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    Btw why you guys keep searching game eventhou you know it will crash? just asking
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    Hi Everyone, There's been a lot of talk about issues with the Dressing Rooms and getting errors where at least one of the 12 players drops out of the game before it starts. The issue has been there since the launch of the game, but was improved significantly since. However, after the latest PS4 update, the number of Dressing Room Errors seem to have skyrocketed. There has been a lot of speculation that players using the Finnish ISP DNA would be suffering from this the most and through this poll, I hope to get some factual data about what the issue looks like today, in order to provide it to the different parties. Please vote truthfully, as only the facts will help us get to the bottom of the issue. Edit: Made the poll alternatives a bit simpler
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    Your comment tells me a lot about you as a person. You truly don’t understand why we seek a game? And if you don’t understand that was only rhetorical question. We have played only few evenings during this problem (because we have 3 "DNA players")but when we play we managed to get atleast 2-3 games/evening which is better than nothing. Its frustrating (for all of us) and that’s why I have tried to help solving this problem and tried to activate others but some of you rather be a loudmouth - its not suprising. I knew that my message might activate some morons but also I hope that it activates some smart ones too. I hope you and your followers could use few minutes of your precious time and help this genre via the link https://tuki.dna.fi/org/dna-fi/d/dna-laajakaista-ja-nhl19/ , thanks. Meanwhile if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
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    NHLGamers, After long season and some incredibly tight turns, we're proud to be crowning Oton Letkutemppu your ECL 8 Lite champion! It was certainly no easy feat, but Oton really found their stride in the playoffs. The absolute clinic put on in the finals goes to show that we are talking about a Pro ready team and we'll be waiting eagerly for what next season entails for these guys. NHLGamer would also like to congratulate Vesa Pompa HC, We Kings and Cheers Hockey for outstanding performances and promotions to ECL 9 Pro. The game by game results for the finals are as follows: Game 1: Oton Letkutemppu - Vesa Pompa HC 5:0 Game 2: Vesa Pompa HC - Oton Letkutemppu 0:1 Game 3: Oton Letkutemppu - Vesa Pompa HC 3:0 Game 4: Vesa Pompa HC - Oton Letkutemppu 1:2 Oton Letkutemppus championship roster: GOALTENDERS #4 K.Makise @Huuru #62 S.Rakastaja @Theoikeakarim DEFENSEMEN #16 J.Pappas @JokkePappa #44 O.Keskitalo @Duran93 FORWARDS #9 T.Lehclair @Thounimeister #9 O.Kuhta @Matson94 #15 T.Rautavaara @builtforspeedos #59 V.Svitov @RappioTaide #87 S.Crosby @Lehikoinen_ #88 P.Kaukalo @Juha88 Oton Letkutemppus road to the trophy: Regular season: 17-6-1 (14th) Round 1: BYE Round 2: 4:1 vs. Finnish Hockey Legends Round 3: 4:0 vs. Me Carvoset Quarterfinals: 4:2 vs. Blackdawgs Semifinals: 4:1 vs. Cheers Hockey Finals: 4:1 vs. Vesa Pompa HC Once again on behalf of all of us, congratulations! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    Gotham Knights Batmers are looking for a Dman! We only have 2 active D's atm so it would be nice to get 1 more so we can get more games going! Side doesn't matter but the ability to play both sides would be a huge ++++ Off season & upcoming tourneys More info here or PSN: ReDMisTi or Biggesteight
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    Northern Stars is looking for an experienced starting LD. You’ll be filling Rullstolskalas’s (In my opinion one of the best defenders in the game) shoes. This wont be an easy thing to do. But if you sincerely think you are up for the task, and want to play NHL on the highest competitive level. Send me or ma0niii a pm. And oh: You have to be swedish.
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    Teamless yet again. LD/RD. Update: nevermind. Not looking for a team anymore.
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    Raccoon Rampage We are looking for RW for our starting roster. What do we want from you? - able to communicate in Finnish - easy-going, we don't need or want any sort of drama - ready to commit - good attitude - some game knowledge, ability to play If you feel you match these requirements, contact me or @Eemil here or via PSN message. #FeelTheRampage
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    🍻WE ARE BACK🍻 Forwards: MuKiMaisteri Wirtsuuu jjonij s_a_k_i_s91 Defenders: DieCutterMC AzeStiNE Since2009- oGBioLan Goalies: Lagezickarno ___________________________________________________________ (We are still looking for goalie📝) https://twitter.com/MUKIMIEHET_
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    NHLGamers, It's been almost a month since we announced the NACL, and finally we have arrived at the doorstep of the inaugural season of what we hope will be as successful of a ride we've had with the ECL in Europe. The signup phase is over and after a short break in order to get everything set up the time has come to play. For NACL Pro on Xbox, we have a total of 14 teams participating. Due to all of the teams being new on our site and a majority of NHLGamer staff being EU based, we have very limited knowledge about participating teams so far. For that reason, we reached out to the players and asked each team to submit a prediction of the final standings for NACL Pro. Based on all of these predictions, we've generated a prediction ranking: 1. Epicenter 2. Problematic eSports 3. Code of Conduct 4. Quality Control 5. Heroes 6. Complex 7. GT R 8. Kangaroo Court 9. True North 10. PREDATOR 11. Chaos Esports 12. Chicago Mafia 13. NACL 2nd Battalion HC 14. Fox Squad As we've seen over and over. Predictions don't always mean much when it's all said and done, but we hope that this ranking will give you guys a snapshot into what we can expect from these teams. We're very excited to have so many teams participating in the Pro division and look forward to delivering the high quality league experience NHLGamer is associated with. As it is now, our knowledge of these teams is limited, but as the action takes off and we get to see some games, we'll be able to provide better and more detailed reports and previews about the ups and downs this upcoming season. Let's get the hockey underway! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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    Checkmate (Elite), looking for starting G and F. Contact me here or psn.
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    Oh, wow. If a team without any DNA fellas dodge you (bc 90% of time it doesn't work against you), shouldn't that be a hint for you to not search and take a break? Let that team to find other team? That's a little tricky one atm since you guys keep searching and finding that same "zero DNA" - Team again & again. Keep ruining others club experience, that's the fkin spirit! ;D So, my point: you are causing errors -> wait and don't force others to eat shit.
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    NHLGamers, Welcome one and all to the opening season of NACL on PS4! Almost a month has passed since we first announced the NACL league structure as a whole, and thanks to the interest of the 11 teams below, we were able to extend the NACL to PS4, as well as the XB1. As NHLGamer up to this point has been almost entirely EU based, we were somewhat at a loss in regards as to what to say about the players and teams taking part in this league. As such, prior to this season starting we asked all teams to submit a prediction of how the table will shape up, once all the games have been played in the regular season. So, without further ado, here is your NACL PS4 season prediction: 1. Barbajous 2. Best 4 Business 3. Smell my cup 4. No limits 5. Cross Crease 6. RAG RATS 7. Prestige Worldwide 8. Br0 Unit 9. Expect Many Errors 10. Elegant Elgins 11. Gr8ness Awaits Of course, these type of predictions tend to fall into irrelevancy as the season goes on, with many teams going on hot streaks, and many falling by the wayside in the attempt to win it all. Despite this, we hope that this rather brief breakdown of NACL PS4 gives you a good enough idea of who the favourites are going into the season! As always, we wish all teams the best of luck and we hope to provide the high quality league experience that NHLGamer is associated with. Anyway, now that the formalities and boring stuff are out of the way we can get down to the important stuff - so in other words, let the games begin! NACL Writer, @MartindalexC
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    NHLGamers, It's been a wild ECL 8 in 'The Jungle' formally known as ECL Lite. For this season, the playoff format was changed up a bit due to a large amount of teams signing up and due to a community outcry for more regular season games. In past seasons, the Lite regular season has probably not bees as tightly contested as in our other divisions simply due to the fact that a vast majority of teams have made the playoffs - this season, a large amount of teams made the playoffs, but we found a way to bring more meaning to the regular season by creating larger groups. Now teams had to fight for their post-season a bit more! The Lite playoffs, however, are notorious for being an absolute free-for-all. With 48 teams making the playoffs, we've now weeded through five rounds in order to make it to the finals, that's a lot of games right there. Number 14 seed Oton Letkutemppu has played a total of 20 playoff games so far and the opposing number 20 seed Vesa Pompa HC have fought through a total of 24 playoff battles. (14) Oton Letkutemppu vs. Vesa Pompa HC (20) The season finale is just around the corner and it is going to be a big one. Both teams have had a strong playoff push against good teams and they will wrap up the season in this best of 7 series. Who will lead their team to victory? Will it be @Lehikoinen_ who has recorded 44 points through 20 games for Letkutemppu or will it be the notorious L2-spam legend @Eken45jr who has 59 points in the same amount of games for Vesa Pompa. If you want to be ECL 8 Lite champion you have to put the puck into the back of the opponents net. In order to do that you have to beat two very solid goaltenders in this series. Will @peppeztvshow be the big difference maker in the series with an outstanding goalie performance with a record of 12-1 or will @Huuru (10-3) be more successful at keeping the puck out of his 4 by 6 net? All of these above questions will be answered starting tonight, as the ECL 8 Lite Finals kick off with a bang. We're going to see a tightly contested battle between two mildly surprising finalist teams, so make sure to stay tuned for a schedule announcement and tune in to the stream tonight! I hope you guys are as excited as we are to get this thing started. Other than that, let the series begin. ECL Lite Writer, @Willander97
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    Yo! Due to lack of motivation for competitive games and lack of time, i'm now a free agent. Spent the last season in Pro. I'm preferably looking for a Lite team as i still would like to play in ECL, but i also just want to have fun when i play. Due to my (very) limited window of gaming nowadays, i'm looking to be a backup and just hop on to play every once in a while. Positions: (Preferred) C, RW, RD, G, LD, LW. So, anything goes but you'll get the best of me in the first three mentioned. I would like to play C, as i've played as RW and RD my whole career. If interested, contact me here or on PSN: Ollizhki.
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    Supernatural, ECL PRO Looking for G (starter and backup) for upcoming tournaments and ECL. Preferably Finnish, because of our voice chat. We are very active team throughout the year, with long term goals and good atmosphere.
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    Up with a minor adjustment: At this moment im struggling with motivation with the game so im looking for backup spot more than a top6 spot. Could be interested in trying C aswell.
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    Logotype for commentator EASHL. Jani Hetta , @Jiihooo86
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    Looking for a competetive team. Position C, Ld, Lw. Can play almost every day, but time depend which shift i have at work. Backup role is fine
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    Cannonieris IN: Neazz1 (From FA) Welcome to our group! 8/8 ✔️
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    Cannonieris We're now having an age average of 31 in the team. Welcome! IN : TuomoP83 (From Speedy Bros Hockey) 7/8 ✔️
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    The Dudes looking for new players because DNA crisis. - Positions: LW/C, RD, G - Language Finnish - No DNA as ISP!!! We hope you are easy going dude who like to move puck fast and just have fun playing.
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    No Limits should win this pretty handily. Best 4 Business has pretty good chem and Rag Rats are all guys that used to be really good. Shouldn't take this as a look at the top comp in NA though. A few teams are full of guys that I've never even heard of, can't imagine they'll stick too long after a few 10-0 beatings. Hopefully it'll be interesting still!
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    Thanks @jahajaha93 and the whole NHL Gamer organization! Gotta say I’m glad we made it this far till the end. First of all this club was created just few days before the ECL started. I just had an idea to ask @Theoikeakarim to put down a club with bunch of irl friends and few others. Cause the Baltic Sea Eagles didn’t participate for this ECL 8, I thought we could really just pull this off. But anyways back to the game then! Our defense was solid in this series, and that was the backbone for our club on these games. Not to mention theoikeakarim who stood like a wall in net. For the offense we capitalized quite perfectly from our chances and played smartly with the puck. Once again it was a great tournament even though the DNA tried to screw us over. Gg’s Vesa Pompa!
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    Our team has multiple DNA players, but we still keep playing almost every day with few of them on the ice/bench, we get around 3-4 games in 2.5 hours, so not bad. To those who are annoyed that DNA teams still remain active, relax and take a breather - maybe do something that we do, we play various word games in voice chat while searching , hangman has been the favorite so far and I can honestly say the time goes by almost flying even when big chunk of games end into error before they start. We also do races on who gets back to the locker room the fastest after closing the application, that is quite fun and helps keeping fingers warm.
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    DNA eSports recruting players! All kind of dr. dre's are allowed
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    BEAST HOCKEY FORWARDS: Jaks_10 (C) - CAPTAIN Hanzqa (RW) mannerheim199 (RW/LW) Saippua (LW/C/RW) UPCOMING SIGNING DEFENSEMEN: skebazu (RD) - ALTERNATE CAPTAIN hardsrrocky (LD/RD) - ALTERNATE CAPTAIN UPCOMING SIGNING UPCOMING SIGNING GOALTENDERS: benjamint737 LeroyLetsPlays We are actively looking to fill the remaining spots, so feel free to contact me with a PM or on PSN : Jaks_10 Follow us on Twitter: BeastEashl
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    The Dudes looking for RD - No DNA as ISP!!! Contact me here or PSN ahonaattori
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    Roster updated 2019-03-14 https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Cannonieris Forwards eeskay - (All pos) KukaKaatoiJutin - (W/C) MEICCIMOI - (W) Neazz1 - (W/D) TuomoP83 - (C/W) Defenders iSvamp (RD) Oukkigg (LD) Goalie Ranta83 -------- (POC) @iSvamp & @KukaKaatoiJutin (Still waiting for our logo - enjoy our Aquaman-jerseys)
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    Freddie Mercury Institute (PRO) We are looking for: - #1 Goalie Usually, we play from Monday to Thursday, 18.30 - 22.00 CET. Previous experience from ECL is really important. We appreciate the motivation and willingness to commit on agreed game plan and schedules. More details and all the contacts to me here in NHLgamer or in PSN: TTERO
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    Teams with this DNA problem. Go and challenge some team (not Fin). Then you can play more than 1-2 games maybe.
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    Cant wait to see NACL teams in action! Hopefully all the teams will finish their season with full GP and no one quits once again welcome to NHLgamer and let us know when streams starts
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    Sorry that I use finnish but link is for finnish dna users. Käykää mahdollisimman moni laittamassa tänne kommenttia, niin dna saattaa yrittää myös tehdä asialle jotain, kiitos. https://tuki.dna.fi/org/dna-fi/d/dna-laajakaista-ja-nhl19/ Btw today we tried to play over 4 hours and managed to get 2 games with 3dna players. We cant continue with our normal lineup before this bug is fixed. After that we tested to play 3vs3 against each other and couldnt even join same rooms or start the game.
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    Mighty French Roosters (lite) looking for a starter G Contact me here or PSN izzo1706
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    Hi. Im a goalie. Can I do tryout game with the team?
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    Free Lw/Rw looking for lite/pro team Teamplay and active club who has the ambitions go be the best! Contact me here or psn id Rullathor1991
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    Finnish goalie looking for a starter spot from Lite. Interested of tryouts also. Contact on PSN. S0hvaperuna___ Edit: I have founded team
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    Still free rw for pro team tryouts
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    Swedish LD looking for Swedish club that prefer teamplay. Top Lite or Pro club. I can play daily and mostly evenings. Contact me here or PSN. // Fancystick99
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    Everyone ofcourse does what they feel like... In my small team of 6 skater and 2 goalie, 4 skater had / has DNA. After few days of DR error rumba, we made decision of play not more than 1 DNA Dude per game. That way we managed to get some games, but still i believe we didn`t have fun sitting in waiting simulator. And worse part of it was that we ruined gaming experience for many teams by causing DR errors. That is why we don`t play with DNA anymore. Dudes play with phone hotspot and other 4G connections... it is laggy, kind of sux, and everyone feels like a dork of paying once again extra to get to play this silly game. But at least we dont cause DR errors to others anymore and everyone has more fun. I get it that we nhl addicts have to get to play... but i don`t wonder why many get angry to you if you are causing something like 20 DR errors / night... If all teams would do the same... game nights would be "interesting".
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    If both teams press ready before 23 sec mark we usually get game going, but if someone slow to press and the timer have to go down to 0 one of our guy or other team get error.
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    Due to the policy of our organization sponsors, we are currently looking for U-22 Finnish Defenders and Wingers, For more information contact me here or Psn. #VirtualHorizonsGG
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    RD looking for club to play in next ecl and of season games. Prefer finnish speaking team but i can speak solid english also. I dont have hands like världens bästa karlsson but i hit like buffy and got iq like Janne Niinimaa 🤣 I can also play in G if needed If interrested invite to tryouts and send msg psn id Lambu89
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