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    ECL 10 Lite: Finals Preview


    Approximately two months ago we started the ECL 10 Lite season with 64 teams in four groups. After the regular season we had a strong vision of teams that were going to fight for the promotion and final spots this season. The playoffs were as exciting as they always are and several teams had the quality to compete for the cup this time. In the end there were two teams that no one could stop. Now they will go head-to-head in the ECL 10 Lite finals! 


    Here are the finalists of ECL 10 Lite:

    sack_brothers_500x500.png Sack Brothers (1)

    Road to the finals

    Regular season: (28-1-1) 1st in group 4 
    Round 1: vs HockeyProfessorn HC (32) 4-1
    Round 2: vs Tic Tac Toes (25) 4-2
    Round 3: vs GENESIS (18) 4-1
    Round 4: vs HUIPPUPASSI (10) 4-2

    LW: @snippystatue (22GP: 22+31=55 pts)
    C: @luosttin (22GP: 18+37=55 pts, FOW: 48,9%)
    RW: @Datupeijooni (Datzonee) (22GP: 26+21=47 pts)
    LD: @Kucherov86 (22GP: 9+22=31 pts)
    RD: @Persusta95 (22GP: 4+11=15 pts)
    G: @mikeruud (22GP: 234svs, 47GA= 83,27 SV%)

    ducktales500x500.png Ducktales BK (7)

    Road to the finals

    Regular season: (21-4-5) 2nd in group 2 
    Round 1: vs Remparts de Tours Esport (26) 4-2
    Round 2: vs ECDC Memmingen eSports (11) 4-3
    Round 3: vs HV71 eSHL (3) 4-1
    Round 4: vs Angry Cats (5) 4-3

    LW: @Zidso (21GP: 17+22=39 pts)
    C: @cHIIMEERa (23GP: 21+20=41 pts, FOW: 49,8%)
    RW: @Craig (oskuldsfull) (23GP: 11+20=31 pts)
    LD: @J-Foppa (23GP: 5+17=22 pts)
    RD: @tokFan (ItokFanI) (23GP: 1+5=6 pts)
    G: @Rymaan (23GP: 200svs, 34GA= 85,47 SV%)

    To spice things up we decided to contact the teams to ask them couple of questions before the the games and had the pleasure to interview @Rymaan from Ducktales BK and @snippystatue from Sack Brothers:

    How does it feel to be in the finals? Was the finals your goal right from the beginning or where were the expectations set before the season started?

    @snippystatue ‘’Of course it feels great! The ECL finals are the best that the season can offer and as the captain told us in the beginning of the season, our minimum goal is to win the title after last seasons disappointment.’’

    @Rymaan ‘’Feels great! Our main goal for the season was to get that Pro-spot. Achieving that, of course our next goal is to win the tournament.‘’

    What is your teams strengths and the reason for success? Why are you in the finals instead of your playoffs opponents? What makes you the champions of ECL 10 Lite?

    @snippystatue ‘’Counter-attacks, tight team defense and good chemistry. We have practiced with the same players from the beginning of the off-season and the level of play has stayed good the whole time. The reason we are in the finals is that we have been able to minimize our opponents scoring opportunities with solid defending and the attacking has been working in every series. The reason we will be the champions is that we believe in our own playing. Even if we were losing with 4 goals we never give up and the atmosphere stays positive the whole time’’

    @Rymaan ‘’Structure, defense, experience and a will to win. We had a game plan for every series and followed it well enough to be victorious. All opponents we played so far have been a challenge and played well, but we don’t want to comment other teams shortcomings. Beating us in 4 games takes great teamplay, individual skill and a solid defense. We've seen 2 out of 3 in Sack Brothers.’

    How well do you know your opponent in the finals? Have you faced them in the club games or earlier seasons? Done any scouting through the streams etc?

    @snippystatue ‘’We don’t know them very well. Of course we noticed that they were playing really well already in the regular season but we haven’t faced them in club games. We haven’t done any special kind of scouting from the streams but we have seen couple of playoff games from them’’

    @Rymaan’Played them a lot during NHL20 (not with Ducktales though) and to be honest they have evolved a lot. They had a fantastic season so far, obliterating their opponents on the way. We scout every opponent in playoffs to learn their tricks.’

    What do you think is your opponents strengths? Will you adjust your own gamestyle to make their playing harder or will you continue the way you have done so far and trust that it will bring you the desiredresult?

    @snippystatue’We believe their strengths are especially in the defense but it’s hard to say yet since we haven’t faced them before. We will trust our own style of play since it has worked so well but of course we are ready for adjustments if the game isn’t working’’ 

    @Rymaan ‘’They play a fast game and they are deadly when they get to scoring opportunities. We are confident in our style of play but will make adjustments if needed.’’ 

    What will be the score of the series in the end? 

    @snippystatue’It’s going to be tight but I’ll say 4-3 to Sack Brothers’’

    @Rymaan ‘’Ducktales wins in 7.’

    The confidence is high in both camps. As the interview tells us, both teams will trust their own style of playing and that’s exactly what they should do. Watching back the opponents that both of these teams have been able to beat it’s obvious that they have done everything right so far. Both teams are also prepared for a tough battle and it’s easy to join their predictions that the champions will be decided in a game seven.

    As the stats tell, Sack Brothers have been really effective in the offensive zone which has been their theme through whole season, while Ducktales BK have been the team that is extremely hard to score against. It’s going to be really interesting to see how well Ducktales BK are able to shut down Sack Brothers attacks. I believe it’s also a new kind of challenge for Sack Brothers to play against team that is really disciplined at their defense. There may be a possibility that Ducktales BK could make their opponents frustrated which would most likely turn the series in favour of Ducktales BK. But as @snippystatue stated in the interview, the mental side shouldn’t be a problem for his team. While Sack Brothers are figuring out how to get through Ducktales BK they can’t give any leeway in their own defense. Even though Ducktales BK are known having the special quality at their team defense they are also to score if the chances are given to them.

    Prediction: There is no doubt that the two best teams of the season are facing in the finals. This will be a battle of two different gamestyles and only the matches will tell us which approach will be the right one. If I was asked at the start of the playoffs which team was going to win from these two, I would have said Sack Brothers 4-1. I’m glad no-one asked because watching Ducktales BK journey through the playoffs I would have made a clown of myself. However I still believe Sack Brothers have the quality to break Ducktales BKs defense and captain @Datupeijooni will lift the cup at the end of the day. Sack Brothers will win the series with score 4-3.    

    What a great season we have had and now it’s coming to an end. It will be a season to remember for both of these teams but only one can be crowned as champions. Play hard and fair, respect your opponents and enjoy the finals!   

    How to watch?

    The ECL 10 Lite finals will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer.

    Thursday, June 11th
    20:00 CEST Games 1-3
    sack_brothers_500x500.png Sack Brothers
     vs Ducktales BK ducktales500x500.png

    Sunday, June 14th
    20:30 CEST Games 4-7
    sack_brothers_500x500.png Sack Brothers
     vs Ducktales BK ducktales500x500.png

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