnzo(C), Latexiii(A), Zundeh(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Hbnzo Latexiii Viltzup Zundeh JohtajaTheGreat Janikka- XelsFIN EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/We Kings Team Logo:
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