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    ECL 10 Pro Playoffs: Quarterfinals

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    The playoff train in our Pro division is chugging along and we surely saw some interesting turns of events in the first round! One of these surprises were definitely HanaaHC outplaying the #1 seed Leksands IF and advancing with a series score of 4-2. The same storyline applied in the series between Nordic Stars (#2 in their group) and Children of Ice (#7), where the experienced group in Children of Ice took the series home in a game 7 finish. We await with excitement if the underdogs will prevail again!



    5.4 ECL Pro Playoffs

    In ECL Pro, 8 out of 16 teams from each group will make the playoffs, in which they will be cross-seeded best against worst according to the tiebreakers mentioned in 11.3. After the first round has been played, the teams will then be seeded based on PPG. The winner of ECL Pro will be instantly promoted, however the runner up will have to play (and win) a series vs. an Elite opponent in order to attain promotion. The two ECL Pro semifinal losers will each play one ECL Elite team ranked 13 or 14, crossseeded according to the tiebreakers mentioned in 11.3. Teams that finish in places 9-12 will neither play in the playoffs nor be subject to relegation. All ECL Pro teams that finish in places 13-16 will play a cross-seeded relegation series, where all losers (4 in total) will be relegated instantly to ECL Lite.

    10.5.2 ECL Pro Playoff Schedule

    • Playoffs Round 1: 10.5 - 16.5
    • Quarterfinals: 17.5 - 23.5
    • Semifinals: 24.5 - 30.5
    • Finals: 31.5 - 6.6

    Here are the quarterfinal matchups of ECL 10 Pro:

    Black_Horse.png Black Horse (1) vs  Children_of_Ice.png Children of Ice (15)

    Players to watch: 

    @PCJP (4 W, 87,18 SV%, 1,43 GAA, 2 SO) Black Horse
    @Jorma Parola (8+10=18) Children of Ice

    Team_Frosty.png Team Frosty (3) vs  Hanaa_HC_500x500.png HanaaHC (14)

    Players to watch: 

    @imosi (4+7=11) Team Frosty
    @Raikkoneeh (2+7=9) HanaaHC

    Reality_Check.png Reality Check (9) vs Blackdawngs500x500.png Blackdawgs (13)

    Players to watch: 

    @Jann3_67_ (4 W, 90,54 SV%, 1,4 GAA, 1 SO) Reality Check
    @Serg1vratar (4 W, 85,71 SV%, 1,5 GAA, 1 SO) Blackdawgs

    Enigma500x500.png Enigma (10) vs Vaxjo_Lakers_new.png Vaxjo Lakers (11)

    Players to watch: 

    @Nieppii (4+7=11) Enigma
    @Hullued (4 W, 94,74 SV%, 0,5 GAA, 2 SO) Vaxjo Lakers

    Unfortunately the we didn't have the resources to generate an in-depth preview this time, but will aim to provide for the semifinals. The quarters start tonight, so good luck to all teams - play hard, have fun!

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