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    NHLGamers, With the surge of traditional hockey teams towards the esports scene before ECL 10, interest among other clubs have started rising. Hammarby IF is a prestigious club hailing from the nation's capital Stockholm, with operations in several different sports - now also esports. The person behind the initiative is team captain Pontus @Pontinho Claughton (IPontus-), who is a long-time supporter of "Bajen" and contacted the club in early April with an immediate positive response. "Hammarby Hockey is a big trademark and well-known name, so I thought they should have an esports initiative alike other large Swedish clubs. The response was very positive and our discussions went along smoothly. I'm a supporter of Hammarby since childhood, so it's a dream come true to represent my dear club this way." - Captain Pontus Claughton in an interview at hammarbyhockey.se L-G Burman is responsible for developing the esports side in the organisation and talks about the confidence that the club board has with Pontus and the boys: "We've had several suggestions on the table about getting into esports, but the contact we had with Pontus struck us as very professional and the board was convinced that he is the man for the job after the first meeting." Here is the roster that will be representing Hammarby IF in the ECL and SCL: Hammarby IF Hammarby If is a traditional sports club from Stockholm with a wide variety of representation in various sports, such as football, icehockey, bandy and hanball to mention a few. The club was founded in 1889 as a rowing club that is still going strong as one of the biggest of it's kind in Sweden.
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    still looking 😎🤠💪😅
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    Rookie Mistakes (pro) Looking for finnish starting RD Contact here or PSN: Niskalaukaus__/ Flopper71_
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    Free LD for upcoming tournaments
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    2 free forwards looking for team (C,RW). Me and Mistertyppo95 are looking for new team. We used to play together from the start so we want to stay together. https://nhlgamer.com/players/3233 https://nhlgamer.com/players/3234 For tryout text me here or PSN : ItzYung_Dzouvi / Mistertyppo95
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    Hey everyone! Last year we had the F1 2019 NHL community League with full grid of 20 players and a lot of fun We are looking to do the same this year. Skill level doesn't matter there all drivers of all levels The new F1 will be published 10.7 so we are trying to get the league going as soon as possible after the release. We have 16 players right now, full grid is 20. - League will have at least 10 races (races will probably be on Sundays) -50% Races (18 min Qualifying) - No assist (you can run Automatic gears, ERS and a Racing line if you wish) -PS4 Contact me here, on socials or PSN if you would want to join! Also give me your number at the same time so I can add you to the WhatsApp group.
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    Växjö Lakers In: RW Antoniomannen_ from Vesa Pompa G fcoy_faze from Järnkaminerna RD EDHOLMEN3 from Järnkaminerna
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    Cry is free In: @Oicteppotulppu @Pirtsa89 @Okke40 @Timez @ANIMALpak82 @xeblax1 Welcome boys!
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    We are still looking for new players: Starting Center Goalie - Lots of ice time on preseason + ice time on tournaments based on performance Defenceman - Lots of ice time on preseason + ice time on tournaments based on performance PM here or PSN JxLayout
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    Northern Legacy eSports 🖤🧡 Looking for G 🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅 Contact here or psn tinke_sakara or psn Jonitski or Timotei_97
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    Free rw/c/rd Division doesnt matter. Can speak finnish/english. contact here or psn: jimmiNOhands
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    Hi! Free LD/RD (preferred position LD) still looking for a Finnish speaking top lite or pro team. Backup or starter role works for me. Feel free to contact me here or at psn - dest_eagle
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    Free LW RW both hands but prefer RW Looking for team to play in upcoming turnaments backup is ok too if i have playtime Have experiences from Pro Lite Neo and Gcl I m very active can play always everiday For more Info contact me here or PSN Xx_anddrej_xX Stats https://nhlgamer.com/players/3612
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    Free c/rw/g Backup fine too!
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    Old Farts: In: Maexsa from Elamam Kiekko Epsri from Elamam Kiekko TheSpeedo from Elamam Kiekko Jiibada_ from Syndrome Ya_Boi_Stigi from Resurrection Out: Rytze_ to Fa Jauho50 to fa Vilperi-90 to fa Peqmon to fa Welcome new guys and at same time thx to old members for games and gl with new challenges ❤️
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    Bahamas Mamas (Lite) is looking 1 defenseman and Center. Let me now if your interested. PSN : andrejtoth
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    @dominftw I don't want to be rude but why do you have to spam this like twice a day? I think everybody can see your first or second post when scrolling little bit up.
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    Hammarby Hockey in: IPontus- from Wisby Islanders tunkeilija50 from TheUnderRated ryttersson from Storhamar IL bortalaget from Örebro Hockey Nephenzy darkic01
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    Free Goalie just send me message if you wanna do a tryout im from sweden and im a really solid goalie i have played goalie in 7 years. Wanna play ecl next sesson
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    Название команды: Rusty Bulls Аббревиатура: RBs Капитаны: Hrustyler (K), Casterly-_Jr (A), DONI-MONTANA_ (A) 77 - Hrustyler 40 - Casterly-_Jr 70 - DONI-MONTANA_ 93 - zGrtDanny 11 - amfdok 88 - Finn-88- 81 - SEVERSTAL_STAN 15 - Rocky_x15_Balboa 97 - KLTSUNE91 90 - I_DeadFearRus_I vk.com/rustybulls nhlgamer.com/leagues/69/teams/252 www.ea.com/ru-ru/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=16030&platform=ps4
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    Free, 24 years, finnish F looking for a team in lite/pro. More comfortable on the wing but I don't mind being a center. Backup can also work. You can contact me for try-outs either here or on PSN: Hanzqa. Playercard: https://nhlgamer.com/players/2512
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    Free ld looking for a team, prefer pro Contact psn: mikax222
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    Örebro eHockey (PRO) is looking for a solid Goalie, playtime will be determined by performance. Nationality doesnt matter. Message me here or at PSN.
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    Hellou all gamers! Hopeless Hockey Team is offering a Starting goalie position!!!! We have done some changes In our roster and We are In good speed for rebuilding our team for upcoming ECL tournaments. Some experience from ECL games is + but not necessary. We want To reach playoffs In Lite division and thats our main target In next ECL. We are mainly +30 aged finnish group and We are playing almost every day from 20--->. So Come for tryout! Contact JuHa2002 Ps4
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    Hello! Free C/rw/rd Looking team for next ecl & other tournaments! I can play every day. Open for try outs ofc😎 Contact me psn: Diktaattori62 👆🏻
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    Название команды: Virtuoso Аббревиатура: VSO Капитаны: VSO_DeLuRe_09 (C) | VSO_Supermar1o (A) | Lordkomar91 (A) Состав: #9 - VSO_DeLuRe_09 (C) #55 - VSO_Supermar1o (A) #93 - Lordkomar91 (A) #29 - VSO_Bryzgin_89 #43 - VSO_Nester_43 #44 - J_ack_Danielss #13 - Ivan_Groznyy80 #90 - Ivany_48 #13 - Ollizhki Ссылка на профиль команды на сайте:https://nhlgamer.com/leagues/69/teams/503 Ссылка на профиль команды на сайте EA sports:https://www.ea.com/ru-ru/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=105&platform=ps4
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    Looking tryouts for upcoming seasons / tournaments RD/G/RW Starter or Backup Can play EVERYDAY ✉️ Contact here @sMiika or PSN sMiikaSiika
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    LD or RD looking for ECL club for next season...Prefer RD Neo or Lite... Contact here or PSN: cup-o-kakko
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    Free G looking for team lite/pro i play everyday contact me psn: Xx_sidthekid_87
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    Still available to build a wall in your goal)
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    Название команды: Nova Аббревиатура: NOV Капитаны: Haiissey (C), Virusactive (A), Poistin (A) https://nhlgamer.com/leagues/67/teams/731 Haiissey Virusactive AleksZava Alex_rus17 Serg1vratar_vH Valluxet Poistin Jahajaha93 https://www.ea.com/ru-ru/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=218318&platform=ps4
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    Black Horse In: MuKiMaisteri Ollizhki Out: Makkeez22
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    🍍Reality Check🍍 In: apetttaja from Nordic Stars Out: jorma2001 💔
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    Free goalie looking for a Neo or Lite team for upcoming ecl. I am looking for only finnish teams. I can play on most nights. I am easy-going but competitional guy who appreciates good athmosphere on the chat but competitive style of playing on the ice. Ask me for tryouts via psn (Mikse94).
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    Cama Janbo, I'm sure we will get you that 😀 I will add you to the list. 8 spots left.
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    NHLGamers, With also our Neo division concluding in some very exciting finals, we can now state that the historical ECL 10 season is completely over and it's time to enjoy some summer sun for the players! Work is going on behind the scenes to bring you bigger and better things in the future, so stay tuned. It is always a challenge of it's own at the end of a season to give good and bad remarks about events that occurred over the course of the season, all the more so when a division like the Neo gives a hard time to the expected favorites. Many were waiting for Pahat Pommittajat (2) or Ringette HC (1) on the top step of the podium to finish the season and yet neither of them even played in the final. For Pahat, the second seeding team in the regular season, things went smoothly until the third round of the playoffs where the Finns fell into the Evolution trap (41). It’s also the same team that forced Ringette to a game 5 in the next round. As a preamble, Ringette's big favorite status went down the drain in the semi-finals against ScandinavianFishingGroup. If in the end the victory of Jarnkaminerna, 3-2, does not suffer from dispute as this formation has remained regular all season in front of the MVP of the season, goalkeeper @Fcoy_faze which is a name we will talk about in the future, let's try to see the season from the perspective of three other teams more or less chosen at random. Take Evolution, for example, 5th in a Group 1 ultra dominated by Ringette HC, this team has proven that the regular season is one thing and the playoffs are another. A 3-0 sweep of Dompa Poppers (24) in the 1st round and then from Bahamas Mamas (8) on the 3-1 mark, this team was one of the good surprises of ECL 10 Neo. Conversely, a team like Beastie Boys will without a doubt blame themselves for a poor performance in the regular season. Eliminated in the third round of the playoffs, the Germans paid dearly for a final seed probably not in line with the experience and talent of this team. Once again it goes to show that the playoffs are won or lost in the regular season. Still, even with a quality final ranking, we are never immune to surprise and this is unfortunately what happened to Grilli Tulille (7), Group 8 winners who faltered in the second round in a sweep at the hands of EIS Force Hockey (43). We could thus continue for a long time a list which is ultimately quite complex to define. The 2nd Neo championship has again proven, not only its value, but also its immense complexity. 84 teams including some very strong and others much less had to fight to finally state that Jarnkaminerna would be the new champions. No doubt the next Neo championship will be just as difficult to predict and will once again reveal unexpected talents, just one of the great things we love about this division. Individual awards of ECL 10 Neo 🏆 These awards are given to players who showed exceptional individual talent through whole season and helped their team in a race for the cup. MVP of ECL 10 Neo: @Fcoy_faze Jarnkaminerna Best centers of ECL 10 Neo: 1st. @kim_johan Ringette HC 2nd. @theMaddias Otukset 3rd. @A_K_I_I_T_T_O ScandinavianFisingGroup Best wingers of ECL 10 Neo: 1st. @JF1891 Jarnkaminerna 2nd. @HessuM8 Otukset 3rd. @Xx_Zetterberg40 Ringette HC Best defenders of ECL 10 Neo: 1st. @Idko123 Ringette HC 2nd. @juhkis96 Pahat Pommittajat 3rd. @Camelguy86 ScandinavianFishingGroup Best goalkeepers of ECL 10 Neo: 1st. @Fcoy_faze Jarnkaminerna 2nd. @snaasigi ScandinavianFishingGroup 3rd. @Seteligame20 Ringette HC Until next time, gamers! Enjoy your summer and rest up, all that energy will be needed once you get back on the ice soon.
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    Diktatuuri "LITE" Hello all free Goalies, if there is someone who wants to play in summer but own team is not playing any games this is for you. We are participated in Summer League (3 opponents left in regular season + playoffs) Problem is.. We need another Goalie to fill up our roster because our regular goalie have 2-shiftwork. If you want to keep your touch good in net join our roster in "SUMMER LOAN" Contact here @Samzoni @Riksaboy or PSN: Samzoni/riksaboy
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    Huippupassi (pro) Looking for finnish speaking active and motivated RD. Contact psn: Aitis81
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    Yesterday we played against the Beastie Boys and fearless knights, both clubs finished the match with the bots. You ask why no one wants to play against German clubs. Teach them what Fairplay is ❗ Yesterday, for the first time, I saw a really angry fin, because they don't do this. A month ago, Wolfsrudel did the same 🤷‍♂️. Sorry not all germans Clubs make do it
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    GENESIS Out: @Wpaanane 💙 Out: @hulkamaania 💙 It was a pleasure, good luck guys!
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