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    Team player with a big heart looking for potential new home. Contributor on the ice and in the locker room. Favorite position is RW. Currently represent Team Frosty in Elite but looking at options due to no ice time. This has been discussed with Team Frosty and there is no drama involved. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=4 PSN ID: KenuFHR
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    Team name: Written In The Stars Team abbreviation: SKY Team captains (PSN IDs): FlyerKungen (C), willekunq (A), Dominointi (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Dominointi FlyerKungen Hansulinho Nassustelija Puantso topikeranen VesKuLiNe willekunq EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Written In The Stars Team Logo:
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    After 8 wonderful months in Almost Famous it’s time for me to move on to new challenges and find new home. I’m 19 years old finnish guy but can speak english also if needed✌️ My position has always been RW but I think I can play C as well😇 I can play almost daily and I’m highly motivated to get better every day💪 Feel free to contact me here or psn: sokkelo__
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    Free RD or even a forward here. RD is the spot I have played after ECL3. Just mentionimg forward also, as I do like to play it also. I have always counted on good defense, thats why I am pretty defensive defender, but I can handle the puck also and that R2 button. I am realöy competitive person who hates to lose. But at the same time I dont do #ripmoti. You just get up and do it better bext time. One stat I have been shining on is hits. 1518 hits in 251 games. 🤷‍♂️ I can play pretty much every day 19cet to 22cet. At the time being for longer also, but when I start working again it is 22cet at latest during week, later at weekends. Throw me a message in here or at PSN if you are interested to try-out and stuff.
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    Hey NHLGamers, ECL 7 was the biggest season for our community yet! That's both in terms of registered teams, players and the newly introduced price pool. Once again, we were treated to some incredibly exciting action as skillful teams and players went head-to-head in all three divisions. We'll be kicking off our look in the rearview mirror with this season review of ECL 7 Lite, which included a total of 73 teams divided into eight groups. Group 1: The Black Jacks The eventual champions surely had a season to remember! This Swiss-based team went into their second ECL season with one goal in mind only: promotion. Their offensive trio of @[email protected]@Freeman7187 was unstoppable and proved incredible dominance all season long as the fast-paced passing ice hockey seems to have been absolute poison to the opposing teams. With their promotion it'll be interesting to see if they'll be sticking together to continue on the same note in the Pro division. Arguably, their breakout game and defense will need to step up in order to compete on the next level. The Black Jacks managed to string together a row of excellent performances all season long, seeding 3rd into the playoffs and being in the driver seat through most of their playoff matchups too. Their second round opponent Lehmannen Badboyz proved to be a difficult obstacle to overcome though, as the series went into game 7 and nail-biting overtime before captain @Original-SnuS sent the Badboyz packing. All in all, the performance put up by TBJ this season was nothing short of perfection, as they absolutely crushed the whole division and put forth a very convincing run to the championship. Mentula SKA Mentula SKA was a team that a bit surprisingly battled their way to a promotion spot. They're in their third season of ECL competition already without any mentionable prior success. However, this season was one to take note of. The team has managed to stick together for a few seasons and seemed to find some consistency this year. Also the acquisition of their top scorer and rookie @Meiccimoi seemed to have been a key factor in their success. Group 2: The Next Gen Newly established TnG was an interesting team all season due to their roster including lots and lots of 1vs1 talent and some young, potential players. Their talent seems to have translated well into 6vs6 play as the team managed to pave their way through to the finals, where they suffered a tough 4-2 series loss at the hands of The Black Jacks. Rajatorpan Mafia Rajatorpan Mafia put up a respectable fight this season, finishing 2nd in their group and going on until round 3 in the playoffs before being eliminated by Dubnation Gaming. The team has an extremely strong defensive game, showcased by their 0,94 GA/GP in the groupstage. Lack of firepower ended up being their demise in the playoffs. Group 3: We Kings We Kings consist of some veteran players who are making a very welcome comeback into the scene and being rather successful in doing so. The team went undefeated for a large part of the group stage, falling just short of a perfect run in the closing rounds. Captain @Hbnzo and everyone's favourite tactician @pelimies80 were the most important building blocks in the success of the team this season. SPARTANS Newly formed SPARTANS had a strong showing in ECL 7, managing to pave their way into the quarter finals where they fell one win short against Supernatural. When watching this team, don't miss LD @Drunkendefender, who accounted for 1/4 of the teams total goals in the regular season and led his team in scoring in the playoffs. Talk about an offensive defenseman! Group 4: Prowlers Swedish team Prowlers did good in the groupstage, but ended up falling short in a disappointing round 3 exit against the lower seeded Infinity. In fact, Prowlers were on fire offensively and managed to seed 6th into the playoffs while scoring a total of 71 goals. Their top scorer of the regular season was @RullAthor1991, who amassed 60 points in 18 games. Farminaattori Farminaattori is a new acquaintance for me, personally. The team is rumoured to play a fast paced hockey, the kind some might call straight up wild. Their game seemed to work out fine in the group stage, pushing them into the playoffs at 7th seed, a push which ended rather quick in the second round at the hands of community sweethearts Elämäm Kiekko. Group 5: Dubnation Gaming Dubnation is a team full of young potential players. They don't play a flashy game, but it is effective in securing points. You could say they have a more mature playstyle than you'd expect from a new Lite team. Despite not scoring a tremendous amount of goals, the team managed to do very well throughout the season, which didn't end until the quarter finals when they came up against the eventual champions The Black Jacks. K A R H U T The roster of K A R H U T include some veteran names such as @Ubula (RuttuBerse), the team was placed in an arguably easy group 5, which they handled very well, ultimately seeding into the playoffs at 23rd. Winger @Jii1984 led the team from the front all the way into the 3rd playoff round, where they were knocked out by Supernatural. Group 6: Clowns On Ice I think we can call Clowns On Ice a veteran team by now. They're a common sight on the ice and have managed to string together a few good seasons recently, making the playoffs of ECL Pro last season. However, the team lost captain @Tim_FlyersFan in the offseason and decided to step back a bit. They must feel rather dissappointed about the outcome though, as a convincing groupstage wasn't enough, they fell short in the playoffs against Supremacy in the 3rd round. Poston Fruits Led by veteran Lite player @Jobeyz, Poston Fruits were making their inaugural appearance in the ECL and did so on a successful note. Although being eliminated in the second round by SPARTANS must sting, we'll be hoping for a comeback in ECL 8. Group 7: Supernatural Supernatural is a team consisting of several experienced players who haven't really managed to find a home for themselves in an established team. We were surely aware that this was a skilled group of guys, but I must say they put up a far better performance than I expected. The team seeded 8th into the playoffs and kept their level of play high in the playoffs, eventually faltering in the semifinals against The Next Gen. Supremacy Former Soldiers of Odens consists of some very skilled and potential players who seem to be playing the game rather casually. I know the skill level and potential is there to see some success in ECL games too and they started showing signs of that in ECL 7. Supremacy finished 3rd in their group, seeding 24th into the playoffs, but took their minor underdog status and ran with it all the way to the quarter-finals, where they didn't manage to surprise The Next Gen. Group 8: Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat Hinkkaajat has been grinding it out in Lite for some seasons already, often having a decent group stage campaign but quickly running into trouble in the playoffs. This season showed some promise as they were able to win their first two playoff matchups, but ended up falling short against The Next Gen in round 3. Finnish Snipers Finnish Snipers looked great in the groupstage and through the first round of the playoffs, as they dominated group 8 and seeded 2nd into the playoffs. Hockey Hooligans was no match in the first round but groupstage opponent Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat sent them home in round 2. Under the radar: Freddie Mercury Institute FMI is a tough team to play due to their tight defensive trap, but they've had trouble converting in the offensive zone. This season they ended up in a quite tough group together with the likes of We Kings and SPARTANS, eventually finishing 3rd in the group and seeding into the playoffs at 13th. The team managed to make their way into the quarter finals, where they suffered a devastating loss against Mentula SKA. AWARDS Playoff MVP: @Original-SnuS Most Points: @Original-SnuS, The Black Jacks, 37 Goals, 53 Assists, 90 Points in 18 games Most Goals: @Original-SnuS, The Black Jacks, 37 Goals, 53 Assists, 90 Points in 18 games Most Assists: @Original-SnuS, The Black Jacks, 37 Goals, 53 Assists, 90 Points in 18 games Most Hits by a Forward: @Enerfity, Finnish Snipers, 142 Hits in 16 games Best +/-: @Freeman7187, The Black Jacks, +62 in 18 games Most Points by a Defenseman: @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 13 Goals, 25 Assists, 38 Points in 16 games Most Goals by a Defenseman: @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 13 Goals, 25 Assists, 38 Points in 16 games Most Assist by a Defenseman: @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 13 Goals, 25 Assists, 38 Points in 16 games Most Hits by a Defenseman: @kenamo28, Outrageous Falcons, 92 Hits in 24 Games TOP 3'S OF ECL 7 LITE Top 3 Forwards Regular Season: 1. @Original-SnuS, The Black Jacks, 37 Goals, 53 Assists, 90 Points in 18 games 2. @Freeman7187, The Black Jacks, 37 Goals, 36 Assists, 73 Points in 18 games 3. @Krinke , The Black Jacks, 27 Goals, 37 Assists, 64 Points in 14 games Top 3 Defenders Regular Season: 1. @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 13 Goals, 25 Assists, 38 Points in 16 games 2. @Koppipelaaja, The Next Gen, 3 Goals, 25 Assists, 28 Points in 16 games 3. @pelimies80, We Kings, 5 Goals, 19 Assists, 24 Points in 14 games Top 3 Goaltenders Regular Season: 1. @ramseyy2, The Next Gen, 16 Wins, 87,36%, 1,27 GAA, 5 SO in 18 games 2. @PeeloJombb, Mentula SKA, 15 Wins, 87,50%, 1,22 GAA, 4 SO in 18 games 3. @mythThor, Prowlers, 15 Wins, 86,34%, 1,55 GAA, 2 SO in 16 games Top 3 Forwards Playoffs: 1. @Original-SnuS, The Black Jacks, 39 Goals, 48 Assists, 87 Points in 32 games 2. @Krinke, The Black Jacks, 42 Goals, 42 Assists, 84 Points in 32 games 3. @Freeman7187, The Black Jacks, 36 Goals, 39 Assists, 75 Points in 32 games Top 3 Defender Playoffs: 1. @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 18 Goals, 31 Assists, 49 Points in 21 games 2. @Koppipelaaja, The Next Gen, 6 Goals, 21 Assists, 27 Points in 32 games 3. @burban26, The Black Jacks, 3 Goals, 22 Assists, 25 Points in 16 games Top 3 Goaltenders Playoffs: 1. @ramseyy2, The Next Gen, 22 Wins, 89,78%, 1,50 GAA, 9 SO in 32 games 2. @PeeloJombb, Mentula SKA, 17 Wins, 83,68%, 1,70 GAA, 3 SO in 27 games 3. @afc_Tschitsch, The Black Jacks, 15 Wins, 84,91%, 1,94 GAA, 3 SO in 18 games The controversial 'Top 6' of the season is making a comeback! What this means is a selection of six players in a starting lineup, that have showed exceptional skill and played a good season. Please note that all selections are subjective and they are made by community members who have been keeping an eye on ECL 7 Lite. Without further ado, here's the top 6 of our Lite division in ECL 7: @Krinke (The Black Jacks) - @Original-SnuS (The Black Jacks) - @Freeman7187 (The Black Jacks) @Drunkendefender (SPARTANS) - @Koppipelaaja (The Next Gen) @ramseyy2 (The Next Gen) The NHLGamer staff congratulates The Black Jacks for winning the Lite division and furthermore The Next Gen, Mentula SKA and Supernatural for their promotions to the Pro division. We want to thank all participating teams for their efforts and hope you all enjoyed the season! If you have any suggestions on how we could improve our website, please let us know by contacting any staff member. The recaps of our other divisions will be published soon, so keep your eyes peeled!
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    Team name: Symphony Team abbreviation: Sym Team captains (PSN IDs): indi969 (C), laurilion (A), iilmarii(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Beniittto indi969 ICappeI laurilion iilmarii Joukkiii Makeaxl Edhoolm97 nylanderi EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Symphony Team Logo: Same as before
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    One-game ban for taking a shot after the whistle can not go into the rulebook as is. It is quite an easy mistake to commit after an offside call (for example) and going by the book, you'd have to suspend players for it. Slashing after the whistle & challenging a player to a fight you can't really do accidentally, so those are fine to include.
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    Team name: Perttilan Kommandot Team abbreviation: PeK Team captains (PSN IDs): Jarmonen, Klassikko_, NAHKAPEIKKO Team roster (PSN IDs): Jarmonen Klassikko_ Nahkapeikko Jamez88_ farssine pablojardinero Markusmatsinen Hanzer91 Reaper-80 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Perttilan Kommandot Previous team name(s): - Team Logo: ECL Pro application: Yes
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    Team name: Silver Sword Griffins Team abbreviation:SSG Team captains (PSN IDs): (C) xLVxRitchey, (A) ProMinx24, (A) Darth-SidiouzZ Team roster (PSN IDs): xLVxRitchey ProMinx24 Rocket240593 PSchibra Makke72 Akasido-95 jurisc1989 elvijs99 Darth-SidiouzZ EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Silver Sword Griffins Previous team name(s): - Team Logo: Sponsored by ''GG catina'' Agency
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    OUT: jtorro1234 -> FILADELPHIA IN: Puantso from Symphony Nassustelija from Butterfly Effect
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    CLUB ONE In: kinnune from Rusty Blades kikiukko from Almost Famous Out: FINpennywise to FA peQmon to FA sten_88 to FA
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    Team name: Bellizzi Team abbreviation: ZZ Team captains (PSN IDs): iLLu_8 (C), Jugi9 (A), ssiltsu (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): iLLu_8 Proffa- Jugi9 Timotei_97 Gluteus8Maximus8 jobeyz ssiltsu anttiko10 ahonaattori EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Bellizzi Team Logo:
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    Btw why you guys keep searching game eventhou you know it will crash? just asking
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    NHLGamers! So, now the big games start. We've weeded out the haves from the have nots and what we're left with is eight teams who definitely have what it takes to be the very best. Prior to the season, there were some concerns about thew level of play in Elite being inflated as we saw a lot of up-and-down movement with some teams folding. 30 games later I think it's safe to say that was not the case. If not for a few exceptions ECL 8 Elite has definitely been a league where each and every team could beat any opponent. The primary game days for the ECL 8 Elite Quarterfinals are: Monday 11th of February, Wednesday 13th of February and Thursday 14th of February. These game days are to be prioritised in scheduling. Please communicate in the captains chat in order to ensure we have matchups in place for broadcasts. These are the matchups for the ECL 8 Elite Quarterfinals: (1) Written In The Stars vs. Northern Stars (8) As is often the case when the 1st seed faces the 8th seed in Elite it is rather unlikely to see an upset playing out. This series is no different in that in order for NOS to come out victorious, they will need an absolutely herculean effort from all players up and down their line-up, whereas for SKY they could in all likelihood ‘mail it in’ so to speak and still win each game quite decisively. The only saving grace for NOS is that they were one of the very few that were able to actually deal a blow to SKY this season in a 2-1 OT win a couple weeks back, whether this is something they can recreate however is up in the air. Written in the Stars (Regular season record 26-3-1) Familiar territory once again for Written in the Stars as they find themselves rolling into the playoffs with the number 1 seed for the second time in three seasons, and as one of hottest teams at the moment (8-2-0). Up to this point, SKY have completely manhandled almost everyone that they have played, establishing a record of 26-3-1 which goes down as the second best season in ECL Elite history (second only to SKYs own high water mark of 55pts in ECL 6), despite this, the most impressive part of their play is not their total points per se, instead more that they are just straight demolishing other teams. No other team in ECL history has finished a season with a goal differential of, or higher than, +74, not only does this speak to SKYs ability to score at will, but it underpins their growth defensively in that they now have a defence they can rely on it seems. To put into context how much of a beat down SKY has been dishing out, the next closest goal differential all time is +54. Of course, despite this there are still some doubts surrounding the team as their tendency to ‘choke’ once the playoffs roll around has been well documented in the past, sure the roster has changed quite considerably over the seasons but will the proverbial monkey-on-the-back remain? Only time will tell. Leading point scorer (F): @FlyerKungen & @Dominointi // 72pts (31+41) & (29+43) in 30 games Leading point scorer (D): @willekunq // 30pts (8+22) in 30 games Most winningest goalie: @Hansulinho // 86.36 SV% & 0.75 GAA in 16 games. Northern Stars (Regular season record 12-9-9) Someone had to draw the shortest straw, and that team just happened to be Northern Stars. That said, I do not imagine that they mind too much given the amount of adversity they have had to overcome to find themselves in this situation. Not only did they start the season to the tune of 3-6-5, but they also lost their stalwart forward in @Floor17 to illness. Despite this underwhelming start and turn of bad fortune, NOS have managed to fight tooth and nail to secure their 4th straight playoff appearance in Elite thanks in part to @cHIIMEERa catalysing the offense (having a hand in 76% of all goals scored by the team), as well as rookie acquisition @Nieppii slotting in rather nicely as the starting RW. Looking beyond this however, it would perhaps almost require a ‘Cinderella’ type of run / miracle for NOS to depose Written. Such an event would be fitting of its moniker, but even in the most outlandish scenario imaginable, I still do not see NOS besting SKY four times over the course of seven games. Leading point scorer (F): @cHIIMEERa // 37pts (21+16) in 29 games Leading point scorer (D): @ma0niii // 18pts (2+16) in 27 games Most winningest goalie: @MajLeN-Gaming // 86.11 SV% & 1.50 GAA in 10 games. Prediction: Written in the Stars, 4-1 (2) FILADELPHIA vs. Butterfly Effect (7) We continue our trip through all the first round matchups with a banger. This matchup seems like a great one, where both teams boast great offensive upside and impressive goaltending. Both regular season bouts were won by FILA (2:3 & 2:0). FILADELPHIA (Regular season record 23-6-1) The question on everyone's minds must surely be how well FILA will defend their title. It certainly won't be an easy task as already the first round opponent could surprise them. One of FILA's strengths this season has been their offense, which looks exactly the same as last season. @PleeMaker boasts an impressive total of 60 points, with @Eki and @Patzlaf not trailing far behind. If these guys go confident into the matchup, they will be hard to stop. On defense, they also have two offensively talented but also responsible players, @Janzuh and @jtorro1233 combine for 41 points in the regular season. @FinKonna had one of the strongest seasons in the league stats-wise, but we expect @Zande95 to step up in the big games. Leading point scorer (F): @PleeMaker // 60pts (23+37) in 30 games Leading point scorer (D): @jtorro1233 // 21pts (6+15) in 28 games Most winningest goalie: @FinKonna // 86.66 SV% & 1.00 GAA in 14 games. Butterfly Effect (Regular season record 15-10-5) FLY had a fluctuant season with some stretches of wins and losses. They made a nice push towards the end of the season and seem to have found some form as of late, so we expect them to be nearing their peak in time for the playoffs. @Joukki leads the team in scoring with 39 points amassed but he will need some secondary scoring if the team wants to advance. The team has been good defensively and we expect @JanneK. to show up big for his team in the playoffs. Leading point scorer (F): @Joukki // 39pts (24+15) in 30 games Leading point scorer (D): @Crisu_rottis // 10pts (0+10) in 30 games Most winningest goalie: @JanneK. // 77.50 SV% & 2.25 GAA in 30 games. Prediction: FILADELPHIA win 4-2. (3) Symphony vs. Rusty Blades (6) This should be a rather even matchup and what's interesting is that the styles of these teams should matchup rather well against each other. Symphony is a clear puck possession team whereas Rusty Blades likes to counter and utilise quick passing plays. We also see two of the best goaltenders in the scene go at it as @swagx88 has stood tall in net for SYM and we are all very aware of how good @Supreex has been for RB for years now. Symphony (Regular season record 21-5-4) Things for Symphony are kicking well, as expected. There wasn't too much roster turnover in the offseason as the team basically switched a goalie as @swagx88 replaced @ICappeI and up front @RutonMosse replaced @Buantso on the left wing. Let me tell you these changes have worked out for them! An already strong team got even better and both new players have possessed leading roles in their run so far this season. An extremely important factor in Symphony's success has also been their centerman @tbnantti, who seems to have hit his peak this season. The experienced center likes to hold on to the puck and seems to do close to impossible things with it every time it lays at his tape. To start of the season, SYM looked a bit shaky, experiencing a loss against AIK and a double loss against Butterfly Effect but at the same time stealing points from regular season winner Written In The Stars. They seem to have found their stride towards the end of the season though, closing out the last ten games with a record of 9-0-1. Leading point scorer (F): @RutonMosse // 51pts (26+25) in 30 games Leading point scorer (D): @Ilmari_30 // 22pts (9+14) in 30 games Most winningest goalie: @swagx88 // 80.76 SV% & 1.42 GAA in 14 games. Rusty Blades (Regular season record 15-10-5) Rusty Blades experienced something of a facelift over the offseason and oh boy has it been refreshing to see! Previously, "you get what you see" would have described RB quite perfectly. Everyone knew what they were about and sometimes they were effective with it, sometimes not. Well, this time around they added a few quality players to their lineup who definitely have taken the team to the next level. The duo @[email protected] from the former Northern Ascendancy definitely brings a whole new element to their offense and the addition of @The_Alpha_Furyan on LD has turned out in their favour too. All in all, the Rusty Blades 2.0 we're seeing this season is a team you could very well see go all the way if they manage to find consistency, something that has been difficult for them as of late. Leading point scorer (F): @MartindalexC // 45pts (26+19) in 30 games Leading point scorer (D): @The_Alpha_Furyan // 22pts (2+20) in 30 games Most winningest goalie: @Supreex // 79.93 SV% & 1.96 GAA in 30 games. Prediction: Symphony wins, 4-2 (4) Deadly Phantoms HC vs. Dynasty (5) This matchup offers up the best chance of the series going the distance and being decided in game 7, in fact the stats alone dictate as much (2.03 vs. 2.07 GF/A & 1.53 vs. 2.00 GA/A respectively). Despite the slight stats advantage towards DPH, I still think that Dynasty hold the edge based on their experience in Elite at this stage, as well as their roster finally resembling full strength as of late. Deadly Phantoms HC (Regular season record 18-9-3) Heading into this season DPH already had amassed quite a reputation before playing a single game, in fact I would go as far to say that out of all teams in Elite, they are one of the most identifiable teams quite simply because of their style of play and their ‘community presence’. Whether that is a good or a bad thing is up for debate of course, nevertheless this reputation invariably led to some teams and players no doubt making it their sole mission this season to not lose to Deadly Phantoms HC. Well, seen as DPH clinched ‘home ice advantage’ for the 1st round, it would appear as though that the German team can, at the very least, be competitive in Elite, and at the most, be good at it. Heading up this team offensively we have the duo of @Tim_FlyersFan & @Playmaker who appear to have adjusted to the step up from Pro to Elite very nicely, with each of their seasons being their first in Elite. Defensively however is where DPHs ‘true’ strengths lie, as through 30 games they conceded the 3rd fewest amount of goals in the division with a stifling 1.53 GAA. As far as quick comparisons go then it would seem as though this series cannot be better balanced, however it should be said that as the playoffs roll in, the goals typically dry up thanks to a myriad of reasons, one of those being anxiety. Such a problem is often not a factor for veterans of the playoffs for Elite, yet for a ‘new’ team it is certainly something that could come into play in some form or another and drag down their performance. Leading point scorer (F): @Tim_FlyersFan // 47pts (14+33) in 30 games Leading point scorer (D): @gzell60 // 17pts (1+16) in 28 games Most winningest goalie: @RPH_31 // 83.48 SV% & 1.42 GAA in 26 games. Dynasty (Regular season record 18-10-2) Stop the presses! Dynasty finished a season without clinching the 4th spot, or by recording around 42pts. Truly the end times are nigh! That aside, this season was once again a case of same old same old for those in DYN. Sure, they started a little slow, sure they had a bit of a wobble in the later part of the season, sure they perhaps did not look that impressive, yet here we are, in the playoffs again. In fact, their road to the playoffs could potentially be explained simply by the absolute ****show that went on regarding rotations over the season. Their most played goalie @Sandr0hh played 4 games as a skater (splitting it evenly between offence & defence), 6 players played as a skater, 5 players played as a defender and only one player actually played in 30 games (@hpkfani). Such a rotation is especially unusual considering most team rotate out one player at most really. Of course, none of this matters in the grand scheme of things going forward as I find it somewhat unlikely that such an arrangement it will continue into the playoffs. In fact, it may even serve to lull DPH into a false sense of security if DYN are able to come out swinging with their full roster clicking at a rate far above their season averages, which are admittedly astoundingly average going into this series. For instance out of the 8 playoff bound teams, Dynasty ranks dead last in GAA (granted by .03%) and 5th in GFA. Leading point scorer (F): @hpkfani // 48pts (30+18) in 30 games Leading point scorer (D): @Haldeem // 14pts (3+11) in 18 games Most winningest goalie: @Sandr0hh // 85.28 SV% & 1.70 GAA in 20 games. Prediction: Dynasty, 4-2 Stay tuned for announcements about the games on our social media channels, playoff matchups will be broadcasted at Elisa Viihde as usual. We'll also have international broadcasts for you as best as we can. These will also be announced on social media. As always, play hard and see you guys out on the ice! ECL Elite Writing Team @MartindalexC, @Serg1vratar and @jahajaha93
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    Team name: Elämäm Kiekko Team Abbreviation: EMK Team Captains (PSN): Epsri (C), Markogirl87 (A), k31jj0 (A) Team Roster (PSN): AzByCxx *NEW britn1 DesT_EAgLe *NEW Epsri k31jj0 kowiz89 Markogirl87 Oulaxi Pyykman Riksaboy *NEW Sutkuuu TheSpeedo *NEW ECL Pro application: No EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Elamam Kiekko
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    Free G next ECL Previous teams - Aapon Taikasauva, FILADELPHIA, Gotham Knigths Salary - 0€ Contact here or psn!
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    Team name: SOPPAJENGI Team abbreviation: XXX Team captains (PSN IDs): Pro-m99 (C), Mehiiss (A), Keranee(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Pro-m99 🇫🇮 Mehiiss🇫🇮 Keranee🇫🇮 eken45jr🇸🇪 IbjonoI 🇸🇪 Crisu_rottis🇫🇮 ReDMisTi🇫🇮 Nouluuk14🇫🇮 Filip15900🇫🇮 Eissi83🇫🇮 Sam_XD__🇫🇮 EA SPORTS club overview:https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/SOPPAJENGI Team Logo
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    Team name: TeQuila SunRise  Team abbreviation: TQS Team captains (PSN IDs😞 Randomjanne C, Jaakko musta A, HatsiGaboom A Team roster (PSN IDs): Randomjanne Jaakkomusta HatsiGaboom apetttaja RollingStomper N44TTI_16 Tseimssi Myrkky_Maik EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/TeQuila SunRise Previous team name(s): TeQuila SunRise Team Logo:
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    Hej NHLGamers! Vi är glada att kunna presentera våran nya intervjuserie inom SCL. Vi har satt os ner tillsammans med några av de allra främsta svenska spelarna inom NHL communityn, bland dessa även några kanske inte så välkända spelare. Intervjuerna kommer att släppas en efter en unders SCLs framfart och den första spelaren vi kommer att intervjua är @iSvamp. Tjena Svamp, hur är läget? - Hej, i skrivande stund är det bara bra med mig. Pollen i luften och en 10 dagars ”arbetsvecka” framför mig, finns väl absolut ingenting att klaga på? Låt oss börja. Vem är killen bakom spakarna? - Bakom spakarna och bakom skärmen sitter en kille som känner att han varit med i gamet alldeles för länge, men som fortfarande tycker att det här med ”tävling” är fantastiskt kul, även fast det i dag inte är lika allvarligt så som det var för några år sedan. Yrkesmilitär, studerande och bosatt på 3 adresser fram till sommaren. Sportnörd, brinner för Brynäs och blåvitt och mår oftast så som lagen spelar. Lugnare, mognare – men fortfarande inte konflikträdd. Mycket trevligare än vad jag utåt kan se ut att vara, men ibland vill ”trollet” i mig fortfarande krypa fram. Varför började du spela NHL? - Hockey har alltid varit en av favoritsporterna, och när jag var 6 år gammal kom jag i kontakt med det första hockeyspelet på någon gammal Nintendo konsol. Sen fortsatte det under flera år på PC (NHL 99 är fortfarande ett av de bästa spelen som skapats). EASHL kom jag i kontakt med på en seriös nivå i slutet av NHL 10. Jag hade i flera år ensam spelat mycket offline, versus och enstaka drop-in matcher, men aldrig riktigt hittat in i ett lag där jag fastnade. Det var egentligen via jobbet som det satte igång ordentligt. Min kollega hade i NHL 10 vunnit det svenska mästerskapet i EASHL och var otroligt kaxig över detta. Under den tiden spelade jag mycket ”klan-spel” i Modern Warfare och senare Mw2, nyss tagit studenten och gjorde väl det som alla ”gamers” drömde om, spelade otroligt mycket tv-spel. Jag fick gästspela som back i deras EASHL-lag ”KOW” och efter flera månader med sena nätter och tusentals matcher hade jag spelat upp mig så att jag fick chansen i ett av de svenska topplagen i skiftet mellan NHL 11-12. Vilka tror du vinner SCL? - Du menar vilka jag ska lägga pressen på? Nåväl. Det finns många starka lag där ute, och än är inte alla trupper officiella. Northern Ascendancy är absolut de största favoriterna, oavsett om @Foppatofflan spelar eller inte spelar, så sitter de på en bra bredd i truppen blandat med rutin. Det har ju även kommit spelare till det laget som gått dit för att de vill vinna och så finns det ”Svenska legoknektar” där ute just nu som letar den självklara klubben att gå till för att ha störst chans att plocka hem prispengarna – och en fågel viskade i mitt öra att de under helgen provspelade i just NOR. Så de får absolut leva med ett favoritskap, och får väl egentligen se det som ett fiasko om de inte skulle lyckas. För mig är dock SPARTANS en outsider. Jag vet att Synergy kommer göra bra ifrån sig med, sen finns det klubbar där bakom så som Bucketeers och AIK Hockey som också bör känna lite prestationspress. Jag säger ändå NOR – de kommer dock att få kämpa för det. Ovan: iSvamps statistik på NHLGamer Det har gått rykten om en typ av bibel inom NHL communityn och du verkar vara väldigt involverad i dess tillverkning. Berätta. - Ja, hur sammanfattar man detta? Efter att vi vunnit dåvarande ECL (EC) på PS3, så gick vi över till xbox360 för att utmana dåvarande storlaget Northern Stars som då hade svept allt motstånd i turnering efter turnering på den sidan av EASHL-världen. Vi slog ihop oss med våra finalmotståndare på PS3 ”Synergy Hockey” och skapade klubben ”Sons Of The Morning”, någonstans i mitten av den första turneringen var vi väl ett gäng i det laget som var missnöjda med mycket, och valde att hoppa av det tåget. Jag, @Lainzndr och @anrh17 påbörjade då ett projekt med ett lag känt som ”Unknown” där vi samlade ihop ”bänkade” spelare från Sons, och andra svenska spelare som inte riktigt hade kommit in i något svenskt topplag de senaste åren. Laget Unknown gjorde väl ett okej gruppspel i den turneringen, hade egentligen ingen som helst spelidé utan spelade egentligen enbart på intuition och individuell skicklighet. När slutspelet sen lottades så fick vi den absolut värsta nitlotten, Northern Stars direkt i första rundan. Ett lag som vi ändå hade spelat jämt med i både gruppspelet och EASHL, men ett lag som ALDRIG förlorat en turnering, och knappt hade förlorat en match i ett slutspel förutom några enstaka här och där. Det var egentligen här som ”bibeln” kom till. Jag satte mig ner veckan innan kvarstfinalen mot NOS och studerade exakt ALLT material jag kunde komma över via @cHIIMEERas twitch, analyserade hur lag hade spelat mot dem, vad de hade gjort för fel och hur Northern Stars byggde upp sina anfall, och vem och vad som var deras styrka. Det hela slutade med att jag i mitt huvud började se mönster och efter det började jag även få lite små idéer i hur vi skulle kunna lösa det. I det stora hela kan man väl säga att: En bra offensiv kommer göra att du kör över motståndare som inte har disciplin, men bäst försvar kommer alltid att vinna mästerskap (så var det i alla fall då). Tampa Bay spelade ju någon form av fegt trap-spel med en 1-3-1 uppställning något år innan detta, där de helt struntade i forecheck när de tappade pucken, och jag tänkte att – fan, vi borde testa det här i EASHL och se vad som händer. Unknown hade absolut inte de bästa spelarna på varje position, men vi lärde oss att spela efter den här taktiken ut och innantill via hårt arbete i EASHL, det samt en jäkla vilja att alltid vinna och att alltid släppa in så lite mål som möjligt gjorde att den här ”bibeln” blev framgångsrikt för vårt sätt att spela. Trap, backup, alltid minst 2 mot 1, helst 3 mot 1 överallt på isen. Med det spelet svepte vi NOS i kvarten, och plockade sen 4 raka europamästerskap med Unknown/Northern Ascendancy. Jag har sen kommit i kontakt med lag som jag vet kommit över någon ”taskig” version av denna bibel, och det är kul att det uppskattas i dag, det jag själv tog fram för några år sedan. Sen tror jag inte alls på den fullt ut i dag, då jag inte spelar mitt lag helt och hållet på det sättet. Sen finns det vissa grundidéer i den som fortfarande är applicerbart, spelen har ju ändrat sig sen det begav sig, men det är helt klart någonting att luta sig tillbaka mot för lag som kanske offensivt inte är lika tunga som topplagen, då defensiv fortfarande är den viktigaste byggstenen i ett lagbygge. Sammanfattnigsvis - Den riktiga bibeln finns, men den har arkiverats. Sedan ECL 3 så har du som back mäktat med 86 poäng på 112 matcher vilket är ett bra poängsnitt för en back. Du har under åren huserat i tongivande klubbar såsom Northern Ascendancy och Team Frosty. Vad är det som krävs för att kunna hålla en sån hög nivå? - Först och främst, så anser jag inte själv att jag håller den nivå i dag som jag gjorde mellan NHL 13-15. Mitt break i NHL 16 och comebacken i 17 med en ny spelmotor gjorde mig mycket ont, då jag hade otroligt svårt att anpassa mig till den stela hockeyn, långsammare tempot och "glitchigare" skridskoåkning än de spelare som var med från start i NHL16 och next gen. Men ja, jag spelade i Elite de följande säsongerna, och min styrka har väl alltid varit blicken för spelet, att stå rätt, kunna kombinera tufft spel med snabba passningar - i stora drag ”speluppfattning”. Sen har jag själv de senaste åren haft motivationsdippar, svårt att hitta tid till att spela så mycket som man måste göra för att orka hålla sig kvar i toppen, samt att jag personligen inte brunnit lika mycket för att ”vinna”, så som jag gjorde när vi var det absolut bästa laget i turnering efter turnering. Och det är väl just detta som är svaret på din fråga. För att hålla sig i toppen, måste man göra som toppspelarna i SKY och FILA gör i dag – man måste vid sidan av EASHL spela så mycket VS och HUT man bara kan, man måste lära sig spelets svagheter, spelets hemligheter och bli bättre på dessa än sina motståndare. Vill du vinna, måste du orka lägga ner 4-5h varje dag (minst) på spelet, du måste våga ändra saker med din build, testa nya saker och bara nöta. Jag personligen orkar inte detta i dag, 2-3 matcher räcker sen tappar jag fokus. Förr kunde jag utan tvekan spela från 16 till 02, 6vs6 match efter match, och när det inte spelades i klubben, så byggde jag om min spelare, eller spelade VS. Och det är väl kanske lite det som gör att man fortfarande kan hålla sig kvar och kan spela mot toppspelare. Men jag är absolut inte idag vad jag var för flera år sen och det gör inte så mycket, ingen kan någonsin ta ifrån dig de titlar du vunnit – oavsett om vissa andra vill det. Sen är du aldrig bättre än dina medspelare, vilket också är en faktor. Vem är den bästa spelaren du har spelat med? - Jag gissar att folk redan vet svaret på den frågan. @Foppatofflan, utan tvekan. Det finns ingen spelare där ute i dag som har fler turneringstitlar än mig och foppa, även fast ingen av oss har plockat något ECL än. Men det finns heller ingen spelare där ute som legat kvar i toppen så länge som han har gjort. Från NHL 11 och till i dag har han år efter år varit en toppspelare, kanske inte alltid den bästa, men alltid med i snacket. Individuellt finns det säkert bättre spelare offensivt eller defensivt, men han har hela paketet, kan spela överallt, är en 2vägs-spelare som alltid är farlig framåt, och när han blir förbannad så är han riktigt farlig. Jag har spelat 288 matcher med honom i EHL/EC/ECL genom åren, gjort 77 mål, och 339 assist med en total på 416 poäng bakom honom på samma kant, det är svårt att hitta någon annan som varit bättre - och jag har hunnit med att spela med en hel del. Det var en lyx att kunna kasta hårda pass i sargen, från alla håll och kanter och veta att han skulle förvalta den, och ge dig en gratispoäng, och det hände ju uppenbarligen 339 gånger. Vilket är ditt bästa tips för att bli en bra back? - 1. Stirra dig inte blint på de backar som ligger högt i poängligan. Utan titta på de backar som defensivt är briljanta, se vad de gör, och gör det bättre. 2. Fokusera aldrig på poäng, poäng kommer gratis om laget vinner. Felet många gör är att de blir väldigt baktunga, när backar som är duktiga försöker lösa forwards jobb i offensiven. Jag själv har aldrig varit någon dangler, men jag lyckades trots att jag var en ”stay-at-home” back vinna 4 backligor, och det med 15-30 poäng, för att mitt lag jag spelade i fungerade framåt utan att vi hade backar som var uppe och kladdade för mycket. 3. Spela forward med andra lag, spela versus eller HUT, lär dig hur du vänder på det snabbaste sättet, från vilka avstånd du kan slå vissa passningar, och öva in timing och avstånd i tacklingar/pokes. I stora drag, spela mer än den du tävlar mot. Men glöm inte att defensiv alltid är viktigare än offensiv. Tänk 2-väg, men med 60/40 fokus. Gör du detta, så är du en god bit på vägen. Där har ni det! Vi tackar Mattias för att han tog sig tid att svara på dessa frågor och önskar honom lycka till i SCL. På återläsande, @Willander97 & @mayX-swe
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    NHLGamers! Yet another Pro season is in the books. We had some exciting times and now 30 games later the deserving playoff goers have been weeded out from the rest. Tomorrow we'll be kicking off the fight for the ultimate goal for any of these remaining teams - promotion to ECL Elite! We'll also have some quality relegation battles up for you guys. As no teams folded or were disqualified, the teams placed 13th to 16th in each group will battle against each other for the right to play in ECL 9 Pro. The ECL Pro Playoffs Round 1 is to be played between Monday 11th of February and Sunday, 17th of February. Without further ado, here are your ECL 8 Pro Playoffs Round 1 matchups: (G1 #1) TIKI TALK vs. Bellizzi (G2 #8) Both teams in this series are very experienced. TIKI TALK has started to find beck their winning ways after a bit of a struggle for the past few seasons. Bellizzi on the other hand has been a Pro competitor for a long time already, but they always seem to get stuck in the masses along the low middle of the table. It'll be interesting to see if they can match up to TIKI, who have found some convincing form lately. (G2 #1) The Next Gen vs. GHETTO FIREBIRDS (G1 #8) The Next Gen is a team whose talent cannot be understated. They have versus powerhouse @kriketski17 centering a line with @Thounii and @NikkeDangles on the flanks and boy have they been dangerous! @oGBioLan will play a crucial part in their playoff run as their most experienced ECL player. Opposing them is GHETTO FIREBIRDS, who are making a strong push back into the top of the Pro division after missing the playoffs last season. Going into the post season as an eighth place seed won't be easy but they should be able to put up a decent fight. (G1 #2) Gotham Knights vs. SPARTANS (G2 #7) Gotham Knights showed us what it takes to be one of the top teams in Pro. Their centerman @ReDMisTi finished the season with 36 points and was a valuable asset for the team all season. On the other side we have Spartans, who got the chance to play in the Pro division and they really made it count. With @rize1988 leading the team in points alongside the fabled @Drunkendefender on defense they managed to finish in seventh place in their group. This series is going to be a tight one but a Gotham win 4-2 is our prediction. (G2 #2) Born With It vs. SIKA (G1 #7) The battle of the veterans! Born With It has had a great season so far and most of it can probably be attributed to being one of the more experienced teams in the league. SIKA is better known as a team and the same could be said for them. We'll expect to see a scoring onslaught as neither teams have been all too convincing in their own end. (G1 #3) Checkmate vs. Speedy Bros Hockey (G2 #6) This is going to be a tough series to call. Checkmate has a stacked roster, featuring former Elite All-Star @Tuukka.R and long-time SIKA forward @Naikou88 to name a few. They seem to be rotating their roster quite much though - do they have chemistry? Their opponent Speedy Bros Hockey declined an Elite promotion during the offseason in order to improve their game for another season in Pro. We'll be waiting to see if all that practice pays off as they go head to head with their toughest opponent yet in this series. (G2 #3) Mentula SKA vs. Rajatorpan Mafia (G1 #6) Two teams that are playing their first Pro season face each other in the first round of the playoffs. Rajatorpan Mafias power play won't get many chances as Mentula SKA play a clean game where they had the least amount of penalties and third least hits in the regular season. Rajatorpan can challenge any team with their consistent play, they got at least a point from every opponent in the regular season. Additionally they had nine games that were decided in overtime. Mentula SKA has a core that has played together for four consecutive ECL seasons and the addition of ECL veteran Hanssonni makes them favorites in the series. (G1 #4) Silver Sword Griffins vs. Black Horse (G2 #5) SSG is one of the older ECL teams, they are in fact closing in on the 300 game mark as a franchise and that's something most teams could only dream of right now. They've gone through some rough times but lately it seems they've found their stride a bit. Maybe this is the season they will take the step back up to the highest level? Black Horse is their opponent. They're a new team that's built around the former Shameful Knights core of @Hullued, @Exel56 and @Tapparafan to name a few. They aren't total newcomers either so to speak. The interesting thing about them is the former top goaltended Hullued making the switch to the forward position and dominating at that too - 54 points in 28 games isn't too shabby for a guy who used to stop pucks more than shoot them. (G2 #4) Raccoon Rampage vs. POGGERS (G1 #5) This series is going to be an even one. POGGERS is the more experienced team, but Raccoon Rampage is a team full of young, hungry players who have successfully been building a decent buzz around themselves recently. Both teams are very responsible defensively and have great goaltending, but the prediction here would be that it all boils down to who can be more effective up front. The Poggers duo of @JaKurrii and @Chafak are something to keep an eye on. Relegation matchups: (G1 #13) EV Duisburg vs. Bone Breakers (G2 #16) (G2 #13) Cowabunga Hockey vs. Murohoki (G1 #16) (G1 #14) Clowns On Ice vs. Pata Hellalla (G2 #15) (G2 #14) Freddie Mercury Institute vs. Tiffen (G1 #15) We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all teams for participation, it was fun to watch and follow your games. Good luck for all teams with the further rounds and battles, good luck and most important - have fun! ECL Writers, @Tonimo92, @Willander97 and @jahajaha93
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    Best players in ECL 8 (No FLY ECL8 players) LW: PleeMaker: One of the greatest forward in the scene, so good with the puck, can score, can pass and very solid in d-zone. Tough guy to play against. Other mentions: Puantso, Vilupoika, RutonMosse & MukiMaisteri C : Dominointi: Player name I Suck, but you know what? He doesnt suck.. So high hockey IQ, so important piece of SKY. Great at faceoffs, very good in every game situation, hard to say any bad things about Seppo. Other mentions: Patzlaf, Penatski, Martindalexc & tbnantti RW: FlyerKungen: Imo he is best player in the scene for now, unique playing style, versatile with the puck, hard to takeaway puck against him, top scorer at ECL8, very solid in d-zone & if u watch his games he doesnt make almost any mistakes with the puck. Other mentions: Eki, indi, Foppa & TimFlyersFan. LD: Nassustelija: Pörhönen to Tähtönen, damn what a breakout season he had, prove the potential atleast in ECL 8, great game vision, solid in own d-zone & annoying to play against.. hard choice between Nassu and Janzuh. Other mentions: Janzuh, Alpha_Furyan, Supremski & vSilenttio RD: willekunq: Guy who can be out for games for couple weeks and his solid game still continues strong, so calm with the puck even with other team putting some pressure he still can come out with the puck, hard to challenge in 1v1 situations. Other mentions: ilmari30, jtorro, ma0nii & will_yo G: Hansulinho: Wow what a season he had.. Shotout after shotout, berry after berry. Great goalie. Other mentions: Zande95, Cappe, Supreex & Sandro/RPH Lot of SKY players but imo what a season they had..
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    @berbaboon17-> Virtual Horizons eSports @Kenu -> Virtual Horizons eSports
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    Free Agent G / NHL20 Sometimes lose, always win.
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    Free C/RW Possibly RD 20YO Fin https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=765 PM Here or PSN Tseimssi
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    Team name: Old Farts Team abbreviation: OLD Team captains (PSN IDs): Ankkalasvegas(C), Valmuri(A), Samzoni(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Ankkalasvegas Valmuri Samzoni Fobba71 nikke1515 Boychuk39 RovaniemenHasek peQmon apetttaja Tonezki-_-89 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Old Farts Team Logo: ECL Pro application: Yes
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    Butterfly Effect 🦋 (Elite) are looking for starting center. Contact me here or psn jergelii
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    NHLGamers, Today marks the start of the SCL! The regular season starts today, Tuesday 16th of April, 2019 and will end on Sunday, the 12th of May, 2019. We're issuing this announcement in order to secure that everyone is up to speed with some crucial info and therefore this will be something of an info post. There's a few different things we'd like to go over so get ready for the barrage: SCL Rulebook First off, we'd like to announce that the SCL rulebook is now available by clicking here. We ask all team captains to familiarise themselves with the rulebook as soon as possible. The rules have been altered from the ECL format. Season Schedule As stated, the regular season ends on Sunday, the 12th of May and marks the start of the playoffs the next day. The playoffs will be played in a best of 7 manner (we reserve the right to change the semifinals into BO5 to the schedule at Birdie) except for the Bronze Game that will be decided in one game. Here's the playoff schedule: Round 1: 13.5-19.5 (Online) Round 2: 20.5-26.5 (Online) Semifinals: 31.5 @ Birdie Bronze Game: 1.6 @ Birdie Finals: 1.6 @ Birdie Prize Pool Division You might have noted that the SCL will feature a prize pool amounting to a total of 65 000 SEK. This prize pool has been divided into 50 000 SEK for SCL 6vs6 and 15 000 SEK for our Swedish 1vs1 Championships that will be hosted at Birdie. The 50 000 SEK will be divided between the top 3 teams of the SCL as follows: 1vs1 sign-ups will open during this week. Mandatory License We would also like to remind all Swedish and Finnish players to obtain a license from their countrys respective esports association. Swedes: SESF Finns: SEUL Transfer Window The SCL will include a one week transfer window at the start of the season in order to allow teams to make some minor adjustments to their squads. With this being said, transfers can be made until Tuesday, 23rd of April, 2019 at 23:59 CEST. Please note that trades are not allowed - only picking up free agents. Tonight's Broadcast Tonight's SCL Broadcast will be live at 20:00 CEST at twitch.tv/NHLGamer, featuring Borgarbracka HC vs Cannonieris and Stayhard Stallions vs Northern Stars Tonights games will be commentated by Adam "@esdor" Ericson and Kenneth "@Kenu" Lehtinen.
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    The Pro division experienced something of a cleanse, bringing in tons of new talent such as Raccoon Rampage or Bucketeers who were immediately looking to make an impact, some teams surely did that too! This was one of the opening lines for ECL 7 Pro Review, so we must've done something right (thanks for the shoutout). We got ranked 17th out of 32 teams in total, first team under the playoff line. I guess you could say the season was a lot of what we expected, but also a lot of something that wasn't meant to happen. When the season started, we were confident about being a good enough team to compete in Pro division. We were sure that if we played on our own level, we could beat anybody, and fight for the playoff spot. Well, we didn't miss by much. Start of the season was kind of unfortunate for us, as we lost some points due to us not having enough experience of "important" games. Obviously that was something to expect, we had a bunch of rookies to the scene. As the season progressed, we got better aswell. Our rookies really improved during the season, @Earplugg and @Lazzio were a huge part of us being able to fight for that playoff spot. Last 10 games of the regular season we went 8-2-0, the second best of the division, but it wasn't quite enough, as we missed the playoff spot by one (1) point. Close, but no cigar. Well, ECL 7 is long gone. How does ECL 8 look behind the raccoon mask? We had to do some changes to our roster, because we were missing two guys from our last seasons roster. Earplugg, last season 1st line RW, has to do his military service this year, and also our precious backup goalie @Jann3_67_ wanted to join his friend in a new team, and we wish him the best of luck in that! OUT: Earplugg (military service) Jann3_67_ (Kanadan Majavat) IN: Alluujj (Supremacy) Eeduu99 (Cowabunga Hockey) kumisaapas22 (Supremacy) vonBobban (Hockey Ultimate Team) We brought @Eeduu from Cowabunga Hockey, so now we have three solid defencemen to rotate. @zanechkin and @Torpantienkovalchuk are young and potential guys, who come here to fight for a spot in the "1st roster". Alluujj plays RW, and kumisaapas plays G. @vonBobban is a new name to the scene, and he is here to be the backups backup. We expect great things from our very own Bobban Complete roster: #5 Eeduu99 A #14 Ojamoska C #26 Lazzio #28 EemilK02 A #71 jorma2001 #72 kumisaapas22 #74 Alluujj #77 VesqGame #91 JykkeL #98 vonBobban (Earplugg) There's only one goal for Raccoons this season; make the playoffs. If/When we make the playoffs, anything can happen, and we will fight till the end. Good luck to everyone in ECL 8, don't get too tilted with EA and remember to have fun! Also thanks for the great support lately on our twitter page, and if you haven't already followed us, do it now! The link is down below. #FeelTheRampage
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    Hi there!. This post is for Finnish gamers only so i write it in finnish. 🇫🇮 Nordic Stars etsii tiiviisee ja aktiiviseen kokoonpanoonsa (4 hyök. 3puol. 1mv) pidemmäksi aikaa hyökkääjää, koska hyökkiosaston pojat lähtevät yksi toisensa jälkeen sotimaan, alkaen ensi viikosta. Suurta plussaa on, jos pystyt pelata molemmilla kätisyyksillä, sekä sentteriä että laitoja. Jos etsit kesätiimiä, tai yhden turnauksen pelipaikkaa, niin säästä meidän kaikkien aikaa, äläkä suotta laita viestiä 😀 Jos kiinnostuit, ota yhteyttä täällä tai psn. Niin sovitaan tryoutista: @Vire30 tai @Seahyena EDIT: Etsimämme pelaaja löytynyt. Kiitos kaikille kiinnostuksesta ja hauskoja pelejä! 😊
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    There is no prize pool planned for this one, but if many teams feel like having an optional buy-in where the ones participating in the buy-in have a chance to compete for the prize pool, we can look into it.
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    Raccoon Rampage In: ilikkaa illbiocandy We are ready! 🐾🐾
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    Nice they fixed DNA problems, let me check! Added the Philadelphia Flyers Stadium Series uniform Fuck.
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    Cowabunga Hockey In: rjounila from The Everblades Jann3_67_ from Kanadan Majavat
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    Old Farts: In: ktewjh from Rusty Blades Out: RovaniemenHasek to Savo bears
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    Hey NHLGamers, The ECL 7 Lite Final has now been played and we have a winner! In their second ECL season, The Black Jacks set an objective that was very clear - promotion. Very well, they certainly had a season to remember and succeeded in accomplishing their goals set. Their offense dominated the Lite division all season long, finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the top scorers department by amassing 246 points between their three top forwards @julmi21 (Original-SnuS), @Freeman7187 and @Krinke. The trio continued their scoring in the playoffs, being one of the decisive factors for the success of TBJ this season. They marched on convincingly through almost every playoff matchup, the only team to really surprise them was Lehmannen Badboyz, who took their round 2 series into game 7 overtime. Captain Original-SnuS bailed TBJ out with arguably the most important goal of the season to push them forward, ultimately all the way. If you missed any of the action, you can check the games out on Twitch. These are the results of the final series: Game 1: The Next Gen vs The Black Jacks 6-7 Game 2: The Black Jacks vs The Next Gen 2-1 Game 3: The Next Gen vs The Black Jacks 3-2 Game 4: The Black Jacks vs The Next Gen 2-3 Game 5: The Next Gen vs The Black Jacks 1-2 Game 6: The Black Jacks vs The Next Gen 2-1 The Black Jacks - Championship roster: GOALTENDERS #22 @afc_Tschitsch #30 @NHLDennis86 DEFENSEMEN #7 @Cami_7 #66 @Bille1990 #77 @Tornado.hr #88 @burban26 FORWARDS #6 @Krinke #13 @Freeman7187 #15 @Tron1x90 #16 @RudY51 #21 @julmi21 (Original-SnuS) TBJ's road to the cup: 16-2-0 during the regular season, seeding 3rd into the playoffs. 24-5-3 in the playoffs. Round 1: 4-0 VS HC Keskikalja Round 2: 4-3 VS Lehmannen Badboyz Round 3: 4-0 VS Infinity Quarterfinals: 4-2 VS Dubnation Gaming Semifinals: 4-1 VS Mentula SKA Finals: 4-2 VS The Next Gen Congratulations to TBJ on behalf of the whole NHLGamer staff! Thanks for tuning in NHLGamers! Be on the lookout for the season recap article, up soon. Your NHLGamer Editor jahajaha93
  41. 15 points
    Dynasty looking for Elite center. Pm me here or on PSN.
  42. 15 points
    Salut NHLGamers, After a thrilling round 2 featuring at least one major upset as 5th seed Wasps Gaming was knocked out by 8th seed Bucketeers, we're now at the semi finals in Pro! All of the remaining four teams will stand a chance for promotion, either directly or through a relegation faceoff against SIKA or Gotham Knights. Here are your matchups for the Pro Semi-Finals: (1) Deadly Phantoms HC vs Bucketeers (8) Preview courtesy of @Panarinz After a controversial 1st round that at last ended 4-3 to the Phantoms, they swept Pata Hellalla in the 2nd round and made it clear that they are going for that Elite spot and maybe even a Pro win. Here we have a pretty defensive series. Phantoms are known for their solid defense, as they very rarely concede more than a goal against. The same can almost be said about The Buckets as well. Solid defense with strong goaltending make them a hard team to score against. Some might call them an underdog this series. But don't let that fool you, as they know how to win tough games which they very well proved in the second round against Wasps Gaming. However, in my humble opinion, this series will be decided by the Phantoms x-factor. They have incredible offensive firepower in their lineup and I won't leave out top regular season point and assist man @Playmaker and top goal scorer @Rayman, who both showed that they can win games on their own, even though it's a team game. One that shouldn't be underestimated is @Demski13 in the Bucketeers lineup, though (2nd in points during the playoffs). He's really put up points left, right and center during the playoffs. Definitely a decisive factor to look out for on the Bucketeers side. (4) Synergy Hockey vs Resurrection (6) Preview courtesy of @jahajaha93 This is a great matchup in a sense that there are many fundamental differences between these teams. The Swedish Synergy, being a very experienced and defense reliant team facing off against the Finnish Resurrection, who mostly consist of young, very individually skilled players who are hungry to prove their capabilities in the 6vs6-scene. Synergy had a convincing regular season and have continued on the same path in the playoffs, dropping only one game out of their total nine so far. As per usual, @DUNZA in net has been as solid as ever amassing six shutouts in the process of outclassing the opposition. On the other hand, the team has struggled a bit offensively, managing to net under 2 goals per game in the offensive zone. Arguably, that isn't too much of a worry if you let in none. The slight underdog in this series is Resurrection, their lineup features one of the more effective offensive trios in @Artuzio, @J0HTAJA and @xKeskitalo, who so far have combined for 30 goals in 13 playoff games. It'll remain to bee seen wether the more experienced Johtaja can guide his young wingers to the path of victory. That'll be all for now, gamers. We sure have some exciting games ahead and they won't be over anytime soon. Be sure to follow our twitch channel for our broadcasts on these matchups and keep following these exciting matches on our website. Your Pro Writing Team, @Panarinz & @jahajaha93
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    NHLGamers, Although a bit overshadowed by the NHL 20 Beta hype, we've yet again concluded a season in one of our leagues. The Spring League was started due to heavy interest from the community to have some competitive games going on and with 78 teams signing up we can call this one a success. At the end we had two teams remaining who battled it out for the title as Spring League champion. Written In The Stars played their last game under that name (now HAVU) as they faced off against Butterfly Effect in a best-of-5 series. Here's how it went: Game 1: Written In The Stars - Butterfly Effect 3-2 OT Game 2: Butterfly Effect - Written In The Stars 0-3 Game 3: Written In The Stars - Butterfly Effect 1-0 Written In The Stars ROAD TO THE FINALS Regular season record: 22-0-0 Round 1: BYE Round 2: vs HC Unknown Diamond 3-0 Round 3: vs The Black Jacks 3-0 Quarterfinals: vs Nordic Stars 3-1 Semifinals: vs Unlucky Boys HC 3-0 GOALTENDERS #16 V. Voutilainen @VesKuLiNe #88 H. Kettunen @Hansulinho DEFENSEMEN #43 Y. Wilhelm @willekunq #65 N. Mooh @kojowaa #78 M. Katajisto @Nassustelija FORWARDS #6 I. Lehkonen @Buantso #13 R. Järvi @Dominointi #25 E. Tammenpää @Eki #87 T. Keränen @topikeranen #91 T. Kuha @FlyerKungen NHLGamer congratulates Written In The Stars for the title!
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    Team name: Virtual Horizons eSports Team abbreviation: vH Team captains (PSN IDs):@lycki10, @Nakkertoni, @Serg1vratar Team roster (PSN IDs): Serg1vratar_vH 🇷🇺 xMotzz_29 🇷🇺 Sluibaaja_88 🇫🇮 Lycki10 🇫🇮 Nakkertoni 🇫🇮 xLVxRiTchEy 🇱🇻 Valta15 🇫🇮 KrisutusB 🇫🇮 Ilikkaa 🇫🇮 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Virtual Horizons eSports Team Logo:
  45. 14 points
    NHLGamers! We're rolling on with the ECL 8 Lite Playoffs and now we've come along to the second round, where also the top 16 seeded teams get to jump in on the action. At this point, the 32 best teams of ECL 8 Lite remain to battle for Pro division spots in ECL 9. The second round of the playoffs will start today on Thursday, February 14th, 2019 and end on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019. According to section 5.6.1 of the ECL 8 Rulebook, the ECL 8 Lite Playoffs will be played as follows: In ECL Lite, the top 8 teams from each of the 6 groups will make the playoffs. For each group the top 2 teams will have a bye round and advance directly to round 2. All remaining teams will be seeded according to the tiebreakers mentioned in 11.3. The top 4 teams of these seeded ones will also advance directly round 2. This leaves 32 teams playing in round 1, where the top seed plays the 32nd seed, 2nd seed will play 31st etc. The winning teams will be merged with the bye teams and play the 2nd round, making a total of 32 teams competing in round 2. Tiebreakers (ECL 8 Rulebook 11.3): Wins (including OT-wins) Head-to-head record (points in mutual games) Goal difference (across all games played) Scored goals (across all games played) After the first round, all remaining teams are again re-seeded. Every series are played in a best of seven manner and the higher seeded team will play the first game at home. (10.7.2 ECL Rules). Here are the matchups for round 2 of the ECL 8 Lite Playoffs: (2.) Old Farts vs. Poston Fruits (36.) (3.) Dystopia vs. SKA Hokurit (35.) (5.) Blackdawgs vs. Club Savage (33.) (6.) Last Period vs. Western Express (31.) (7.) Perttilan Kommandot vs. LammasLauma (28.) (8.) Nearbird Fighters vs. Beast Hockey (27.) (9.) Elamam Kiekko vs. Farminaattori (26.) (10.) Puck Panthers vs. Me Carvoset (25.) (11.) We Kings vs. EV Fuessen eSports (24.) (12.) Saucer Hockey vs. Kaukosen Luistin (23.) (13.) The Dudes vs. Reaperr (22.) (14.) Oton Letkutemppu vs. Finnish Hockey Legends (21.) (15.) N0 Name vs. Vesa Pompa HC (20.) (16.) Cheers Hockey vs. Suomen Sonnit (19.) (17.) Mighty French Roosters vs. Chatbox (18.) League Administration rulings in Round 1: Dynamic Due to the team not being able to put 6 players on the ice for the rest of this season, they will be disqualified. This result in the best seeded team from the regular season (Prowlers) moving on to the 3rd round of the playoffs. (You can read more about the events that led to this here.) Suomen Sonnit vs Stayhard Stallions: LA got the information about Suomen Sonnit goaltender (cyberg-kzn) switching traits during a disconnected game and the new one that followed. This is not allowed according to rule 11.11 Player Disconnects This will result in a 1 game ban for the goaltender (cyberg-kzn) and it will be served during their first game in Round 2. The trait switching was only reported 3 days after the game was reported and the score of the game will stand. Atomic Hamsters vs Mighty French Roosters: In this case Atomic Hamsters had several games with connection issues and decided to not play the final games of the series on Wednesday. This day was also the deadline for the 1st round of the playoffs. Roosters were still available and wanted to finish the series on this night. LA member Hennisch, who is a member of Atomic Hamsters, was excluded in all discussions and voting related to the decision in order to come to an unbiased view of the situation. According to rule 11.9 Connection Issues This rule wasn't followed in this case, Hamsters continued to play their games past the 2 minute mark even though connection issues had appeared. In the end, this resulted in 1 walk over win to Mighty French Roosters, which resulted in their team going to the 2nd round. Play hard and fair out there, see you on the ice! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    Team name: GHETTO FIREBIRDS Team abbreviation: GFB Team captains (PSN IDs): (C) KepakkoFIN, (A) Sakkem95, (A) Vilze92 Team roster (PSN IDs): TessunTorpeedo Jeresti KepakkoFIN Sakkem95 GreventiousFIN Mamelukkikala91 Aantri Vilze92 Jertsicc Taettonov EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/GHETTO FIREBIRDS Team Logo: Same old logo
  47. 13 points
    The Dudes looking for new players because DNA crisis. - Positions: LW/C, RD, G - Language Finnish - No DNA as ISP!!! We hope you are easy going dude who like to move puck fast and just have fun playing.
  48. 13 points
    New works. One awesome work together with Brian McDonald www.iambrian.net @brianstorming
  49. 13 points
    hola, finnish dude looking for club, can participate in ECL if moti is high enough LW, maybe RW if drunk enough played last season in pro with Saints and before that with Almost Famous in Lite before army. looking for mostly Pro teams, maybe Lite psn: se_ve420
  50. 12 points
    Almost Famous In: Jonitski from Cowabunga Hockey sokkelo__ from Cowabunga Hockey Makeaxl from Cowabunga Hockey Out: AzeStiNE to Free Agents kikiukko to CLUB ONE s_w1ld_RUS to Free Agents
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