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    ECL 10 Pro: Semifinals Preview

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    We're advancing on to the most exciting games of the season in our ECL Pro division. As we're down to four teams remaining, all of the teams left in the battle will earn a chance to fight for a promotion spot as the season comes to an end but the marching order still has to be determined and obviously the biggest price at stake is being crowned the ECL 10 Pro champion and being granted instant promotion. 



    5.4 ECL Pro Playoffs

    In ECL Pro, 8 out of 16 teams from each group will make the playoffs, in which they will be cross-seeded best against worst according to the tiebreakers mentioned in 11.3. After the first round has been played, the teams will then be seeded based on PPG. The winner of ECL Pro will be instantly promoted, however the runner up will have to play (and win) a series vs. an Elite opponent in order to attain promotion. The two ECL Pro semifinal losers will each play one ECL Elite team ranked 13 or 14, crossseeded according to the tiebreakers mentioned in 11.3. Teams that finish in places 9-12 will neither play in the playoffs nor be subject to relegation. All ECL Pro teams that finish in places 13-16 will play a cross-seeded relegation series, where all losers (4 in total) will be relegated instantly to ECL Lite.

    10.5.2 ECL Pro Playoff Schedule

    • Playoffs Round 1: 10.5 - 16.5
    • Quarterfinals: 17.5 - 23.5
    • Semifinals: 24.5 - 30.5
    • Finals: 31.5 - 6.6

    Here are the semifinal matchups of ECL 10 Pro:

    (1) Black_Horse.png Black Horse vs HanaaHC Hanaa_HC_500x500.png (14)
    Series score 2-0

    Black Horse is a force to be reckoned with and seems to be absolutely unstoppable so far into the season. The team faced disappointment before the season when they were unable to advance trough the Elite Qualification Series but have bounced back nicely. @Tapparafan is leading the club from the front with solid backup from @Pasi Modry who recently made the switch over to the center position from his more familiar defensive post while @PCJP is a wall at the back end with an outstanding SV % of 85,11. Whereas Black Horse was considered a team able to qualify for Elite before the season, HanaaHC was among the group of Lite teams that were up for Pro consideration. After getting and proving a deserved promotion, the team has now risen out of nowhere into actual title contention. @Hazard-laser has proven to be a scoring weapon and is leading the team with his experience.

    Players to watch: 

    @Pasi Modry (10+15=25) Black Horse
    @Hazard-laser (13+11=24) HanaaHC

    (9) Reality_Check.png Reality Check vs Enigma Enigma500x500.png (10)
    Series score 0-2

    Reality Check is a team that alike Black Horse that had to face disappointment before the season when being unable to advance in the Elite Qualification Series, but the consistently strong squad has been given second wind and are running with their chances. Their regular season performance granted the team a 9th seed into the playoffs, which has led them to going up against a very tough challenge in Enigma in these semifinals. Enigma is a group of guys with plenty of Elite experience both at the back end and in their forward department. Being one of the more high-scoring groups, Reality Check will have their work cut out for them. I'd keep an eye out for the battle between Enigma scoring leader @Nieppii and Reality Check goalie @Jann3_67_.

    Players to watch: 

    @jorma2001 (12+10=22) Reality Check
    @Nieppii (11+13=24) Enigma

    Both series are already underway, but there's hopefully a whole lot of good hockey left to be played. As always , have fun - play hard!

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