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    Black Horse is your ECL 10 Pro Champion!

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    The first championship of the ECL 10 season was crowned on Wednesday when the two ECL Pro title contenders Enigma and Black Horse clashed for games 4-7 of their final series. Going into the games, Enigma had a 2-1 series lead, but Black Horse came in strong and managed to turn the series around as they managed to win games 4 and 5, going into game 6 in a 2-3 lead. Enigma force a game 7 and teams went scoreless into the third period. With just 6 minutes remaining in the 3rd, Enigma received a somewhat questionable penalty shot. As @PCJP managed to make the save, the viewers were blessed with the most exciting thing a hockey fan could witness: game 7 overtime action! The digitals stopped at 77:01 as Wirtsuuu (@Tapparafan) managed to get the only goal of the game, securing Black Horse the ECL 10 Pro Championship and a place in ECL Elite for next season!



    Black_Horse.png Black Horse 🏆

    Group stage record: 23-5-2 (1st)
    Round 1: vs Kaupallinen Yhteistyö (16) 4-3
    Quarterfinals: vs Children of Ice (15) 4-0
    vs Hanaa HC (14) 4-0
    Finals: vs Enigma (10) 4-3



    #92 P. Pelkonen @PCJP


    #4 R. Reijonen @bot_dole

    #24 Originaljets29 @Mika

    #81 M. Laitinen @Miika (MiiQu81-)


    #19 M. Virtanen @Tapparafan (Wirtsuuu)

    #22 M. Vanhala @Pasi Modry (Makkeez22)

    #64 A. Laitinen @laitineen64


    All in all, the Pro season once again provided some very exciting action and surely showed the amount of skill that runs deep throughout the divisions framework. As mentioned above, as a reward for their ECL Pro Championship, Black Horse will be directly promoted to ECL Elite. Enigma will continue their season for one more series, as they meet Gotham Knights in a best-of-seven series to determine which of these two teams will play in ECL Elite next season. 

    The decisive games of the finals were broadcast at the NHLGamer Twitch channel. 
    @Tougie24 and @Cyn once again blessed us with their presence and put forth a great effort in the commentator booth. If you missed that action, you can watch it again below:


    Edited by Kenu

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