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    Patch #2 available for NHL 18




    Hey NHLGamers,

    When you start your game today, you might notice that there's a new patch. There isn't that much information about it, just the note "General stability and bug improvements". What could this mean?

    Well, we can simply speculate at this point, but there are a couple annoying things that have been happening in the game lately:

    • At times, the game would get stuck in a weird camera angle with the frame being stuck, while you can only hear the game audio:
    • Quite often, during an online game the game would jump back to an earlier faceoff, sometimes resulting in the loss of an already scored goal.

    We certainly hope the above two have been fixed with this patch and that we won't suffer from these problems again.

    According to the buzz in several Facebook groups at the moment, the so called "slider glitch" has been fixed now, so you're not able to make the HUT challenges super easy anymore.

    How are you finding the patch? Are the above mentioned things gone? Let us know in the comments below.



    Below you can find the Patch 2 notes and in case you missed it earlier, the notes about what Gameplay Tuner 1.01 actually did:



    NHL 18 Patch 2 - (Available October 3rd, 2017)

    General stability and bug improvements

    NHL 18 Gameplay Tuner 1.01 - (Available September 27, 2017)

    All Modes

    • Tuned ability to go in and out of the pass block state so that it behaves more realistic
    • Tuned puck elasticity to get more realistic reactions when it hits the ice.
    • Tuned deking success rates by deke
    • Decreased top end skating ability for players skating with defensive stick held out

    Online Only

    • Tuned down chance of auto fights post whistle
    • Turned off ability for net to come off in online gameplay
    • Tuned cases to fix issues where goalies were getting punished for skating to the bench on delayed penalties


    Source: https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/146691/nhl-18-patch-tuner-notes#latest



    Edited by Kenu

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