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    NHLGamers, JYP Jyvaskyla is a traditional hockey club hailing from Central Finland and with their announcement today, the club is becoming the first Finnish Liiga-club to venture into NHL esports. “We’ve been planning our entry into esports for a long time already, it was really a matter of opportunity and Symphony struck us as a very potential team that wanted to work with us. We wanted to spice up our marketing with something new and an own esports team in the NHL scene is the perfect way to go in the current state of things. This allows us to present new opportunities in cooperation for our partners and serve our customers in a multitude of new ways.” - Taneli Maasalo, JYP Jyvaskyla about entering the NHL esports scene. “JYP is a prestigious club that has created a great brand. When they showed interest in us, we quickly found a similar note and decided to go ahead with the partnership. It’s also great to represent the first Liiga-team in NHL Esports.” - Team captain Santeri @indi969 Pendolin The roster that will be representing JYP is that of former Symphony, which received a major overhaul since ECL 9, which wasn’t up to standards for the team that usually pushes far into the postseason. Most notably, the team boosted their left flank by adding left defenseman Aaro @xDoumi Ruuhinen and left wing Kristian @kriketski17 Veijola to their lineup. “Our NHL roster has a lot of likeness to our Liiga squad, where we have a bunch of veteran expertise combined with youthful talent. Symphony has established themselves as a playoff contender in ECL Elite and we want to be there in helping them take the next step. There’s a lot of potential, which is proven by earlier performances like the 2nd place in ECL 7 for example.”, says Maasalo. Follow JYP Jyvaskyla on social media: Twitter / Team Twitter Facebook Instagram
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    NHLGamers, We know you've got that competitive itch and it's time to get the action started! The total of 196 teams signed up shows that we are growing at a rapid pace. The tenth iteration of our longest-running league will be bringing you that high-level competition you've been longing for, but this time we wanted to up the ante - in bringing you a historical 6s prize pool of 15 000 €! This is made possible because of the several steps forward that we've taken in the past few months, but first and foremost due to our cherished partners Ilta-Sanomat Esports & Prisma Gaming. We'll also be seeing an unprecedented number of professional teams present in our league, with the Elite division alone featuring a total of ten teams representing esports organizations as well as traditional sporting associations. Among the newest additions, we have recently welcomed JYP Jyväskylä, SJ Gaming, hREDS, and KOVA Esports, whereas teams such as HAVU Gaming and Farjestad BK have already been sporting their colors for an extended period of time (and done so in successful fashion!). These organizations joining in brings an added level of interest and some existing rivalries to the scene, where for example the Finnish organizations are battling between themselves and our Swedish eSHL teams surely want to be able to call themselves kings of the hill in their own neighborhood. Continuing the tradition that began in ECL 8 when NHLGamer introduced NHL 18 World Champion Erik "I_Eki_I" Tammenpää as the first-ever cover gamer in the NHL 6v6 scene, a torch that was carried further by HAVU Gaming's star goaltender Hannes "Hansulinho" Kettunen in ECL 9, we are proud to present our ECL 10 cover gamer. None other than two-time ECL Elite champion and Linköping HC goaltender, Casper "ICappeI" Lundgren! Meet the ECL 10 cover gamer - Casper @ICappeI Lundgren You're the third ECL cover gamer and in good company at that, what are your thoughts about your selection? I'm proud to have been selected obviously and it's even more special to be the first Swede having the honor. I have tremendous respect for both @Eki and @Hansulinho and think they are the embodiment of sportsmanship, being in this club with those guys feels humbling. Your team Linkoping HC had a rather perfect run over the winter months and you walked away with two trophies to stack your shelf with. How motivated are you to defend that top spot and how does it feel to be the team everyone is gunning for? Yeah, it seemed like everything clicked and we really got our game going so there definitely was no stopping us. We're all competitive people and having established that winning culture makes us want to keep that momentum going, rest assured we will do everything in our power to keep that top spot. I know a lot of teams are out to get us and especially HAVU Gaming must be looking for a rematch after last season's finals. I also see hREDS as a prime candidate in the championship battle and Symphony has looked stronger than ever during the preseason. The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world on halt, but with the absence of traditional sports, that has opened up the opportunity for esports to shine. What are your thoughts on that and what do you think we can do to best utilize that opportunity? It's a shame to not have traditional sports, especially in a time where a majority of leagues would have been in the decisive times and the biggest games of the season would have been starting. With all of these esports orgs and traditional sports clubs joining, this is our chance to develop the NHL gaming scene and the interest around our league. I think the best we as players can do is to stay active on social media, get your Twitter, Twitch or Instagram going and support all the teams and people putting content out there! Check in on each other's broadcasts to get those viewer numbers up. It is up to us as a community to take care of this opportunity and growing the scene. Now is our chance to show all other sports fans how exciting esports really is! ECL Elite Finals and prize pool Due to the COVID-19 situation, the ECL 10 season is currently planned to be played online. The semifinals are played May 25th-28th and the finals on June 4th-5th. More details about the playoffs will be shared closer to the playoffs. The Elite division of the prize pool will be as follows: #1. ECL 10 Elite Champion: 10 000 € #2. ECL 10 Elite Runner-Up: 3 000 € #3.-4. ECL 10 Elite Semifinal losers: 1 000 € *Prizes are subject to tax as per Finnish law and the tax is withheld before payment. Prizes will be paid out within 90 days of the ECL 10 Finals. When? ECL 10 Elite kicks off on Wednesday, April 8th at 20:00 CEST. Our broadcast of the night features heated battles between Unlucky Boys vs JYP Jyväskylä, followed by JYP Jyväskylä and GHETTO FIREBIRDS. Where/how to follow? ECL 10 Elite will see a whole new level of coverage and with traditional sports out of the picture for the time being this is our time to shine. The top division will feature two weekly broadcasts on Mondays and Thursdays at 20:00 CEST with our very own Cody @Tougie24 Tougas and Paul @CynAnderson being the prevalent voices over the course of the season and for those of you that have tuned in for some of our NACL broadcasts, you know that we've been working on the production a lot over the last few months, so you can expect us to have a few tricks up our sleeve. All broadcasts can be seen live at our Twitch-channel, but due to our fresh partnership also now on IS TV and Ruutu.fi. To clarify - while our regular scheduled broadcasts are on Mondays and Thursdays, the season will kick off with a Wednesday broadcast tomorrow, on April 8th at 20:00 CEST! About our main partners Ilta-Sanomat Ilta-Sanomat is Finland's largest digital media measured by unique daily readers. The tabloid is distributed in traditional form, but thrives online, prevailing as one of the main daily news outlets for Finns alike. Prisma Gaming Prisma Gaming is a carefully picked assortment of consoles, computers, and other gaming gear. The selection has been built together with the professionals at HAVU Gaming and can be found in all Prisma locations and online at Prisma.fi. Prisma Gaming wants to support Finnish esports and through the ECL, now also supports esports internationally. About our partners HockeySverige.se Hockeysverige.se is the biggest independent hockey site in Sweden, covering everything from the NHL to women's hockey and E-sport
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    NHLGamers It's time for our season preview of the ECL 10 Pro division. A bit over two months has passed since we saw Delusion crowned as the champions of ECL 9 Pro when they managed to beat Vesa Pompa HC in a final series that included an enormous amount of individual talent and two teams that both eventually paved their way into the top tier. Top tier play is on the list of requirements yet again for the champions as the game and our growing community makes the 6v6 scene more competitive season after season. To cap off last season we saw all top 4 Pro teams fight their way to Elite and also really tight games in the Elite Qualification Series which proves that the quality of play in Pro division is at a really high level right now. At the moment we are living in especially hard times globally. The COVID-19 pandemic will most probably have some influence on ECL competition in this starting season in terms of rescheduling and also if teams are forced to use back-ups in cases of sickness (which we pray does not happen). This might be a factor that sways the power ranking between teams one way or another. That is an interesting topic and the consequences of COVID-19 remain to be seen. We're definitely hoping not to see too much effect on the ECL this season, it's a prevalent topic that needs to be addressed in these times. ECL isn´t the “island away from the rest of the world” so this is a point we should not ignore ahead of this starting season. To sum it all up: Teams that were relegated from ECL 9 Elite and weren’t able to fight their way back in the Elite Qualification Series are Leksands IF and TIKI TALK. Teams that proved their worth in ECL 9 Lite and earned the promotion to ECL 10 Pro are Lite champions Sulkavan Sudet, runner-up Riven Johdolla, Clumsy Penguins and MOCKBA. To fill the missing teams in the division, NHLGamer staff have accepted applications from teams Rookie Mistakes, Kouvola Screaming Eagles, Company of Geeks, HanaaHC, Djurgarden Hockey and Team Frosty for the open spots in ECL 10 Pro. ECL 10 Pro has a total of 32 teams divided into two groups. We took a closer look at some of the most interesting teams at this point in the season and decided to bring you basic information about them and highlight some key players to follow. We are also predicting their success in the regular season during the forthcoming season. Group 1 Leksands IF After a disappointing season in ECL 9 Elite, Leksands IF was able to put up quite a show in the first eSHL season and the playoffs, where they first won ECL 9 Elite semifinalist Lulea Hockey and fought bravely against Linköping HC in a semifinal series that ended 3-1 (BO5) in the favor of the eSHL (and ECL 9) champion. Success in eSHL must have brought some confidence back but it didn’t show in the Elite Qualification Series, where the team saw another bottom of the table finish and was thereby relegated. Despite the recent setbacks the team has faced, Leksands IF is still seen as the favorite eSHL team to succeed this season in ECL 10 Pro (Challenge accepted Vaxjo Lakers HC, Orebro eHockey and Djurgarden Hockey?). There is no doubt that if Leksands IF can find their stride again, they will be fighting for the cup this season. Captain @Mumsi- is once again expected to lead the team to a promotion battle as he did back in their Synergy Hockey days in ECL 7 Pro, with familiar faces by his side. A notable player is missing from the roster, as it appears that long-time defender @Egyptologen (J-Foppa) has left the team. Placement after regular season: 1-2 Player to watch: Experienced defender and club icon @Supremski is the backbone for the whole team. With so many good attacking teams it is one of the main requirements for success to have good defenders that can do well in the own zone and Supremski represents the cream of the crop in this sector at this level. Enigma This team that was named Sandstorm last season has made a brand change and is now called Enigma. Last season, Sandstorm suffered a loss in the first round of the playoffs against GHETTO FIREBIRDS in a tight series that ended 4-3. The name isn’t the only thing that has changed from last season, though. Only captain @MozjaTG (Mozja-) remains from last seasons roster. However, compared to their roster in ECL 9 Pro the quality hasn’t dropped at all. For example, the team lost their best scorer @yrjoo but in exchange former Symphony player @Nieppii returns to Pro hockey after a couple of seasons in Elite. Also former team captain @Crisu_rottis returns to strengthen the defensive line after a season with Almost Famous. It is really interesting to see how the fresh squad will blend as a team and find chemistry. The roster of Enigma has the potential to do great things this season but in the end it is all about teamwork which we will see more in depth when the season starts. If the team can get their motors running the way they want to, it's likely that Enigma will do way better than they did last season and be a real threat to any team in the later stages of the season. Placement after regular season: 1-2 Player to watch: @Nieppiiis probably the most reputable player signed by a Pro division this season and possesses great offensive upside. He is expected to help Enigma with his experience, personal talent and points. Kaupallinen Yhteistyo Some eyebrows were raised when relatively unknown Kaupallinen Yhteistyo was promoted to ECL Pro 9 last season through their Pro application but after proving all doubters wrong, there's no question they are a force to be reckoned with this season. In their first ECL season ever, Kaupallinen Yhteistyo managed to finish in 3rd place in their group and fought their way to the second round of the playoffs where they lost to Elite promoted GHETTO FIREBIRDS. As the team roster remains almost unchanged from the ECL 9 Pro season with the addition of @Frilanderfrom Unlucky Boys HC, it is expected that Kaupallinen Yhteistyo will take the next step forward this time. Last seasons success also gave the team a chance to play in the Elite Qualification Series where they won their group but finally lost to BRAYCE Phantoms in the decisive final series. Signs from the previous season and the Elite Qualification Series tell that forwards @Jooonasaurus, @Limbe65 and @Katuhessu (KrisutusB) have found that special chemistry that could make them the most effective attacking trio this season. With the recent form the team is showing, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise anymore to see Kaupallinen Yhteistyo fighting for Elite promotion at the end of the season. Placement after regular season: 1-2 Player to watch: @Jooonasaurus is a player whose reputation precedes him. After a very good run in the Qualification Series, he is expecting to be one of the leading forwards both performance-wise and statistically this season. RPEAT Esports Former Nightmare/Supernatural now skates under the banner of Finnish eSports organization RPEAT esports. Nightmare had a disappointing season in ECL 9 Pro as they were left out of the playoffs by a small margin. After the season, team captain @Kozek77(Kozeehh) and the new alternate captains @illbiocandyand @Aze (l-AZE-l) started reforming the team to redeem themselves. Only three players from last seasons Nightmare squad will continue the journey with RPEAT esports. When taking a closer look at the new faces arriving, it’s obvious that RPEAT esports aims high this season but also looks towards the future. Former Dynasty defender @DieCutterMC will bring experience to the defense while young gun @Timez (Timoccio) and ‘’hidden gem’’ (quote from RPEAT NHL twitter) @vJokkee- are determined to make the breakthrough at the Pro level. Is it going to happen in this season already? This team has the hunger for success and the potential to surprise many strong teams this season. It may be too early to talk about a team that is chasing a promotion for real, but the season will show us what's to come. Placement after regular season: 4-6 Player to watch: Center @Timez(Timoccio) was the key player for ECL 9 Lite runner-up Riven Johdolla last season. He is the most interesting prospect to follow in his first Pro season in a team that can help him become star player in the future. Alliance HT If BRAYCE Phantoms has the highest reputation of German teams, then Alliance HT is the legend of the Russian EASHL scene. Last season in ECL 9 Pro was really tough for them as they were one of the teams that fell to the relegation series. Alliance HT managed to keep their spot in Pro by sweeping Resurrection in the series. A couple of weeks ago it was still unsure if Alliance HT was going to participate ECL this season and for example ECL 9 captain @MAYZIIX was part of the TIKI TALK roster in the Elite Qualification Series before the registrations. It seems the worries have been left behind and they have made a flying start in RCL 6 Div 1. However it is expected that Alliance HT will have another hard season ahead. Longtime player and former captain @Denisovl17l (Denisov_D_l17l) who represented the team back in ECL 6 Pro returns to help the team in these hard times. But is it enough to avoid relegation this season? Placement after regular season: 13-16 Player to watch: Goalkeeper @crooks(Crooks_Tc) will play a big role for his team. He will have to play at his top level every night to help Alliance HT in a season that is expected to be difficult for them. Not an easy task for a keeper that is heading into his first ECL season ever. Group 2 Reality Check It is believed that many have marked Reality Check as the favorites for the title race this season. Last season in ECL 9 Pro, Reality Check had a decent regular season finishing 5th in the standings. They started the playoffs strong by beating Children of Ice in the first round and gave a good fight against eventual runner-up Vesa Pompa HC in the second round, losing the series 2-4. During the offseason, the squads roster saw a couple of changes when center @valta15, defender @Ninjawiq (Hakkapeiiitta) and goalie @Jann3_67_ , who all played a big role in last seasons team decided to leave. To fill these boots team saw the arrivals of @Hüüli(huulihoelkka44) and @jimboslizer from Rakish, @Talonmies69 from Children of Ice and @vokial2(SolidElli) from HC Wildcard. Reality Check was one of the teams that took part in the Elite Qualification Series. With the current roster they managed to be the best team in the group stage but in the end they couldn’t find the way to win Almost Famous in the final series. However Reality Check showed that roster changes haven’t hurt the team and proved to their competitors that they are ready for the new season and chase for the cup. Placement after regular season: 1-2 Player to watch: The preseason indicates that @James (Jamssonii) will replace Valta15 at the center position and the game looked promising in the Elite Qualification Series. Wingers are also expected to benefit from the playmaking skills of Jamssonii. Nordic Stars Nordic Stars had an excellent regular season in ECL 9 Pro where they finished third in their group. Everything seemed to go the way the team wanted until the first round of the playoffs where they faced Black Horse and lost the series 0-4. Actually one of the Black Horse players that ended up ruining their season was @Iltapeli (apetttaja) who is now part of the Nordic Stars roster. Nordic Stars are a team that likes to play a lot of NHL20. With around 1400 club games played they are certainly one of the most active teams in ECL currently and it shows on the ice. Players like @Vire30 and @Jerax13 do incredible things with the puck on the ice and the way Nordic Stars sometimes plays is really entertaining to watch. It is expected that Nordic Stars will do very well in the regular season this time as well but the question is - have they found a way to play winning playoff hockey? If the answer is yes, then there are not many teams in the league that can stand in their way. This could very well be the season for Nordic Stars that will make them forget last seasons disappointment. Placement after regular season: 1-2 Player to watch: @Iltapeli (apetttaja) scored 49 goals in 38 games last season in Black Horse. Nordic Stars' style of fast attacking hockey will suit him well and he could break his own personal goal record this season. TIKI TALK Legendary TIKI TALK were close to avoiding the relegation battle in Elite last season. They were tied in points with POGGERS but with fewer wins TIKI TALK headed to the relegation series where they lost to GHETTO FIREBIRDS. The team had a second chance to return to the top division in the Elite Qualification Series but they couldn’t find their game when it was needed and ended up losing all of the games in the group stage. If TIKI TALK can get through the hard times and find their best form and chemistry with their fresh squad, ‘’ESA’’ can be one of the best teams in the regular season, favorites for the promotion battle and challengers for the cup. Talking about legendary, team captain and scoring machine @itspardytime is once again one of the most interesting players to follow during the season. Last time TIKI TALK played Pro in ECL 8, itspardytime scored a league leading 150 points in 48 games and led his team to the finals where they eventually lost to POGGERS but later managed to get promoted to Elite. Placement after regular season: 3-4 Player to watch: It seems that @Sagee95 will start the season on defense. It is interesting to see how this talented player who is more known for his attacking abilities will convert to defense and how it will affect TIKI TALKs way of play. Shooting Stars There seems to be a really interesting rivalry building up between German Championship League powerhouses Shooting Stars (previously EV Fussen Esports) and ZSC Lions Esports (previously The Black Jacks). In ECL Pro 9, ZSC Lions Esports managed to get to the playoffs while Shooting Stars were left just below the playoff line. However in GCL 5 Div 1 playoff semifinals Shooting Stars defeated the Lions with a series score of 4-1. So it is maybe fair to say that the Shooting Stars have the upper hand at the moment. For some time ‘’The pride of Germany’’ BRAYCE Phantoms have waited for a worthy opponent at their own soil and Shooting Stars have shown that they are slowly building up to up to the task. After a very good GCL season, Shooting Stars are expected to improve from ECL 9 and even though many will not expect miracles from this team, we could see a real surprise from them at the end of the regular season. GCL 5 Div 1 runner-ups may be one of the most underrated teams at the start of the season. Placement after regular season: 4-6 Player to watch: It seems that defender @x Holtbeast (xReuTschNer98x) step into the boots of @Krinke this season in the center position. Results from GCL 5 Div 1 show that he fits well into the teams attacking trio and with interest we follow how it will turn out in the ECL rink. Sulkavan Sudet Looking back at the ECL 9 Lite seasonm Sulkavan Sudet made an almost perfect run to be the division champions. Attacking trio @Oxdoggi, @Kemppane_and @Luokkala_with the help of backup forward @Stapletonetore apart opposing defenses from start to finish. With such an impressive display someone could think that these guys played in the wrong division but it is actually going to be their first season in the higher divisions. The only players that have previous experience from Pro are defender @Pirkkalope and new signing @Okke40(hifk_FANI). Sulkavan Sudet also added some depth to their defense by signing @Maestroffi from Hokurit who also had a good season in ECL 9 Lite. Obviously Pro is going to be a harder challenge for the talented wolfpack but it is interesting to see how well the team can adapt their style in Pro and how far it will take them. However, just like with the other teams that got promoted from Lite, expectations are at a moderate level. Placement after regular season: 6-8 Player to watch: The teams style of attacking hockey can sometimes leave room for really promising counter-attacks and that is when goalkeeper @TeikDaun can steal the show. The keeper faced some critic last season because of his relatively low save percentage but we are talking about one of the best goaltenders this season. Prowlers Esports Prowlers Esports was one of the teams that got promoted to ECL 9 Pro through their application at the registration stage. The team had really hard last season where they were the bottom of their group. However Prowlers gathered their ranks and beat Horror Hockey in the relegation battle. After the season most of the players in the team left and captains @eKvaarn and @Forsberg__21 (Lawner_) had to make complete rebuild. Scouting through the new signings it seems most of the new faces will play their first Pro games this season. With an inexperienced squad, the expectations are low, but the squads real potential is still hidden and they have a long season ahead to glue as a team and improve their game. However it is expected that Prowlers Esports will once again be facing relegation to end the season. Placement after regular season: 13-16 Player to watch: @Forsberg__21(Lawner_) has had good seasons at the Lite level. Last season was hard for the whole team but now with the experience of some Pro hockey in his pocket it is probable that Lawner_ will lead his teams points stats at the end of the regular season. Well there you have it! We hope that yo enjoyed our small preview and similarly will enjoy the starting ECL 10 Pro season. Remember to follow all the teams on their respective social media channels including Twitch and/or Youtube. NHLGamer will keep you up to date on the progress of the season and more articles about the division will follow as the standings start to take shape. Play hard - have fun! Pro writers, @Oliverigood & @JakePlay77
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    The arrival of the global pandemic known as COVID-19 has brought about quite a few changes to life as we know it. While these changes – the arrival of the phenomenon “social distancing”, for example – won’t be permanent, they have certainly had an impact on most of us, if not all of us. Perhaps you have a friend or relative that has fallen ill. Perhaps you yourself have been battling the virus. Perhaps you’ve lost your job as a consequence of the radical changes in consumer behavior around the globe. Perhaps you’ve even lost someone close to you. In short, things aren’t great. And what’s worse is that no one can accurately predict how long we’ll be in this predicament. Still. As Harvey Dent of The Dark Knight (2008) would say – you know, before he turned all evil and homicidal – “The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you: the dawn is coming”. As we wait for the sun to come up and illuminate our path forward, we could all use a distraction. Something to take our minds off headlines of pain and suffering. So, with every sport from Formula 1 to curling canceled or put on indefinite hold – not to mention our favorite sport of ice hockey – and guidelines in most countries suggesting that we stay at home as much as possible, what could be better than some competitive esports? I mean, not to make light of the current situation but… as gamers, we’re kind of used to staying inside and maintaining distance to people. No? All kidding aside, with the whole world essentially put on pause we can and should consider ourselves lucky that we are still able to do what we love on a daily basis: play and compete in NHL 20. And who knows – while we are busy battling our rivals for supremacy in the four separate divisions of the European Championship League, we might even be able to offer a sliver of happiness to someone who is going through a tough time; be it a spectator or a player. If you ask me, that’s not "nothing". The competitive aspect should of course not be forgotten. After all, this is NHLGamer and 6v6 EASHL hockey is what we do. So, let’s talk competition. For the purposes of this article, that means taking a long, hard look at the 16 teams set to participate in the premier division of European 6v6 gaming, ECL Elite. For the seventh edition of this ultra-tough division – the first three seasons of ECL did not feature divisional separation – we begin by taking a look at two teams that are no strangers to winning. Teams many would say stand the best chance of claiming the coveted title of ECL Grand Champion. And so, without further ado, what better way to start than by focusing on… THE BIG TWO Their dominant run as we know it began in November of 2018, in IS Cup 3 (eSM 2018). That’s when the team known as FILADELPHIA secured their first championship title. They did so by defeating a team known at the time as Written In The Stars. Make a mental note of that because the rivalry of these two teams had only just gotten started. Mere weeks after winning the IS Cup 3 title, “FILA” added another trophy to their collection – none other than the ECL 7 Elite title: their first championship win in Elite. Only this time their opponent wasn’t Written In The Stars, it was newly established team Symphony. However, as the calendar year of 2018 ended and 2019 began, the balance of power shifted. ECL 8 Elite saw FILA face off in the finals against Written In The Stars; a re-match of the IS Cup 3 finals. Only this time it was “SKY” who brought home the championship. SKY proceeded to win the “just for fun”-tournament Spring League and followed that up by signing a contract with professional esports organization HAVU Gaming. Next up was the last event of EA SPORTS NHL 19; the summer tournament of FCL (eSM 2019). Once again, we were treated to a matchup in the finals between FILA and HAVU. The now green-and-black HAVU continued their dominant end to NHL 19 by defeating FILA and bringing home their third straight tournament win. Picture: HAVU Gaming celebrating FCL Championship 2019. Photo credit: SEUL / Arttu Kokkonen Along came the fall and EA SPORTS NHL 20 – but HAVU weren’t done winning. The first tournament of NHL 20, IS Cup 4, saw HAVU bring home their fourth (!) straight title – defeating newly created team Delusion in the finals. FILA finished a (for them) disappointing third and with that decided changes needed to be made. Delusion goaltender Casper @ICappeI Lundgren was brought in to replace previous net-minding stalwarts Oskari @sibeelius Grönroos and Mika @FinKonna Paasikontu. With that, it was time for the balance of power to shift once more. With the arrival of ICappeI, FILA proceeded to sign an esports deal with Swedish hockey organization Linköping HC of the SHL – the highest tier of professional hockey in Sweden. Switching from the orange stag of FILA to the White Lion of Linköping, LHC dove head-first into ECL 9 and decisively mopped the floor with most opponents. Sporting an ECL Elite-record 27-2-1 (tied with SKY from ECL 6), LHC claimed the #1 overall seed in the regular season and worked their way through Symphony and Luleå Hockey in the playoffs to reach the finals… where none other than, you guessed it, HAVU awaited them. With HAVU up 3-1 in the best of-7 series, LHC dug deep and found another gear – turning the series around and winning their first title since ECL 7. Linköping surfed their new-found wave of success all the way to winning the inaugural eSHL championship – including a win in the finals against a Malmö Redhawks team that featured HAVU players Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha (RW), Risto @Dominointi Järvi (C), Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen (G, reserve) and Ilmari @Buantso Lehkonen (LW, reserve) on loan. Picture: Linköping HC celebrating eSHL Championship 2020. Photo credit: Elias Gammelgård To summarize: in the last eight tournaments organized by NHLGamer (not including the differently formatted Summer Cup or the inaugural edition of the SCL where neither team had a chance to participate), FILADELPHIA/Linköping HC have won four and Written In The Stars/HAVU Gaming four – including four finals where they’ve been pitted directly against each other. That’s a near unprecedented dominance not seen on the NHL esports scene since Swedish teams Northern Stars and Unknown were lining up tournament wins in the previous gen (pre-NHL 16) of the game. The way Linköping and HAVU have made competitive NHL 6v6 gaming a two-horse race in the past 18 months (or NHLs 19 and 20, for those keeping track) almost defies explanation – bringing about comparisons to the famous rivalry in Spanish football league La Liga between standout clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. And wouldn’t you know it? Whenever these two behemoths of NHL gaming get matched up against each other, especially in the playoffs, you will usually find at least 5-10 comments in the NHLGamer Twitch stream – because let’s face it, their matchups should never not be broadcasted – calling the matchup the “El Clasico of NHL gaming”. It does have a nice ring to it. And the rivalry is just as fierce. I’m talking about the battle between bearded beasts ICappeI and Hansulinho in net, the two-way talent in two of the strongest defender pairings of all time (Kristian-Mikael @Nassustelija Katajisto & Wille @willekunq Juntunen for HAVU; Aleksi @loimmu Loimuvirta & Joel @jtorro1233 Tourunen for LHC) and the matchup of six of the best forwards NHL esports have to offer: the above mentioned trio of FlyerKungen, Dominointi and Puantso facing off against Erik @Eki Tammenpää, Paul @PleeMaker Arontie and Joonas @Juunas Paatiala. With ECL 10 fast approaching and both teams looking as strong as ever, can anyone really be blamed for predicting another matchup in the ECL Elite finals between HAVU and LHC? I certainly wouldn’t put it past them. Next up; the second half of the ECL 10 Elite preview where we break down the remaining 14 teams. The challengers, the new arrivals and which teams and players to keep an extra eye out for.
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    NHLGamers, Welcome to our season preview for the ECL 10 Lite division. A little over two months ago we saw Sulkavan Sudet crowned as the champions of ECL 9 Lite, which also earned them a direct promotion to the Pro division. Additional teams that got promoted to Pro were runner-up Riven Johdolla, MOCKBA and Clumsy Penguins. To all of these teams, NHLGamer extends warm congratulations and wishes good luck with the upcoming season! The offseason is now over and excitement in the dressing rooms is rising. Great individual skills, seamless teamwork and winning goaltender stole the cup for the ’’Wolfpack’’ last season and those are the requirements yet again as the level of Lite hockey gets better and better every season. After hundreds of games and countless hours of NHL20 many teams feel this could be ’’the season’’. We have also seen some interesting movement in the transfer market as teams are searching for the final piece to their respective puzzles. This season, ECL 10 Lite has four groups with 16 teams each. We took a closer look at the groups and decided to highlight some of the teams and players to keep an eye on this upcoming season. Keep in mind that this is not a listing of the best teams in the division, but a collection of teams that I've deemed worthy of a closer look going into the season. Let's begin: Elamam Kiekko ’’Kikko’’ performed below expectations in ECL 9 Lite when they had a tough time getting to the playoffs and finally were beaten in the first round against Syntax Error with the series score 4-2. Even though underperforming in the latest season, Elamam Kiekko still has the quality to be one of the challengers for the cup this season. They added some quality to their roster by recruiting @kApollo from Pro team Freddie Mercury Institute and @Johtava from Kaukosen Luistin. If the team can find their best form during the competition, we will see Elamam Kiekko going far. Fysical Previously called Farminaattori, this team now carries the name Fysical that was presented for the first time in IS Cup 4. Most of their players in the current roster played for team Kesaloma in ECL 9. Kesaloma managed to get to the playoffs where they lost to runner-up Riven Johdolla in the first round with series 4-1. Fysical made an addition to their roster by signing ex-Black Horse player @Ollizhki, who had a fine season in ECL 9 Pro and possesses leadership quality stemming from a long run with former team Shameful Knights. Hokurit Hokurit had a good season in ECL 9 Lite. Especially in the playoffs they showed real character by beating Hundred Acre Wood and Huippupassi. Their journey ended in the third round of playoffs where they lost to MOCKBA with series 4-1. During the offseason their best scorer @Jondeezz and top defender @Maestroffi decided to leave the team which begs the question - can Hokurit repeat their success and take a small step forward to achieve a promotion. The club saw the arrival of @haaga and @pinppikeisari, who now have a chance to prove their value for the team that has the potential to be in the top 4 this season. NOVA New club NOVA is an interesting Russian based team that is built of players from Russian teams such as Virtuoso and Nearbird Fighters. Their captain SPB_AlexZver_22 has described NOVA as a team that plays fast and attacking hockey and he believes that the team is currently at the level of best Lite teams. Even though NOVA hasn’t played any official matches yet, many of the teams that have faced them in the club games can agree that the potential is definitely there. Old Farts The legendary Old Farts have been in the scene from the very start of ECL history. Last season in ECL 9 Lite ended in a minor disappointment as they lost to Kaukosen Luistin in the first round of playoffs with the score being 4-1. Farts had one of the most interesting player roulettes during the offseason when many of their former ECL players left and five new faces came in. Captain @Ankkalasvegas brought in @Tuuski_36 and @Nixa_da_fck from Jortikan Tossut and experienced @vilperi90 who represented Angry Cats and HC Wildcard last season. Also @Jauho from Savo Bears will get the honor of wearing the legendary shirt this season. These signings will definitely bring more aspects to the way the Farts can play. This could very well be the season when we see Old Farts playing for the promotion. Poston Fruits Last time Poston Fruits were playing in ECL 8 Lite. They managed to get to the third round of the playoffs where they lost to Prowlers who were the #1 ranked team after regular season. When the season ended the team separated but now after a year, Fruits are back in the game. Many players from their ECL 8 roster are now playing for different teams but Captain @Jobeyz now has some Pro experience with Freddie Mercury Institute on his resume and has built a promising squad by adding @Jaks_10 from Kaukosen Luistin, @Peksi22 from Bellizzi and @kkostiiii from Saucer Hockey. If they manage to find chemistry, they could surprise many top teams this season. Sack Brothers Sack Brothers were presented for the first time in ECL 9 Lite where they managed to get to the second round of playoffs where they lost to Pro promoted Clumsy Penguins with a series score of 4-1. Despite the early exit, this team proved that with the right formation of ’’Sacks’’, they will be battling for the Pro spot in the future. They made a very interesting signing during the offseason as former Jortikan Tossut defender @luosttin joined their ranks. Luosttin gathered most points as a defender in regular season of ECL 9 Lite and scored an unbelievable 19 goals in 19 games from the D spot. With firepower already existing in Sack Brothers roster it is expected that they will be one of the deadliest teams in the offensive zone. Suomen Sonnit After pausing for the ECL 9 Lite season Suomen Sonnit decided to make a comeback. In ECL 8 Sonnit lost to Pro promoted Cheers Hockey in playoff round 2 with series 4-1. The core group is pretty much the same as in ECL 8 but with the additions of @Thounimeister from Oton Letkutemppu and @Jusa from MOCKBA. Suomen Sonnit is now seen as a real threat to the teams that are planning to succeed this season. There is always that one team that is a little bit underrated when the group winners are predicted and I believe that this season that team is Suomen Sonnit. The UnderRated A newly formed team that was previously named UnderRated Lekstuga. In ECL 8 Lite UnderRated Lekstuga was beaten in the first round against Me Carvoset. Since then the team roster has changed a lot. Captain @Psych0 has recruited the whole squad in a short time including four players from Pro team Prowlers eSports who had a difficult season in ECL 9 Pro but managed to win the relegation battle. With Pro experience in their core group The UnderRated will be a real threat to any team in the competition. Below you can also see the groups in which these teams have been put for the upcoming season. We want to wish all teams an exciting season and will be following your progress closely. Play hard - have fun! Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
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    Linköping HC looking for a backup defenceman! The main criterias are for you to know how to play both LD/RD and also to be active! We offer a place where to develop as a player! We can't promise any playing time in the tournaments but you will get to play regular games and if we feel like you deserve to play in tournaments you will get playing time there! Contact here in NHLGamer @Juunas or PSN: Patzlaf
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    NHLGamers, We’re pleased to announce that Finnish esports up-and-comers SJ Gaming are taking a step into new territory by signing an NHL roster. Former POGGERS will be assuming the name and colors of SJ Gaming in order to represent the org in the upcoming ECL 10 Elite. Despite being a newcomer at the Elite level, the squad managed to come close to playoffs, being only two points out and eventually finishing 12th in an extremely tight division. The team has made some roster changes over the offseason and being backed by an organisation gives them an added boost of confidence. “When we heard that SJ Gaming was in the search for an NHL roster we agreed that this is the right move for us. An agreement was rather quickly reached with the representatives of SJ Gaming. Negotiations flowed with ease due to quick reaction from our team and the help from Kenneth at NHLGamer.” - Team captain Tero @Terodee Dahlström “We’ve been contemplating entering console gaming and especially the NHL-scene for a long time already and had some earlier negotiations that fell through at the last moment. We stuck with the process and eventually found a team that fit our organisation.”, says SJ Gaming manager Niklas Pehkonen In ECL 9, POGGERS finished at an eventual 12th place in the standings, but due to an incredibly even season, the team was only two points shy of a playoff spot. The biggest challenge was the fact that the team roster was too small, an issue which according to the captain has since been addressed: “We’ve recruited a total of three new starters, which of course is a lot but in my opinion, our game looks better than ever right now. In addition we wanted a larger roster, so we’ve got a few more backups that are ready to fill in whenever needed.” Follow SJ Gaming on social media here: Twitter / Team Twitter Facebook Instagram
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    NHLGamers, Tonight we have the pleasure of welcoming Storhamar IL Esport to the ECL as the first Norwegian traditional sports club to take a stride into NHL esports. Storhamar is a Norwegian club based in Hamar, with a long tradition in sports like handball, football and hockey to name a few. Currently the clubs hockey team is competing at the nations highest level and is captained by Norwegian hockey legend Patrick Thoresen. We reached out to assistant captain and team co-founder Kevin @Panserhagen Hagen for some comments about their fresh roster and the contract with the club: Talk a bit about your team and your goals for the upcoming season. There aren’t many Norwegians in the ECL scene and for quite some time already, I and @AndreasLeafs talked about gathering a team together. We also had to bring in some foreign players to stay competitive and fill the roster. Our goal for the season is to gain promotion to Pro. Long term, we hope to be an established Elite team and compete against the best teams in the game. How did the contract talks begin and what ended up being the reason you're now representing Storhamar? We reached out to Storhamar and they were very positive right away. Right from the first contact everything went very smoothly. We had some good back and forth communication with the club representatives and here we are! Storhamar IL Esport will be participating in ECL 10 Lite, so keep your heads up and expect these guys to fight hard through that tough division. Welcome to the ECL! Follow Storhamar IL Esport on Facebook for updates on the team!
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    NHLGamers, To all the teams joining on their first ECL adventure through the Neo Division, thank you. More and more of you are entering the competitions organized by NHLGamer and your enthusiasm is heart-warming. Here we are going to provide a guide for those of you new here and who may need a little help. First and foremost, your best advisor is the Rulebook, which brings together all of the useful information. Each captain (and his alternates) are warmly advised to read it. If you have any questions, the NHLGamer's Staff is at your disposal, and the forum can also help you find answers to your questions. 1- How to enter my team into our assigned division? You don't have to, it's the NHLGamer Staff who does it. In the case that your logo has not been assigned to your team yet, a little patience, it will come. In the case of you wanting to add a new logo or change your existing one, please send a new logo to our support team (.PNG, minimum 500x500) for it to be assigned. Once your team has been assigned to its division, you will then be able to invite your players to join via the home page of our site and your personal tab. If one of your players does not appear in the list of free agency, a probable cause is that they have not yet created their account, instruct them to do so. As such, it is advisable to give your player a name identical to that of your avatar on NHL20. Once everyone has joined you can appoint yourself as captain and appoint your alternates (if not already correct). 2- Your role as captain and alternate As captain and alternates, you are the representatives of your team towards your opponents and towards the NHLGamer community, so bear your assigned role with pride and act accordingly. You are in charge of organizing matches and monitoring the calendar. You are also responsible for your players' compliance with the rules, in particular the ethics and code of conduct towards members of the community. 3- How to contact the support or your opponents? For any need to reschedule a game, you are required to refer to the rulebook which specifies all the conditions, and above all, you are first required to contact your opponents. It is strongly recommended not only to contact the opposing captain but also their two alternates. It is possible by clicking the Message all captains button on the opponent's team page. You can also contact our support in case of a question, any statistical problem or a disagreement with an opponent, by using the support tab. 4- Your match has been interrupted, what to do? The first thing to remember is that quitting a game is formally prohibited and that it can lead to disciplinary action, up to and including exclusion from the league. In the case of a game that does not come to an end because of a disconnection, here again, the rulebook gives precise instructions. In short, you must first record the stats of the match before you leave (preferably by taking a few pictures), then contact the opposite team. A new match must be restarted to bring the game to a conclusion. Note: in case of a serious network issue, you are allowed to quit the game during the first minute of play, keep in mind that communicating any problems to your opponent is mandatory. 5- How to report a match on the site? You will need to take photos of the individual and collective stats as well as the three stars of the game. The API tool (available through the captain's account tab on the home page) will allow you to report the games. As an agreement, the winning team captain reports his game. The API tool is a great help and does almost everything on its own, you will only need to add the goals and penalties as well as the three stars of the game and some elements. If the API does not work you will have to go through the so-called old tool, which isn't more complicated but a bit longer of a process. Again the Rulebook is a valuable tool. We advise you to take some pictures of every game played even if it is not your turn to report it, just in case your opponent would have forgotten or if any problems arise. As a conclusion, we thank you again for joining our competition. This was only a scratch of the service and we - as well as the members of our community - are at your disposal for any questions. Do your best, have fun and remember that, even if everyone takes this very seriously, it's just a game. Get ready for the faceoff!
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    Who are the best goalies in this scene? That is a question on which there are many answers and opinions, none of them right or wrong. Now we will get to know some more about one of the goalies likely to be named among the top in that position: @swagx88, with 103 appearances in ECL Elite and 873 saves in these games. But who is this guy? Name: Joonas "swagx88" Kuossari Age: 28 From: Hämeenlinna Who is Swagx88? Well the real Swag is someone who loves to have humor in his life, sarcastic humor especially. I have always loved to play sports, and I'm still playing floorball. I no longer play football or hockey, but I used to for many years. I teach special education in junior high for a living. Why NHL? Why NHL? That is an easy question, I have lived and breathed hockey for all of my life. I just have to see my hometown hockey team play live in all their home games and as many away games as possible. After NHL 98, I have not been able to stop playing this game series. Hockey is my passion, both following it in real life and playing it on the virtual ice. Why goalie? Goalie is the position I have played in pretty much every sport. No matter the game, if there is a goal then I am the keeper of it. I really think that it helps on the virtual ice to have real-life experience as a goalie. In the NHL games I started playing goalie during NHL 13, and that is what I am still doing. Who is your real life inspiration as a goalie? Definitely the local "kid" Juuse Saros. His aggressive style is something to look up to, and that is something I do try to bring to my own game as well. What new would you like to see from future NHL games? Spectator mode and a practice room for your EASHL team. Those are the most important ones. And a skill stick for a goalie! And a little, but not so little thing that I have wanted to see for years now: Custom goalie masks. It is irritating how they are the same old year after year. We need something fresh for these masks. Swagx88 in ECL 10 and in the future? My goal is to play consistently well throughout the season and take Roots to the Elite playoffs. I want to be one of the best goalies this coming season, and I intend to keep that level of play. Roots in ECL 10? We have been playing a lot together in the off-season, and our game is getting better and better. It is like night and day if you compare our playing now to what it was a couple of months ago, for example. I feel like we can take on and beat any team that we have faced outside of the ECL. This gives me a lot of faith in what we are doing. If I had to guess, I´d say that we will place somewhere around 5–6 in the regular season. Your top-3 goalies in Elite? Supreex, Jombb and the wild card Uhnikke. Swagx88 from an opponent's point of view? @l-Furyan-l: Swag is one of those larger-than-life characters that you just (sometimes unwillingly) grow to love. Having had the pleasure of both playing against him many a time and competing on the same team as him, I can with absolute confidence say he is both a terrific EASHL goaltender and a terrific person. In my opinion, his style on the ice as a goaltender with his wild, acrobatic desperation saves and eager puck-handling matches his personality quite well. High-energy, funny and with lots of wisdom (😁) to impart on his teammates. I've been frustrated by his saves many a time when playing against him, so these days when I score a goal on him I always cheer a little bit extra. The last season in ECL 9 was a solid one from Swag. He played 28 regular season games and 6 in the playoffs. His save percentage was 83.2% in these 34 games, with a goals against average just above 2. These are good numbers at this level and in this game. He was able to pull off the gamesaving performance when it mattered the most. His team Roots was in 4th place at the end of the regular season, and Swag was one of the major reasons for that. He secured wins for his team in many tight and even battles that ended with a one-goal difference. Swagx88 is also known from his streams @ Twitch "!swagmarkka" He is a streamer for a good cause, The Goalie Guild. Twitter "A nonprofit foundation dedicated to educating and inspiring the goalie community through scholarships, events, and holistic development."
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    Many players are in a new team facing a fresh challenge in this ECL season. Some of the players are known for playing in a certain team, @Rimpe for example is strongly associated with Almost Famous. Now he is a member of Roots, a new team for him with new teammates and a new opportunity. But who is this guy? Name: Timi "Rimpe37" Rimpeläinen Age: 24 From: Lahti, Finland ECL Elite: Games: 110 Goals: 68 Assist: 64 Hits: 307 Who is Rimpe37? I'm a 24-year-old young man from Lahti, Finland. From a young age, gaming has always been part of my life. Only for around the last ~3 years have I been playing with a more competitive mindset, at least in NHL. Why NHL? I started watching real-life hockey pretty late, in my teenage years when I was 14 years old, and fell in love with the sport. Obviously I started playing the NHL games soon after that. I had played previous titles, but my first NHL that I bought for myself must've been NHL 09 or NHL 2k8 (an underrated game). Why LW? I actually use a left-handed stick in real life, and when I started to look for a competitive team for the first time I tried to find a good team where I could play C or RW. I got a chance to play for a pretty good team at the time, Sjukstugan, and they offered me an LW position so I just grinded and learned to play with the righty and stuck with it ever since. Who is your real-life inspiration as a player? Recently I've been fanboying for Nathan MacKinnon, an unreal player. What new things would you like to see in future NHL games? I would like to see something where you can "neppailla" with your friends, like a free skate where you can have multiple pucks and have friends join you. Also any team practice in 6v6 would be a huge plus. Rimpe37 in ECL10 and in the future? I'm really excited for the new season. I'm in a new team, and for the last couple of months we have been training a lot together and I feel that I'm an important part of the team now. About the decision to leave aF: I played for Almost Famous for a little over two years, and I was starting to struggle with motivation to continue playing this game and it was time for a change. After the transfer, playing this game has never been as fun and rewarding as it is now. Roots in ECL10? Last season Roots was eliminated in the quarterfinals and every one of us wants to improve on that. Your top 3 LW's in Elite? 1. Puantso 2. Joukki 3. jm98 Rimpe37 from an ex-teammate's point of view? @Aze It's hard to say anything but positive about Rimpe. However, it is loyalty and playing for the team that stand out the strongest. In my opinion Rimpe is the best two-way left winger that there is in this game. He's the type of player that everyone would want in their team. He does not give up and throw in the towel no matter how hard it gets, that is the best way to describe his loyalty. Roots got a great guy for their team. The last season ECL 9 was a struggle for Rimpe and his team Almost Famous. aF ended up in a relegation battle and lost by 2–4 wins against Gotham Knights. After that aF managed to keep their Elite spot in the Elite qualifiers. But that is in the past for this talented winger. It is time to see what the future brings for this powerhouse on the ice, and they will be great things if you ask me.
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    I think everyone knows how capable and good they are, but it's also refreshing to see someone giving appreciation to players who aren't from the top 2 teams. I feel like there are a lot of good players in this scene that don't get any recognition because they haven't won a championship. Still, it's definitely not easy to win one so I have respect for everyone who has and play in those teams. I guess what I'm trying to say is, everyone knows who you are, who Eki is, and who Flyerkungen is for an example. It's OK if every once in a while you see someone picking up and recognising talent from teams other than top 2. If you get what I mean. AND also in my opinion, it's very hard to say who the ''top 3'' goalies are in this scene as there are many really good ones just not all of them play in top 3, or even 5.
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    ALLSTAR TAMPERE - NEO In. Lindemantepi(fuularinsat) Leffe85(fuularinsat) hage_lefa(fuularinsat) Pelisilma123(fuularinsat) GFH_GFH(FA)
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    Hello all, We've signed up a team in ECL 10 - Neo. Our roots are 3 different Spanish EASHL clubs, and this is our first season playing competitively. Our goal is to improve as a team and try to compete in as many games as possible. We're used to getting crushed, and hope most of all to commit to finish this season without roster struggles and establishing a strong core. We're looking forward to being good rivals and excited to play against all the great teams in the league Feel free to give a warm welcome to my teammates: @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@RogerDurruti Good luck everyone!!
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    There are players in this community who are vocal, and players who prefer to be the more silent type. There is nothing wrong with either of these. This player and persona is one of the vocal ones. @vSilenttio talks a lot in the party during games, and he is not silent on social media either. But who is this guy? Name: Väinö "vee_SILE" Pietilä Age: 23 (soon 24!) From: Mäntsälä, Finland ECL Elite: Games: 133 Goals: 21 Assist: 84 Hits: 597 Who is vee_SILE? In real life, like outside of this bubble, I guess I'm an easy-going guy who enjoys life as it is at the moment. I have also learned to be as honest as I can ever be. Sometimes it's a very nice thing to be and do, but of course the dark side of it is that sometimes people might not like me because of it, but that's just me being me so yeah. One thing people recognise from me is that I laugh a lot even when "you should not", and for more information about that, you can ask the woman I live with. Oh! And we have two dogs in the household as well – amazing creatures! For a living I'm working in a primary school, and my “main job” out there is to help kids who have the need for special support. After almost three semesters in the job, I think this is my thing. Next up is getting educated. #taival Why NHL? The correct answer to this one has to be because of and thanks to my uncles, @Darkki87 and @Nikge, who both showed me the way to the video gaming world before I could even speak, so you could say that we are going way back with this one. Obviously watching the sport itself was one factor in continuing to play NHL – which was, still is and will be part of my life because of those guys I mentioned above. And now we are here. #loveyouguys Why LD? Because SIKA needed a Dman whom they can kick in the ass without getting hit back? I don't know, it all started in NHL 11 when I started playing with them for fun at first (Darkki joined the group somewhere around 2007–2008?), and maybe then they just realised that this 13-year-old kid can actually play so we need to play him in the league games as well. Then when SIKA had weekend meetings at my uncle's place, I just started hanging out with them like anyone else and ended up being part of the group – and nowadays we are still in touch on a daily basis. But on staying as LD – I think I just enjoyed playing NHL so much offline & online that maybe I didn't even realise what was happening, and suddenly I was our most important player after Darkki. It's funny to think about all this after all these years, especially when the SIKA guys are like a second family to me after 10+ years of knowing them. #SIKAfam Who is your real-life inspiration as a player? My first real-life inspiration was Kris Letang even though he played for the Pens, but fuck what an amazing player he was to watch as a young kid. The second big name for me was Mikko Kousa when HIFK signed him in the summer of 2010 when he came in as this young, “chubby-cheeked” offensive Dman who ended up being one of the best defenders in their championship-winning team in that same season. I still have his jersey hanging above my PS4. And then there's Claude Giroux, who is my all-time favourite player in all of sports, so I guess I can mention him as an inspiration – also have his jersey as well. Honourable mentions: Kimmo Timonen, Slava Voynov (shame what happened), Alex Pietrangelo, Ivan Provorov. #ynwa What new things would you like to see in future NHL games? Same old, same old. Less animation shit from the game engine, and overall I just keep hoping that EA creates a more competitive-ready game for us. Not just gameplay-wise, but things that are still missing like prac rooms/servers and a spectator mode are shit that keeps slowing the growth of the whole NHL scene. And it's 2020. #ffs vee_SILE in ECL 10 and in the future? I just try to keep doing my best so my team can be better game after game, week after week. Maybe one thing I could mention on an individual level is that it wouldn't hurt us if I produced even more than before, so that's one thing where I just need to be top-notch night in night out. Not an easy task but doable for sure. #followyourghost Roots in ECL 10? Roots will continue as a play-off team, and we will aim and go higher than we did back in ECL 9. Our roster looks better on paper, and most importantly, so does our game. Obviously we are far away from “Cup Contender” status when you ask the community, but we will definitely do our best. And now when I look back at what we have done as a team, I mean all the work we have done and still keep on doing, we are baby steps away from being “TOP 4” and sure, I understand if/when it sounds crazy, but that's how I feel right now, and I didn't feel like this last season when we were at the beginning of this new journey. Now it's just about finally stepping up in ECL games and being as good as you can ever be. #bowdown Your top 3 LD's in Elite? Not sure if I can rank them from #1 to #3 but here's my list: Nassustelija, Makexl, xDoumi. I don't like leaving Janzuh out of it, but I hope the old man keeps on going and forces his way back into my top 3 after this season. #onemoreyear vee_SILE from an ex-teammate's and opponent's point of view? @imosi vee_SILE is a guy who isn’t afraid of anyone and isn’t afraid of saying what he thinks. I’ve known him for over ten years. I’ve seen this kid grow up into a man. Played with him and against him for years, so I think I know him pretty well. I can only say positive things about him. Sile plays with true passion. If he plays, winning is the only option. Sile is one of the best teammates you can have on and off the ice. He’s maybe not the most skilled Dman in the scene, but he’s a really smart player and a really nasty defender to play against. Also very good offensively. One of the best all-around defenders in the scene. If you have this guy in your team, you are very lucky to have him. I love the way he cheers and talks on and off the ice. Be sure to check out his Sile Corner! ECL10 ennakko - ECL10 Elite preview with Checkmate captain @TackleControl and @tbnantti from Symphony.
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    I’m best 🐋
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    You can be top 3 goalie even if you don't play in top 3 team. Its pretty straight forward.
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    Free 22 yo C/RW, i have played 6v6 From NHL12. Back up role for ecl is fine. Pro / (lite) Contact me!
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    Passion in something every great player needs. With no passion, there is no way to get better, to get where you want to be and become a great player. Keranee is a player who has passion for the game. He wants to get better, loves to play and hates to lose. But who is this guy? Name: Jere "keranee" Keränen Age: 21 From: Ylivieska, Finland ECL Elite: Games: 66 Goals: 39 Assist: 36 Hits: 182 Who is keranee? Definitely a character, a bit of an extrovert and definitely someone that's easy to approach I guess? I'm currently living with my girlfriend somewhere in the northern part of Finland. I've always been pretty outgoing and social, I travel somewhere every summer either with friends or family, and that's something I really enjoy. I'm deep into sports too, more of a spectator nowadays but I played some floorball, did a little kickboxing and wrestled for my own amusement when I was younger. I'm super competitive and strive to succeed in whatever I do, whether it be playing games or just simply washing dishes for example (which is something I rarely do because my girlfriend really enjoys that stuff). Apparently I have a sense of humour as well. Currently I have my mind set on possibly starting studies and at some point maybe moving to another city to be closer to my family. Why NHL? Well I've always loved the sport and played a bit of the old games when I was younger. I think it was probably NHL 14 when I started playing more actively, and I've loved the series since. 6s I started to play competitively in NHL 18. Why RW? It just feels the most natural, I played left wing the previous season and really didn't feel at home playing a righty. I've pretty much played and tried out all of the forward positions at some point, but I'm most comfortable playing RW. Who is your real-life inspiration as a player? When I was younger and spent more time watching hockey I really loved watching Linus Omark play, he has flair in his game and is, or at least was, a really entertaining player to watch. Him or Mikael Granlund, both capable with the puck and good at making plays. What new things would you like to see in future NHL games? I'd love for them to focus more on gameplay and things that actually matter rather than worry about who they can get to visit the booth...yeah, they can always work for it to be more eSport friendly and listen to the competitive community. I really don't play anything aside from 6s, but if I had to pick something, I'd definitely throw in spectator and practise modes to start off with. Keranee in ECL 10 and in the future? I have high expectations for myself, but I'll be doing my best in order for my team to win games and try to be as consistent as possible. Roots in ECL 10? I'm really confident in our team right now, we are really determined and know our goals which we work very hard to achieve. I feel like all of us are on the same level and put in the work equally (except for Swag, he's just silly). No really, we have a great mix of personalities in our team, individual skill and experience. We've really been focusing on our game, trying our best to improve it and move forward. We'll definitely perform better than last season. ECL 10 is going to be full of skilled teams and individuals, and we're ready. I'm really excited and can't wait to play with these guys. Your top 3 RW's in Elite? Flyerkungen is an obvious answer, I've watched him play ever since I pretty much started playing sixes and just admire his level of skill. Maybe not the flashiest player, but definitely one of the most effective ones. Eki of course, super hard to play against. Just a powerhouse of a player. NikkeDangles, he's crazy talented offensively and really entertaining to watch. Honorable mention: KingofApes, I watched him play last FCL and was really surprised at how good his two-way game is. Solid offensively as well. Keranee from an ex-teammate's and opponent's point of view? Redmisti: One of the hungriest guys I have played with. When he came to play for us in Gotham Knights, he was not a known name, but his hunger and desire to get better was visible. He wanted to get to the top of the scene. He wants a big role, wants to lead his team on the ice, and he wants to make an impact in the big games. With him now being an opponent, I can say that he has moved forward as a player. His game has improved overall since the Gotham days. He is a skilled player whom you need to be careful with as an opponent, and I have noticed that he takes a big role with Roots, on the ice and in the voice chat during games. Last season was keranee´s first where he played every game of the elite season. His game is improving constantly, and he seems to be ready to get even better. We will see where this passion for the game leads him.
  22. 12 points
    After getting fired at the last minute from Me Carvoset... I am looking for a good team. I can play LD / RD / LW / RW. I am stronger on the right side(RD/RW). I prefer defense man job. Back-up role in a good team is also fine. E: I found a team with a best mascot ever! Thanks to other teams of your interest!
  23. 11 points
    GENESIS - Established on January 1st, 2020 Our journey in the official NHLGamer tournaments will begin this week. Together with @Tinkesakara we built something that was supposed to continue the history of Cowabunga Hockey. Due to unforeseen circumstances Tinke decided to continue on his own path but the foundation of something beautiful had already been created. This beautiful creature is known as GENESIS which refers to something new, the beginning. Even though I will be acting as the captain of the team, this is not my team, we have all built this together and without the others, there is no GENESIS. Our lineup for ECL10 LITE 👇
  24. 11 points
    Make plays for Checkmate. Checkmate isn't even a top 4 team. So how can he be a top 3 LD?!
  25. 11 points
  26. 10 points
    NHLGamers, We'll make short work of the intro on this one and let you get down to the nitty gritty - ECL 10 Elite is rolling on and we've never been this excited about a season! Last time we checked out "The Big Two", which have been ruling the scene for quite some time already. Now it's time to move on to new subjects, which are the following: You’ve heard their names before. Odds are you’ve faced them. In fact, they were both mentioned in part I of this preview. If any teams are to challenge favorites HAVU Gaming or Linköping HC for the title in ECL 10 Elite, odds are it’ll be either ECL 9 Pro Champions and IS Cup 4 silver medalists hReds (formerly “Delusion”) or JYP Jyvaskyla (formerly “Symphony”). hReds has had quite the journey on their way to being considered an Elite title contender. Originally established ahead of early NHL 20-tournament IS Cup 4 under the team name “Delusion”, skilled forward trio Joakim @Joukki Nyholm, Perttu @Beniittto Kemppainen and Tuukka @Tuukka.R Röpelinen took the tournament by storm and led the team all the way to the finals where they were eventually defeated by HAVU. As there are no shortcuts to ECL Elite, next up for this team was ECL 9 Pro – a tournament they made short work of by finishing as the #1 overall seed during the regular season. It wasn’t until they came across Vesa Pompa HC – another new Elite team – in the playoff finals that they were finally challenged. Even so, Delusion took the series and were crowned ECL 9 Pro Champions – ensuring a spot in Elite for ECL 10. With Casper @ICappeI Lundgren having been the team’s “loan” goaltender in IS Cup, gifted up-and-comer Niklas @uhNikke Nieminen manned the pipes for ECL 9 and performed outstandingly in his first Pro season. Chances are he’ll turn quite a few heads come the start of the Elite season so if you’re looking for a #HiddenGem, this guy is one to consider. On defense, veteran LD Janne @Janzuh Nyquist has been with the team since its inception and acts as the defensive fail-safe for the teams’ offense-first play style. ECL 10 will be Janzuhs fifth Elite season. On RD, the transfer of gifted offensive defender Ilmari @iilmarii Töyrylä from hReds to JYP after ECL 9 opened a hole that was filled by Teemu @Xteemuz Polttila. While a talented defender in his own right, xteemuzz would objectively be considered the wildcard on this roster. Finally, the team made another change as it was time for KingOfApes_ to fulfill his duty to the motherland and enlist in the Finnish military services for a time. To compensate for Apes assuming “inactive” status, the team brought in dangling wunderkid Niklas @NikkeDangles Tukiainen from the since-then folded team Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly boys were on the verge of greatness in both IS Cup 4 and ECL 9 Elite but fell short on both occasions, leading its players to migrate to other teams. JYP Jyvaskyla has had an equally interesting path to becoming ECL 10 pre-season favorites. Bursting onto the scene as Symphony in IS Cup 3 (eSM 2018), former Aapon Taikasauva captain Santeri @indi969 Pendolin led a star-studded roster to a bronze medal in their first tournament together. For ECL 7 Elite, Aapon became Symphony and indi969 recruited what would become a cornerstone of the team: center and puck-possession wizard Antti @tbnantti Kuittinen. Right away in their first Elite season as Symphony, the team made it all the way to the finals. After losing a tough battle against FILADELPHIA, the team lost a key piece as Ilmari @Buantso Lehkonen left to join Written In The Stars for ECL 8. The team failed to replicate their success in ECL 8, falling to Rusty Blades in the Quarterfinals and once ECL 9 rolled around, the only player left from the ECL 7 finals run was indi969 himself and backup goaltender, since promoted to starter, Lauri @Lauri Piipponen. Another first-round exit in ECL 9 lit a fire within indi969 and together with tbnantti, the center having now played five tournaments with the team, they set out to re-build the team and return it to its former glory. Bringing RD iilmarii back after two seasons with Delusion, adding 1v1 virtuoso (and Finnish Champion) Kristian @kriketski17 Veijola to be their LW, Oskari @SIbeIius Grönroos as their starting goaltender and the highest scoring defender in ECL 9 Elite, Aaro @xDoumi Ruuhinen, to act as their LD certainly has given them the tools to once again compete for a title. To add to what has been a very successful off-season for the team between ECL:s 9 and 10; just days before ECL 10 Elite opened its doors the team signed a deal with professional hockey team JYP Jyväskälä of Finnish Liiga to act as their esports representatives. How about that? You won’t ever see HAVU or Linköping shaking in their boots. It’s just not what they do. But if they ever did, it’d be because of either hReds or JYP Jyvaskyla. Outside of Linköping, ECL 10 Elite features an additional two SHL teams: Färjestad BK and Luleå Hockey. Or, as the ECL historians would call them; Bucketeers and Northern Ascendancy. Färjestad finished outside the playoffs in ECL 9 Elite but bounced back with a respectable top-4 finish in recent tournament eSHL – helped in part by the recruitment of HAVU defensive pairing Kristian-Mikael @Nassustelija Katajisto and Wille @willekunq Juntunen. The adjusted roster displayed a renewed sense of focus and energy, with cerebral center Christoffer @I-Maise-I Berntsson continually creating space for his teammates while allowing the HAVU defenders to attack at will. On the wings, Mattias @Tacterz Hjelm and Robin @Rubituss Söderqvist dodged, dipped, ducked, and slipped their way through opposing defenders and racked up respectable point totals between the two of them. As expected, the HAVU defenders returned to their former team upon the completion of eSHL – leaving FBK with a problem on their hands. Who would replace such a skilled defensive duo? The answer was a creative one. The team moved gifted RW Rubituss to slot in at LD and recruited Harri @Totalii Joona from Checkmate to act as the teams RD – the Finnish defenders’ 7th straight season in ECL Elite. On forward, Rubituss’ RW spot was filled by none other than Sebastian @eBasstian Nagel, recruited from ECL Pro team (and fellow eSHL participant) Växjö Lakers. At LW, Tacterz decided to take a step back and act as more of a reserve. This problem was quickly solved by adding another Växjö player, goalscoring machine and reigning SCL champion Andreas @affelj96 Ljungberg. With all the changes made to the FBK roster, predicting how they will finish in ECL 10 is no easy task. But judging by the gameplay they have shown when this writer has faced them in regular EASHL, they could very well surprise quite a few people and end up a playoff team. For Luleå, not much has changed in the roster since their disappointing quarterfinal exit in eSHL against Leksand. The team looked poised to build on their impressive, yet somewhat surprising, top-4 finish in ECL 9 but instead took a step backwards during eSHL while never finding the team chemistry necessary to move forward. Since eSHL, Luleå has focused on re-establishing their basics in practice – “walk before you can run again”, as one player put it – and are entering the tournament with the hopes of re-discovering their ECL 9 magic. Left wing Ville @hpkfani Luukkonen is still to be considered the teams primary scoring threat, yet persistent rumors suggest the team still has one big, final piece of the puzzle to add. Stay tuned for more. Vesa Pompa HC, Gotham Knights and Ghetto Firebirds joined Delusion in advancing from Pro – all of them defeating “their” Elite opponent in the relegation/promotion battle. Gotham Knights make their long-awaited return to Elite after spending ECL:s 8 and 9 in Pro as a top team and title contender. The team, led by captain and center Joni @ReDMisTi Kaikkonen, has been together for a long time and is one of the precious few teams in the community that have been around ever since ECL 1. The re-branding to “Gotham Knights” took place in ECL 5, whereas before that the team was known as “Refuse To Lose”. Other key players for the team include dangerous wingers Emil @Hanssonni Hansson and Joni @selänne8 Kurtti. Expect Gotham Knights to be hungry for success and with enough steps forward from the teams’ defense and goaltending, they very well might achieve it. Ghetto Firebirds is another one of those teams that have been around for a long, long time – battling their way all the way from Lite in ECL 4 to finally reach the coveted Elite division in ECL 10. What a journey it has been for the team and what an experience for captain Keka @KepakkoFIN Muyima and players Joonas @Taettonov Siira and Ville @Vilze Systä, who have been around ever since the team first saw the light of day, to finally see the proud Firebird with an ECL Elite logo next to it. Stories like Ghetto Firebirds’ is really what the ECL divisional system is all about. With a healthy portion of skill, a powerful dedication to teamwork and an uncompromising attitude towards putting in the necessary work, advancement through the system is within your grasp. Look for the Firebirds to come out swinging with their stingy defense and hard-working offense – eager to prove they belong at the pinnacle of European 6v6 hockey. Vesa Pompa HC was an expected addition to Elite, if you can ever really say something like that. If Delusion was the clear favorite in ECL 9 Pro, Vesa was definitely the second team on that ranking. And wouldn’t you know it – those are the exact teams that ended up in the finals. After giving Delusion a solid fight but failing to retrieve the Pro title, captain Johan @Lehmannens Lehmann and his team faced off with Brayce Phantoms in the relegation/promotion battle. The reigning SCL champions Vesa managed to defeat the four-time German champions Brayce in OT of Game 7 after coming back to tie the deciding game up in the final minute. With a core built around Lehmannens, fellow defender Anton @antoniomannen004 Svensander, star winger Henrik @Eken45jr Eklund and lightning-quick goaltender Edvin @Thunborg5 Thunborg, the team guest starred as Malmö Redhawks in the eSHL. A tournament in which they, with the help of HAVU forwards Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha and Risto @Dominointi Järvi, made it all the way to the finals against Linköping where they gave the eventual champions a good battle before securing a silver medal. Replacing two such prestigious forwards was no easy task but Vesa quickly found a solution by retaining their Finnish forwards Mikke @Nampa77 Nampajärvi and Olof @Spearzz_ Forsbacka, while adding Butterfly Effects former captain Jere @jergelii Jortama as the teams’ centerpiece. With a winning attitude and success in many of their previous tournaments, Vesa is a prime candidate to challenge the top teams for a solid playoff spot. That'll be it for this time, we still have a handful of teams to go, which we'll take a closer look at tomorrow! Next up; the final part of the ECL 10 Elite preview where we break down the remaining handful of teams. Some who took the hard way, some new organisations and finally, some familiar faces making a return. Stay tuned!
  27. 10 points
    Ladies and gentlemen; she is one of our alternate captain's: @illbiocandy
  28. 10 points
    No offence to anyone but those top 3 goalies? How is it even possible to leave Cappe and Hansu outside of top 3?😶
  29. 9 points
    time for update (no ub players) C : dominointi, beniitto, jergeli, tbnantti, patzlaf lw: puantso, krike, plee, joukki, (vilu if he plays rw: NikkeDangles, Flyerkungen, Eki, indi, eken ld: Nassustelija, Doumi, torro, janzuh, antoniomannen rd: vviljo, willekunq, ilmari, loimmu, teemu g: hansu, cappe, sibe, supreex, uhnikke
  30. 9 points
    soppa winners, hf with watching (special greetings to lovely farssine) ps gl to Murohoki :3
  31. 9 points
    SOPPAJENGI IN: @Baukku from Poggers @Earplugg from FA OUT: @Tinkesakara to Hc Skull Town 🍻❤️
  32. 9 points
    Well... Even Swag would be top3 goalie If play in top2 team.
  33. 9 points
    Team name: Company of Geeks Abbreviation: CoG Team captains: eJezuz C, eCeleste35 A Team roster (PSN ID) eJezuz eCeleste35 Boqvist_3_ Oggezed TommyC142 lilminxLV Copras Otroligaesox TBA TBA https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=80351&platform=ps4 ECL Pro application: Yes
  34. 8 points
    Company of Geeks In Tupsukorva13 - (Ghetto Firebirds) LilminxLV - (Silver Sword Griffins) Oggezed (Örebro Hockey) And remember...
  35. 8 points
    Team name: Tic Tac Toes Team abbreviation: TTT Team captains (PSN IDs): Artuzio (C), Rynzzki (A), Dementoitunu (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Artuzio Rynzzki Dementoitunu stu_rulez Emppa98_ xsakux99 l4nnisto Jiihooo86 eltuzio EA SPORTS club overview: - Previous team name(s): - Team Logo: - ECL Pro application: Yes
  36. 7 points
  37. 7 points
    Hey NHLGamers, Yesterday EA SPORTS released the fifth update for NHL 20. The biggest tweak as far as 6s goes appears to be the way in which goalies react to passes on net, hopefully meaning they will no longer get locked into a save animation whenever a pass goes near them now. Most of the other fixes will be more noticeable in the 1v1 modes but are indeed very important, such as how the CPU defensemen react to the so-called self-sauce and how the CPU defenseman reacts to odd-man rushes. For the full changelog, please see below. What are your thoughts on the update? Have you had the chance to test it - does it deliver? Let us know in the comments below!
  38. 7 points
    Ladies and gentlemen; he is one of our alternate captain's: @Aze
  39. 7 points
    Yh, they are good goalies also, but supreex and jombb actually standing their head most of time of the games when I see them playing and these are my opinions only.
  40. 6 points
    Company of Geeks (pro) is looking for active ld/rd.
  41. 6 points
    I think it is impossible to determine some ultimate truth about a top 3, so all we can ever have are subjective opinions. There are too many variables. Opinions are fun, though, so it's okay.
  42. 6 points
    I did some calculations... Every player can't play in same team.
  43. 6 points
    To be honest everyone has an opinion, a right to have one and we should respect that instead of forcing our own opinion onto others. There’s no point 😂
  44. 6 points
    This is pointless already, probably Im not that good or dont want to I just enjoy save some pucks.
  45. 6 points
    Soppajengi is looking for one forward to our roster! Contact me here or on PSN pro-m99
  46. 5 points
    Free Rd looking for ECL team( prefer pro). After my team made decision to change offencetrio`s line-up, it made my role smaller as a D. So looking for long term relationship with active team. Role can be discussed depending on team. Me... easygoing adult, actively on-line. Previous teams in Tournaments, Supernatural, Cowabunga Contact here or psn oicteppotulppu.
  47. 5 points
    Rumour says that @Ollizhki is no longer part of the Fysical.
  48. 5 points
    We managed to get 3/4 points tonight! GGs to Djurgarden Hockey MVP: @Magizam with 88.24 SV%
  49. 5 points
    Cancun Pirates - Neo IN: @IsaaDePo (Steely Blades) @Virtual_Saku (Mustangs) @rochelais17 (Huskies) @Fredo1986 (Huskies) @Steve Yzerman (Huskies) @Lilk1046 (Huskies) @YOYOKING38 (Huskies) @iceman130993 (Mighty French Roosters) @Maveriick947 (Virtuoso) @greggv (FA) @cololnel (FA) OUT: @RonnieGreen76 (Hawks Olympiques HC) @Cortirasheed (retired) @SebGirodo (retired)
  50. 5 points
    Team name: Storhamar IL Esport Team abbreviation: SIL Team captains (PSN IDs): C AndreasLeafs, A Panserhagen12, A Larsto50 Team roster (PSN IDs): AndreasLeafs Panserhagen12 Larsto50 El_tacobag Dgsson Epelis TuomoP83 Ryttersson NinjaLlama EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=561624&platform=ps4&isLocalized=true Previous team name(s): Team Logo: ECL Pro application: Yes
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