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    NHL 20: Patch 1.6.0

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    Hey NHLGamers,

    Yesterday EA SPORTS released the fifth update for NHL 20. The biggest tweak as far as 6s goes appears to be the way in which goalies react to passes on net, hopefully meaning they will no longer get locked into a save animation whenever a pass goes near them now. Most of the other fixes will be more noticeable in the 1v1 modes but are indeed very important, such as how the CPU defensemen react to the so-called self-sauce and how the CPU defenseman reacts to odd-man rushes.

    For the full changelog, please see below.



    - Fixed a case where an injured player would be unable to get off the ice
    - Fixed a case where players other than Marchand would lose the puck at the start of a penalty shot
    - Further improvements to AI over committing to the puck carrier in 2 on 1 situations
    - Improvements to ensure the weak side defender in a 2 on 2 won’t favor the pass lane over covering their assignments path to the net
    - Fixed a rare case where players weren’t able to pick up a puck when they were pending a request to line change


    - Further improvements to goalie tracking when the puck is behind the net and around the goal line
    - Improved goalie reaction to passes on net
    - Fixed an issue where a human goalie could get into a broken state when hugging the post and requesting a goalie pull


    - Fixed an issue where despite having the correct top speed, players above 96 speed weren’t staying in the push puck hustle animation


    - Further shot angle improvements for accurate release trajectories

    World of CHEL

    - New content added to World of CHEL which is to be revealed through the Chel Challenge card. Tune in regularly to see what exciting new stuff you can earn

    Art - Logos

    - Adidas Hockey
    - Belle Tire Hockey
    - Ohio AAA Blue Jackets
    - Shattuck-St. Marys School
    - Total Package Hockey

    Source: EA Forums



    What are your thoughts on the update? Have you had the chance to test it - does it deliver? Let us know in the comments below!

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