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    Hey NHLGamers, We've had a great journey together and we couldn't be more excited about where NHLGamer is headed in the new year! While we continue to grow and develop at a fast pace, it's important for us to take some time to reflect on what we've accomplished, to date, and how to improve moving forward. One of our community members is currently writing a thesis and is interested in writing it about NHLGamer, specifically our social media channels. This gives us an opportunity to both help them graduate and educate ourselves with some survey findings. We would love for you to answer an anonymous survey questionnaire. We promise it won't take more than 5 minutes of your time and it will help us understand what you value and where you would like us to improve when it comes to social media and content. The survey is available in English and Finnish and will close after the weekend. Survey in English Survey in Finnish Thank you in advance for your time and have a great weekend!
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    Delusion In: @zanechkin from Gotham Knights
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    It is clear and even was clear before season started that Delusion is team that should play in Elite. But it is not that simple. If we let teams to start straight from Elite it lowers the value of Elite Division and undermines the work and commitment that others have done for their teams to get that spot in Elite. There is a lot of tournaments where new teams can join right away. ECL Elite is the only one that you cant.
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    You are very correct, thank you! Round 1: 16.-23.12 Round 2: 29.12-5.1 Quarterfinals: 7.-14.1 Semifinals: 16.-23.1 Finals: 25.1.-1.2.
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    Free backup goalie for eSHL 🤠
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    Omg its like flies around poop 😂😂😂
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    Free LD for eSHL. Can play everyday..
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    Free RW for eSHL, can play very dangerous at forward. Contact here or PSN EABUNKA (EA MATIAS BUNNA)
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    Free G/F for eSHL active and experienced. Backup role is fine ofc. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=470
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    Delusion is top5 team in elite but playing in pro, niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee✌️🥳
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    Free winger for eSHL,looking for a team wich got patience to develope good team. Try outs? Psn Thunderace1977
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    Free G for eSHL Contact here or PSN: SolidElli
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    Free RW/C for eSHL. Can play everyday
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    Robbery In: p-s-y-c-h-o-swe From: company of geeks
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    Free backup LD/RD:) Going to military in January ;_;
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    Seems like I have to say it again, we have already accepted it we are not complaining whats the problem here ?
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    You must understand that after IS cup we proved that we are top 2 team in EU, Ofcourse we would like to play agaisnt best and improve our placement but we are not ungrateful at all. It was very clear that first season we must go to pro so here we are! Who doesnt like to score points like crazy 💁🏼‍♂️
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    And how do you solve this practically? Who’s Elite spot will Delusion take? Will you expand the Elite division? Please offer some solutions. Kind of tired of hearing certain teams complain about their place in time. You don’t hear the same complaints from Lite teams that should be in pro/ neo teams in Lite etc. Wise up please
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    Hi! I really want to play in the ECL and looking for a team! I can play C,LW and RW. Left handed over 650 cr. Play almost everyday. Can score but usally play as a playmaker. Write to me here or hon PSN : Softa_tofta See you!
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    Bump. Any other teams still affected? We've been limited to playing a handful of German and French teams in public matchmaking for roughly 2 months now. Basically when this thread started. The beta and ~ first two weeks were working fine.
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    If my math is correct. There is one round of playoff games missing in this schedule. There is rounds for only 16 team playoffs. Round 1: 16.-23.12 Quarterfinals: 29.12-5.1 Semifinals:7.-14.1 Finals: 16.-23.1
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    Free LD/RD looking for team. Prefer elite/pro teams, can play at eSHL also if needs😎 Contact here please for more info
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    Free experienced and active goalie for eSHL.
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    Free RD for eSHL. 🤗
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    Name: nTice eSports Wants: nTice Esports are Recruiting for 2020 -Team manager/coach - Competitive Players - Content Creators (Youtube) -Streamers (Twitch or Mixer) -16+ in age -EU/NA feel free to message for more information thanks Other Info: Feel free to add me or Joey on discord to discuss this more Ridic MUFC#9059 nTice Joey#4334
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    Hello . Looking for ECL team. I’m playing Dman on both side. 24y.o. English/Russian language speaking. Text to me here in Private message. Hugs and kisses
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    Kuutamokiekko ECL Neo Mr_Granfort from Fuularinsat
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    Use this thread to find players for your PS4 team. Some of the things you may want to include: Club name: Looking for: Other Info: Good luck!
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    Free any backup position for eSHL.
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