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    Erik "@Eki" Tammenpää of FILADELPHIA is the cover gamer for ECL 8. The toughest, most prestigious EASHL 6v6 league in Europe is back – bigger than ever. Founder and owner Kenneth Lehtinen and the NHLGamer organization is proud to present, in association with Elisa, the 8th edition of the European Championship League – ECL 8, presented by Dr. Oetker Rustica. NHLGamer, Elisa Viihde and Dr. Oetker partner up to produce the 8th instalment in the popular and successful ECL franchise, expanding and enhancing the tournament in a number of ways. The collaboration between NHLGamer and Elisa Viihde will bring increased visibility to the tournament as it enables ECL games to be broadcast on the multimedia platform Elisa Viihde. This development will see the quality of our already-beloved ECL broadcasts make a tremendous leap forward. Starting the second week of January, Elisa Viihde will broadcast three games from the ECL top division, Elite, every week nationally in Finland. These broadcasts will feature Arttu Hämäläinen (of IS Cup fame) and NHLGamer’s very own Jani Hetta in the booth, calling the play and guiding the viewers through the most high-skill, high-pressure situations virtual ice hockey has to offer. ECL 8 Elite will be broadcasted in Finnish starting Wednesday, 9th of January through Elisa Viihde Sport or through the Elisa Viihde Twitch-channel. Broadcasts will also be available in English or without commentary at the NHLGamer Twitch-channel. Our new sponsorship agreement with German-based international food corporation Dr. Oetker will allow ECL 8 Elite to feature an unprecedented price pool of 10 000 EUR as it makes its grand return on January 7th. The prize pool of ECL 8 Elite will be divided as follows: #1. ECL 8 Elite Champion: 7 000 € #2. ECL 8 Elite Runner-up: 2 000 € #3.-4. ECL 8 Elite Semifinal losers: 500 € The ECL 8 Elite Finals will be played on Friday 1st of March at the LanTrek event in Tampere, Finland and can be enjoyed live at the venue or through the above mentioned broadcasts. We are proud to also announce that our cover gamer for ECL 8 is the multi-champion Erik "@Eki" Tammenpää. During 2018 Eki has won the NHL Gaming World Championship in 1vs1 NHL 18, the 2018 Finnish Championship in 6vs6 NHL 19, the 2018 Finnish Championship in 1vs1 NHL 19 and the 2018 European Championship in 6vs6 NHL 19 in the ECL 7 season. As such, we believe nothing to be as fitting as Eki and his team FILADELPHIA being featured in our ECL 8 art. NHLGamer For those of you who don't know us all that well, NHLGamer continuously strives to offer the best experience for any and all gamers who have come to enjoy the competitiveness of playing the EA SPORTS series of NHL games. Our greatest accomplishment, The European Championship League is a league where all the best European NHL gamers create teams and compete against each other in the game mode EASHL (EA SPORTS Hockey League - 6vs6) for the title of Best EASHL Team in Europe. Today, over 5000 website members also visit NHLGamer for all the latest NHL and gaming related news and exclusive content such as developer interviews and early gameplay impressions of upcoming titles. While proud of our achievements and the success we‘ve had in creating and maintaining such a great community of talented gamers, we're only getting started. Our long-term goals include growing the community to host even larger leagues with larger prize pools and working together with EA SPORTS and gaming-focused organizations, to ultimately establish a platform for professional players at the cutting edge of Esports. Ultimately, we believe that if you want to be one of the best players in the world - you practice, chat and play with the pros. Elisa Viihde Elisa Viihde is the leading online entertainment service in Finland. On Elisa Viihde you can find a wide selection of series, movies and a whole lot of exclusive sports for your viewing pleasure. The service also includes a range of TV-channels and a movie rental library. Dr. Oetker The massive international food corporation has been operating on the Finnish market for over 20 years now, being one of the major players in their business. Their most known products include the Rustica pizza, a wide variety of baking products and breakfast cereals.
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    What’s up NHLGamers, We’re in the last days of downtime before a new season and teams are gearing up for battle come January 7th and the first puckdrop of ECL 8. One team that has certainly been busy in the last months is Sjukstugan, who has decided to join forces with AIK Hockey to create a new NHL gaming franchise. "It is with great pleasure we welcome the prestigious AIK Hockey organisation to NHLGamer and ECL Elite.” -NHLGamer founder Kenneth Lehtinen on AIK Hockey joining ECL AIK Hockey will be obtaining the ECL 8 Elite spot of the long-lived Swedish juggernaut Sjukstugan, as the traditional sports club is making a grand exploration into the esports world. The Swedish club is one of the most followed European sports franchises and is certainly eager to take on this new challenge. Their hockey club is the second club worldwide to venture into NHL gaming. - The growth of such esports as basketball, football or F1 hasn’t gone unnoticed. The NHL has already made indications that clubs are going to invest in NHL esports in the near future. We view this as an opportunity to step into an uncharted territory with massive potential. It’s nice to be the first Swedish player in this field but it’ll be important to have this step on our competition, states Sevve Saberi from AIK Hockey. - AIK as an organisation is the epitome of passion, professionality and innovativity and we’re convinced that these exact traits will also be the trademark of their team in ECL Elite. I was welcomed to visit the AIK offices during the negotiation phase and was struck by their attitude and drive for this project, says NHLGamer founder @Kenu. The eighth iteration of ECL kicks off in just a few days and the addition of AIK Hockey to our NHLGamer ranks is definitely a welcomed boost to start the season. Competition in all our division is expected to be ramping up as the stakes will only be increasing from now on. Last season, Sjukstugan finished in 5th place after being eliminated in the quarter finals against Dynasty. Now rebranded as AIK Hockey, captain @Bjono says the team is more motivated than ever: - As soon as we heard about their interest, it was full throttle from there! We have an outstanding opportunity in a growing esports environment like NHL gaming. Our entire team is extremely thrilled about this. We’re all even happier about the team being AIK, as they’re one of the biggest clubs in Sweden. Both Kenu and Bjono are praising the level of involvement and drive from AIK’s side, which really tells a lot about the organisation. When asked if the players were AIK fans prior to the acquisition, the team captain has a humble response: - Our goaltender @Pippo is a hardcore fan! We were all extremely happy to have caught the attention of one of the biggest clubs in Sweden. Hopefully this is only the start and many more will follow. What’s the outlook for AIK Hockey like in ECL 8? - With the involvement of AIK, we’re more motivated than ever! The team has been working relentlessly and even focusing more on the tactical aspects of the game. We’ll be entering the new season well prepared and ready to put forth the best effort possible. Our long-term goal is obviously to bring the title to our side of the Baltic Sea, says captain Bjono. AIK will enter ECL 8 with a very similar roster as their one for last season. The only change is in the goaltending department, where they have dropped the extremely skilled @Hullued, but added an equally competent @ICappeI. The main purpose of the move seems to have been going for an all-Swedish team identity. AIK AIK is a Swedish sports club based in Solna. The club was founded in 1891 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in Sweden. AIK is also known by the nickname Gnaget - Rodents. The nickname rumours to have been given in the 1920s, when the teams black jerseys were so worn out that they resembled a grey rat colour. The ice hockey department of AIK has seen tremendous success during their long history. Currently the club competes at the second highest tier HockeyAllsvenskan, where they are in 2nd place a bit past the halfway point of the season. You can read AIK's own story here: https://www.aikhockey.se/artikel/nwziajqhw-1bbi1/aik-blir-forst-i-sverige-att-starta-ett-e-hockeylag
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    Team player with a big heart looking for potential new home. Contributor on the ice and in the locker room. Favorite position is RW. Currently represent Team Frosty in Elite but looking at options due to no ice time. This has been discussed with Team Frosty and there is no drama involved. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=4 PSN ID: KenuFHR
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    Hello All, NHLGamer has had many requests to provide a league for our fellow North Americans and we are very excited to announce our newest league, the North American Championship League (NACL)! We will be modeling a majority of the NACL after our very successful European Championship League (ECL), which is now in its 8th season. Our main objective with adding the NACL is to be able to attract competitive 6s players from around the world and have them interact all on one site, creating the biggest competitive 6s scene in the world! We are very excited about this new opportunity and happy to have @Scheckel29 (USA), along with @TheCreasePolice (USA), leading the way for the NACL. They have experience in running other 6s leagues and will bring a wealth of knowledge to NHLGamer, using their experience combined with ours to help the NACL in the right direction. NHLGamer’s goal for the first season is to provide an Elite and Pro division for the North American players on the Xbox console. The Elite division will have the best NA teams competing for a monetary prize consisting of buy-ins ($200) from the teams, while our Pro division will be a free division, where teams will have the chance to compete for promotion spots to play in the Elite division. There will be promotions and relegations between the two divisions. The sizes of both divisions will be determined by the total amount of teams that sign up. The NACL Elite prize pool will amount to a total of $3000. NHLGamer will be withholding 8% of each buy-in as a handling fee. This 8% will be used for the development and running of the site directly. The prize pool of $3000 will be divided as follows:* 1. $1,800 2. $800 3-4. $200 NACL will begin its first season on March 11th and registrations kick off effective immediately, so please head over to: NACL Elite registrations - Xbox One NACL Pro registrations - Xbox One We are also looking at how much interest there is for a PS4 NACL. Please head to the below link for us to gauge if a PS4 NACL is viable. Thank you! NACL registrations - Playstation 4 Last but not least, welcome to the community! About NHLGamer NHLGamer.com first saw the light of day over a decade ago, somewhere around 2004. What started out as a website platform for friends to arrange NHL leagues against each other has since grown exponentially into what is today the largest community for NHL gamers in Europe. Currently, the member count of our site is nearing 6000 strong! Since its inception, NHLGamer has continuously strived to offer the best possible experience for any and all gamers who have come to enjoy the competitiveness of playing the EA Sports series of NHL games. We made our biggest stride forward yet when we in late 2015 introduced the first ever European Championship League (ECL) - a league where all the best European NHL gamers create teams and compete against each other in the game mode EASHL (6v6) for the title of Best EASHL Team in Europe. Our new found venture into the North American NHL gaming scene is looking to follow in the footsteps of what we have done with the ECL. We've learned some important lessons from our success in Europe and feel that now is the time to also expand across the pond. The ECL has taken massive steps forward and now that we have that action plan in place, we will be able to kick off the NACL and improve it step by step in rapid succession. While proud of our achievements and the success we've had in creating and maintaining such a great community of talented gamers, we are not done yet. Our long-term goals include growing the community, hosting larger leagues with larger prize pools and working together with organizations at the cutting edge of gaming and eSports. Remember to stay up to speed with all our leagues by following our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. *The calculation is based on a 16 team NACL 1 Elite. NHLGamer withholds the right to alter the ruleset regarding the prize pool if the need should arise to change the size of the NACL 1 Elite division. Edit: Here's a couple useful links that will answer some of your questions: Link to rules NACL Fast Facts On behalf of NHLGamer, Kenneth
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    NHLGamers, It's been a while since the ECL action came to an end and we've all surely been itching for some competitive hockey for quite a while now! The SCL is now underway and the first week of competition has shown a lot of promise - with that being said, we know that the SCL doesn't cater to the needs of all of our community and that's why we're bringing you the Spring League. The NHLGamer Spring League is a free-to-play tournament meant to cater to the competitive gamers in our community. This tournament is a great opportunity for teams to keep up their skill level while some teams will have the chance to face off and test their quality against some of the very top teams - something that wouldn't happen with the ECL format. The Spring League will not feature a divisions framework. The start date for the league is set at Monday, the 6th of May, 2019. Signups start immediately, please head over to the registrations thread in order to sign your team up. The deadline for signing up is Friday 3rd of May 23:59 CEST. Background vector created by freepik - www.freepik.com Further details about the league will be communicated once we have an approximate evaluation of how many teams will sign up, but expect the league to run with a similar ruleset to the ECL, without the divisions framework however. For those wondering, the Spring League and Summer Cup 4 will very likely be running simultaneously for part of the summer. This in no way means that you can't participate in both, but will force players to prioritise a bit for that time period. We look forward to seeing you all on the ice!
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    Hey NHLGamers, Written In The Stars have been crowned as this season's Elite champion by beating FILADELPHIA 4 games to 1. As such, NHLGamer would like to congratulate each and every player from SKY for putting on a masterclass en route to their title. Additionally, we would also like to thank everyone that participated across all divisions this ECL for making each game as memorable as the last. If you missed out on any of the games from the finals then you can check out our Twitch channel or Elisa Viihde's where all games will be available to watch. The game by game results for the series are as follows: Game 1: FILADELPHIA - Written in the Stars 2:0 Game 2: Written in the Stars - FILADELPHIA 4:0 Game 3: FILADELPHIA - Written in the Stars 0:1 Game 4: Written in the Stars - FILADELPHIA 2:0 Game 5: FILADELPHIA - Written in the Stars 0:1 OT Written in the Stars' championship roster: GOALTENDERS #40 J. Lindström @poliskontroll #88 -. Hansuljevski @Hansulinho DEFENSEMEN #16 K. V @VesKuLiNe #43 Y. Wilhelm @willekunq #78 N. Tahtonen @Nassustelija FORWARDS #6 M. Sami @Buantso #13 I. SK @Dominointi #66 T. Keranen @topikeranen #91 U. SK @FlyerKungen Written In The Stars' road to the trophy: Regular season: 26-3-1 (1st) Quarterfinals: 4:0 vs. Northern Stars Semifinals: 4:0 vs. Rusty Blades Finals: 4:1 vs. FILADELPHIA Once again, NHLGamer would like to extend a warm thank you to all participants, every single member of this great community, Elisa Viihde and Dr. Oetker Rustica! Another entertaining season has passed us by and another new winner has been crowned. Enjoy your break and get ready to step on the virtual ice again very soon! Your NHLGamer Staff
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    Shit, I don't know what to say... This season was incredible! All these Elisa Viihde & Dr. Oetker (yummy pizza tbh) things and getting broadcasts with so awesome commentary as what Arttu Hämäläinen and other crew gaved us. That prizepool, those LIVE Finals, super awesome experience once again!! Thanks to Kenneth Lehtinen, NHLGamer, all staff members, sponsors, broadcast crew and of course all Elite teams & players we faced during the season! GGs! I appreciate your hard work and I hope this NHLGamer train never stops! #junakulkee Time has went fast tbh. I founded SKY three years ago, early 2016 & and lot of things have happened to SKY and NHLGamer after that. Lots of personal upsets, disappointments and etc. I can't lie, sometimes I have been thinking about changing team and that shit, but at the same time I didn't want to fail myself. Because all I have ever wanted in ECL was to win my first trophy with the team I have been leading since 2016. Many great guy has helped me and played with me in SKY during ECL Seasons 2-7 and I wanted to win with them, share this moment with them... but our team in ECL 8 was something special, best ever, can't deny it. And at the end, eat my shit seasons 2-7! If my first European Championship was meant to be happen in LIVE Event with those awesome guys, I'll take it every time! ❤️ Thanks to all who supported us in the Finals and whole ECL season! F*cking finally... SKY IS THE CHAMPION!!! 🌟🏆 - C
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    Art by Efraim Larsson. Photos courtesy of Tölzer Löwen. You might think the life of a pro hockey player (any pro athlete for that matter) is awesome and all glamour. The reality can be quite different. Ben says he’s just a regular guy who happens to have some talent in hockey. It hasn’t always been that way though. There’s been a massive change in mentality and thought process to get to the point he is at today. Most of you have probably never heard of Ben Meisner and frankly it’s no surprise. The now 28-year old German-Canadian goaltender spent most of his junior career in smaller minor teams in his home province of Nova Scotia before moving away from home as a teenager to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a professional hockey player. The first years of his professional career was spent around the ECHL after which he headed over to Europe for a change of scenery. Name: Ben Meisner Date of birth: June 20th, 1990 Place of birth: Halifax, NS, CAN Nationality: Canada/Germany When talking to Ben he seems like a really down-to-earth guy who is really outspoken and passionate about what he has to say. A first impression wouldn’t give away his troubled past and deep scars. In an article Ben wrote for The Players Tribune, he states that his story is “about a kid who loved hockey so much that he forgot to love himself”. Those might be some confusing words to hear for an average Joe, but it was a gruesome reality for Ben and what ultimately almost led to the end of his life. Let us backtrack a little bit to get you guys up to speed. To kick off the interview with Ben, the very first question I asked was about his gaming habits and to my surprise I learned that he had never even touched a video game. That’s refreshing, right? Ben grew up on a farm in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada spending most if not all of his free time as a kid shooting pucks alone in their driveway or out fishing. His main aspiration in life was to be a pro hockey player. Quite early on, Ben was signed up for a local hockey team and he progressed rather quickly - he was obsessed with becoming the best player he could possibly be. Ben’s words really paint the picture of a generic happy Canadian upbringing: “Growing up, I had both my parents at all my games pretty much always so that was awesome.” It isn’t all that unusual for young players in Canada and the US to move around looking for development opportunities in their junior careers, and Ben was no different. Before kicking off his college career he played at two different boarding schools in Ontario, Canada and just outside of Boston, Massachusetts in the US. It’s a competitive environment where thousands of kids chase the best opportunities and try to make their dreams come true. “It’s definitely a tough choice to make and you’ve got to be ready for it and go into it with your eyes open.”- Ben about moving away from home to pursue a hockey career at a young age. Playing team sports in a competitive environment is tough as it is, but being a teenager trying to figure yourself out far away from home surely adds its own spice to the mix. While the experience can be a valuable life lesson, it is also extremely scary and a difficult situation to be in as the youngins are pretty much left to their own devices. It was at a rather young age that Ben realised he might have some issues. He struggled fitting in with the team, having a hard time communicating and finding friends in a new environment. At first, the issues were chalked up to “goalie weirdness”, but as years went by and Ben moved around to different teams, the severity of the problem started coming to light. Social awkwardness led to bullying, which in turn led to anxiety, depression and OCD, the effects were many. Being anxious, tired, depressed and scared all at the same time while being a pro hockey goaltender in a league like the ECHL, in which teams can pretty much release a player at a moments notice is certainly leading down a destructive path. Especially when all you’ve done for your whole life was play hockey and nothing else. “I grew up playing hockey outside. Every day I was out shooting pucks, I was skating…I lived and breathed hockey. It’s all I ever knew and all I ever wanted to do. There was a fear of losing that. If one day hockey wasn’t there, I wouldn’t know who I was. I didn’t think I had any other skills and I didn’t think I brought anything to the table as a person.” The OCD kicked in and the anxiety levels skyrocketed, Ben as quoted from The Players Tribune: “I knew that there were 98 professional teams in North America … so there were exactly 196 jobs for goalies. I’d always come back to the fact that in North America alone there are usually around 320 free agent goalies from D-I, D-III, Canadian colleges, SPHL, AHL, ECHL and the NHL, fighting for what amounts to only a few open spots at any one time. I had nothing against any of those guys, but in my mind they became my enemies. And lots of times it seemed like I could actually feel them breathing down my neck. All 320 of them.” Ultimately, things got very bad. Ben was stuck in a vicious cycle where he couldn’t speak up of the fear of being released from his contract and not receiving proper help due to constantly relocating and being occupied by doing the thing that he loved - playing hockey. Doing so in a severely compromised mental state made his numbers drop, while also inflicting even more damage on his already bad psyche. All of this culminated in Ben almost taking his own life. (For this story, please ready Bens article at The Players Tribune.) Step by step, things got better. Ben reached out for help and found out it wasn’t the end of his career, but in fact the start of something new and better - a healthier life and a new found passion for helping others. The extremely important factor with mental issues is time. These issues have to be handled with urgency and professional sports organisations are now also starting to realise that. For example, several NHL teams have hired personnel to help their players deal with potential issues. With the stigma around mental health in sports slowly being lifted, more athletes have also come forth about some issues they have had or are still having, among some of those former NHL players Daniel Carcillo and Nick Boynton. Taking off with the release of his Players Tribune article, Ben has also started advocating for mental health awareness and is actively pursuing that opportunity to give back and get the word out there. Now Ben is working together with a whole bunch of different people (for example the aforementioned Carcillo) and organisations in order to further mental health awareness. Mental health issues are a widespread, although a not widely talked about problem worldwide. Just about anyone can find themselves in a tough situation where they will have to handle some type of mental problems, it could be just one traumatic life event or concussion away. Preemptive care is one of the best tools to tackle mental issues and Ben together with a whole company of other people strongly advocate for it. For young athletes out there that feel something might be wrong, Ben has an important pointer that cannot be stressed enough: “The number one thing is don’t wait. If you’re having an issue at a young age and parents or you yourself recognise it, please reach out. I knew I had these issues early on and I let it go until I was in my twenties so we’re talking over a decade. That really put me in a big hole and made my issues harder to handle and harder to hide - when you dig yourself a hole that deep, it takes a long time to fill back in.” Esports are no different from traditional sports in the sense that the environment is high-pressure. The straight-up physical requirements of the athletes might not meet the traditional standards but what is often talked about is the mental aspects of players. Quite often a player or a team is analysed based on their mental strength - "they don't have the winning mentality" is a cliché we're all familiar with. De-stressing activities or taking time off are often overlooked in pro sports, perhaps even more so in esports. The pace and player turnover is at such a high level that even a short vacation could set a top player back, and believe me - there are kids out there trying to take that spot! The result of this equation is players spending very close to all of their waking time at their screens - the very same screens that are the portal to Reddit and various other forums where their every single move, play and game is being scrutinised. Having an outlet and de-stressing is tremendously important, the physical capabilities of an athlete are also tremendously important in esports. Healthy bodies often promote healthy minds and the other way around, so remember to take care of yourselves out there! If you happen to find yourself out and about, here are some events that Ben will be attending as a speaker: The Global Goaltending Retreat - May 27th - 31st, Breckenridge, Colorado, US The Worth Living Conference - May 31st, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Make sure to follow Ben on Twitter for more info about upcoming events he will be attending. “My legacy may not be left hanging in the rafters or written on trophies, but I want to people to recognize me as a guy who tried to make the game we all love more enjoyable for the people playing it.” If you or someone you know are going through a tough time, please don't hesitate to reach out for help. Here's some contact info to get you started: Finland: Suomen Mielenterveysseura - Kriisipuhelin 010 195 202 Sweden: 1177 Vårdguiden - Hjälplinjen 0771-22 00 60 Germany: Telefonseelsorge 0800 111 0 111 UK: Samaritans 116 123 France: Suicide Écoute 01 45 39 40 00 Russia: sravni.ru 8 (800) 333-44-34 Take care and keep on playing! Your NHLGamer Editor, Janne @jahajaha93 Tarvonen
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    MUKIMIEHET IN: MuKiMaisteri Wirtsuuu DieCutterMC Lagezickarno s_a_k_i_s95 Since2009- AzeStiNE oGBioLan You can follow us on twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/MUKIMIEHET_
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    Free RD or even a forward here. RD is the spot I have played after ECL3. Just mentionimg forward also, as I do like to play it also. I have always counted on good defense, thats why I am pretty defensive defender, but I can handle the puck also and that R2 button. I am realöy competitive person who hates to lose. But at the same time I dont do #ripmoti. You just get up and do it better bext time. One stat I have been shining on is hits. 1518 hits in 251 games. 🤷‍♂️ I can play pretty much every day 19cet to 22cet. At the time being for longer also, but when I start working again it is 22cet at latest during week, later at weekends. Throw me a message in here or at PSN if you are interested to try-out and stuff.
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    Team name: FILADELPHIA Team abbreviation: FIL Team captains (PSN IDs): Patzlaf (C), I_Eki_I (A), FinKonna (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Patzlaf PleeMaker I_Eki_I Janzuh jtorro1234 vatalisti mikaasi Zande95 FinKonna EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/FILADELPHIA Team Logo:
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    Hey NHLGamers, FILADELPHIA have been crowned as this season's Elite champion by besting Symphony 4 games to 2. As such, NHLGamer would like to congratulate each and every player from FILA for putting on a masterclass en route to their title. Additionally, we would also like to thank everyone that participated across all divisions this ECL for making each game as memorable as the last. If you missed out on any of the games from the finals then you can check out our Twitch channel where all games will be available to watch. https://www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer/videos The game by game results for the series are as follows: Game 1: Symphony - FILADELPHIA 2:1 (OT) Game 2: FILADELPHIA - Symphony 3:2 Game 3: Symphony - FILADELPHIA 4:2 Game 4: FILADELPHIA - Symphony 2:0 Game 5: Symphony - FILADELPHIA 1:2 (OT) Game 6: FILADELPHIA - Symphony 2:1 (2nd OT) FILADELPHIA's championship roster: GOALTENDERS #8 M. Paasikontu @FinKonna #88 O. Grönroos @Zande95 DEFENSEMEN #7 J. Jäte @vatalisti #71 -. Hoosii @oGBioLan #82 M. Nyqi @Janzuh FORWARDS #10 M. Heikkilä @mikaasi #24 J. Heirala @FIN_Potilas #25 E. Tammenpää @Eki #44 P. Arontie @PleeMaker #86 J. Paatiala @Patzlaf FILADELPHIA's road to the trophy: Regular season: 23-4-1 (1st) Quarterfinals: 4:1 vs. Northern Ascendancy Semifinals: 4:0 vs. Dynasty Finals: 4:2 vs. Symphony Once again, NHLGamer would like to extend a warm thank you to all participants and every single member of this great community! We've completed yet another successful season of ECL hockey and the next season is creeping up on us quick! Enjoy your holidays and get ready to step on the virtual ice again early 2019! Your NHLGamer Staff
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    MUKIMIEHET is coming bäk! We are looking elite level players for upcoming seasons! Forward RW/C Goalie Contact here or PSN: MuKiMaisteri RäeRäe
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    NHLGamers, The SCL is here! As you might have suspected based on the teaser video we launched a couple weeks back, we’re now pleased to be able to bring you the Swedish Championship League! It’s been a long time coming, as the GCL and RCL have been running nicely for a couple of seasons already and the Finns have got to enjoy the eSM and IS Cup organised by us. The 6vs6 portion of SCL is targeted at ambitious Swedish teams looking to enter the competitive 6vs6-scene in their home country and play for the Swedish Championship in eHockey. The 6vs6 league is played on Playstation. As we all know, the Swedish 6’s community is highly developed and therefore we’re aiming to generate a highly competitive experience right off the bat. In order to ensure this extraordinary competitive experience, we’re partnering with Birdie, Esport United and SESF to organise a live finals event to the tournament. The prize pool for the Swedish Championships in 6vs6 will be 50 000 SEK. On top of launching the 6vs6 SCL, we would also like to announce that we are hosting a the Swedish Championships in 1vs1 as well! The 1vs1 will be played in the Versus mode. This event will include an online qualifier out of which the top 16 will make their way to the finals! Both Playstation 4 and Xbox One players will be welcome to participate. The prize pool for the Swedish Championships in 1vs1 will be 15 000 SEK. More info on the schedule and signups for 1vs1 will be released soon. The live finals will take place between the 30th of May and the 1st of June at Birdie LAN in Uppsala, Sweden and will consist of semifinals and the grand final. The action will be live broadcasted over at our Twitch channel as usual, but we highly recommend for all of you to attend the event and wish to meet you there! Eligibility All Swedish citizens are eligible to participate in the SCL. On top of this, all teams are allowed to contain a maximum of three foreign players, out of which one at a time is allowed to be on the playing line-up. However, Norwegian and Danish players are granted exceptional status and will only count towards the foreign player limit as halves - meaning two Norwegian/Danish players can participate on the same team. (Specifications will be published in the rulebook coming next week, see image below for demonstration). Only Swedish citizens are eligible for team captaincy. Swedish and Finnish players are required to have player licenses of their respective countries (valid in all SESF/SEUL tournaments for 2019), we also recommend participants of other nationalities to acquire a player license from their country. Swedish license (free): https://www.sesf.se/licenser Finnish license (5 EUR): http://www.esm.gg/pelaajalisenssi/ SIGN UP FOR SCL SEASON 1 NOW! The first season of the SCL (6vs6) will be kicking off on Tuesday, 16th of April and signups are now open. Click here to sign your team up! Signups will close on Saturday, the 13th of April at 23:59 CEST. A more accurate schedule for the live finals will be released soon, but keep your eyes open for announcements at our site and our social media channels. More information for participating players will also be communicated as the registration deadline closes in on us. About us Since its inception, NHLGamer has continuously strived to offer the best possible experience for any and all gamers who have come to enjoy the competitiveness of playing the EA Sports series of NHL games. We made our biggest stride forward yet when we in late 2015 introduced the first ever European Championship League (ECL) - a league where all the best European NHL gamers create teams and compete against each other in the game mode EASHL (6vs6) for the title of Best EASHL Team in Europe. While proud of our achievements and the success we've had in creating and maintaining such a great community of talented gamers, we are not done yet. Our long-term goals include growing the community, hosting larger leagues with prize pools and working together with organizations at the cutting edge of gaming and esports. About our partners Birdie is the oldest LAN in Sweden, as it’s been organised in Uppsala, just outside Stockholm ever since 1993. In 2019, Birdie is being organised for the 29th time between may 30th and June 1st. Esport United was founded somewhere around 2005 with the objective of developing the esports scene and gathering esports talent all at one place. ESU also drives hard to develop female esports. SESF stands for Svenska E-sportföreningen and they are the governing body of esports competition in Sweden at the moment. The objective of the organisation is to develop the Swedish esports scene and shows a constant presence in organising tournaments and events. Currently, SESF provides training for esports referees and licenses for both referees and players. In Swedish esports competition, a SESF license is a quality guarantee. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and enjoy the biggest and best NHL 6vs6 experience in Sweden with the chance of winning some great cash prizes! We sincerely hope to see as many of you there as possible!
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    I'm looking for a contending Pro team or an Elite team to join and can play RD, RW or C. I'm an experienced defenseman but I can play as a forward as well. 💸 Previous teams: Unlucky Boys HC, Team Frosty, Butterfly Effect Message me here or on PSN: will_yo7
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    Team name: Rusty Blades Team abbreviation: RB Team captains (PSN IDs): Tanski87, Supreex, The_Alpha_Furyan Team roster (PSN IDs): Supreex ktewjh The_Alpha_Furyan Tanski87 MartindalexC Foppatofflan Lamsa pentsaa Migo_boo99 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Rusty Blades Team Logo:
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    Hey NHLGamers! Welcome to our ECL 8 Elite season preview, and let us start off by stating this is going to be one to remember! Our Prize pool is now 10 000€, which makes ECL the biggest 6vs6 tournament worldwide both measured in team amount, player amount and prize pool by far! We're happy to have all of you back for another season of this greatness. In the last few days we've dropped some exciting news on you guys, such as the involvement of AIK Hockey into ECL and our new partnership with Dr. Oetker Rustica and Elisa Viihde. Now, let's not keep you guys waiting any more than we have and get into the team run downs. AIK Hockey New Swedish pride AIK Hockey enters with a bang as they were announced just before the start of the season. Not many changes have happened over the offseason, as the former Sjukstugan look to continue their strong efforts with the same lineup as in ECL 7. The most notable change is in the goaltending department, where @ICappeI is replacing @Hullued in a switch-up that turns AIK into an all-Swedish team. Both netminders are some of the very best the league has to offer, so the decisive factor here is the flag on their passport. A player to keep your eyes on this season is @Tacterz. The young and tremendously skilled winger was a welcomed addition to the teams offense in ECL7 and is only expected to improve from here on. Almost Famous Almost Famous were, well - famous for their offensive style of hockey in their previous seasons, but last season there were some serious problems. Troubles to score called for somewhat of a re-build. This season will be better for them, because their team leaders gained experience from ECL7 in Elite and bringing in fresh blood from Cowabunga Hockey (Pro) who are hungry to prove everyone tthat they can compete at the Elite level. Players added were G @Jonitski, LD @Makeaxl and RW @Sokkelo__. All of these players are in for their first season at the Elite level. Let's not forget that aF lost their defensive leader @Aze to Team Frosty, this might take it's toll but the new addition Make seems to possess some talent as he put up 24p in 30 games in ECL 7 Pro. Bucketeers As one of the five new teams in Elite for this coming season the emergent Swedish team should have some level of familiarity in the opponents that they will be playing. Of course, if they want to make a statement and assure themselves of Elite level play for longer than just one season, then they will have to take the next step in their startlingly fast rise through the ECL structure (Lite in ECL 6, Pro in 7 and now Elite in 8 ) and move outside their comfort zone in order to grind out the invariably close games that often characterise Elite. Regarding where the Bucketeers are predicted to finish, personally I think they will most likely end up somewhere around 10th - 14th place, simply based on the fact that there a lot of unknowns in some of these new teams. As long as the Bucketeers are able to stay above .500 against these aforementioned teams, they should be in a decent enough spot. Butterfly Effect It's gonna be really interesting to see how FLY plays this season, since they've underwent a major roster shake-up. The team formerly known as Red Machine gained Elite promotion before ECL 7 due to the folding of Evolution. In their inaugural season in Europes best division, the team put on quite an impressive showing. After clinching the sixth seed they made the playoffs, in which they lost in five games to big-time contender Written in the Stars. From last years team only three players stayed: Captain @jergelii, @Crisu_rottis and @Roisto999. These good-looking insects lost their most dangerous players in @Vilupoika and @RutonMosse. It's up to the newly acquired duo of @xDoumi and joukki13 (@Joukki) to replace some of the lost offensive capacities. They also acquired veteran defenseman @Totalii which should give them more quality and flexibility on the blue line. With the addition of Goalie @JanneK.(JANURI98) their GAA shouldn't be a problem anyway. Expect these guys to give their all and fight for one of the higher spots in the Elite standing. Deadly Phantoms HC DPH managed to claim the ECL 7 Pro title in stunning fashion after a very tough season facing some adversity early on in the playoffs. This is surely the season for redemption as the team will now compete at the highest tier. Their roster underwent no changed but a small downscaling as they now look for all of their players to take the step to the next level. It'll certainly be interesting to see how these guys will find their form and how they stack up against some of the more established teams. DPH could very well surprise, but an expected finish would be around 8th-12th. Dynasty The temptation when faced with adversity is to change too much (or even too little), with the consequence being that you take a step backwards. After x seasons in Elite, along with x trips to the playoffs and x semi final appearances, one would certainly expect some growing irritation that they have been so close, for so long, with little to show for it. Regardless of this, Dynasty are coming into the season having made probably the least changes to their roster amongst the teams of Elite, in fact the only changes appear to be the loss of @Filariou and the pick up of familiar face @Haldeem. All in all, barring a massive shift, Dynasty should easily clinch a playoff berth by finishing somewhere around 4th place (+/-: 1), beyond that however, your guess is as good as mine. FILADELPHIA All they do is win - no matter what. That seems to be the case with Finnish juggernaut FILADELPHIA. In their first season in the Elite division they immediately clinched the top seed for the playoffs after finishing with a record of 23-4-1. In the playoffs FILA kept on torching their opponents and ultimately finished with an incredible postseason record of 12-3. In the finals they had to battle though, beating Symphony in six games. I_Eki_I (@Eki) scored the championship-clinching goal in double overtime while teammate @PleeMaker grabbed the Playoff-MVP trophy after racking up 29 points in 15 playoff-games. Taking a look at FILADELPHIAs roster for ECL 8, they were able to keep their most impactful players and added top-tier defenseman @jtorro1233 from rival SKY. Captain @Patzlaf will still be flanked by the aforementioned and highly skilled wingers Eki and PleeMaker with @mikaasi providing the much needed forward-depth. The defensive-trio of @Janzuh, jtorro1234 and @vatalisti is arguably the best in the game. Both goalies, Zande95 (@sibeelius) and @FinKonna, are well-experienced guys and know how to handle pressure. It's hard to find any flaws in the star-studded finnish roster. The question is: Do they have what it takes to to build a dynasty (no pun intended) and become the first ever consecutive champion? HC Wildcard HC WILDCARD aka veterans squad. They appeared in ELITE filling the spot of Northern Ascendancy after a few interesting turns of events but they surely can pose a difficult opponent on any given night. Even though it’s their first season in ELITE they boast a squad with lots of experience. They signed the notorious Kinnunen brothers as known from Rusty Blades, @kinnun3 came from there, but @kikiukko came from Almost Famous where he had a short stint. Let's also not forget the recent addition of experienced offensive threat @Nampa77, who pent last season in aF with kiki. These signings increase their chances to stay put in Elite, but it surely won't be an easy fight. Northern Stars Much of the same is the modus operandi for this storied team. After another playoff appearance (and quit exit) NOS were faced with a similar question that Dynasty have been tasked with answering, in essence, what is the next step? Dynasty attempted to remedy the situation by picking up a new defender, whilst NOS appear to have done the same with the acquisition of @Nieppii, after that however the similarities drop off for the most part. This is due in part from NOS apparently going nuclear and trying out a, let’s just say, unorthodox lineup with @ma0niii (long time RD) playing C and Chimera being moved over to RW. Whether this pays off is yet to be seen, but at the very least this change (if they stick to it of course) should give them some new looks offensively, as Chimera will be allowed to take more risks given that he won’t have as much defensive responsibility to deal with. As for where I think they’ll finish, I’m going to say 8th place, not because I necessarily think they’ll end up there (they could easily finish one spot higher for instance) but rather I want the ‘yo-yo’ from them to continue since they’ve finished in 7th, 8th and 7th for the last three ECL seasons now. Resurrection It's name reflects it's programme. The team formerly known as Monte Carlo will now participate in ECL Elite - just a couple months after applying for ECL Lite. Yep, you read that right. Captain @Jiihooo86 and his squad put together a decent first season in the Pro division. He was the biggest difference maker himself, recording 3 shutouts and a save percentage of 82,38% during the playoffs. After losing 7 of their last 10 games in the regular season, they definitely resurrected in the postseason before losing to Synergy Hockey in the semifinals. They bounced back (again) from some bone-headed plays (bad one, I know) and defeated SIKA in the relegation series. The offensive line of @Artuzio, johtaja699 (@J0HTAJA) and @xKeskitalo was pretty much clicking constantly. The same can't be said for the defense though. Even though @Nikmes7 had a strong regular season, the team barely got any production from the blue line in the playoffs. The majority of the team felt a change was necessary, leading to @Veikkonator getting replaced by the rugged defenseman TheFakiiR1(@FakiiR1). It will be interesting to see if the new D-pairing will be able to hold their own against some of the best forwards in the game. Jiihooo might need to play out of his mind on a daily basis if Resurrection wants to compete. Rusty Blades Rusty Blades made one of the most interesting acquisitions of the off-season when they managed to secure the services of the former NOR duo @MartindalexC and @Foppatofflan. On top of this, they added @The_Alpha_Furyan to bolster their ranks in defense. The preseason games of Rusty have showed some promise as it seems they have kept their identity of playing a simple game, but the new additions have added some speed and offensive ability that wasn't there before. The combination of the two have turned into a dangerous mix that could quickly turn the opposing teams night into a bad one. Rusty could very well see their best season yet, as they should now finish in the top 8. Symphony This season they start as runner-ups of ECL 7 where they lost to FILADEPHIA in game six of the finals. The main story going on now is, will they be able to take the last step towards becoming the Champ? Could very well be, because they have made some great updates to their squad recently, even though they lost some of their leaders they got an equal trade for them. For example they lost top goalie @ICappeI, who went AIK Hockey, but they stole another great G from Gotham Knights in @swagx88. They also added the talented @RutonMosse from Butterfly Effect, who is now walking in his brothers footsteps and finally looking to overshadow the older one. A great point is that SYM managed to hold on to their amazing defensive trio @entii112, @vSilenttio and @Ilmari_30. Expect these guys to be contenders again. Synergy Hockey Joining Elite as one of the two automatic promotions from Pro due to a finals appearance we have the Swedish side of Synergy. As far as similarities go with Synergy and the Bucketeers, well, both are Swedish and that’s about it. Of the newly promoted teams, no other has the same amount of Elite experience as Synergy. For instance, their projected starting line-up (sans goalie) contains three players who have each played two full seasons in Elite previously (@Normark, @Supremski & @Egyptologen), so there should not be that big of an issue of players not being sufficiently prepared for the level of Elite, mentally speaking of course. All things considered then, I think that SYN, as well as DPH, probably have the best chance of making a claim towards a playoff position out of the new teams. Although, I think if either of them do end up doing as much, it will not be by a large margin. Ergo, I can see Synergy finishing being a fringe team on the ‘outside looking in’ so to speak, somewhere around 9th - 10th place. Team Frosty @Vilupoika, @Penatski and @Aze. That's a trio that when added to any team in the league would certainly provide a welcomed boost! After a tough first Elite season, captain @Zip player was a man on a mission for their return in ECL 8. He made the biggest and most spoken-of signings of the off-season and didn't waste any time in getting his team going for ECL 8. The preseason has been a bit up and down for Frosty, but we expect the experienced lineup to get it together come the first puckdrop. Aze will be their defensive leader, but it'll remain to be seen if @After8 (will_yo7) will manage to fill the shoes of a consistent performer at the Elite level. TF will be a playoff team. Unlucky Boys HC The veteran team built around Anhel_Kuru (@Anhel) missed last season's playoffs by a lone point. Yeah, that's rough. Not as rough as being Cody Parkey (NFL reference) these days, but still. That bad break should solely ignite some new desire to get back to the postseason, especially because they completely kept their core. One of their biggest struggles last year was their lack of offense. UB only scored 40 goals in 28 games, despite having a decent powerplay. It will be interesting to see if they can make the right adjustments without really changing anything significant in their roster. Expect the horseshoes in the playoff hunt once again. Written In The Stars Written is always a contender, but they never fail to provide a let down come playoffs. For 3 seasons straight away they are among the best regular season teams, but they are always coming short of being the best in Europe. Last season they already reached the semi-finals, where they lost to Symphony 1-4. They lost some good players like @jtorro1233, who went to FILA, @Bugimir who announced his retirement, @JOHTAJAVIRTANEN who turned his talents to FIFA Pro clubs, and one of the best goalies in the scene: @JanneK. to Butterfly Effect. SKY needed to quickly make up for their losses, which seemed not to be a problem at all. The team signed @Buantso from Symphony and @Nassustelija from Butterfly Effect in quick succession. To help out in [email protected] from Northern Ascendancy was added. Follow this team during the current season, because their time to win should be due. Well, there you go, gamers. We're happy to have brought you yet another preview for yet another season. Some teams change, some remain the same. We'll see who the champion turns out to be! Don't forget to tune in to our broadcasts this season on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in Finnish at Elisa Viihde Sport or the Elisa Viihde Twitch-channel. Broadcasts will also be available in English or without commentary at the NHLGamer Twitch-channel. Signing off for now, Your ECL Elite Writing Team @MartindalexC, @Serg1vratar and @Tim_FlyersFan
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    Hello gamers, It is time for me to open up a new chapter of my career. I have played my whole career in Rusty Blades (ECL 3-8) - including the last four seasons in ECL Elite - but now I am searching for a new team for the rest of NHL 19. For those who dont know me, my favorite position is RW (its the only position I've played in ECL). I am more of a shooter than a passer and like to score goals - snipes, one-timers and dirty deflections. This is my player-ID: https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=916 I can play almost every night 19 CET - 22 CET and I would like to find a team who can play competitive hockey while at the same time having fun. No drama - I am an old player so I would like to be in a peaceful group. You can contact me here at NHLGamer or on PSN, my ID is (surprise, surprise!) Lamsa.
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    Free LW looking for a new team. I can also try to play as Center but I prefer to play as LW. My main language is swedish but I can also speak english. You can contact me here or on psn: Tacterz
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    It's time, gamers! The pinnacle of the season is here! We've reached the end of the line with only the two best teams in all of Europe remaining. It is the ECL 8 Elite final between Written In The Stars and FILADELPHIA. These are two teams that definitely aren't strangers to each other, in fact what we will be treated to at LanTrek is a rematch of their IS Cup 3: 6vs6 best of 3 final at GameXpo 2018. Only this time, we're back bigger and better than ever before! Together with Dr Oetker Rustica, we're bringing you the first ever ECL live final and what better way to do that than with a guaranteed thriller of a matchup. SKY and FILA will face off in a best of 7 series, starting Friday, 1st of March, 2019 at 17 CET. How we find ourselves here For the first time in Written In The Stars franchise history, they have gained entry to the ECL finals. Thanks to one of, if not the, most dominant regular season displays ever seen, as well as a similarly commanding playoff showing thus far. FILADELPHIA on the other hand, come into this season’s finals as the reigning champions, and with an almost identical record compared to that season to boot. So, as far as finals go, this is no doubt shaping up to be one of the best we have ever seen. But how exactly does each respective team find themselves at this point? Let’s turn the clock back and find out. Picture courtesy of SEUL ry, Jääskeläinen. Taken at GameXpo 2018. (1) Written In The Stars Regular season record: 26-3-1 Playoff record: 8-0-0 As Written in the Stars are currently the favourites to take this ECL championship (albeit by a mere 16 votes at the time of writing), what better team to start this segment off with then? SKY History I think though, to properly set the scene we should take a trip (perhaps reluctantly for some) down memory lane. Specifically, all the way back to ECL 2 when SKY was first created. Just as a point of reference, the only player on the roster at this time who is still a feature in the current one was @FlyerKungen. In their first 6v6 competitive season Written posted a fairly decent record of 7-2-1, paving their entry to the playoffs where they were eventually bounced in 5 games by Infinity. A result that I’m sure was no doubt frustrating for those involved, but for an inaugural season you can definitely do worse. For ECL 3, SKY took off and recorded a 39-4-3 season with three players passing the century mark in points. Despite this impressive total, SKY only managed to proceed to the quarters before getting swept by the eventual runners up. Again, probably frustrating as all hell to be a part of, but as a far as trends go, their playoff performances are lasting longer and longer. Where the wheels begin to fall off is with the advent of ECL 4. Once again, SKY put up a fairly impressive season total of 18-6-4, good for 4th in Elite. However, they drastically underperformed and got beat in 5 games to a Dynasty side who eventually ended up being just 2 goals away from the championship title. ECL 5 then rolled around with SKY notching another impressive regular season. This time, they got revenge on Dynasty as they swept them in the first round, but experienced an unfortunate 2nd round exit to end their season. Sure, in hindsight it may have been another potentially wasted season from SKY, although with that said, getting past the first round in Elite is no small feat. Especially as they have been going in as the 4th seed in the past two seasons at this point, effectively guaranteeing that they would run into an extremely tough opponent. In response to these middling results SKY came out and posted the highest regular season point total on record (27-2-1). They then dismantled their first-round opponent in NOS in 5 games, setting up their best chance to make the finals and win a title up to this point, as their semi-finals opponent (NOR) was a team who had struggled massively in their first round appearance against Unlucky Boys, just about winning in 7 games and consequently prompting a positional / personnel change. Written then lost in 5. For ECL 7, they seemed to take a step back and ‘only’ racked up a record of 20-4-4, good for 3rd in Elite, proceeded to show some promise in their first-round matchup by disposing of their opponent in 5 games, then got swept by, you guessed it, the eventual runners up for the 4th consecutive season. At this point, I doubt few would call into question the idea that Divine Providence surely must be at play, given SKYs playoff opponents. Indeed, one could even go as far to call them the gatekeepers of the finals, guarding entrance to the stage, but never setting foot on it. ECL 8 So with that, we move into ECL 8 and the possibility of redemption for the much-maligned side. Indeed, starting the season with a blistering pace of 15-0-0 should have made abundantly clear to all onlookers that SKY surely meant business this time around. Not only were they winning games in their usual fashion of effectively sieging teams down, but they were doing it with startling efficiency compared to years past. Couple this with some slight, but noticeable, tweaks in how they set up offensively, as well as defensively, and it’s no wonder SKY have finally got over the hump of never making it to the ECL Elite finals. That is not to say that SKYs journey has been without fraught. Indeed, they seem to have a tendency for their offense to somewhat dry up from time to time, and thusly rely on their defence to carry a lot of the burden. This can be seen somewhat frequently throughout the regular season, with 2-1 / 1-0 wins over AIK, Bucketeers, Synergy and Deadly Phantoms HC. Sure, the optimist would say that SKY winning these games shows that their defense can be relied on and clearly, they would not be wrong per se, however the teams listed all had fairly disappointing seasons offensively, meaning that against other more offensively gifted teams SKY could easily have been in trouble. This is an admittedly minor issue, but couple this with the fact that FILA managed to snag both wins in their regular season matchup and there's little wonder why SKY do not have an overwhelming majority favouring them to take it all despite having such an obscene regular season and an 8-0 record in the playoffs thus far. Written In The Stars starting lineup reviewed by FILADELPHIA: LW @Buantso 8GP, 9+12=21 A great player and an even better guy. Puantso is a tremendously skilled player who has finally started playing up to his full potential in SKY. Is dangerous with the puck all the time, sometimes makes surprising decisions and doesn't force his game too much. Is a bit of a wildcard on the ice, you never know what he'll come up with. Torro's greetings: "Mä tuun pitään sua". C @Dominointi 8GP, 10+10=20 Dominointi is without a doubt an important piece of any team he is a part of. As his name suggests, a dominant presence at center. Has the desire to control and be the difference maker in games, which sometimes turns to a disadvantage. Needs to trust his teammates more. RW @FlyerKungen 8GP, 7+13=20 The heart and soul of SKY. He is a 200 foot player, a real workhorse. Made the switch back to RW after playing at center last season, so his style changed a bit with that. Seppo might be more important on the ice, but you can't underestimate this guy. Has improved his game without the puck a lot lately. LD @Nassustelija 8GP, 1+6=7 A defensive defenseman. Plays well in his own zone and has shown that he can compete at the highest level. The most unexperienced player in Written, @FinKonna will be targeting him especially at the hotel. RD @willekunq 8GP 1+9=10 Admirably calm with the puck. Is responsible for most of SKY's breakout plays and has done that tremendously well this season. Without a doubt one of their best players in IS Cup 3: 6vs6. G @Hansulinho 8GP, 8W, 85.71 SV%, 0,75 GAA, 4 SO The most experienced player of the finals and it shows in his game. Very calm in net and never overplays the puck. He's an OK goalie but not better than ours. Picture courtesy of SEUL ry, Jääskeläinen. Taken at GameXpo 2018. (2) FILADELPHIA Regular season record: 23-6-1 Playoff record: 8-1-1 FILA history Moving on to the other half of the finals we find FILADELPHIA. A team that has accomplished a lot in a very short period of time. In their inaugural season FILA was placed in Pro for ECL 6, much to the chagrin of many who felt that they had not earned their place and should have been placed in Lite. Well, FILA went on to post the best regular season record in Pro across both groups, then advanced to post a playoff record of 12-1-1 before being toppled in 7 by Monarchs, solidifying their spot in Elite for the upcoming season. In that season, as I am sure most of you can remember, FILA ended up going all the way and beat Symphony by the combined score of 4 games to 2 in the ECL 7 Elite finals. Since then, FILA have also picked up more hardware in the form of an eSM title where they beat none other than Written in the Stars. ECL 8 FILAs road to the finals this time around has been anything but easy though. Perhaps the largest transfer that occurred over the past off-season was the loss of their stalwart defender in @vatalisti to military duty, and the subsequent pickup / replacement @jtorro1233. Early on it seemed as the hole left by this change was perhaps a little too big to fill. In fact, as far in as 8 games it looked as though FILA were looking almost decidedly average in a way, ‘only’ managing to pick up 9 points in 8 games with a record of 4-3-1. Granted, they had played a top team in Symphony, on the other hand they had dropped points against teams such as Resurrection who would end up propping up the league table, something which, for a reigning champion at least, was fairly beneath them. The slow start could easily be explained by a somewhat lackluster season preparation by FILA, which goes to show that even the best of teams can't compete without practice. Despite or because of their start, FILA began to find their play, and racked up a combined 19-3-0 to finish the season, a pace somewhat close to that of Written’s. As far as hitches go however, that’s ‘all’ that FILA have had to deal with this season. Sure, thus far in the playoffs they may not have gone the perfect 8-0-0 that Written have, though going 8-2-0 is nothing to scoff at. In fact, despite losing two more games than Written, FILA have the superior goal differential with +30 compared to SKY's +22, showing the raw scoring ability that this roster still harbours. Therefore, it stands to reason then, that if FILA is able to open up the game and get their offensive weapons involved going forward, rather than being shelled for 8min a game, they have a very good chance of being the first team in ECL history to ever win two championships, and naturally the first to do it in back-to-back seasons. FILADELPHIA starting lineup reviewed by Written In The Stars: LW @PleeMaker 10GP, 12+15=27 Wouldn't believe it from what you see on the ice, but the youngin in the group. Very slippery on offense, their hardest player to face 1-on-1 and a pain in the ass with occasional cherrypicking. C @Patzlaf 10GP, 14+11=25 The beating heart of FILA, Mr. Selke, El Capitano - A dear child has many names. Rumour has it that he's a skilled dangler. High hockey IQ. RW @Eki 10GP, 9+13=22 The world champ. A friendly and pleasant guy to be around. Throws sauce better than everyone else, defends better than everyone else. Lost to Ippe (@Buantso) in Sampi Cup. LD @Janzuh 10GP, 0+9=9 A true FILA veteran. Janzuh is a hard hitter and a tough defender to face any given night. RD @jtorro1233 10GP, 1+8=9 Judas Iscariot of FILA. Loves the puck more than his teammates. G @sibeelius 8GP, 7W, 92.69 SV%, 0,37 GAA, 6 SO FILA's shortest player. Has proven to be a winning goaltender and handles the pressure well in tough spots. A former SKY player, who's been spotted at the training facility in a snakesuit on weekends. How to watch the finals? Preferred option: Show up to the live event at LanTrek on Friday, 1st of March, 2019. Puck drop is at 17CET, so be there early! Follow our stream at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer. Arttu Hämäläinen and Jani @Jiihooo86 Hetta will be commentating all games live from Tampere. Schedule:* Game 1 17:00 CET Game 2 17:40 CET Game 3 18:20 CET --------------------------------------- BREAK 18:55-19:55 CET --------------------------------------- Game 4 20:00 CET Game 5 20:40 CET --------------------------------------- BREAK 21:10-21:20 CET --------------------------------------- Game 6 21:25 CET Game 7 22:05 CET *ECL Staff withholds the right to alter the schedule if need be. Who do you think will win? Will you be joining in on the action at LanTrek or through the stream? Let us know in the comment section! ECL Elite Writing Team, @MartindalexC & @jahajaha93
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    Hi there NHLGamers, Another season on the books and another champion to boot. To some, this season will be a period that will oft be reminisced about (particularly amongst those playing for FILA), whereas for others it will be the source of great ire. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, we welcome you to ECL 7 Elite's season review... we hope you enjoy! 1. FILADELPHIA - Regular season record 23-4-1 (Playoff wins 12) Half way through the year and FILADELPHIA have been the epitome of domination; winning every single tournament that they have entered thus far. In fact, there is almost nothing to say that would mean much in the grand scheme of things, as it would effectively result in me penning a paragraph that would be singing their praises than an actual review. With that in mind then, for brevity I will state FILA's playoff record below, as quite frankly, it speaks for itself. 12-3 2. Symphony - Regular season record 22-3-3 (Playoff wins 10) Coming into this season as newly(ish) formed team one perhaps could have been forgiven for expecting them to take a season or two to get their feet under them before making a splash so to speak. Symphony obviously missed the memo and stormed towards a finals appearance, losing to FILADELPHIA (2-4) after besting Northern Stars (4-1) in the first round, as well as Written in the Stars (4-0) in the second. 3. Written In The Stars - Regular season record 20-4-4 (Playoff wins 4) Another season is over, and we have another season where Written made the top 4, but have very little to show for it really. Despite the disappointment undoubtedly shared by among on Written, they should feel as though that they're in a good spot going forward to mount a challenge for ECL 8, given the fact that they have now made the semifinals for three consecutive seasons. Additionally, @FlyerKungen appears to have transitioned to C flawlessly, only being beaten in points by fellow teammate in @Dominointi, as well as FILAs MVP @PleeMaker. 4. Dynasty - Regular season record 18-4-6 (Playoff wins 4) A slow start characterised a season where Dynasty were good, but not outstanding. Such a distinction may be alluring for some, but for those trying to challenge for the top spot each season, it is almost a curse as much as it's a blessing. The acquisition of @hpkfani at the very least proved to be pivotal as he once again exhibited his ability to set the tone of a team's offence - especially in the playoffs where goals are oh-so difficult to come by. Despite this however, they ended up getting knocked out in the semifinals to the eventual champion in FILADELPHIA. 5. Sjukstugan - Regular season record 18-6-4 (Playoff wins 2) 112 went on an impressive hot streak to start off the season, overcoming strong opponents such as Written In The Stars and taking the division by storm with their disciplined defensive routine and an exciting offensive trio with one of the leagues most exciting talents in @Tacterz. Their form somewhat dropped off towards the tail end of the regular season, but they still managed to finish 5th and put forth the best regular season in team history. Round 1 of the playoffs came knocking with Dynasty ahead. The traditionally well-performing Finns were too strong this time around, overcoming 112 with a series score of 4-2. 6. Butterfly Effect - Regular season record 17-10-1 (Playoff wins 1) After gaining promotion due to Evolution folding, these guys set out to prove they sure belong at the Elite level. Securing possibly the biggest offseason signing (@Vilupoika) ahead of ECL 7 was certainly a pivotal effort to kickstart FLY's run at the highest tier. The team came out swinging, claiming the #1 spot in the power rankings already in the first week of competition. A strong regular season proved that their good start wasn't just a quick run of form, but they were a serious contender. In the first playoff round Butterfly Effect faced 'big brother' Written In The Stars, who sent them packing 4-1. 7. Northern Stars - Regular season record 14-8-6 (Playoff wins 1) Another strong season was exhibited by NOS for ECL 7, where they made the playoffs for the 3rd straight season. Granted, their route into the playoffs was potentially more 'touch-and-go' than seasons past, as they were never able to really put distance between them and the all-out battle for 8th place between NOR, UB, RB & TF. NOS eventually fell to Symphony in the first round in 5 games, so like most teams in Elite, there are still improvements to be made if they want to move up the table and potentially challenge for a title. 8. Northern Ascendancy - Regular season record 14-10-4 (Playoff wins 1) After a disastrous start, NOR were able to rescue their season in a last ditch effort. The veteran team went on a streak of 9-2-1 to finish after starting with an abysmal 5-8-3. Due to their low ranked berth they consequently drew FILA in the 1st round and inevitably fell in 5 games, signifying the end of an all round pretty forgettable season by NOR. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Unlucky Boys - Regular season record 14-11-3 After proving themselves as more than a nuisance in the playoffs last season one perhaps was expecting more of a showing by UB, who more than anything seemed to truly live up to their name this time round as they narrowly lost out on a playoff berth by a lone point. The demise of UB this season was definitely one of the weakest finishing few rounds of a season we've seen in a while. 10. Rusty Blades - Regular season record 10-12-6 Compared with a lot of Elite teams from this season RB were somewhat consistent (although not exceptionally so), the aggravating thing for those from the RB side no doubt is the belief that if they just happened to play slightly better, earlier on in the season, as well as had a stronger finish, they would have made the playoffs instead of finding themselves on the outside looking in for the second straight season. 11. Team Frosty - Regular season record 11-14-3 ECL 7 was the debut season for Team Frosty (formerly known as White Trash), if we look at it from such an angle we can surely say that they did a good job for the first time around. One of their strengths this past season was their goaltending, as @Mehiiss got 9 wins in 21 games with 82,4 SV%. Good goaltending isn't always enough to win you games, though. Offensively, Frosty seemed to do fine, as their leading scorer @Zip player managed to snag 39 points in 28 games. The problem seemed to have been in team defense however, a goal differential of -22 didn't earn them a playoff record this season. 12. Almost Famous - Regular season record 11-15-2 Almost Famous were a debutant team this past season, possessing some definite potential with up-and-coming players such as centerman @Ikavalko. Even though they had some roster fluctuation during the season with two of their key players (@SadaPoika -> Unlucky Boys, @Nampa77 -> Team Frosty) leaving, aF managed to make some great signings such as having @Rimpe return from a stint in Gotham Knights and acquiring the very skilled goaltender @s_w1ld_rus. The season went pretty much as expected for the newcomer, some decent games but the consistency wasn't there to have some success yet. 13. Gotham Knights - Regular season record 9-13-6 After ECL 6 Gotham Knights did something of a rebuild by making plenty of signings to take the next step. On paper, Gotham had a playoff capable roster, but something went wrong, even though @swagx88 stood tall, stopping 85% of shots faced. The season ended in relegation games. There were a lot of expectations on @Nieppii who had his first season in Elite and he did rather well offensively with 12 points in 23 games as a defenseman, but he needs to get better in his own zone. The cornerstone of the team for ECL 7 were their older players, @ReDMisTi in offense and the defensive leader @MKivinen95, though. After a difficult season, Gotham was relegated to Pro following a relegation series loss against Bucketeers. 14. SIKA - Regular season record 5-19-4 What goes up, must invariably, come back down. Such is beginning to be tradition for SIKA at this point as they find themselves being demoted to Pro after a singular season in Elite for the second time (first one being ECL 4). For SIKA however, this time most likely has more of a sting to it, as they finished joint last (tied with FCM) with a measly 14 points over 28 games. Whether SIKA and captain @SpiderRoyal are able to replicate history and fight back into Elite is yet to be seen, but at the very least, this shows the level of play that Elite often demands and that getting promoted into it is only but half the battle. 15. Falun Coal Miners - Regular season record 4-18-6 RIP Kopparberget ⚰️ After a very solid opening season in Elite where they finished with 28pts in 30 games, it seemed as though that if Falun was able to make a couple choice free agent acquisitions and boost their offence, they could have very easily made the leap to the playoffs for ECL 7. Unfortunately, to say that that was not the case is perhaps a bit of an understatement. Their gf/g output dropped from 1.70 to 1.36, and their ga/g ballooned out to 3.68 from 2.27 just the season before. The cause of this is of course heavily debatable and exceptionally difficult to reduce down to a single player / reason, that said, it seems as though it was large dose of unluckiness as all of FCMs players appeared to have off-years simultaneously. 16. Radical - Disqualified Disappointment. That word alone describes Radical's season more accurately than any other. Not only was it a disappointment for the players of Radical, but it was also a disappointment for the spectators of Elite, as they were robbed of an extra 30 games at the very least and plays by some of the very best players at the most. 🏆 AWARDS Playoff MVP: @PleeMaker Most Points: @Dominointi, Written in the Stars, 26 Goals, 33 Assists, 59 Points in 28 games Most Goals: @Vilupoika, Butterfly Effect, 28 Goals, 21 Assists, 49 Points in 28 games Most Assists: @Eki, FILADELPHIA, 13 Goals, 37 Assists, 50 Points in 24 games Most Hits by a Forward: @hpkfani, Dynasty, 160 Hits in 26 games Best +/-: @jtorro1233, Written In The Stars, +49 in 26 games Most Points by a Defenseman: @jtorro1233, Written in the Stars, 11 Goals, 20 Assists, 31 Points in 26 games Most Goals by a Defenseman: @jtorro1233, Written in the Stars, 11 Goals, 20 Assists, 31 Points in 26 games Most Assists by a Defenseman: @vatalisti, FILADELPHIA, 5 Goals, 22 Assists, 27 Points in 22 games Most Hits by a Defenseman: @FakiiR1, Team Frosty, 144 Hits in 20 games TOP 3'S OF ECL 6 ELITE Top 3 Forwards Regular Season: 1. @Dominointi, Written in the Stars, 26 Goals, 33 Assists, 59 Points in 28 games 2. @PleeMaker, FILADELPHIA, 25 Goals, 30 Assists, 55 Points in 28 games 3. @FlyerKungen, Written in the Stars, 24 Goals, 30 Assists, 54 Points in 28 games Top 3 Defenders Regular Season: 1. @jtorro1233, Written in the Stars, 11 Goals, 20 Assists, 31 Points in 26 games 2. @vatalisti, FILADELPHIA, 5 Goals, 22 Assists, 27 Points in 22 games 3. @Ilmari_30, Symphony, 4 Goals, 19 Assists, 23 Points in 28 games Top 3 Goaltenders Regular Season: 1. @Hullued, Sjukstugan, 18 Wins, 89.02%, 1.33 GAA, 8 SO in 27 games 2. @poliskontroll, Northern Ascendancy, 14 Wins, 84.51%, 1.71 GAA, 6 SO in 28 games 3. @Mike Zigan, Northern Stars, 14 Wins, 84.32%, 1.60 GAA, 7 SO in 28 games Top 3 Forwards Playoffs: 1. @PleeMaker, FILADELPHIA, 10 Goals, 19 Assists, 29 Points in 15 games 2. @Eki, FILADELPHIA, 9 Goals, 14 Assists, 23 Points in 15 games 3. @tbnantti, Symphony, 10 Goals, 12 Assists, 22 Points in 15 games Top 3 Defender Playoffs: 1. @vSilenttio, Symphony, 2 Goals, 14 Assists, 16 Points in 15 games 2. @Ilmari_30, Symphony, 2 Goals, 7 Assists, 9 Points in 15 games 3. @vatalisti, FILADELPHIA, 1 Goals, 8 Assists, 9 Points in 15 games Top 3 Goaltenders Playoffs: 1. @Zande95, FILADELPHIA, 11 Wins, 86.59%, 1.00 GAA, 5 SO in 13 games 2. @ICappeI, Symphony, 9 Wins, 89.18%, 1.23 GAA, 4 SO in 13 games 3. @Hansulinho, Written in the Stars, 4 Wins, 88.15%, 1.00 GAA, 3 SO in 9 games We'll also be showcasing our controversial 'Top 6' of the season for Elite! What this means is a selection of six players in a starting lineup, that have showed exceptional skill and played a good season. Please note that all selections are subjective and they are made by community members who have been keeping an eye on ECL 7 Elite, in this case your Elite writing team. Hopefully we'll generate some discussion with this again: @PleeMaker (FILADELPHIA) - @FlyerKungen (Written in the Stars) - @Eki (FILADELPHIA) @vSilenttio (Symphony) - @vatalisti (FILADELPHIA) @ICappeI (Symphony) That's all she wrote for ECL 7, Gamers! The Elite Season Review will put a cap on ECL 7 and we'll be turning out heads into next week with a new season starting January 7th. Thanks again to all of you for being a part of this community and stay tuned for greater things to come! ECL Elite Writing Team @MartindalexC & @Serg1vratar
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    NHLGamers, After long season and some incredibly tight turns, we're proud to be crowning Oton Letkutemppu your ECL 8 Lite champion! It was certainly no easy feat, but Oton really found their stride in the playoffs. The absolute clinic put on in the finals goes to show that we are talking about a Pro ready team and we'll be waiting eagerly for what next season entails for these guys. NHLGamer would also like to congratulate Vesa Pompa HC, We Kings and Cheers Hockey for outstanding performances and promotions to ECL 9 Pro. The game by game results for the finals are as follows: Game 1: Oton Letkutemppu - Vesa Pompa HC 5:0 Game 2: Vesa Pompa HC - Oton Letkutemppu 0:1 Game 3: Oton Letkutemppu - Vesa Pompa HC 3:0 Game 4: Vesa Pompa HC - Oton Letkutemppu 1:2 Oton Letkutemppus championship roster: GOALTENDERS #4 K.Makise @Huuru #62 S.Rakastaja @Theoikeakarim DEFENSEMEN #16 J.Pappas @JokkePappa #44 O.Keskitalo @Duran93 FORWARDS #9 T.Lehclair @Thounimeister #9 O.Kuhta @Matson94 #15 T.Rautavaara @builtforspeedos #59 V.Svitov @RappioTaide #87 S.Crosby @Lehikoinen_ #88 P.Kaukalo @Juha88 Oton Letkutemppus road to the trophy: Regular season: 17-6-1 (14th) Round 1: BYE Round 2: 4:1 vs. Finnish Hockey Legends Round 3: 4:0 vs. Me Carvoset Quarterfinals: 4:2 vs. Blackdawgs Semifinals: 4:1 vs. Cheers Hockey Finals: 4:1 vs. Vesa Pompa HC Once again on behalf of all of us, congratulations! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    Hello NHLGamers! Welcome to our season preview for the ECL 8 Lite Division! We are back with short notice but that didn't seem to slow anyone down as we are very happy to announce that we have 81 (!) teams that will battle for the ultimate goal of Lite championship this season! For ECL 8, we are also happy to announce our new ECL Lite Writing team consisting of @Tonimo92, @Willander97 and @CzE Toni! As you guys surely are aware of the Lite division is a bit tricky to anticipate when new teams that we don't know much about enter the ECL stage. However, we in the ECL Lite Writing Team are very excited to give you guys our opinions and expectations about the teams going into ECL 8 Lite. Without further ado, let us present to you our ECL 8 Lite Season Preview: We have evaluated the expected top 2 teams of each group, additionally we highlight players to watch from each group with the following forma: 2 forwards, 1 defenseman, 1 goaltender. Enjoy! Group 1: Players to watch: FORWARDS Klassikko_, Perttilan Kommandot, ECL 7 Lite stats: 26+22=48 Markogirl87, Elämäm Kiekko, ECL 7 Lite stats: 23+25=48 DEFENSEMAN MrNipsuli-, FarmiNaattori, ECL 7 Elite stats: 2+11=13 GOALTENDER lordjami, FarmiNaattori, ECL 7 Lite SV%: 86.95 Club Savage Club Savage is a team full of ECL veterans lead by @Slash Lander (Teemu_Underdawg). Many of their players possess pro level experience, but most of them seem to have been on a downward trend lately. Forward @Jusa had 29 points last season in Pro division and is expected to be a dominant force in Lite. Ig Club Savage can get back to their old form, they will surely strive in Lite. Elämäm Kiekko Elämäm Kiekko lost some major core players such as @Ankkalasvegas, @Valmuri, @Samzoni and @Tonezki-_-89, who all moved over to a club that makes it's comeback - Old Farts. Despite all that, Elämäm Kiekko is a good virtual hockey team since they have acquired players that will help them - one of them being @AzByCxx who scored 38 points in ECL 6 pro for OG Royals, so there is some evident skill in his game. If championships were won by the team that has the best social media , Elämäm Kiekko would dominate the field. Group 2: Players to watch: FORWARDS Ankkalasvegas, Old Farts, ECL 7 Lite stats: 22+29=51 apetttaja, Old Farts, ECL 7 Lite stats: 23+25=48 DEFENSEMAN Nonnipojke, Suomen Sonnit, ECL 7 Lite stats: 2+18=20 GOALTENDER kuglach, Atomic Hamsters HC, ECL 7 Lite SV%: 80,00 Old Farts Old Farts is making a comeback. @Ankkalasvegas is leading the team to fight for a spot in the Pro division, where they played in ECL 6. The duo of captain Ankka and winger @apettaja is expected to be one of the highest scoring pars in Lite this season. Several Old Farts players represented Elämäm Kiekko last season, and it is interesting to see what happens if they face each other in the playoffs. Suomen Sonnit Suomen Sonnit won their group in ECL 6 and finished third in their group in ECL 7, it should be almost a certainty that they will be at the top of their group again. Two times in a row the team that beat them in the playoffs has advanced to pro. Suomen Sonnit has a core that has played together a for a long time. Group 3: Players to watch: FORWARDS JaromirSniper68, Dynamic, ECL 6 Elite stats: 11+15=26 (Played only two games in ECL 7) rrr41rrr, Blackdawgs, ECL 7 Lite stats: 24+20=44 DEFENSEMAN Tonimo92, Kaukosen Luistin, ECL 7 Lite stats: 2+14=16 GOALTENDER Randomjanne, Dynamic, ECL 7 Lite SV%: 80,95 Dynamic A team with this many individual skilled players will go far in Lite. Take @Basstian23(JaromirSniper68) for example. A player of his caliber should nothing less than dominate this league in points and Dynamic should be at the top of the table by the end of the season. Vesa Pompa HC Vesa Pompa HC should be considered Lehmannen Badboyz 2.0. The roster is the very same as for ECL 7 for the most part. Last season they lost to the eventual champions The Black Jacks in the second round but it was in overtime of game seven. The team had a decent regular season but if they can play at the same level in the next playoffs, they will surprise many. The biggest question mark is their new untested goaltender @peppeztvshow. Group 4: Players to watch: FORWARDS Jerax13, Dystopia, ECL 7 Lite stats: 27+30=57 Willander97, Western Express, ECL 7 Pro stats: 15+25=40 DEFENSEMAN BasiBurminen, Cheers Hockey, ECL 7 Pro stats: 2+9=11 GOALTENDER timpelo303, Dystopia, ECL 7 Lite SV%: 85,33 Finnish Hockey Legends FHL ended the ECL 7 season with a top 4 spot in group 6. With almost the same roster as last season, these guys will keep their chemistry going into this season too. The only change is @suomenstamkos moving away from the goaltender spot. If new goalies @suitsukemestari and @vvesa93 can do their job they are a team to look out for. Me Carvoset A team that has some serious potential to play in the PRO division come ECL 9. @Juanzaar who is the team captain recently left the Xbox family to join our PS Community and he and his linemates have the chemistry to knock big teams out. With solid goaltending from @Roman (McCormick_Kenny) they will be hard to beat. Group 5: Players to watch: FORWARDS Terrorsenkoi91i, N0 Name, ECL 7 Pro stats: 2+5=7 Rullathor1991, Prowlers, ECL 7 Lite stats: 18+42=60 DEFENSEMAN jiipee_40, Poston Fruits, ECL 7 Lite stats: 10+23=33 GOALTENDER Trollstivegen, Mighty French Roosters, ECL 7 Lite SV%: 86,80 N0 Name This recently founded team has a lot of Pro level experience and if they find the chemistry, they could be a cup contender for Lite. Team captain @Isidor1891 (TerrorsenkoI91I) has been a scoring force in the past, but can he find the same touch after not so good last season in Le Coq Sportif? Prowlers Prowlers showed that they are a good team last season when they finished first in group 4 but they didn’t quite have what it takes in the Playoffs losing 4-0 to Infinity in the second round. Now when they have added offensive fire power in @Toobbiiee (Vesterberg89) who scored 10+20 in 15 games for Stayhard Stallions last season I think that they have a good chance in the Playoffs. Group 6: Players to watch: FORWARDS Johtava, The Everblades, ECL 7 Pro stats: 19+12=31 Hbnzo, We Kings, ECL 7 Lite stats: 25+34=59 DEFENSEMAN pelimies80, We Kings, ECL 7 Lite stats: 5+19=24 GOALTENDER D3NK4N95, Korpens Finest, ECL 6 Lite SV%: 89,74 EV Füssen eSports Former Inter Iceland has experienced some major departures since last season most notable being former captain @Gregson91. However they have replaced most departures with other pro level players alike @Daniel huggler (lx_RKO_xl), the winger from Silver Sword Griffins. EV Füssen eSports should be one of the strongest Lite teams in ECL 8. The Everblades The majority of The Everblades players spent last season in Pohjoista Voimaa at the pro level. POH nearly made the playoffs in Pro but now their core players have formed a new team and are going for a fresh start in Lite. Their defensive style is tough for every team but their offensive production is not guaranteed. If @Johtava can keep the scoring touch he had last season in Pro, they can be a cup contender. It'll certainly be yet another exciting season with more participants than ever! We answered your call of getting more games to ECL Lite and hopefully this time around we're bringing you the best season yet. As we now also have a designated ECL Lite Writing Team, you will receive better Lite articles and more content regarding the division in general. See you on the ice! ECL Lite Writing Team, @Tonimo92, @Willander97 and @CzE Toni
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    NHLGamers, After an incredibly eventful ECL 8, POGGERS are crowned the champions of ECL 8 Pro! The finals were extended due to the widely known issues with the game. As that got fixed, TIKI TALK and POGGERS battled it out for the title during the past week in a series, which ended 4-1 in favour of POGGERS. NHLGamer would like to congratulate our newly crowned champion on the title and a promotion to ECL 9 Elite. NHLGamer would also like to congratulate TIKI TALK, Gotham Knights and Checkmate for outstanding performances and an opportunity to qualify for ECL 9 Elite. The game by game results for the finals are as follows: Game 1: POGGERS - TIKI TALK 2:1 OT Game 2: TIKI TALK - POGGERS 1:2 Game 3: POGGERS - TIKI TALK 1:2 Game 4: TIKI TALK - POGGERS 1:2 Game 5: POGGERS - TIKI TALK 4:2 POGGERS championship roster: GOALTENDERS #41 V.Lehto @Janne Hietala DEFENSEMEN #5 J.Pappas @MrNaiMiZ #87 X.Ripe @Riipperi87 FORWARDS #9 V.Saarijärvi @Chafak #17 -.ENZA @ZPalffy #29 A.Laine @Wickedtah69 #38 -.UI JUMA @Yoloberg #83 S.Gonzales @Speedy104 #98 D.DelaVega @JaKurrii POGGERS road to the trophy: Regular season: 18-8-4 (5th in Group 1) Round 1: 4:1 vs. Raccoon Rampage Quarterfinals: 4:2 vs. Gotham Knights Semifinals: 4:1 vs. Checkmate Finals: 4:1 vs. TIKI TALK Once again on behalf of all of us, congratulations! Now that all divisions have finished playing, stay tuned for our season previews out soon. Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    Hey NHLGamers, ECL 7 was the biggest season for our community yet! That's both in terms of registered teams, players and the newly introduced price pool. Once again, we were treated to some incredibly exciting action as skillful teams and players went head-to-head in all three divisions. We'll be kicking off our look in the rearview mirror with this season review of ECL 7 Lite, which included a total of 73 teams divided into eight groups. Group 1: The Black Jacks The eventual champions surely had a season to remember! This Swiss-based team went into their second ECL season with one goal in mind only: promotion. Their offensive trio of @[email protected]@Freeman7187 was unstoppable and proved incredible dominance all season long as the fast-paced passing ice hockey seems to have been absolute poison to the opposing teams. With their promotion it'll be interesting to see if they'll be sticking together to continue on the same note in the Pro division. Arguably, their breakout game and defense will need to step up in order to compete on the next level. The Black Jacks managed to string together a row of excellent performances all season long, seeding 3rd into the playoffs and being in the driver seat through most of their playoff matchups too. Their second round opponent Lehmannen Badboyz proved to be a difficult obstacle to overcome though, as the series went into game 7 and nail-biting overtime before captain @Original-SnuS sent the Badboyz packing. All in all, the performance put up by TBJ this season was nothing short of perfection, as they absolutely crushed the whole division and put forth a very convincing run to the championship. Mentula SKA Mentula SKA was a team that a bit surprisingly battled their way to a promotion spot. They're in their third season of ECL competition already without any mentionable prior success. However, this season was one to take note of. The team has managed to stick together for a few seasons and seemed to find some consistency this year. Also the acquisition of their top scorer and rookie @Meiccimoi seemed to have been a key factor in their success. Group 2: The Next Gen Newly established TnG was an interesting team all season due to their roster including lots and lots of 1vs1 talent and some young, potential players. Their talent seems to have translated well into 6vs6 play as the team managed to pave their way through to the finals, where they suffered a tough 4-2 series loss at the hands of The Black Jacks. Rajatorpan Mafia Rajatorpan Mafia put up a respectable fight this season, finishing 2nd in their group and going on until round 3 in the playoffs before being eliminated by Dubnation Gaming. The team has an extremely strong defensive game, showcased by their 0,94 GA/GP in the groupstage. Lack of firepower ended up being their demise in the playoffs. Group 3: We Kings We Kings consist of some veteran players who are making a very welcome comeback into the scene and being rather successful in doing so. The team went undefeated for a large part of the group stage, falling just short of a perfect run in the closing rounds. Captain @Hbnzo and everyone's favourite tactician @pelimies80 were the most important building blocks in the success of the team this season. SPARTANS Newly formed SPARTANS had a strong showing in ECL 7, managing to pave their way into the quarter finals where they fell one win short against Supernatural. When watching this team, don't miss LD @Drunkendefender, who accounted for 1/4 of the teams total goals in the regular season and led his team in scoring in the playoffs. Talk about an offensive defenseman! Group 4: Prowlers Swedish team Prowlers did good in the groupstage, but ended up falling short in a disappointing round 3 exit against the lower seeded Infinity. In fact, Prowlers were on fire offensively and managed to seed 6th into the playoffs while scoring a total of 71 goals. Their top scorer of the regular season was @RullAthor1991, who amassed 60 points in 18 games. Farminaattori Farminaattori is a new acquaintance for me, personally. The team is rumoured to play a fast paced hockey, the kind some might call straight up wild. Their game seemed to work out fine in the group stage, pushing them into the playoffs at 7th seed, a push which ended rather quick in the second round at the hands of community sweethearts Elämäm Kiekko. Group 5: Dubnation Gaming Dubnation is a team full of young potential players. They don't play a flashy game, but it is effective in securing points. You could say they have a more mature playstyle than you'd expect from a new Lite team. Despite not scoring a tremendous amount of goals, the team managed to do very well throughout the season, which didn't end until the quarter finals when they came up against the eventual champions The Black Jacks. K A R H U T The roster of K A R H U T include some veteran names such as @Ubula (RuttuBerse), the team was placed in an arguably easy group 5, which they handled very well, ultimately seeding into the playoffs at 23rd. Winger @Jii1984 led the team from the front all the way into the 3rd playoff round, where they were knocked out by Supernatural. Group 6: Clowns On Ice I think we can call Clowns On Ice a veteran team by now. They're a common sight on the ice and have managed to string together a few good seasons recently, making the playoffs of ECL Pro last season. However, the team lost captain @Tim_FlyersFan in the offseason and decided to step back a bit. They must feel rather dissappointed about the outcome though, as a convincing groupstage wasn't enough, they fell short in the playoffs against Supremacy in the 3rd round. Poston Fruits Led by veteran Lite player @Jobeyz, Poston Fruits were making their inaugural appearance in the ECL and did so on a successful note. Although being eliminated in the second round by SPARTANS must sting, we'll be hoping for a comeback in ECL 8. Group 7: Supernatural Supernatural is a team consisting of several experienced players who haven't really managed to find a home for themselves in an established team. We were surely aware that this was a skilled group of guys, but I must say they put up a far better performance than I expected. The team seeded 8th into the playoffs and kept their level of play high in the playoffs, eventually faltering in the semifinals against The Next Gen. Supremacy Former Soldiers of Odens consists of some very skilled and potential players who seem to be playing the game rather casually. I know the skill level and potential is there to see some success in ECL games too and they started showing signs of that in ECL 7. Supremacy finished 3rd in their group, seeding 24th into the playoffs, but took their minor underdog status and ran with it all the way to the quarter-finals, where they didn't manage to surprise The Next Gen. Group 8: Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat Hinkkaajat has been grinding it out in Lite for some seasons already, often having a decent group stage campaign but quickly running into trouble in the playoffs. This season showed some promise as they were able to win their first two playoff matchups, but ended up falling short against The Next Gen in round 3. Finnish Snipers Finnish Snipers looked great in the groupstage and through the first round of the playoffs, as they dominated group 8 and seeded 2nd into the playoffs. Hockey Hooligans was no match in the first round but groupstage opponent Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat sent them home in round 2. Under the radar: Freddie Mercury Institute FMI is a tough team to play due to their tight defensive trap, but they've had trouble converting in the offensive zone. This season they ended up in a quite tough group together with the likes of We Kings and SPARTANS, eventually finishing 3rd in the group and seeding into the playoffs at 13th. The team managed to make their way into the quarter finals, where they suffered a devastating loss against Mentula SKA. AWARDS Playoff MVP: @Original-SnuS Most Points: @Original-SnuS, The Black Jacks, 37 Goals, 53 Assists, 90 Points in 18 games Most Goals: @Original-SnuS, The Black Jacks, 37 Goals, 53 Assists, 90 Points in 18 games Most Assists: @Original-SnuS, The Black Jacks, 37 Goals, 53 Assists, 90 Points in 18 games Most Hits by a Forward: @Enerfity, Finnish Snipers, 142 Hits in 16 games Best +/-: @Freeman7187, The Black Jacks, +62 in 18 games Most Points by a Defenseman: @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 13 Goals, 25 Assists, 38 Points in 16 games Most Goals by a Defenseman: @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 13 Goals, 25 Assists, 38 Points in 16 games Most Assist by a Defenseman: @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 13 Goals, 25 Assists, 38 Points in 16 games Most Hits by a Defenseman: @kenamo28, Outrageous Falcons, 92 Hits in 24 Games TOP 3'S OF ECL 7 LITE Top 3 Forwards Regular Season: 1. @Original-SnuS, The Black Jacks, 37 Goals, 53 Assists, 90 Points in 18 games 2. @Freeman7187, The Black Jacks, 37 Goals, 36 Assists, 73 Points in 18 games 3. @Krinke , The Black Jacks, 27 Goals, 37 Assists, 64 Points in 14 games Top 3 Defenders Regular Season: 1. @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 13 Goals, 25 Assists, 38 Points in 16 games 2. @Koppipelaaja, The Next Gen, 3 Goals, 25 Assists, 28 Points in 16 games 3. @pelimies80, We Kings, 5 Goals, 19 Assists, 24 Points in 14 games Top 3 Goaltenders Regular Season: 1. @ramseyy2, The Next Gen, 16 Wins, 87,36%, 1,27 GAA, 5 SO in 18 games 2. @PeeloJombb, Mentula SKA, 15 Wins, 87,50%, 1,22 GAA, 4 SO in 18 games 3. @mythThor, Prowlers, 15 Wins, 86,34%, 1,55 GAA, 2 SO in 16 games Top 3 Forwards Playoffs: 1. @Original-SnuS, The Black Jacks, 39 Goals, 48 Assists, 87 Points in 32 games 2. @Krinke, The Black Jacks, 42 Goals, 42 Assists, 84 Points in 32 games 3. @Freeman7187, The Black Jacks, 36 Goals, 39 Assists, 75 Points in 32 games Top 3 Defender Playoffs: 1. @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 18 Goals, 31 Assists, 49 Points in 21 games 2. @Koppipelaaja, The Next Gen, 6 Goals, 21 Assists, 27 Points in 32 games 3. @burban26, The Black Jacks, 3 Goals, 22 Assists, 25 Points in 16 games Top 3 Goaltenders Playoffs: 1. @ramseyy2, The Next Gen, 22 Wins, 89,78%, 1,50 GAA, 9 SO in 32 games 2. @PeeloJombb, Mentula SKA, 17 Wins, 83,68%, 1,70 GAA, 3 SO in 27 games 3. @afc_Tschitsch, The Black Jacks, 15 Wins, 84,91%, 1,94 GAA, 3 SO in 18 games The controversial 'Top 6' of the season is making a comeback! What this means is a selection of six players in a starting lineup, that have showed exceptional skill and played a good season. Please note that all selections are subjective and they are made by community members who have been keeping an eye on ECL 7 Lite. Without further ado, here's the top 6 of our Lite division in ECL 7: @Krinke (The Black Jacks) - @Original-SnuS (The Black Jacks) - @Freeman7187 (The Black Jacks) @Drunkendefender (SPARTANS) - @Koppipelaaja (The Next Gen) @ramseyy2 (The Next Gen) The NHLGamer staff congratulates The Black Jacks for winning the Lite division and furthermore The Next Gen, Mentula SKA and Supernatural for their promotions to the Pro division. We want to thank all participating teams for their efforts and hope you all enjoyed the season! If you have any suggestions on how we could improve our website, please let us know by contacting any staff member. The recaps of our other divisions will be published soon, so keep your eyes peeled!
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    Team name: Symphony Team abbreviation: Sym Team captains (PSN IDs): indi969 (C), vSilenttio (A), tbnantti (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): indi969 tbnantti Ilmari30 vSilenttio entii112 RutonMosse swagx88 laurilion EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Symphony Team Logo:
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    Before ECL 8 began, I knew we would see a different Rusty Blades for ECL 8. Long-time members left to spread their wings on other teams, while others left for the army. I knew I had a desire to get Rusty to the level where we can truly compete against the best. Not just be the underdog who is able to steal some "surprise" victories. So we set out to find new players. We found some in The_Alpha_Furyan and pentsaa, but we were still looking for that (or those) difference maker(s) at the forward position. As we tried out different players we looked past just the individual skill of the players, because all of the players who came to play were skilled. It is a big factor sure, but we also wanted the "right" players for the team. Team players who never give up. I think we have now found the last two missing pieces of our puzzle. Rusty Blades are proud to announce @MartindalexC and @Foppatofflan will be joining our roster. With a combined point total of 425 throughout the last four ECL Elite seasons, this duo is the NHLGamer community equivalent of Nathan MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen... except instead of a Finn and a Canadian, this pairing hails from Sweden and England. They will be true difference-makers as we aim to make the playoffs for the second time in RB team history. Our roster is now complete and reads like this: G Supreex @Supreex D Tanski87 @Tanski87 ktewjh @Janikka The_Alpha_Furyan @The_Alpha_Furyan F Lamsa @Lamsa MartindalexC @MartindalexC Foppatofflan @Foppatofflan pentsaa @pentsaa Migo_Boo (Army) @Migo_boo Thank you for @The_Alpha_Furyan with hisxaid in this post.
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    Team name: Almost Famous Team abbreviation: aF Team captains (PSN IDs): Ikavalko (C), Rimpe37 (A), jahajaha93 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Ikavalko Rimpe37 sokkelo__ Pikkardz jahajaha93 Makeaxl Jonitski SepiDN Vaporik EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Almost Famous Team Logo:
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    Hey NHLGamers, ECL 7 is nearing its end as we only have some final games left to play. These are of course the most exciting games of the season and I highly recommend all of you to tune in for the games on our Twitch channel. This article is a small informative post for you ahead of ECL 8. Let's start off by confirming that ECL 8 will start on January 7th, 2019. All divisions will have the same kick-off date. The seasons will be finished late February to early March. With this article we also launch the signups for ECL 8! If you don't know what I'm talking about by now, here's a briefing of what ECL is; ECL is a competitive EA Sports NHL League. Games are played in the EASHL game mode in a 6vs6 manner. Since ECL 4, we have implemented a divisions framework with Lite being entry level without restrictions, Pro being our mid-level and Elite holding the best 16 teams in Europe. A season in each division consists of a group stage/regular season and playoffs. Here is the ECL framework for season 8 and other details we can confirm: Regional restrictions: ECL is a European tournament format, however we do not necessarily exclude North American or Russian players. North American players are not allowed to host matches / be captain in the lineup, which means all games need to take place on European servers. This also applies to Russian players - please evaluate your previous connection experience against some of the teams participating in the ECL, especially if you live in eastern parts of your country (which likely connects you to US West servers). In case of severe connection issues, we reserve the right to exclude teams or players. 6 vs. 6 tournament: ECL is played 6 vs. 6 only, using the EASHL Challenge Club game mode in NHL 19. Individual requirements: Each player needs to have an account at NHLGamer.com and create his personal player card. Roster requirements: Teams in ECL Elite need to have at least 7 players to sign up. Teams in ECL Pro and ECL Lite need to have at least 8 players to sign up. The roster cap is 14 players. ECL Elite license: Teams in ECL Elite will be required to pay for an ECL Elite license in order to play for the prize pool (more details to follow). Sign-up period: Signups open now. Registrations are open until Wednesday 2.1.2019, 23:59 CET. ECL 8 Kick-off: ECL Lite, Pro and Elite are set to begin on Monday 7th of January. The return of the All-star Weekend: The ECL Elite All-star Weekend will return for season 8. Details will be announced later (please feel free to discuss your ideas). ECL Elite live final: The ECL Elite Final of season 8 will be played at a live event between the 1st and 3rd of March, 2019 (more details to follow). Rules: The ECL 8 ruleset will follow the same foundation as in season 7. We will fine-tune the rules a little bit, but more information is to follow. Meanwhile, you can find the ECL 7 rules here. Gamedays: In order to allow fans to better enjoy the action of the different divisions, we are suggesting the following: ECL Elite default game days: MON, WED, THU ECL Pro default game days: MON, WED, SUN ECL Lite default game days: MON, TUE, SUN Where and how to sign up? Gather a team and register your team in one of the threads linked below. As stated, the entry level is ECL Lite. Elite Teams Eligible: All teams NOT relegated from ECL 7 Elite, the finalists of ECL 7 Pro, teams who won ECL 7 Elite relegation faceoffs. Pro Teams Eligible: All teams NOT relegated or promoted from ECL 7 Pro, all semi-finalists of ECL 7 Lite, teams who won ECL 7 Pro relegation faceoffs. Lite Teams Eligible: All teams who are not eligible for an Elite or Pro spot. We're hoping for feedback on what you want from season 8 as there is still time for adjustments, so don't be shy to give us your thoughts in the comment section below. Also ask questions, we'll answer as best we can! Stay tuned for more information coming soon!
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    Team name: Written In The Stars Team abbreviation: SKY Team captains (PSN IDs): FlyerKungen (C), Dominointi (A), willekunq (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Dominointi FlyerKungen Hansulinho Nassustelija poliskontroll Puantso topikeranen VesKuLiNe willekunq EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Written In The Stars Team Logo:
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    Team name: The Black Jacks Team abbreviation: TBJ Team captains (PSN IDs): Original-SnuS, AFC_Tschitsch, Freeman7181 Team roster (PSN IDs): AFC_Tschitsch NHLDennis86 Cami__7 Bille1990 Tornado-HR Burban__ Krinke Freeman7187 Tron1x90 Rudy-51_ Original-SnuS Fire_019 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/The Black Jacks Previous team name(s): Team Logo:
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    Photo courtesy of SEUL ry, Jääskeläinen. Taken at GameXpo 2018. NHLGamers, It's the final week of ECL 8 Elite and it all culminates at the pinnacle of the season - The ECL 8 Elite Finals at LanTrek in Tampere, Finland! With this short intro, we're launching an extensive coverage into the heated battle between first seed Written In The Stars and second seed FILADELPHIA. The games are scheduled to start at 17:00 CET on Friday, 1st of March, 2019 and we'll keep going for as long as it takes to make out a champion, believe me - that might take a while! Last time these teams met live, we ended up playing long into the night as game 2 wasn't decided until 6th OT when @Dominointi tickled twine. Stay tuned for our big ECL 8 Elite Final preview, dropping late tomorrow evening. You'll be able to find us all Weekend at LanTrek, as we're hosting the ECL 8 Elite Finals on Friday and casual FIFA 19 and NHL 19 tournaments on Saturday. NHLGamer can be found in the lower left hand corner (picture above). The ECL 8 Elite finals will be played on stage #2. To get you guys in the spirit, we'll be releasing short interviews with some members of the finalist teams over the next few days. Our first victim was long time FILADELPHIA goaltender and assistant captain @FinKonna: You and @sibeelius pretty much share the responsibility of the games, is there any logic or strategy behind how you play or do you just go with who's available? - In the regular season we've agreed that both goalies split the games. To start the playoffs we play two games each and from there on we go with whoever seems to perform better. Quickly go over your season so far. - Well, @jtorro1233 came in as a new guy and obviously we had an adjustment period. We didn't play too much before the season started, which came back to bite us, however I think we managed to bounce back nicely and found our stride towards the end of the season. The last time Written In The Stars beat you in a competitive game was in the finals of the Finnish Championships in 6vs6 (aka IS Cup 3) in the fall of 2018, do you think that gives you an edge? - They can't beat us lately, so that'll certainly play in our favour. They might be feeling the pressure building and there's a bit of a monkey on their backs. FinKonna is notorious for applying pressure to the opposing side, and he is determined to keep doing just that this upcoming weekend. He mentioned that he'll make sure to bother some of the SKY players a bit extra at the hotel prior to the games. Make sure to tune in at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer for all the action on Friday! The games start at 17:00 CET and we'll have your very own Arttu Hämäläinen and Jani @Jiihooo86 Hetta in the booth. Unfortunately there won't be a separate international feed, but we will include English content in our broadcast. Hope to see you all at LanTrek this weekend! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    Team name: Almost Famous Team abbreviation: aF Team captains (PSN IDs): Ikavalko (C), Rimpe37 (A), jahajaha93 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Ikavalko Rimpe37 jahajaha93 Vaporik taiguri9 SepiDN sokkelo__ Jonitski Makeaxl EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Almost Famous Team Logo:
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    Hi NHLGamers, We are back with a small look into the first week into the Pro division. Last season we ran a team of the week segment, but this season we are mixing it up a bit as we now try to highlight one player, whose week was outstanding. In addition to this, we will make also a small interview with our nominee and try to get to know him better and maybe get some insights of the team or some kind of a trash talk. Without further ado we would like to present you our first Player Of The Week: @kriketski17 PSN-ID: kriketsi17 Team: The Next Gen Position: Center Games played this week: 6 (vs Speedy Bros Hockey, Black Horse and Raccoon Rampage) Goals: 8 Assists: 10 Points: 18 +/-: 13 Our writer @Panarinz was sent out to get a few comments from this weeks main man: Hi @kriketski17, Lets start of with a recap of the first week. How do you think the start of ECL 8 has been for you personally and for your team The Next Gen? - We had a good week but personally I can still bring a lot more to the table. What is goal for this season, both team and individual? - To win the Pro title and personally I want to be the best forward in Pro. How did you come up with your PSN ID kriketsi17? - Cant remember anymore In your opinion, what is the best player build in this version of the game? - It depends on what kind of player you are. In attack I prefer using a two way forward or a power forward. On defense, the grinder and two way defenseman are my go-to's. What is your biggest strength as a player? - My understanding of the game. Finally, the question everyone wants an answer to: Which team will win ECL 8 Pro? - Hopefully us or Gotham Knights. We thank Kriketsi17 for his answers and wish him and his team the best of luck for the rest of the season! It will be interesting to see if Kriketsi17 can continue that success and lead his team through the next weeks. We all know how a center has to be that game-changer in all three zones. Did we get the pick right, which other players would have deserved to get mentioned here? Let us know in the comment section! Signing off for now, ECL Pro writing team @Panarinz and @Mannheimer1938
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    Team name: Bucketeers Team abbreviation: BUC Team captains (PSN IDs): Demski13 (C), SelanneFIN (A), Dercie (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Dercie SelanneFIN Demski13 Jerkix Solenx86 DenNilsson Carlsson-91 KAWAIIII Vampyrgurkan Serg1vratar L_Capitano_ Terasniska EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Bucketeers Team Logo:
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    Team name: Speedy Bros Hockey Team abbreviation: SBH Team captains (PSN IDs): Ampuhaukka78 (C), tzon93 (A) and riihimaenharski (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Ampuhaukka78 Eetu999 FinBarkov Jabmodes Jimisebastian Lambu89 LastMandalorian Mpaukku_ riihimaenharski tzon93 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Speedy Bros Hockey Previous team name(s): Finnish Roosters Team Logo: by tzon93
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    Team name: Unlucky Boys HC Team abbreviation: UB Team captains (PSN IDs): Anhel_Kuru (C), jugeh_ (A), jm98II(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Sadapoika Jugeh_ Friilander Anhel_Kuru jm98II Koppipelaaja Obagol Viltzup Re_Wenger EA SPORTS club overview : https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Unlucky Boys HC Team logo:
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    NHLGamers! Yet again, we bring you joyful news about the success of some of our very own NHLGamer members. A while back, NHL franchise Washington Capitals announced the Capitals Esports Face-Off, which is a versus tournament open to EU and NA players on PS4. The tournament is played in a double elimination format, alike the NHL GWC. Four online qualifiers will be organized leading up to the final event in Washington D.C. on February 22nd. On top competing for a hefty $10,000 prize pool, the top 3 of the tournament will also have a chance to represent the Washington Capitals at the 2019 Chel Classic on March 19th. The Chel Classic is a 3v3 format show match against the top 3 players of the Bolts Chel Challenge, hosted by the Tampa Bay Lightning. The first online qualifier was held on Saturday, January 12th 2019 and we're happy to inform you that our very own @Eki is advancing undefeated from the winners bracket and @Eken45jr has managed to pave his way through to the finals after beating Regs84 in the losers bracket final. As stated, Eki moves on undefeated and Eken moves on with one loss on his record, that loss being against Eki. Check out the absolutely crazy game between Eki and eken45jr called by our friend SleevelessGaming: Here is the OT game winner against Regs84 that sent eken45jr to Washington D.C.: The Capitals Esports Face-Off will continue as follows: January 19th - Second Online Qualifier January 26th - Third Online Qualifier February 2nd - Fourth Online Qualifier February 22nd - Final Event March 19th - 2019 Chel Classic More info and registrations over at https://smash.gg/tournament/capitals-esports-faceoff/details Congratulations to Eki and eken45jr on behalf of all of NHLGamer! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    Okey. it's time for me with some rally English do something on this site without trolling. This site had a dream about "franchise teams" when they added the divisions some tournaments ago - how's it going NHLgamer??? This site is today talking about making this to an eSport, adding more divisions etc, but no one is talking about the format with two tournaments every year with 3 divisions, something that makes it hard for new teams to stay together (hard to get new players, because every free player is searching for a spot in ELITE or a free ticket with a top PRO-team, cuz they only have 2 opportunities every year to get to the highest division), and also makes us play this game competitive for only 6 months every year instead of 10-12. I think everyone knows the feeling between Mar and sep when there is nothing to play for, and the next tournament is 5 months away -> NHL is dead. New teams get created, the lego-knights from Finland is jumping around in the top-teams trying to find the best new (old) mix, teams are dying and pops up again. There are only 3 "Franchise teams" out there (from old gen) - Synergy, Northern Stars and 112 that still is playing together (sorry Written/SjK and Dynasty). This franchise-dream isn't working at all. Why not change the format? and also make it even more competitive? More tournaments/small tournaments every year! Like "Majors" or, let's call them "Gamers" to make it even more cringe. ---------------------------------------------------------- Maybe something like this?? Gamer Autumn (cute name) Group stage - Oct Playoffs - November December - Low season Gamer Winter Group stage - Jan Playoffs - Febr Mar - Low season Gamer Spring Group - Apr Playoffs - May June - Low Season GAMER SUMMER Group - July Playoffs - August Sep - Low Season (new game incoming) European champ = most won "Gamers" from sept -> august. (we can call them "Svamps" as well) --------------- Elite - 16 teams PRO - "40" Lite - rest (really doesn't matters) + 1. More tournaments -> more games -> makes it even more competitive. (maybe even a "light eSport" doh) 2. Every team gets a chance to play against the best and with the best every year 3. NHL will not "die" after the 2nd tournament (as it is today) 4. You don't need to wait for 1 or even 2 new NHL-versions before you can play in ELITE. With a good run can you actually start in LITE in September and be in ELITE for the 3rd tournament - if you deserve it) 5. Every tournament will matter. 6. 4 weeks break between every tournament. 7. this will not make "free playes" scared to join a team in PRO if there is a chance to actually build something good and then take the step up - 1. it's hard to play 4 tournaments with a small roster 2. YOU NEED TO PLAY DURING SUMMER (a problem if you're having a small roster.) 3. NO LONG tournaments, only small ones. 4 weeks for group stage, and 4 weeks for playoffs. --------------------------------------- Low seasons - there for teams to get new players and also play qualification rounds if there is a team dropping from any of the divisons. the admins will solve this part. Expected comments "we can't play during summer, have no motivation for that" - YES, YOU CAN! everyone is playing some EASHL here and there, and also summer cup during summer. And we're talking about making this an "eSport", if your motivation is the problem, will it always be allowed to play in the lower divisions. the "hardcore teams that is talking about eSport and contract with organizations will play". "We can't handle 4 tournaments with our amount of players" - GET MORE PLAYERS! "Our team will die with this format" - probably if you can't handle a bigger core, and can't give everyone ice time "this will kill many teams" - yes, Team ranked 1, 2 and 3 will be in need of more players (maybe not the NERDS/wadamove teams like Written and pleemakers team) and will probably take players from team 5,6,7-16 - but it will just make more players involved. And there are teams dying today with the format of ECL we're having -> Rad, Nor, FCM. "it's not fair that you need to win 2 or 3 "gamers" every year before you can call yourself a "champ"." - More legit than playing 2 tournaments with 2 different winners every year and a summer cup without any prestige. If it's enough for you to only win one of them, do it then. "are you drunk svamp"? - pyttelite --------------------------------------------------------------- I don't know if this is a good Idea, but I know that this format we're having today isn't better. Teams in LITE is asking for more games. Teams in PRO having problems with getting new players and teams in ELITE is dying. ------ Any other ideas? I'm free to listen.
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    Team name: Synergy Hockey Team abbreviation: SYN Team captains (PSN IDs): windblad (C), Supremski (A), Egyptologen (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): windblad Supremski Isindar Egyptologen oskuldsfull berbaboon17 Smutto F_Normark GoaGubben1964 DUNZA BuffyTBH EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Synergy Hockey Team Logo: Same as previous
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    Team name: Butterfly Effect Team abbreviation: FLY Team captains (PSN IDs): jergelii (C), Crisu_rottis (A), Totalii (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): jergelii xDoumi Totalii Crisu_rottis JANURI98 Roisto999 joukki13 KingOfApes_ F-B-I__A-N-D-Y_  EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Butterfly Effect  Team Logo:
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    Team name: CLUB ONE Team abbreviation: CO Team captains (PSN IDs): (C) epelis, (A) Pursuitti, (A) SolidElli Team roster (PSN IDs): epelis Pursuitti Makichuk kikiukko kinnune KarzaFIN SolidElli sumskoy26 EA SPORTS club overview:https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/CLUB ONE Team Logo: same as before
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    Hi NHLGamers, it's time for our very first Spring League! A total of 82 teams registered for this non-divisional tournament which will feature some of the very best ECL teams alongside some newcomers. Without further ado we would like to give you a short briefing of the important details of this tournament: The Spring League season kicks off tomorrow on Monday 6th of May, however we would like captains to attempt respecting the suggested gamedays as follows: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Rules There are currently no special rules for the Spring League, but we would like to refer to the known ECL rulebook - the rules will be most likely to display the rules which are set for the Pro division. We will update the rulebook and release it as soon as possible. League Administration All league related verdicts will be decided by the League Administration. To open up a case, visit the new Support section on the forums. Please note: before contacting League Administration, teams are expected to solve issues they might have on their own. Familiarize yourself with our rules first, as they include lots of guidance for different issues. League Administration is always to be used as the last resort to solve any disagreements. Spring League Groups: Below is the complete list of the teams participating this season and in which groups they will play. We decided to make a total of 6 groups. Here are your Spring League groups: Group 1: Beast Hockey Cheers Hockey Deadly Phantoms HC HC Dynastia Hockey HC Unknown Diamond Invictus Nordic Stars Puck Panthers Raccoon Rampage Rosvosektori Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat Scrubs of Sweden Supremacy WEREWOLVES HC Group 2: Bockens EV Fuessen eSports Gotham Knights Hepola United Horror Hockey Kouvola Screaming Eagles Power Of Diesel Reality Check HC Silver Sword Griffins Speedy Bros Hockey Sweden Wikings The Next Gen Verket Wolverines HC Group 3: AIK Hockey Albatrossi Bellizzi Blackpups Butterfly Effect Cannonieris Elamam Kiekko FarmiNaattori Kanukit Les Affranchis Murohoki Six Sticks Misfits Sulkavan Sudet Supernatural Group 4: Checkmate Eagle Town Hockey Electric Ice GHETTO FIREBIRDS MAD KINGS Masse and the Beavers North Pole Huskies Old Farts Reborn Raptors Symphony UnderRated Lekstuga United Crew Vesa Pompa HC Virtual Horizon eSports Group 5: Banterfield Battalion Blackdawgs Clowns On Ice HC Slapshot MahtiAnkat HT Mockba Northern Ascendancy Pink Panthers HC SOPPAJENGI The Black Jacks The Syndicate TIKI TALK Unlucky Boys HC Group 6: Almost Famous Bio Company of Geeks EV Duisburg ExBox Freddie Mercury Institute Knogmackers HC LIONHEARTS Mighty French Roosters MUKIMIEHET Nearbird Fighters RENEGATS ECL Written In the Stars Playoffs The eight best teams out of each group will be making the playoffs. This totals up to 48 teams. 16 teams will have a bye week for the first round, these 16 include the top two teams out of each group and the four next best teams determined by PPG. Alike the playoffs in ECL 8 Lite, the remaining 32 teams will then be seeded according to PPG and matched up against each other based on that. A new seeding will be done after the first round. The playoffs will be played in a best-of-5 format throughout. Communication Although we have a set schedule with gamedays that should be respected, please ALWAYS contact your opponents ahead of a scheduled game. This way several misunderstandings can be avoided and eventual rescheduling can be agreed upon. We recommend contacting your opponents both on PSN and NHLGamer. How to report games Game reporting is essential in order for the league to run smoothly. All captains should familiarise themselves with how the function works. For detailed instructions, please read our manual here.
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    Okay im in need of a elite/pro top team. Next gen crashed to the wall because captain in army. My main position is c and i can try every other position too if needed. Just won maalipörssi in pro with teppo btw, contact me here or psn: kriketsi17
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    Guten Tag and välkommen NHLGamers, We'd like to welcome you to another exciting ECL Pro division season! It's only three weeks ago that we saw the grand finale of ECL 7, but here we are again, the short waiting is over and we are hyped to see the road to Elite starting over again. Can the promoted teams make a direct impact? Are the relegated former Elite teams capable of a bounce back season? Time will tell but here are some teams, that should be watched and followed for sure: Teams to watch - Group 1 Checkmate Checkmate had an impressive ECL 7 - the defensive minded team were hard to beat last season and didn't hesitate on the chances they got. 47 Points (23-6-1) were good for the second place in Group 2, so the pressure was high on the team for a decent playoff run. Unfortunately their offense struggled a lot in the elimination to CLUB ONE in 5 games, as they got shut out three times. They have kind of a rebuild as they lost three of their starters where two of them were their top scorers. It will be interesting to see if they can handle this situation with fresh blood for another playoff campaign. Gotham Knights After a disappointing season in ECL 7's Elite, the Gotham Knights are back into the Pro division where they don't plan to stay for long. They were one point shy of no-mans land so the relegation was quite unlucky. Nevertheless they didn't fall apart as many relegated teams - most of the guys stuck together to prove that they are better than what they showed last season. Their one and only goal for this team should be an instant Elite promotion, and with the addition of another Elite experienced player in @selänne8 this time, for good. SIKA SIKA was a late promotion to Elite before ECL 7, but many of us thought they will handle the higher division pretty well as they were very strong in the pre-season. Well, 23 losses later we now are aware that maybe they couldn't handle the pressure properly. Alike Gotham Knights, SIKA will also try to bounce back in the Pro division of ECL 8. Therefore SIKA decided to turn back the clocks and rebuild together with former members of EN HUND (SIKA members from way back). It will be fun to watch how the hounds and pigs will hunt together for points. Underdog The Black Jacks The ECL 7 champion of the Lite division will try to make a direct impact in uncharted territory. Their brutal offense will still be the key factor in their game and they will score some goals, but it will be interesting to see if they can handle the more defensive powerhouses and find some new ways to get the puck to the back of the net. Without any noticeable additions, these Swiss guys are trusting their core players to step up into the new level of competition. Teams to watch - Group 2 Speedy Bros Hockey The Speedy Bros had a decent playoff run after finishing 4th in Group 1 of ECL 7. They were even next in line to get an Elite promotion but after they lost their starting center just at the doorstep of the season, they stepped down to this and will try another run in Pro. By adding @LastMandalorian they get a player with Elite experience and the top scorer of ECL 7 @Tzon93 will try to have another outstanding season to get his team back for another deep playoff run and maybe a chance for a direct promotion. Cowabunga Hockey After a disappointing playoff campaign, Cowabunga got swept by Pata Hellalla in round 1, Cowabunga will try to repeat a nearly perfect regular season (finished 1st in Group 1) and guess who's back? Their former ECL 6 top scorer @Fin_torspo90! Will he be the final piece in the puzzle for success? They surely have a lot of fresh faces in their line-up, can @Tinkesakara get his team together for another exciting season? Born With It After struggling at the beginning of ECL 7, Born With It showed their talent at the end of the season were they had an incredible playoff push. Most of their starters stayed together and they added with @FIN_Potilas to bring some leadership to the squad! They will be in the mix for the Pro title for sure. Born With it have learned from their mistakes of last season and come back stronger than ever motivated as can be. Underdog The Next Gen The runner-up of ECL 7 Lite is ready for another great season and taking the next step. The key factors of their success are still there and they added some Elite/Pro experienced players on their way to avoid hanging around the relegation talk, instead they will aim for a high seed and a deep playoff run. These young guns know what's have to be done to be successful. Players to watch - group 1: Forward - Gotham Knights - @selänne8 (BiggestEight) In a struggling Falun last season in Elite, the big(gest) 8 still managed to put up some points and help his team in the way he does best, score and assist. With another type of opposition in games that can be more open, he will surely get back on his typical ECL Pro form, where in, earlier years, he has put up almost 250 points in 101 games. Defender - Gotham Knights - @eyebiz Yet another player from Gotham is joining our players to watch list, but for good reason. The defender has played 4 seasons in Elite, including a final in ECL 6 with Northern Ascendancy, talk about experience! He will bring that solidness to Gothams defense and can help them on their way back to Elite. Goaltender - Nordic Stars - @Tomsuu (a_pantera) There were a few candidates for this spot, as there are some great goaltenders in group 1! With that being said, a_pantera can be that game changer Nordic Stars need. He joins after a solid season in Checkmate, 84 SV% and 1.75 GAA in 16 games shows what he's capable of. Players to watch - group 2: Forward - Speedy Bros Hockey - @Tzon93 His stats speak for themselves. In ECL 7 he was the top scorer, counting both regular season playoff scoring. He reached the 100 point mark and scored goals from seemingly everywhere on the ice. I'd be shocked if Tzon wouldn't make our "Top 6 of the season" after this season as well as leading his team to a long playoff run. Defender - The Next Gen - @oGBioLan Former Elite winner and Pro silver medalist joins the newcomer and will provide that stability at the back end that every new team would love to have. oG has the ability of a top defenseman in NHL 19 and if he sees more icetime than last season, only 6 games with FILADELPHIA, I would already predict a ECL 8 Pro "Norris" season from him. Goaltender - Born With It - @Masapunda (octobussy) The guy with the great PSN had an incredible season in ECL 7, over 85 in SV%, a GAA of 1.80 and 7 shutouts during the regular season. If it wasn't for the toughest of competition he would've made the top 3 goaltenders list. Maybe he could snag that award this season? Wouldn't surprise me. For your reference, here are again the Groups of the ECL 8 Pro division: Group 1: Checkmate Tiffen The Black Jacks Supernatural Silver Sword Griffins SIKA Rajatorpan Mafia POGGERS Nordic Stars Murohoki Gotham Knights God Tier GHETTO FIREBIRDS EV Duisburg Clowns On Ice TIKI TALK Group 2: Bellizzi The Next Gen Style Speedy Bros Hockey SPARTANS Reality Check HC Raccoon Rampage Pata Hellalla Mentula SKA Horror Hockey Freddie Mercury Institute Cowabunga Hockey Born With It Bone Breakers Black Horse Virtual Horizons eSports That's all for now NHLGamers, be sure to follow our teams during their streams on Twitch and hopefully this season will turn even better as season 7! Signing off for now, ECL Pro Writing Team @Panarinz & @Mannheimer1938
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    Hello NHLGamers, After another great season with a bit of this and that is done! ECL 8 Pro sure included everything you could've imagined, and we've now arrived at what we call the end review. We had an exciting starting point to the season, as five teams were promoted at the end of ECL 6, leaving a lot of space in the division to be filled up. Some teams also folded in the offseason, freeing up even more. The Pro division experienced something of a cleanse, bringing in tons of new talent such as Raccoon Rampage or Bucketeers who were immediately looking to make an impact, some teams surely did that too! In this review of the season, we'll be taking a brief look at the top eight teams of the season. All of these teams did an outstanding job and we even saw some great surprises among these teams. Without further ado, let's get to it: Top 8 teams of ECL 7 Pro: Deadly Phantoms HC - The champions of ECL 7 Pro had an incredible season. In all honesty, they couldn't have done it better. 1st in the group stage and capping off by winning the playoffs. Their players were topping almost all categories and positions, whilst still focusing on getting the wins, a feat in which they succeeded. After a tough 1st round in the playoffs vs Saints (4-3) they bounced back extremely well and got through the next rounds with only 3 losses in 3 rounds. It'll be great to follow this team in Elite next season and I think they could surprise and make the playoffs. Their record 27-3-0 was a proof of all that. Synergy Hockey - or shall we call them @DUNZA Hockeywall? It was all about their defense and brickwall DUNZA in net to lead them to a record of 22-6-2 with only 34 goals against in 30 games. After losing the final two games of the regular season against their direct rival Cowabunga Hockey, they finished 2nd but were able to go for a long playoff run which ended in the finals. Synergy experienced an unfortunate loss at the hands of DPH but still secured an Elite spot for the next season. Bucketeers - The buckets had a season that could only be described as excellent and a massive upset. Due to the low amount of registered Pro teams they got called up to the big leagues and showed us all that they truly belong there. The semi-finalists won their promotion battle and now Elite is looming in the horizon. Their center @Demski13 stepped up big time in the playoffs and led them to a promotion. He was also ranked 2nd in points during the playoffs. Resurrection - Another semi-finalist that clinched promotion to Elite. After a tough end to the regular season with 3 wins in their last 10 games, Resurrection resurrected from the dead and got by both TIKI TALK and Speedy Bros Hockey in the 1st respective 2nd round. One of the difference makers was their goaltender @Jiihooo86 with 3 shutouts and over 82 in save% during the playoffs. Speedy Bros Hockey - Even if they came just one win short of the semi's, Speedy Bros Hockey still had a remarkable season and have the capability to play in even higher divisions, read Elite. They scored the most goals out of any team in group 1 and 2nd after Phantoms in the whole division. Wasps Gaming - The 2nd highest scoring team in group 1 had a great regular season finishing with the same point score as Synergy, the runners up this season. With a stunning start in the 1st round of the playoffs beating Belizzi 4-1, the Wasps were set for success when they were matched up against 8th seeded Bucketeers. Unfortunately for Wasps, Bucketeers came out swinging and had a run to remember, ending the season for Wasps Gaming. CLUB ONE - Maybe on of the biggest upsets this season was the victory of CLUB ONE against 3rd playoff seed Checkmate. Not only did they come out on top during this series but they did it in a dominant manner, 4-1. Synergy ended up being too much for them and their season ended in the 2nd round vs said team. A big reason for their success was goalscorer @makichuk, with 39 regular season goals and 6 in the playoffs he showed his importance for the team. Pata Hellalla - After just and about clinching a playoff spot in group 2, Pata showed real strength and experience in the playoffs. Getting by the 2nd seeded Cowabunga Hockey 4-0 in the first round. Yes, you read me right - FOUR to ZERO. Not bad for the last seeded team. Unfortunately for Pata, the later champions were waiting in round 2 leading to a rather one-sided series, being sent home with a score of 4-0. Promotions to Elite: Deadly Phantoms HC Synergy Hockey Bucketeers Resurrection Relegations to Lite: Free From Rodents Nordic Nosebleed Sektion K Unity As last seasons recap, this seasons will also be in form of an official NHLGamer ranking. The ECL 7 Pro division ranking (Sorted by playoff wins, P/G and relegation faceoff wins): 1. Deadly Phantoms HC (Group 1) - 16 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 27-3-0 2. Synergy Hockey (Group 1) - 13 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 22-6-2 3. Bucketeers (Group 2) - 10 Playoff wins, 4 promotion faceoff wins, regular season record -- 19-8-3 4. Resurrection (Group 2) - 9 Playoff wins, 4 promotion faceoff wins, regular season record -- 21-5-4 5. Speedy Bros Hockey (Group 1) - 7 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 21-8-1 6. Wasps Gaming (Group 1) - 6 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 21-5-4 7. CLUB ONE (Group 1) - 5 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 17-10-3 8. Pata Hellalla (Group 2) - 4 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 14-10-6 9. Saints (Group 1) - 3 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 16-10-4 10. EN HUND (Group 1) - 2 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 17-9-4 11. TIKI TALK (Group 1) - 2 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 18-11-1 12. Checkmate (Group 2) - 1 Playoff win, regular season record -- 23-6-1 13. Bellizzi (Group 2) - 1 Playoff win, regular season record -- 16-10-4 14. Cowabunga Hockey (Group 1) - 0 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 23-4-3 15. Raging Monkeys (Group 2) - 0 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 19-8-3 16. Born With It (Group 2) - 0 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 17-12-1 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 17. Raccoon Rampage (Group 1) Regular season record -- 16-11-3 18. GHETTO FIREBIRDS (Group 1) Regular season record -- 14-10-6 19. The Visionaries (Group 2) Regular season record -- 14-11-5 20. Style (Group 1) Regular season record -- 14-12-4 21. Pohjoista Voimaa (Group 2) Regular season record -- 14-12-4 22. Baltic Sea Eagles (Group 1) Regular season record -- 14-12-4 23. Silver Sword Griffins (Group 2) Regular season record -- 13-15-2 24. Le Coq Sportif (Group 2) Regular season record -- 9-11-10 25. Nordic Stars (Group 2) - 4 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 11-14-5 26. Bone Breakers (Group 2) - 4 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 10-14-5 27. Murohoki (Group 1) - 4 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 8-14-8 28. EV Duisburg (Group 1) - 4 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 9-17-4 29. Unity (Group 1) - 3 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 9-18-3 30. Sektion K (Group 2) - 1 Relegation faceoff win, regular season record -- 5-19-6 31. Nordic Nosebleed (Group 2) - 0 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 5-19-6 32. Free From Rodents (Group 1) - 0 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 1-29-0 AWARDS Playoff MVP: @Rayman (The_Rayman80) Most Points: @Tzon93, 53 Goals, 47 Assists, 100 Points in 41 games Most Goals: @Rayman, 62 Goals, 27 Assists, 89 Points in 45 games Most Assists: @Playmaker, 33 Goals, 63 Assists, 96 Points in 45 games Most Hits by a Forward: @vilperi90, 224 Hits in 35 games Best +/-: @Tim_FlyersFan & @Playmaker, +67 in 34 & 45 games Most Points by a Defenseman: @Mannheimer1938, 11 Goals, 46 Assists, 57 Points in 41 games Most Goals by a Defenseman: @Mannheimer1938, 11 Goals, 46 Assists, 57 Points in 41 games Most Assist by a Defenseman: @Mannheimer1938, 11 Goals, 46 Assists, 57 Points in 41 games Most Hits by a Defenseman: @Speedy104 (speedcell104), 278 Hits in 35 Games TOP 3'S OF ECL 7 PRO Top 3 Forwards Regular Season: 1. @Playmaker, 26 Goals, 53 Assists, 79 Points in 25 games 2. @Tzon93, 38 Goals, 37 Assists, 75 Points in 30 games 3. @Tim_FlyersFan, 27 Goals, 40 Assists, 67 Points in 19 games Top 3 Defenders Regular Season: 1. @AndreasLeafs, 5 Goals, 31 Assists, 36 Points in 30 games 2. @oo-joyst1ck-oo, 2 Goals, 31 Assists, 33 Points in 30 games 3. @SolenX86, 4 Goals, 26 Assists, 30 Points in 27 games Top 3 Goaltenders Regular Season: 1. @RPH_31, 25 Wins, 88.60 %, 1.00 GAA, 9 SO in 27 games 2. @Jonitski, 23 Wins, 89.52 %, 1.10 GAA, 8 SO in 30 games 3. @DUNZA, 21 Wins, 86.19 %, 1.13 GAA, 12 SO in 29 games Top 3 Forwards Playoffs: 1. @Rayman, 23 Goals, 12 Assists, 35 Points in 22 games 2. @Demski13, 13 Goals, 17 Assists, 30 Points in 17 games 3. @Isindar, 10 Goals, 18 Assists, 28 Points in 19 games Top 3 Defender Playoffs: 1. @Mannheimer1938, 2 Goals, 19 Assists, 21 Points in 21 games 2. @riihimaenharski, 0 Goals, 15 Assists, 15 Points in 11 games 3. @Supremski, 2 Goals, 9 Assists, 11 Points in 17 games Top 3 Goaltenders Playoffs: 1. @RPH_31, 16 Wins, 84.44 %, 1.59 GAA, 6 SO in 22 games 2. @DUNZA, 13 Wins, 88.34 %, 1.00 GAA, 7 SO in 19 games 3. @Vampyrgurkan, 10 Wins, 84.07 %, 1.47 GAA, 1 SO in 17 games The controversial 'Top 6' of the season is making a comeback! What this means is a selection of six players in a starting lineup, that have showed exceptional skill and played a good season. Please note that all selections are subjective and they are made by community members who have been keeping an eye on ECL 7 Pro, in this case your Pro writing team. Without further ado, here's the top 6 of our Pro division in ECL 7: @Tzon93 (Speedy Bros Hockey) - @Playmaker (Deadly Phantoms) - @Rayman (Deadly Phantoms) @Mannheimer1938 (Deadly Phantoms) - @Supremski (Synergy Hockey) @DUNZA (Synergy Hockey) There you have it, Gamers. With this review, we're happy to wrap up ECL 7 Pro and turn our looks towards what season 8 brings our way. We'd like to extend a massive thanks to all participants, see you next season! Pro Writing Team @Panarinz & @Mannheimer1938 Editor @jahajaha93
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    Hey NHLGamers, The ECL 7 Pro Final has now been played and we have a winner! After a long season with a total of 52 games played, we're able to crown Deadly Phantoms HC the champions of ECL 7 Pro! DPH had an excellent playoff run, where they were able to overcome adversity and power on until the end. They really made a statement in the finals by dominating opponent Synergy Hockey. The final series were expected to be very tightly contested as both teams play a very conservative game, leaving very little to chance and defending well. Synergy had a tough time figuring out the German defense and fell short this time. Both teams are promoted directly to ECL Elite for season 8. Congratulations to the teams! If you missed any of the action, you can check the games out on DPH's twitch channel. These are the results of the final series: Game 1: Synergy Hockey @ Deadly Phantoms | 2-1 OT Game 2: Deadly Phantoms @ Synergy Hockey | 3-2 OT Game 3: Synergy Hockey @ Deadly Phantoms | 2-3 OT Game 4: Deadly Phantoms @ Synergy Hockey | 1-0 Game 5: Synergy Hockey @ Deadly Phantoms | 1-2 Deadly Phantoms HC - Championship roster: GOALTENDERS #30 @RPH_31 DEFENSEMEN #23 @gzell60 #27 @Mannheimer1938 #40 @willywonkaaa #83 @steveERC #90 @Jeason99 FORWARDS #11 @neymar92ftrio2 #13 @Rayman (The_Rayman80) #16 @Tim_FlyersFan #87 @Daniel Thenextone (XxTHENEXTONE89xX) #96 @Playmaker (Playmaker1010) DPH's road to the cup: 27-3-0 during the regular season, seeding 1st into the playoffs. 16-4-2 in the playoffs. Round 1: 4-3 VS Saints Quarterfinals: 4-0 VS Pata Hellalla Semifinals: 4-2 VS Bucketeers Finals: 4-1 VS Synergy Hockey Thanks for tuning in NHLGamers! Be on the lookout for the season recap article, up soon. Pro Writing Team @Panarinz & @jahajaha93
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    Written In The Stars 🌟 (Elite) are looking for... *ALL FOUND* All contacts to FlyerKungen, either here or PSN.
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