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    Hello All, NHLGamer has had many requests to provide a league for our fellow North Americans and we are very excited to announce our newest league, the North American Championship League (NACL)! We will be modeling a majority of the NACL after our very successful European Championship League (ECL), which is now in its 8th season. Our main objective with adding the NACL is to be able to attract competitive 6s players from around the world and have them interact all on one site, creating the biggest competitive 6s scene in the world! We are very excited about this new opportunity and happy to have @Scheckel29 (USA), along with @TheCreasePolice (USA), leading the way for the NACL. They have experience in running other 6s leagues and will bring a wealth of knowledge to NHLGamer, using their experience combined with ours to help the NACL in the right direction. NHLGamer’s goal for the first season is to provide an Elite and Pro division for the North American players on the Xbox console. The Elite division will have the best NA teams competing for a monetary prize consisting of buy-ins ($200) from the teams, while our Pro division will be a free division, where teams will have the chance to compete for promotion spots to play in the Elite division. There will be promotions and relegations between the two divisions. The sizes of both divisions will be determined by the total amount of teams that sign up. The NACL Elite prize pool will amount to a total of $3000. NHLGamer will be withholding 8% of each buy-in as a handling fee. This 8% will be used for the development and running of the site directly. The prize pool of $3000 will be divided as follows:* 1. $1,800 2. $800 3-4. $200 NACL will begin its first season on March 11th and registrations kick off effective immediately, so please head over to: NACL Elite registrations - Xbox One NACL Pro registrations - Xbox One We are also looking at how much interest there is for a PS4 NACL. Please head to the below link for us to gauge if a PS4 NACL is viable. Thank you! NACL registrations - Playstation 4 Last but not least, welcome to the community! About NHLGamer NHLGamer.com first saw the light of day over a decade ago, somewhere around 2004. What started out as a website platform for friends to arrange NHL leagues against each other has since grown exponentially into what is today the largest community for NHL gamers in Europe. Currently, the member count of our site is nearing 6000 strong! Since its inception, NHLGamer has continuously strived to offer the best possible experience for any and all gamers who have come to enjoy the competitiveness of playing the EA Sports series of NHL games. We made our biggest stride forward yet when we in late 2015 introduced the first ever European Championship League (ECL) - a league where all the best European NHL gamers create teams and compete against each other in the game mode EASHL (6v6) for the title of Best EASHL Team in Europe. Our new found venture into the North American NHL gaming scene is looking to follow in the footsteps of what we have done with the ECL. We've learned some important lessons from our success in Europe and feel that now is the time to also expand across the pond. The ECL has taken massive steps forward and now that we have that action plan in place, we will be able to kick off the NACL and improve it step by step in rapid succession. While proud of our achievements and the success we've had in creating and maintaining such a great community of talented gamers, we are not done yet. Our long-term goals include growing the community, hosting larger leagues with larger prize pools and working together with organizations at the cutting edge of gaming and eSports. Remember to stay up to speed with all our leagues by following our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. *The calculation is based on a 16 team NACL 1 Elite. NHLGamer withholds the right to alter the ruleset regarding the prize pool if the need should arise to change the size of the NACL 1 Elite division. Edit: Here's a couple useful links that will answer some of your questions: Link to rules NACL Fast Facts On behalf of NHLGamer, Kenneth
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    Hey NHLGamers, Written In The Stars have been crowned as this season's Elite champion by beating FILADELPHIA 4 games to 1. As such, NHLGamer would like to congratulate each and every player from SKY for putting on a masterclass en route to their title. Additionally, we would also like to thank everyone that participated across all divisions this ECL for making each game as memorable as the last. If you missed out on any of the games from the finals then you can check out our Twitch channel or Elisa Viihde's where all games will be available to watch. The game by game results for the series are as follows: Game 1: FILADELPHIA - Written in the Stars 2:0 Game 2: Written in the Stars - FILADELPHIA 4:0 Game 3: FILADELPHIA - Written in the Stars 0:1 Game 4: Written in the Stars - FILADELPHIA 2:0 Game 5: FILADELPHIA - Written in the Stars 0:1 OT Written in the Stars' championship roster: GOALTENDERS #40 J. Lindström @poliskontroll #88 -. Hansuljevski @Hansulinho DEFENSEMEN #16 K. V @VesKuLiNe #43 Y. Wilhelm @willekunq #78 N. Tahtonen @Nassustelija FORWARDS #6 M. Sami @Buantso #13 I. SK @Dominointi #66 T. Keranen @topikeranen #91 U. SK @FlyerKungen Written In The Stars' road to the trophy: Regular season: 26-3-1 (1st) Quarterfinals: 4:0 vs. Northern Stars Semifinals: 4:0 vs. Rusty Blades Finals: 4:1 vs. FILADELPHIA Once again, NHLGamer would like to extend a warm thank you to all participants, every single member of this great community, Elisa Viihde and Dr. Oetker Rustica! Another entertaining season has passed us by and another new winner has been crowned. Enjoy your break and get ready to step on the virtual ice again very soon! Your NHLGamer Staff
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    Shit, I don't know what to say... This season was incredible! All these Elisa Viihde & Dr. Oetker (yummy pizza tbh) things and getting broadcasts with so awesome commentary as what Arttu Hämäläinen and other crew gaved us. That prizepool, those LIVE Finals, super awesome experience once again!! Thanks to Kenneth Lehtinen, NHLGamer, all staff members, sponsors, broadcast crew and of course all Elite teams & players we faced during the season! GGs! I appreciate your hard work and I hope this NHLGamer train never stops! #junakulkee Time has went fast tbh. I founded SKY three years ago, early 2016 & and lot of things have happened to SKY and NHLGamer after that. Lots of personal upsets, disappointments and etc. I can't lie, sometimes I have been thinking about changing team and that shit, but at the same time I didn't want to fail myself. Because all I have ever wanted in ECL was to win my first trophy with the team I have been leading since 2016. Many great guy has helped me and played with me in SKY during ECL Seasons 2-7 and I wanted to win with them, share this moment with them... but our team in ECL 8 was something special, best ever, can't deny it. And at the end, eat my shit seasons 2-7! If my first European Championship was meant to be happen in LIVE Event with those awesome guys, I'll take it every time! ❤️ Thanks to all who supported us in the Finals and whole ECL season! F*cking finally... SKY IS THE CHAMPION!!! 🌟🏆 - C
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    Free RD or even a forward here. RD is the spot I have played after ECL3. Just mentionimg forward also, as I do like to play it also. I have always counted on good defense, thats why I am pretty defensive defender, but I can handle the puck also and that R2 button. I am realöy competitive person who hates to lose. But at the same time I dont do #ripmoti. You just get up and do it better bext time. One stat I have been shining on is hits. 1518 hits in 251 games. 🤷‍♂️ I can play pretty much every day 19cet to 22cet. At the time being for longer also, but when I start working again it is 22cet at latest during week, later at weekends. Throw me a message in here or at PSN if you are interested to try-out and stuff.
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    MUKIMIEHET IN: MuKiMaisteri Wirtsuuu DieCutterMC Lagezickarno s_a_k_i_s95 Since2009- AzeStiNE oGBioLan You can follow us on twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/MUKIMIEHET_
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    MUKIMIEHET is coming bäk! We are looking elite level players for upcoming seasons! Forward RW/C Goalie Contact here or PSN: MuKiMaisteri RäeRäe
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    I'm looking for a contending Pro team or an Elite team to join and can play RD, RW or C. I'm an experienced defenseman but I can play as a forward as well. 💸 Previous teams: Unlucky Boys HC, Team Frosty, Butterfly Effect Message me here or on PSN: will_yo7
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    Hello gamers, It is time for me to open up a new chapter of my career. I have played my whole career in Rusty Blades (ECL 3-8) - including the last four seasons in ECL Elite - but now I am searching for a new team for the rest of NHL 19. For those who dont know me, my favorite position is RW (its the only position I've played in ECL). I am more of a shooter than a passer and like to score goals - snipes, one-timers and dirty deflections. This is my player-ID: https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=916 I can play almost every night 19 CET - 22 CET and I would like to find a team who can play competitive hockey while at the same time having fun. No drama - I am an old player so I would like to be in a peaceful group. You can contact me here at NHLGamer or on PSN, my ID is (surprise, surprise!) Lamsa.
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    It's time, gamers! The pinnacle of the season is here! We've reached the end of the line with only the two best teams in all of Europe remaining. It is the ECL 8 Elite final between Written In The Stars and FILADELPHIA. These are two teams that definitely aren't strangers to each other, in fact what we will be treated to at LanTrek is a rematch of their IS Cup 3: 6vs6 best of 3 final at GameXpo 2018. Only this time, we're back bigger and better than ever before! Together with Dr Oetker Rustica, we're bringing you the first ever ECL live final and what better way to do that than with a guaranteed thriller of a matchup. SKY and FILA will face off in a best of 7 series, starting Friday, 1st of March, 2019 at 17 CET. How we find ourselves here For the first time in Written In The Stars franchise history, they have gained entry to the ECL finals. Thanks to one of, if not the, most dominant regular season displays ever seen, as well as a similarly commanding playoff showing thus far. FILADELPHIA on the other hand, come into this season’s finals as the reigning champions, and with an almost identical record compared to that season to boot. So, as far as finals go, this is no doubt shaping up to be one of the best we have ever seen. But how exactly does each respective team find themselves at this point? Let’s turn the clock back and find out. Picture courtesy of SEUL ry, Jääskeläinen. Taken at GameXpo 2018. (1) Written In The Stars Regular season record: 26-3-1 Playoff record: 8-0-0 As Written in the Stars are currently the favourites to take this ECL championship (albeit by a mere 16 votes at the time of writing), what better team to start this segment off with then? SKY History I think though, to properly set the scene we should take a trip (perhaps reluctantly for some) down memory lane. Specifically, all the way back to ECL 2 when SKY was first created. Just as a point of reference, the only player on the roster at this time who is still a feature in the current one was @FlyerKungen. In their first 6v6 competitive season Written posted a fairly decent record of 7-2-1, paving their entry to the playoffs where they were eventually bounced in 5 games by Infinity. A result that I’m sure was no doubt frustrating for those involved, but for an inaugural season you can definitely do worse. For ECL 3, SKY took off and recorded a 39-4-3 season with three players passing the century mark in points. Despite this impressive total, SKY only managed to proceed to the quarters before getting swept by the eventual runners up. Again, probably frustrating as all hell to be a part of, but as a far as trends go, their playoff performances are lasting longer and longer. Where the wheels begin to fall off is with the advent of ECL 4. Once again, SKY put up a fairly impressive season total of 18-6-4, good for 4th in Elite. However, they drastically underperformed and got beat in 5 games to a Dynasty side who eventually ended up being just 2 goals away from the championship title. ECL 5 then rolled around with SKY notching another impressive regular season. This time, they got revenge on Dynasty as they swept them in the first round, but experienced an unfortunate 2nd round exit to end their season. Sure, in hindsight it may have been another potentially wasted season from SKY, although with that said, getting past the first round in Elite is no small feat. Especially as they have been going in as the 4th seed in the past two seasons at this point, effectively guaranteeing that they would run into an extremely tough opponent. In response to these middling results SKY came out and posted the highest regular season point total on record (27-2-1). They then dismantled their first-round opponent in NOS in 5 games, setting up their best chance to make the finals and win a title up to this point, as their semi-finals opponent (NOR) was a team who had struggled massively in their first round appearance against Unlucky Boys, just about winning in 7 games and consequently prompting a positional / personnel change. Written then lost in 5. For ECL 7, they seemed to take a step back and ‘only’ racked up a record of 20-4-4, good for 3rd in Elite, proceeded to show some promise in their first-round matchup by disposing of their opponent in 5 games, then got swept by, you guessed it, the eventual runners up for the 4th consecutive season. At this point, I doubt few would call into question the idea that Divine Providence surely must be at play, given SKYs playoff opponents. Indeed, one could even go as far to call them the gatekeepers of the finals, guarding entrance to the stage, but never setting foot on it. ECL 8 So with that, we move into ECL 8 and the possibility of redemption for the much-maligned side. Indeed, starting the season with a blistering pace of 15-0-0 should have made abundantly clear to all onlookers that SKY surely meant business this time around. Not only were they winning games in their usual fashion of effectively sieging teams down, but they were doing it with startling efficiency compared to years past. Couple this with some slight, but noticeable, tweaks in how they set up offensively, as well as defensively, and it’s no wonder SKY have finally got over the hump of never making it to the ECL Elite finals. That is not to say that SKYs journey has been without fraught. Indeed, they seem to have a tendency for their offense to somewhat dry up from time to time, and thusly rely on their defence to carry a lot of the burden. This can be seen somewhat frequently throughout the regular season, with 2-1 / 1-0 wins over AIK, Bucketeers, Synergy and Deadly Phantoms HC. Sure, the optimist would say that SKY winning these games shows that their defense can be relied on and clearly, they would not be wrong per se, however the teams listed all had fairly disappointing seasons offensively, meaning that against other more offensively gifted teams SKY could easily have been in trouble. This is an admittedly minor issue, but couple this with the fact that FILA managed to snag both wins in their regular season matchup and there's little wonder why SKY do not have an overwhelming majority favouring them to take it all despite having such an obscene regular season and an 8-0 record in the playoffs thus far. Written In The Stars starting lineup reviewed by FILADELPHIA: LW @Buantso 8GP, 9+12=21 A great player and an even better guy. Puantso is a tremendously skilled player who has finally started playing up to his full potential in SKY. Is dangerous with the puck all the time, sometimes makes surprising decisions and doesn't force his game too much. Is a bit of a wildcard on the ice, you never know what he'll come up with. Torro's greetings: "Mä tuun pitään sua". C @Dominointi 8GP, 10+10=20 Dominointi is without a doubt an important piece of any team he is a part of. As his name suggests, a dominant presence at center. Has the desire to control and be the difference maker in games, which sometimes turns to a disadvantage. Needs to trust his teammates more. RW @FlyerKungen 8GP, 7+13=20 The heart and soul of SKY. He is a 200 foot player, a real workhorse. Made the switch back to RW after playing at center last season, so his style changed a bit with that. Seppo might be more important on the ice, but you can't underestimate this guy. Has improved his game without the puck a lot lately. LD @Nassustelija 8GP, 1+6=7 A defensive defenseman. Plays well in his own zone and has shown that he can compete at the highest level. The most unexperienced player in Written, @FinKonna will be targeting him especially at the hotel. RD @willekunq 8GP 1+9=10 Admirably calm with the puck. Is responsible for most of SKY's breakout plays and has done that tremendously well this season. Without a doubt one of their best players in IS Cup 3: 6vs6. G @Hansulinho 8GP, 8W, 85.71 SV%, 0,75 GAA, 4 SO The most experienced player of the finals and it shows in his game. Very calm in net and never overplays the puck. He's an OK goalie but not better than ours. Picture courtesy of SEUL ry, Jääskeläinen. Taken at GameXpo 2018. (2) FILADELPHIA Regular season record: 23-6-1 Playoff record: 8-1-1 FILA history Moving on to the other half of the finals we find FILADELPHIA. A team that has accomplished a lot in a very short period of time. In their inaugural season FILA was placed in Pro for ECL 6, much to the chagrin of many who felt that they had not earned their place and should have been placed in Lite. Well, FILA went on to post the best regular season record in Pro across both groups, then advanced to post a playoff record of 12-1-1 before being toppled in 7 by Monarchs, solidifying their spot in Elite for the upcoming season. In that season, as I am sure most of you can remember, FILA ended up going all the way and beat Symphony by the combined score of 4 games to 2 in the ECL 7 Elite finals. Since then, FILA have also picked up more hardware in the form of an eSM title where they beat none other than Written in the Stars. ECL 8 FILAs road to the finals this time around has been anything but easy though. Perhaps the largest transfer that occurred over the past off-season was the loss of their stalwart defender in @vatalisti to military duty, and the subsequent pickup / replacement @jtorro1233. Early on it seemed as the hole left by this change was perhaps a little too big to fill. In fact, as far in as 8 games it looked as though FILA were looking almost decidedly average in a way, ‘only’ managing to pick up 9 points in 8 games with a record of 4-3-1. Granted, they had played a top team in Symphony, on the other hand they had dropped points against teams such as Resurrection who would end up propping up the league table, something which, for a reigning champion at least, was fairly beneath them. The slow start could easily be explained by a somewhat lackluster season preparation by FILA, which goes to show that even the best of teams can't compete without practice. Despite or because of their start, FILA began to find their play, and racked up a combined 19-3-0 to finish the season, a pace somewhat close to that of Written’s. As far as hitches go however, that’s ‘all’ that FILA have had to deal with this season. Sure, thus far in the playoffs they may not have gone the perfect 8-0-0 that Written have, though going 8-2-0 is nothing to scoff at. In fact, despite losing two more games than Written, FILA have the superior goal differential with +30 compared to SKY's +22, showing the raw scoring ability that this roster still harbours. Therefore, it stands to reason then, that if FILA is able to open up the game and get their offensive weapons involved going forward, rather than being shelled for 8min a game, they have a very good chance of being the first team in ECL history to ever win two championships, and naturally the first to do it in back-to-back seasons. FILADELPHIA starting lineup reviewed by Written In The Stars: LW @PleeMaker 10GP, 12+15=27 Wouldn't believe it from what you see on the ice, but the youngin in the group. Very slippery on offense, their hardest player to face 1-on-1 and a pain in the ass with occasional cherrypicking. C @Patzlaf 10GP, 14+11=25 The beating heart of FILA, Mr. Selke, El Capitano - A dear child has many names. Rumour has it that he's a skilled dangler. High hockey IQ. RW @Eki 10GP, 9+13=22 The world champ. A friendly and pleasant guy to be around. Throws sauce better than everyone else, defends better than everyone else. Lost to Ippe (@Buantso) in Sampi Cup. LD @Janzuh 10GP, 0+9=9 A true FILA veteran. Janzuh is a hard hitter and a tough defender to face any given night. RD @jtorro1233 10GP, 1+8=9 Judas Iscariot of FILA. Loves the puck more than his teammates. G @sibeelius 8GP, 7W, 92.69 SV%, 0,37 GAA, 6 SO FILA's shortest player. Has proven to be a winning goaltender and handles the pressure well in tough spots. A former SKY player, who's been spotted at the training facility in a snakesuit on weekends. How to watch the finals? Preferred option: Show up to the live event at LanTrek on Friday, 1st of March, 2019. Puck drop is at 17CET, so be there early! Follow our stream at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer. Arttu Hämäläinen and Jani @Jiihooo86 Hetta will be commentating all games live from Tampere. Schedule:* Game 1 17:00 CET Game 2 17:40 CET Game 3 18:20 CET --------------------------------------- BREAK 18:55-19:55 CET --------------------------------------- Game 4 20:00 CET Game 5 20:40 CET --------------------------------------- BREAK 21:10-21:20 CET --------------------------------------- Game 6 21:25 CET Game 7 22:05 CET *ECL Staff withholds the right to alter the schedule if need be. Who do you think will win? Will you be joining in on the action at LanTrek or through the stream? Let us know in the comment section! ECL Elite Writing Team, @MartindalexC & @jahajaha93
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    NHLGamers, After long season and some incredibly tight turns, we're proud to be crowning Oton Letkutemppu your ECL 8 Lite champion! It was certainly no easy feat, but Oton really found their stride in the playoffs. The absolute clinic put on in the finals goes to show that we are talking about a Pro ready team and we'll be waiting eagerly for what next season entails for these guys. NHLGamer would also like to congratulate Vesa Pompa HC, We Kings and Cheers Hockey for outstanding performances and promotions to ECL 9 Pro. The game by game results for the finals are as follows: Game 1: Oton Letkutemppu - Vesa Pompa HC 5:0 Game 2: Vesa Pompa HC - Oton Letkutemppu 0:1 Game 3: Oton Letkutemppu - Vesa Pompa HC 3:0 Game 4: Vesa Pompa HC - Oton Letkutemppu 1:2 Oton Letkutemppus championship roster: GOALTENDERS #4 K.Makise @Huuru #62 S.Rakastaja @Theoikeakarim DEFENSEMEN #16 J.Pappas @JokkePappa #44 O.Keskitalo @Duran93 FORWARDS #9 T.Lehclair @Thounimeister #9 O.Kuhta @Matson94 #15 T.Rautavaara @builtforspeedos #59 V.Svitov @RappioTaide #87 S.Crosby @Lehikoinen_ #88 P.Kaukalo @Juha88 Oton Letkutemppus road to the trophy: Regular season: 17-6-1 (14th) Round 1: BYE Round 2: 4:1 vs. Finnish Hockey Legends Round 3: 4:0 vs. Me Carvoset Quarterfinals: 4:2 vs. Blackdawgs Semifinals: 4:1 vs. Cheers Hockey Finals: 4:1 vs. Vesa Pompa HC Once again on behalf of all of us, congratulations! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    Photo courtesy of SEUL ry, Jääskeläinen. Taken at GameXpo 2018. NHLGamers, It's the final week of ECL 8 Elite and it all culminates at the pinnacle of the season - The ECL 8 Elite Finals at LanTrek in Tampere, Finland! With this short intro, we're launching an extensive coverage into the heated battle between first seed Written In The Stars and second seed FILADELPHIA. The games are scheduled to start at 17:00 CET on Friday, 1st of March, 2019 and we'll keep going for as long as it takes to make out a champion, believe me - that might take a while! Last time these teams met live, we ended up playing long into the night as game 2 wasn't decided until 6th OT when @Dominointi tickled twine. Stay tuned for our big ECL 8 Elite Final preview, dropping late tomorrow evening. You'll be able to find us all Weekend at LanTrek, as we're hosting the ECL 8 Elite Finals on Friday and casual FIFA 19 and NHL 19 tournaments on Saturday. NHLGamer can be found in the lower left hand corner (picture above). The ECL 8 Elite finals will be played on stage #2. To get you guys in the spirit, we'll be releasing short interviews with some members of the finalist teams over the next few days. Our first victim was long time FILADELPHIA goaltender and assistant captain @FinKonna: You and @sibeelius pretty much share the responsibility of the games, is there any logic or strategy behind how you play or do you just go with who's available? - In the regular season we've agreed that both goalies split the games. To start the playoffs we play two games each and from there on we go with whoever seems to perform better. Quickly go over your season so far. - Well, @jtorro1233 came in as a new guy and obviously we had an adjustment period. We didn't play too much before the season started, which came back to bite us, however I think we managed to bounce back nicely and found our stride towards the end of the season. The last time Written In The Stars beat you in a competitive game was in the finals of the Finnish Championships in 6vs6 (aka IS Cup 3) in the fall of 2018, do you think that gives you an edge? - They can't beat us lately, so that'll certainly play in our favour. They might be feeling the pressure building and there's a bit of a monkey on their backs. FinKonna is notorious for applying pressure to the opposing side, and he is determined to keep doing just that this upcoming weekend. He mentioned that he'll make sure to bother some of the SKY players a bit extra at the hotel prior to the games. Make sure to tune in at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer for all the action on Friday! The games start at 17:00 CET and we'll have your very own Arttu Hämäläinen and Jani @Jiihooo86 Hetta in the booth. Unfortunately there won't be a separate international feed, but we will include English content in our broadcast. Hope to see you all at LanTrek this weekend! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    Okay im in need of a elite/pro top team. Next gen crashed to the wall because captain in army. My main position is c and i can try every other position too if needed. Just won maalipörssi in pro with teppo btw, contact me here or psn: kriketsi17
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    Picture courtesy of SEUL ry, Jääskeläinen. Taken at IS Cup 3: 1vs1 eSM. NHLGamers, It's the final week of ECL 8 Elite and it all culminates at the pinnacle of the season - The ECL 8 Elite Finals at LanTrek in Tampere, Finland! With this short intro, we're launching an extensive coverage into the heated battle between first seed Written In The Stars and second seed FILADELPHIA. The games are scheduled to start at 17:00 CET on Friday, 1st of March, 2019 and we'll keep going for as long as it takes to make out a champion, believe me - that might take a while! Last time these teams met live, we ended up playing long into the night as game 2 wasn't decided until 6th OT when @Dominointitickled twine. Stay tuned for our big ECL 8 Elite Final preview, dropping late this evening. You'll be able to find us all weekend at LanTrek, as we're hosting the ECL 8 Elite Finals on Friday and casual FIFA 19 and NHL 19 tournaments on Saturday. NHLGamer can be found in the lower left hand corner (picture above). The ECL 8 Elite finals will be played on stage #2. Read more: ECL 8 Elite Finals: "They can't beat us" To get you guys in the mood, we've decided to do short interviews with members of each finalist team. For this one, we caught up with Written In The Stars captain and right wing @FlyerKungen: You switched over to the right wing for this season from playing center in ECL 7. How did that change feel and was it tough? - It wasn't really tough, since I've played the RW spot for pretty much all my career before. I've got thousands of games at that spot under my belt so after a short adjustment it was easy to just get back into your old ways. Of course I needed to adjust to the play of @willekunq on right D and @Dominointi as my center. FILADELPHIA is te more experienced lan team. Do you think that will have an effect on the games come Friday? - Can't deny the fact that they are the slightly more experienced team and I've actually given this some thought before the season. I think it won't play too much of a part on Friday. We've got a great group of guys and we're in this together. Some guys might be a bit nervous for the first game but you get into the groove very quick. @FinKonna said that he'd be putting the pressure on you guys, how do you intend to respond to that? - We'll be keeping that a secret for now. Finally, what do you expect from the LanTrek event? - Well, I haven't attended before so I don't know too much about it. I expect a great event and hope that our community shows up even though it's outside of the Helsinki area. I don't think the entry fee is bad considering you get a rare chance to meet up with some of the best NHL gamers and best people out there. Hopefully we'll get some great games too! Watch FlyerKungen lead his team onto the ice this upcoming Friday, starting 17CET at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer. We'll be streaming the full best of 7-series with your very own Arttu Hämäläinen and Jani @Jiihooo86 Hetta in the booth! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    Btw why you guys keep searching game eventhou you know it will crash? just asking
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    Hey Everyone! I'm a 15 year old beast from Latvia Looking for a competetive ECL PRO Team Position: RW My ECL stats: GP 20 / Points: 63 I can mostly play on work days 18:30 CET - 20:30, CET, But i'm ussualy off on saturdays and sundays. So, if you're interested, hit me up on NHLGamer.com or on PS4 messages (P.S hidden gem
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    Termos! Speedy Bros Hockey is buried, so its time to find a new team. Im experienced and very active RD (I can play like every day). Back-up roles doesnt interest, starting positions welcome instead. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=80 Ready to play, letz go. Contact here or PSN Ampuhaukka78
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    Hi NHLGamers, The quarterfinals brought us a whole bunch of more upsets, as did the previous rounds. The first seeded team of The Next Gen got swept, Elite experienced teams like SIKA and Gotham Knights got sent to improving their golfing skills as well. We congratulate TIKI TALK, Checkmate, POGGERS and Black Horse for their guaranteed shot at an Elite spot for ECL 9. The ECL 8 Pro Semifinals will be played between Monday, 25th of February and Sunday, 3rd of March 2019. Here are the matchups for the ECL 8 Pro Semi-finals: (2) TIKI TALK vs. Black Horse (13) Is it TIKI TALK's year? Will they finally make their way back to Elite in ECL 9? After a disappointing end to their ECL 7 season, TIKI TALK have finally shown their true potential in the 8th iteration of the European Championship League. They don't want to waste any more time in their quest to advance back to the highest tier division - two sweeps against Bellizzi and SIKA, you can call that impressive for sure. The teams iconic captain @itspardytime rules this team and the division playoffs so far by scoring 38 points (20 goals, 18 assists) in 8 games. TIKI TALK have been running with their top lineup for all games so far and we believe this won't change as you don't change a winning team, right? @Thewix93 (4 goals and 13 assists) and @PCJP (89,47 SV% and 1,00 GAA) are the defensive anchors which this highly potential offense need at the back end. Black Horse started the season as their name would imply and surpassed all expectations completely. While they struggled a little bit at the end of the season, which cost them a higher seed for the playoffs, they didn't hesitate to show their skill right at the start of the playoffs against the big guns. They eliminated the 4th seed Silver Sword Griffins in 6 games while burying the top seed The Next Gen in only 4. Is TIKI TALK next in the line on their way to winning it all? Their defense is the key to their success - while they don't win their games with style, they are hard to score against and will make you pay for your mistakes. While former top goaltender @Hullued now is showing that he can be a top center and leads the team in that role in all three zones of the ice, the defensive pair of @Miika (Since2009-) and @Exel56 do an outstanding job and @villamies95 in net is a real stud in his debut season! Pure offensive skill vs a brickwall, who's gonna stand tall when this series has been played? Our bet is on TIKI TALK in 6 games, but expect some really tight battles! (5) Checkmate vs. POGGERS (9) Checkmates situation is very familiar to the one TIKI TALK finds themselves in - they also had a disappointing outcome to the ECL 7 playoffs with a first round exit. Now they are back in business again. While in the regular season they played with quite a big roster, we get that familiar top 6 line up in the playoffs. This roster consists of guys who were able to beat Speedy Bros Hockey and Mentula SKA in 5, respective 6 games. Alike Black Horse, Checkmate is a defensive minded team built around the captain @TackleControl. They established this play style during last season as well, but what is different this year? Maybe the addition of the Elite experienced @Tuukka.R was the missing puzzle piece for their final success. Can they hold on to their strong defense and make it to the finals? Once a Wasp, now a frog - the evolution goes on, but they started with Quality right from the beginning! After defeating Raccoon Rampage and Gotham Knights in 5, respective 6 games, the team around the leader @Yoloberg will make sure to give the best fight they have to offer. The addition of veteran @Chafak helped them to go far in the playoffs. Look out for their offensive trio as they like to throw some extra sauce on their passes and might surprise you coming out of the gates. They are also quite good defensively and will make sure that their top 6 guys are on the ice to win them this series. It will be interesting to see which team is going to be the active part with more puck possession. We're expecting both teams to have to dig deep in their playbook if they want to advance to the finals. We believe it will be Checkmate coming out as a finalist, but it will take the full distance of 7 games! Results from the relegation matchups: (G1 #14) Clowns On Ice vs. Pata Hellalla (G2 #15) 2-4 At last we would like to wish all ECL 8 Pro semi-finalists good luck in these series and would also like to give a big congrats to Pata Hellalla for staying in Pro! Signing off for now, ECL Pro Writing Team @Mannheimer1938 & @Panarinz
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    OLD FARTS (lite) Are you old? Are you a young gun? Are you tired of playing this game so seriously, but still on a good(ish) and competitive level? Is your wife/girlfriend or future ex-wife complaining about playing video games and telling you to get a life? Well.. This is team might just be for you! OLD FARTS is a group of Finnish guys from under 18 year old to even 30+ year old farts, who still love ice-hockey and playing this piece of s*it video game. Unfortunately after a disappointing season, we want to take our team to the next level. We have experienced guys, but at the same time we also have young prospects in our roster. We like to play fast passing game and play as a team. If you think you could improve our offensive game and If you're looking for a group who has a good team spirit with bad jokes hit me up here. We are mainly looking for a starting RW and LD. (always a plus, if you u can play other positions as well) Contact us here or PSN @Samzoni @Ankkalasvegas
  21. 22 points
    Welcome back, MukiMiehet!
  22. 22 points
    And so there were four. The ECL 8 Lite season has progressed al the way to the Semifinals in which we're seeing two very even matchups. We've certainly been treated to some surprises this season, as a majority of the teams that were higher ranked in their respective matchups so far have been eliminated. We're left with four very capable teams that all are deserving of promotions to ECL Pro for next season. Now it remains to determine the final marching order and crowning a champion. Without further ado, let's get into the details of our semi's: The ECL 8 Lite Semifinals are to be played between Thursday, 7th of March and Wednesday, 13th of March. (11.) We Kings vs. Vesa Pompa HC (20.) We Kings were disappointed when they lost in the second round to K A R H U T in ECL 7 Lite but now they have fought their way to the semifinals. Surprisingly, We Kings had a bit of a struggle against EV Fuessen eSports, Beast Hockey and Saucer Hockey even though they were one of the more impressive teams in the regular season. Vesa Pompa HC has stormed through the playoffs by only losing two games. They have the most firepower in their offense where one of the top versus players right now @Eken45jr plays right wing. Vesa Pompa HC is a team that relies to their offense to score a ton of goals and this is going to be a series where we are going to see a lot of those. Goaltending might be the difference maker. The team that has the better goalie is going to win the series. (14.) Oton Letkutemppu vs. Cheers Hockey (16.) There are two big similarities that can be found from these teams. Both are playing their first ECL season and both have defenders that like to hit a lot @Theoikeakarim for Letkutemppu and @Margoes - Maqruusi for Cheers). Oton Letkutemppu has lost only three games in the playoffs and they seem to be on a roll. On the other hand Cheers Hockey that consists of many former Squad Vilttiketju players let in only five goals in six games against the third best regular season team Dystopia. This serie is going to be a close one and we predict that the games will be defensive battles where either one can win in seven games. Who are you rooting for to win it all? Leave a comment down below! ECL Lite Writer, @Tonimo92
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    Picture courtesy of SEUL ry, Jääskeläinen. Taken at GameXpo 2018. NHLGamers, It's the final week of ECL 8 Elite and it all culminates at the pinnacle of the season - The ECL 8 Elite Finals at LanTrek in Tampere, Finland! With this short intro, we're launching an extensive coverage into the heated battle between first seed Written In The Stars and second seed FILADELPHIA. The games are scheduled to start at 17:00 CET on Friday, 1st of March, 2019 and we'll keep going for as long as it takes to make out a champion, believe me - that might take a while! Last time these teams met live, we ended up playing long into the night as game 2 wasn't decided until 6th OT when @Dominointitickled twine. Stay tuned for our big ECL 8 Elite Final preview, dropping late this evening. You'll be able to find us all weekend at LanTrek, as we're hosting the ECL 8 Elite Finals on Friday and casual FIFA 19 and NHL 19 tournaments on Saturday. NHLGamer can be found in the lower left hand corner (picture above). The ECL 8 Elite finals will be played on stage #2. Read more: ECL 8 Elite Finals: "We're in this together" We're continuing our short interview series with a FILADELPHIA player today! This time, @Janzuh gets the honour to step up and share some thoughts: You and @vatalisti patrolled the blueline for three seasons straight, @jtorro1233 stepped in for this season. How has the transition went? - I'm not gonna lie, it was a bit difficult at first. Probably didn't help that we didn't practice too much ahead of the season either. We had a short adjustment period but I think we've been hitting it off with Torro quite well recently. There's a lot of similarities between Torro and Vata as both like to jump in on the rush and provide offense. I'm happy being the last man back and keeping it clean in our own end. Personal achievements aren't my priority, I just want my team to win. What's the factor that will push FILA to a win on Friday? - There's many. Our offense will click, we'll be solid in our own end. I'm not going to swear on it, but we'll try to keep our net clean for all of Friday. I think our biggest advantage is our team spirit, to be honest. We always have fun together and even if we wouldn't be the better team on paper, we'll give ourselves a chance to win by just sticking to what we always do - play the game and have fun together. Janzuh and several other of the best European NHL gamers will be taking the stage on Friday, 1st of March at LanTrek. Games start at 17 CET and you're all very welcome to join us either live in Tampere or through our stream at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer. Arttu Hämäläinen and Jani @Jiihooo86 Hetta will be our commentators for the night! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    Dynasty is looking for starting Elite level forward (C or W doesn't matter) and defender. Elite top #4 place guaranteed Contact here @jumalpeku or @Sandr0hh
  25. 21 points
    Free C/LW (Goalie if interesting elite offer)
  26. 21 points
    SIKA Welcome back home: vSilenttio from Symphony imosi1 from Old Farts 🐷😍
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    Cannonieris With some rally-english the year was 2011 and I was playing in one of the "top teams" at PS3. The GM we had wasn't satisfied with the goalie situation in the team and said that we needed add atleast 1 more goalie to even have a chance in the upcoming tournament. I said that I knew a guy who was talented in every videogame he could "stand still" in (he was a camper and a beast in Bad company 2, and some years before a semi-pro in CS 1.5 - probably camping there as well) - so I told this guy at work to buy NHL 12, and test to play goalie for us. We took him in on a tryout and he was bad as hell the in the beginning. But I convinced our GM to let him stay for some more days before he took a decision. It went well, he started to grind games in drop-in on his free time, he started to play with Americans with bad connection during the nights and slowly started to learn how to play goalie on a decent level. 3 months later was he one of the reasons that we had a record of 121-3-1 in EASHL and made it all the way to the final in EHL with the team called "IIONEII." How the final went isn't that important, but Foppatofflan (Grattis) and Willi won it for TUK in game 7. Later on did he won EC with us in OTP Heroes, and after the final did he followed us over to xbox360. He played 1 tournament for us in Unknown in NHL14, and was one of the reasons that we took our 4th straight EHL/EC-title that year. Last night did he played his last game for Checkmate (1 of 10 clubs during the years I have forced him to join), when they won the series against RES and climbed up to Elite (congratz boys). He's one of the goalies that have been in the top for almost a decade now, together with Dunza (from Synergy Hockey) probably one of maybe 4-5 goalies that have been in the top year after year, game after game - a true veteran so to say. We have had this old semi-fin on a tryout for over a month now, and after 36 games, with 28 wins, 11 shutouts and a saving percentage of 89% is it time to confirm him and say - välkommen tillbaka gubbjävel. FROM Checkmate (my hidden-gem) - Ranta83 ------------------- Some more confirmations will come during this week. But we're still testing guys at fw and D to find the best mix, so PM me or @KukaKaatoiJutin if you are interested. Xoxo
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    NHLGamers, Almost two weeks ago, we announced our venture into the North American NHL gaming scene and we received a warm welcome! Registrations have come along nicely, but there's still some space both in our Elite and Pro divisions. The Elite division is aimed at teams who are looking to play at a highly competitive level and fight for the prize pool of $3000*. The Pro division on the other hand is aimed for teams that are looking to introduce themselves into more competitive play and enter the world of 6vs6 leagues. An excerpt from our NACL announcement: We're really excited to have two as experienced guys as @Scheckel29 and @TheCreasePolice running our league. They will provide lots of knowledge and will work together with existing pieces in the NHLGamer staff in order to bring our new NA players an excellent first season to build upon and strive for bigger things. In order to kickstart the NACL 1 season, I got in touch with @Scheckel29 for a short interview: Please introduce yourself to the community My name is Scheckel29, most commonly known by my last name Scheckel or Scheck. I am one of the original players of EASHL. I fell in love with the game mode in NHL 09 and haven't looked back. I have been around the competitive community since then and mostly play goalie, although my secret that I can actually play forward decently well was let out of the bag recently in another league. I am the current goalie for Entourage, a new team, but filled with players that have been around the scene for a few years and have won some money leagues in the past. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and proud to be a cheesehead! Currently getting my masters, my full time job has me working lots of weekends and starting up NACL is really all I have time to do besides playing video games in my free time. What do you expect from the first season of NACL? I hope we have a good amount of familiar top NA teams that can put on a competitive season. I hope we can have some great broadcasts to show NHLGamer and the world, that 6s can be very entertaining. Also would like to see a successful PSN league as there really isn't much out there for PS players on the competitive side in North America. A successful season is one with few forfeits and lots of great games! Any team/players to look out for especially? I may be biased but I think our team (Entourage) is definitely one to look out for. In another league we have been playing well and should make the playoffs. If we keep riding this streak we are on, I think we will do very well in the NACL. We definitely have our eyes set on being crowned NACL champs in season 1. I see some newer teams sign up as well (Next Question and Natty Light Knightz) and this should be a real test to see how they compete in more traditional season format. It is exciting to see new teams try to compete against the best. Anyway, I think we have some of the best teams signed up right now and some more should be signing up soon. Any greetings for new fans of the league or players coming across a stream or the site for the first time? Welcome to NHLGamer! They have been doing amazing things for the 6s scene in Europe and I am extremely excited to be working with them on NACL. If everything goes to plan, we should have some fantastic broadcasts and some really great games of NHL being played. I look forward to continuing to help 6s esports grow in North America with NHLGamer! Keep your eyes wide open, as we'll be bringing you some prime NACL action on our Twitch channel very soon! Yet again, welcome to NHLGamer, North America. Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93 * The $3000 (USD) prize pool is confirmed when NACL Elite has 16+ participating teams.
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    Team name: Composure Team abbreviation: wet Team captains (xbox gamertag) : Tendy, officialmark07, Odieeeeee Team roster (xbox gamertag) : Tendy mR Hit DaT officialmark07 Odieeeeee Sitful Perrilyzer1 jdheagle Rehanek jonlol ClassAct27 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/xboxone/Composure Team Logo:
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    All of us surely appreciate the progress our beloved NHLGamer platform has made recently. Especially this year, with all the changes in ECL Elite. Before the eighth season of the toughest and most prestigious EASHL 6vs6 league in Europe kicked off, founder and owner @Kenu proudly presented the collaboration with Elisa Viihde, the leading online entertainment service in Finland, and Dr. Oetker, a massive and well-known international food corporation. ECL is slowly morphing into a more well-organized and reported league which should bring a lot of fun to all parties involved. However, even a league with these standards can’t exist without the players and with this series it’s time to get to know them. Now it’s time to get to know the ECL’s Elite. In the first ever iteration of this series, @Lamsa will be in the starring role. The Rusty Blades winger is a true NHL veteran. As he never represented any other team competitively, the first steps of the Rusty Blades are still fresh memories! Counting the ongoing season, Lamsa has appeared in 188 ECL regular season games for RB so far – not counting playoffs and the IS Cup. Actually, Lamsa, @Tanski87 and @Supreex are the only three players left from the original season in ECL3 and they’re still going strong. A lot of things have changed since the founding days of the club. In their inaugural season the team had a large roster so the level of play basically changed every night. Personally, Lamsa started with NHL 96 and jumped into EASHL sometime around 2008 or 09. He prefers playing on the Right Wing and using a Sniper build, but he’s playing with a physical edge too. Lamsas all-time favorite build was the Hitting Sniper, which he still misses dearly. When asked about his biggest strengths the wise Finn just replied: "I can score ugly goals for days.“ Last season (ECL 7), the (skate)blades were too rusty. The team finished in tenth place and missed the playoffs. The offseason wasn't spent resting on their laurels though, as captain @Tanski87 took to the free agent market. The team added two high-end forwards in @MartindalexC and @Foppatofflan as well as defenseman @The_Alpha_Furyan. The new additions fit in nearly perfectly. RB managed to cap off their ECL 8 regular season with a great surge into the playoffs, finishing at 6th place, which means they will be going up against Symphony in the first round of the playoffs. Lamsa can’t say enough good things about the teams new acquisitions. "It’s really, really nice to play with these guys. They are all really good and skillful players – I still can’t believe that we got those guys on our roster.“ The Sedin twins (thats how Lamsa calls his two new linemates) were locked down after a quick tryout period and the new defenseman The_Alpha_Furyan already had some existing chemistry with Lamsa after a Summer Cup stint together. Personally, Lamsa is enjoying this really successful season. His regular season totals add up to 44 points, out of which 28 are goals. This puts Lamsa at a tie for 5th best goal scorer in the regular season of ECL 8 Elite, not too shabby! All in all, the goal-scoring Finn seems to be a relaxed and level-headed person. His PSN-ID is actually his last name, just without those dots above the letters. That’s not creative, but it suits him real well. Heading into the playoffs, the Rusty Blades are at a familiar spot as a minor underdog going up against a tremendously strong Symphony. Their opponents seem to have found a form that is close to unstoppable, so it'll be crucial for RB to get back on track and focus on the things they are good at - the basics and go forth from there. One thing is for sure: Lamsa and the Rusty Blades are prepared. And they are not going down without putting up a fight. ECL Elite Writer @Tim_FlyersFan
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    Still open for offers. RD is the position I am known to play. LW and C works well also.
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    Still do tryouts ^
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    Howdy! 😄 Looking for competitive team: - mainly Pro or high level Lite team - can play LW/C, but now looking role mainly as C - 21y old, easy going and adjustable, team player until the very end - last 2 seasons in Pro - creative player, good view on the ice, playmaker with ability to score also Feel free to contact me here or psn: Eetu999
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    Free LD or LW - 27 yo looking competitive team -Last season played ld but can play lw too https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=2790 Pm here or psn apetttaja
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    There is always an ending for every chapter. And a start for a new one. This is an ending for this chapter. I have been with Rusty Blades for over three years now. Personally it has been a huge and important thing for me. As many might already know, I have three little kids. Rusty has been my way to get away from the daily routines it brings. A way to be just one of the guys, not a dad 24/7, even if I love that "job" so much. This season, ECL8 Rusty Blades did evolve with few good signings. Top-4 in ECL Elite with this level of competition being so high these days. Not bad, eh? That Symphony series was all about the things I love in this game. A rollercoaster of emotions and a tough competition with two groups going head to head. Win of that series was a huge prize for all the work behind it. Even if Sky was just too great this time, I hold this as a great season. @MartindalexC and @Foppatofflan the Sedin twins like we called you guys. It was an honor to play with you two, even if it lasted too short time of a period from my point of view. I can say that Connor is underrated as a player. I thought I was getting a very good player, but instead we got a really great player to Rusty. And he has a great sense of humour, hits the right spot with me. And Foppa, well he is a beast born with that Razer Raiju in his hands. Was nice to play with you. 👏 And then there is @The_Alpha_Furyan great Swedish offensive defender. I know I did not answer anything to your latest message. I just did not knew what to say. I had a good times to play as your defense pair. And the stuff off-ice also. And it is a wonderful thing that you have found your lost passion for this game again. Good luck to you my friend. I have to also say that @PatzyDrake did a great job this season when we needed him. Thanks Patzy. And @Supreex the goalie and a long time team mate. Great season once again my agm. 👍 And @Lamsa of course. Here with me since the very beginning of Rusty Blades. Best friend outside the ice also. Pure killer with those goals. Thanks man, I salute you. Why am I writing this? Well you guys might already guess or know it, there is no Rusty Blades at the momemt. I can't say that there will not be. Long time still to NHL20 and ECL9, but for now it is time to end this chapter, no matter how sad it feels for me. And I feel like I have to write this, even if it most certainly give some laughs to certain people. I feel kinda a disappointment towards myself. Failed as a GM. After a good season I was not able to keep the pieces together. Too many parts gone to fix it right now... I also want to mention few guys that has been a big part of this journey. @koojiikoojii @Eric Daze you guys joined me, Lamsa, Supreex and Wuorio after ECL3. We had great times together and we always had fun on the ice, no matter win or lose. Koojii is one of the nicest guys to have in the party chat. And there should be Kinus picture next to loyalty in dictionary. And @Janikka I am not mad or disappointed at you of how you left the team. I really do think you are a good guy and I liked to play with you. A lot. @Migo_boo the "kid" with us old guys. 😄 Very talented and nice young lad. Aamuja. @kikiukko @epelis @Tauri @Albatross @yrjoo You guys are great. 👌 And thanks to everyone who has played with us, against us and who has been supporting us during these three wonderful years. This is not the end. Will this be? Who knows at the moment. Gg's!
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    Gotham Knights 🦇🦇 IN: Hanssonni samza96 PeeloJombb OUT: eyebiz Nakkertoni Thx and good luck Jim & Nakke! Welcome new BaTs!
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    What's up, gamers? As we're at the doorstep of the ECL 8 Elite Finals between Written In The Stars and FILADELPHIA, NHLGamer founder @Kenu joined Mika Kuha from radio station Aito Hitti for a short interview about the upcoming weekend and one of, if not the biggest NHLGamer event so far. It's about ten months ago since Kenu last sat down with Mika for an interview about our site and now we're treated with another short segment. For those that understand Finnish, listen to the interview below, for those that don't we have a short recap. The ECL 8 Elite Finals: (1) Written In The Stars vs. FILADELPHIA (2) LIVE at LanTrek '19 in Tampere, Finland. Stream at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer Schedule:* Game 1 17:00 CET Game 2 17:40 CET Game 3 18:20 CET --------------------------------------- BREAK 18:55-19:55 CET --------------------------------------- Game 4 20:00 CET Game 5 20:40 CET --------------------------------------- BREAK 21:10-21:20 CET --------------------------------------- Game 6 21:25 CET Game 7 22:05 CET *ECL Staff withholds the right to alter the schedule if need be. What's the underlying reason we're seeing an ECL 8 live final at LanTrek in Tampere? - Well, there were many. First off, the timing was right and we had been taking massive steps further, so we were happy to take the natural step with organising a live final. Tampere is at a good location as it's very central and easily accessible from all around Finland and even from abroad. I've never attended LanTrek, but heard good things about it, so I'm happy to be able to showcase the pinnacle of our league at this event. Are you surprised about these two teams matching up against each other in the final? - Anyone could have made it, but it's not a massive surprise that Written In The Stars and FILADELPHIA meet at the very first live ECL Elite final. These two have been some of the stronger teams in our league for quite some time now and they actually had their last live event clash at the IS Cup 3: 6vs6 eSM, where all three games went into overtime before FILADELPHIA managed to win and ultimately hoist the cup. Both teams surely have those games in fresh memory. In the regular season, FILA won both games in the matchup between these two teams. Nevertheless, both of these teams are tremendously skilled and wether you are a fan of versus NHL or 6vs6 NHL, expect the very best at this final event. Bringing these games to a live setting must surely bring an interesting twist to playing, how do you feel about that? - It's certainly different and I think it'll have an effect on the players. For both FILA and SKY it's kind of a familiar situation, though. If I recall correctly, @Eki stated that it's even easier for him to play live sometimes and looking at his performances, I don't doubt that. When playing live, it's always interesting to see how players react to the pressure of the crowd and the cameras. It's been nice to follow what's been going on in the ECL throughout the season. It seems like you're a tight knit community, talk a bit about that. - Yeah, we're enemies on the ice and competition is tough, but the community is very tight knit and it all comes together nicely at these live events. This community has been built by the players and we've grown quickly on to bigger things lately. Let's take a quick look across the pond. You recently announced the NACL - When does that kick off? - The NACL kicks off on the 11th of March. I can't stress enough how excited I am about this, I know the North American community has been itching for our market entry and now the time was right. The announcement blew up on social media and we've had some registrations already. We expect more of the very Elite of NHL 6vs6 to join our site now that we offer a chance for North American players to compete in one of our leagues too. Kenu, ECL action is at it's best when it's live. What do you have to say to all the people doubting attendance? - Couldn't say it better myself. ECL action is at it's best when it's live. Entry to LanTrek is only 15€ and on top of some excellent ECL action you'll get to devour some delicious Rustica Pizza right next to our stage. Thank you all and see you at LanTrek! Puck drop is at 17 CET tomorrow! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    In my opinion, the ECL with it's promotions and relegations needs a breather to stay fresh and interesting for the audience. I understand the will to hit the ECL ice over and over again, but rushing these things isn't a good idea in my opinion. Due to making the schedule work there was practically no down-time between ECL 7 and ECL 8 and we're not even done with the 8th season yet. In order for the ECL to be able to grow, we need the time to do that properly. That being said, there will be plenty of club action before the Summer Cup, where you can join with your ECL team and we'll talk about that more a bit later. I know some of you would like to play season after season after season of ECL non-stop and rest assured your feedback is being taken into consideration. Feel free to send me your thoughts and ideas, but let's keep this comment section about welcoming the guys and gals from North America. (If you would like to discuss the future EU tournaments/leagues, you can take it here: you can take it here)
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    Hi, Looking for elite team to upcoming competitive tournaments/seasons! Position: LW or C (prefer LW) Age: 21 Languages: finnish, english Played last season at Resurrection (ELITE) Dm me if you interested!
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    Hi Everyone, There's been a lot of talk about issues with the Dressing Rooms and getting errors where at least one of the 12 players drops out of the game before it starts. The issue has been there since the launch of the game, but was improved significantly since. However, after the latest PS4 update, the number of Dressing Room Errors seem to have skyrocketed. There has been a lot of speculation that players using the Finnish ISP DNA would be suffering from this the most and through this poll, I hope to get some factual data about what the issue looks like today, in order to provide it to the different parties. Please vote truthfully, as only the facts will help us get to the bottom of the issue. Edit: Made the poll alternatives a bit simpler
  42. 16 points
    I gotta give DNA credit as they're really giving this their best efforts right now. According to the customer support thread they went and bought a console and game now to work on it on their end. I mean sure it's frustrating and slow, but what can you expect them to do? I'm personally trying to help them the best I can and I know many others in this community are doing valuable work too. 👏🏼 (No, it's not supposed to happen - but you gotta make the best out of a bad situation.)
  43. 16 points
    Your comment tells me a lot about you as a person. You truly don’t understand why we seek a game? And if you don’t understand that was only rhetorical question. We have played only few evenings during this problem (because we have 3 "DNA players")but when we play we managed to get atleast 2-3 games/evening which is better than nothing. Its frustrating (for all of us) and that’s why I have tried to help solving this problem and tried to activate others but some of you rather be a loudmouth - its not suprising. I knew that my message might activate some morons but also I hope that it activates some smart ones too. I hope you and your followers could use few minutes of your precious time and help this genre via the link https://tuki.dna.fi/org/dna-fi/d/dna-laajakaista-ja-nhl19/ , thanks. Meanwhile if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
  44. 16 points
    But, you have 2 games in ELITE in your career, and Keski 30 - tell me how that can be an oportunity to ELITE?? 😌 How about "PRO"?? 😆 Just kidding. Good luck! 😊
  45. 16 points
    Looking for club (elite). Position: RD/LD
  46. 16 points
  47. 16 points
    Now that next gen is dead (maybe coming back) I'm looking a club to represent as a goalie. Im in army atm but I can play during weekends and some days maybe. Looking for backup or backups backup spot😄 More info from me via here or psn
  48. 16 points
    It's your team, your thread and your thoughts. Good stuff. Disappointed? RB played it's best season ever thanks to GM job before ECL8 and teamplay you guys managed to build in a short time period. Most of the time it's not up to one guy when there's around 8 guys per team - but yeah, know how you feel. Take a breather & come back stronger. Gg's & wp!
  49. 16 points
    Team name: BBB Team abbreviation: BBB Team captains: l1l Bones l3l, Drally20, CaLL Me Jakoo Team roster: l1l Bones l3l MarcoGoes5H0le CaLL Me Jakoo Nuge FlowMaster Joe Drally20 GB521 Girgss Aye Keeks No Regretzkys Doughty x i8i Zigg989 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/xboxone/Vlotex (Team Vlotex) Team Logo:
  50. 16 points
    Ah, yes, wise words. I'll open up my thought process a little to hopefully explain things a bit better (while still vague enough to frustrate some of you 😅) When I say needs a breather and talk about future plans in this case, I'm speaking short term. What in my opinion is the right decision right now. Some criteria that I have to take into account: We've been playing ECL pretty much 5 months straight. I completely agree with what you say about how the pauses should be. The pause before season 8 was much shorter than ideal due to the big steps we were able to take with partnerships and to be able to make the live final. While ECL is our baby and will continue to be the most important of our franchises (along with the NACL that we just announced), we also want to consider other avenues that make the NHLGamer experience fresh and speak to an audience that we're not fully talking to yet. We have to consider our staff's availability and energy levels when making decisions. We have a lot of people listed as ECL staff, but in reality there are a few diamonds that take care of most of the work while a lot of the people are contributing a little or none (which is totally fine as long as the communication is solid). It's hard to explain how much work there really is to make this thing work as well as it is (even with all of its flaws). And in the end I'm the only one working on this full time (currently for free) and it often comes down to me if nobody else is available. 14h+ days are no stranger to me. Not to make things about me, but this then comes down to having to measure my own energy levels. It's no use to the community if I drive myself into a hole and don't have the energy to continue. An example of my esports related projects since the release of NHL 19: IS Cup 3: NHL 19 6vs6 eSM 2018 - Online qualifiers + Live finals in Helsinki IS Cup 3: FIFA 19 1vs1 eSM 2018 - Online qualifiers + Live finals in Seinäjoki IS Cup 3: NHL 19 1vs1 eSM 2018 - Online qualifiers + Local qualifiers in Helsinki + Live finals in Helsinki ECL 7 FIFA 19 Finnish Championship -tournament for Palloliitto - Online qualifiers + Head Admin for finals in Helsinki FIFA 19 Nordics Invitational -tournament for Palloliitto - Head Admin for finals in Helsinki ECL 8 - Online + Live finals in Tampere 1st of March 2019 NACL GCL 3, RCL 3 & RCL 4 (these guys do a very solid job and I don't have to help them too much outside of start of season and playoffs) All of these projects and others not mentioned demand planning, meetings and and preparing before the actual seasons take place. On top of these, time is needed to plan ahead and look at the big picture and develop future plans and partnerships. Not all of our concepts make it to the public eye. We need to think about what the high-end players want vs what the lower end players want vs what the audience wants vs what the partners want vs what a sponsor might want and make a decision that makes the most sense from all points of view. Sometimes one of these groups might get a bigger weight than at others, but it's important to understand that if we want to grow and succeed, we need to take all of these into account and sometimes that might feel like an odd decision if you're only considering your own position as a team or player. What is the right decision today might not be the right one tomorrow, and vice versa. So just because we have done something in one way in the past doesn't mean we can't add or remove from the experience in the future. One thing that some people might find annoying is the lack of information about things well ahead of time. Some thoughts on that: Yes, first off, we want to communicate things as early as possible and are aware that we can do a better job. However, here's some thoughts on why we do things the way we do: I don't like to promise things that I can't keep. Plans change and we need to adapt quickly. But I'd rather have that be internal than announcing something on a time-period that was previously announced as a safe time to take a vacation etc. In some cases, like for example ahead of ECL 8, some of the info wasn't available and wasn't allowed to be released until it would be communicated by us and our partners. Point being: I'd rather communicate something with the correct information from the start than to for example have people expect a higher prize pool and then have to go back on that. Let's say, hypothetically, that I said previously that the ECL 8 prize pool will probably be 10k and then it turned out to be 5k or 7,5k. It would still have been a great thing and an improvement to the past, but it would have been a disappointment as we set the expectations higher ourselves. Just because we don't comment on something or say something, doesn't mean we're not thinking it or not doing it. 😊 I hope that explains a bit better what our/my process of thinking is. We love your feedback and ideas, so keep them coming.
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