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    ECL 10 Elite Finals: A clash of the titans

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    The days to the big finale are dwindling down as we eagerly await yet another clash of the titans. Tomorrow #2 seed and reigning champion Linkoping HC will be taking on HAVU Gaming in the third straight ECL Elite final between these two clubs. The score is even, who will take the advantage?




    As we interviewed LHC goaltender and ECL 10 cover gamer Casper @ICappeI Lundgren last time, it is only right that we turn to HAVU goaltender and ECL 9 cover gamer Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen this time:

    Both Linkoping and HAVU have been dominating the scene for way longer than any other team in recent memory. What do you think is the key to success here?
    A similarity is obviously that both teams have kept their core intact over their period of success. This has led to superior chemistry between the forwards and a suffocating defensive unit.

    This is your third straight final appearance where you meet Linkoping HC, what similarities or differences do you see in this season when comparing to the previous ones?
    This time it was more of a surprise than earlier, thanks to JYP letting it slip in the playoffs 😅. ECL 10 was supposed to be the battle between three greats, but it turned out differently. In general I don't think much has changed - pokaali takas kotiin!

    How have you developed personally if we'd look back at ECL 8 for example?
    - ECL 8 was our championship season, so I've tried to emulate the same kind of game. Honestly, I don't think there's much development to be done, you do what you can and pray for the big man to give you fortunate bounces. 

    Any last greetings to the fans or opponents?
    - Let's fight hard and put on a great show!


    How to watch?

    The ECL 10 Elite Finals will be played on Friday, 5th of June and Saturday, 6th of June with a broadcast on our Twitch-channel. The broadcast is also available on Ruutu.fi & ISTV. 

    Friday, June 5th
    20:00 CEST Games 1-3 (puck drop around 20:25)
    HAVUGaming.pngHAVU Gaming vs Linkoping HCLinkoping_HC.png

    Saturday, June 6th
    20:00 CEST Games 4-7 (puck drop around 20:25)

    HAVUGaming.pngHAVU Gaming vs Linkoping HCLinkoping_HC.png

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