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    ECL 10 Elite tonight: Bragging rights up for grabs

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    In the broadcast tonight we've got some heated action for you guys! Starting in just a few hours some of the very best will face off against each other, when Finnish esports talents HAVU Gaming and hREDS clash for the title of which org gets the bragging rights until next time. In the second matchup of the night, Lulea Hockey and BRAYCE Phantoms go head to head in a battle between two teams desperate for points.

    Dynamic duo @Tougie24 and @Cyn will be casting the action tonight.


    HAVUGaming.png HAVU Gaming vs hREDS hREDS_logo_png.png
    19-1-0 vs 10-4-2

    Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha (23+34=57) vs Niklas @NikkeDangles Tukiainen (18+17=35)

    Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen (19 W, 82,43 SV%, 1,3 GAA, 5 SO) vs Niklas @uhNikke Nieminen (6 W, 72,22 SV%, 2,5 GAA, 1 SO)

    The stakes in this one are high and they extend way beyond just points in the ECL standings. HAVU Gaming and hREDS will enter a heated battle on the ice, fighting over who gets the bragging rights between the Finnish esports orgs in the ECL. HAVU has delivered according to their usual level, which is at the very top night in and night out. Captain Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha leads the scoring way (57 points) and finds himself in third place overall for the season, but the challenge in playing HAVU is that each and every player can be a threat from pretty much any position. Niklas @uhNikke Nieminen will have a tough night in net and needs support from his defense if they are to challenge HAVU in this matchup. Interestingly enough, hREDS have chosen to switch things up tonight by including Tuukka @Tuukka.R Röpelinen at the LD spot for his first games of the season. The man is a mystery both at the position in question and in terms of form, as he has been spending his days in the service of the Finnish armed forces.

    Lulea_Hockey.png Lulea Hockey vs BRAYCE Phantoms BRAYCE_Phantoms.png
    4-10-4 vs 7-7-2

    Ville @hpkfani Luukkonen (10+11=21) vs Simon @PlaymakerSJ Junker (9+16=25)

    Ville @Supreex Korhonen (4 W, 74,86 SV%, 2,56 GAA, 2 SO) vs Patrick @RPH_31 Braun (7 W, 73,81 SV%, 2,75 GAA, 1 SO)

    The matchup between Lulea Hockey and BRAYCE Phantoms is a big one for both teams. It might not shake the Elite standings at their core regardless of the outcome, but for the teams themselves it's huge. Lulea needs the full four points to shock their abysmal season back to life and give themselves a fighting chance at both avoiding relegation and sneaking into the playoffs as one of the latter seeds. For BRAYCE, collecting four points would mean breaking a minor losing streak and putting themselves right back in the playoff hunt for seeds 5-8. Luleas main problem all season long have been scoring goals and with 12 games remaining, time is running out on getting their offensive woes (1,39 goals scored/game – last in the league) fixed. Ville @hpkfani Luukkonen leads the team in goals (10) and points (21), but he also leads the entire league in PIMs (28). Thankfully for Lulea, their PK has been one of their few strengths this season – coming in at 4h overall in the league (82,76%). For BRAYCE, the opposite rings true. With a staggering 42,86% efficiency rate, their powerplay stands as the best in the league (tied with KOVA). Leading the charge is playmaking center Simon @PlaymakerSJ Junker with three PP goals. The center also leads the entire team in assists (16) and points (25).


    Tune in for all the action starting tonight at 20:00 CEST over at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer, alternatively ISTV, and Ruutu for our Finnish viewers.

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