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    IIHF organizes Esports Fan Championship

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    With the cancellation of the beloved hockey carnival that is the IIHF World Championships, we received news last week that an Esports Fan Championship will be hosted. It's an exciting way of involving fans around the world and putting the tournament in your hands - EA Sports NHL players from each country will represent their nation in an effort to take home the championship, in addition, IIHF have put some amazing prizes such as game tickets and pucks on the line for the competitors. 



    The IIHF Esports Fan Championship is a virtual counterpart to the world championships. The tournament is played with a 1v1-format in the online versus game mode. Each of the participating nations will host open qualifiers to determine a player on PS4 and Xbox that will represent their respective nations. These qualifiers will kick off starting May 15th.

    After the online qualifiers are done and each nation has their participant on each console, the playoffs will commence on May 29th. The playoffs are played in a classic knock-out format, where one matchup is decided based on the result in four individual games (two on each console), out of which the aggregate score will serve as a final result in that respective matchup.

    For the playoffs, the IIHF have applied a special rule in order to ensure competitive integrity. The rule is a rotation rule, where players are only allowed to use each national team once over the course of the playoffs. This ensures diversity in the matchups and allows for some more strategy on this front too. 


    The open national qualifiers start May 15th, but signups are open right now! Head over to https://esports.iihf.com/ in order to sign up for the qualifiers of your nation. 

    Here's a full schedule for online qualifiers:
    Kazakhstan - PS4 & Xbox One - 15/5/2020
    Belarus - PS4 & Xbox One - 15/5/2020
    Denmark - PS4 & Xbox One - 16/5/2020
    Latvia - PS4 & Xbox One - 16/5/2020
    Czech Republic - PS4 & Xbox One - 17/5/2020
    Italy - PS4 & Xbox One - 17/5/2020
    Switzerland - PS4 & Xbox One - 18/5/2020
    Slovakia - PS4 & Xbox One - 18/5/2020
    Norway - PS4 & Xbox One - 19/5/2020
    Finland - PS4 & Xbox One - 19/5/2020
    Great Britain - PS4 & Xbox One - 20/5/2020
    USA - PS4 & Xbox One - 21/5/2020
    Germany - PS4 &  Xbox One - 21/5/2020
    Canada - PS4 & Xbox One - 22/5/2020
    Sweden - PS4 & Xbox One - 22/5/2020
    Russia - PS4 & Xbox One - 22/5/2020


    The IIHF has released a short info video on what it's all about, also, check this page for all additional instructions.


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    43 minutes ago, Virtual_Saku said:

    Oh great.... France is not invited, really nice

    Well, it's meant to be an 'esport' version of the world championships that were cancelled this year so yea :D 

    Edited by Virtual_Saku

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    5 minutes ago, MartindalexC said:

    Well, it's meant to be an 'esport' version of the world championships that were cancelled this year so yea :D 

    Oh, yep, ok, that's a fair reason :) :) 

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