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    ECL 10 Pro: The rundown - playoff battle heating up

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    We have reached the last week of the regular season in our ECL 10 Pro division. At this point it seems that Leksands IF and Black Horse are on their way to group victory while Clumsy Penguins, Bellizzi, Prowlers Esports and Me Carvoset are heading to the relegation battles. For the rest of the teams, there will be a lot at stake in the remaining matches, especially for the teams near the playoff line. Both groups will entertain us with epic battles for the last playoff spots and we decided to bring you some highlights of what to keep an eye on in the last week. 


    Group 1 

    Teams that will fight for the playoff spots in group 1 are Enigma, Kaupallinen Yhteistyö, Blackdawgs, Djurgarden Hockey, MOCKBA, Cheers Hockey and The Syndicate. Even though Team Frosty are currently at 8th place, they have less games played than others and with their current form they are expected to join the battle for top 3 positions. However, as you can see from the scheme below, Team Frosty will play a key role in the playoff battle as well.

    Standings and the opponents for the rest of the season:

    5th Enigma (26 GP, 33 pts): Djurgarden Hockey and The Syndicate

    6th Kaupallinen Yhteistyo (26 GP, 33 pts): Blackdawgs and Leksands IF

    7th Blackdawgs (26 GP, 32 pts): Kaupallinen Yhteistyo and Cheers Hockey

    _______________________________PLAYOFF LINE________________________________

    9th Djurgarden Hockey (24 GP, 28 pts): Enigma, Bellizzi and Team Frosty

    10th MOCKBA (24 GP, 28 pts): The Syndicate, Leksands IF and Clumsy Penguins

    11th Cheers Hockey (24 GP, 27 pts): Riven Johdolla, Team Frosty and Blackdawgs

    12th The Syndicate (24 GP, 25 pts): Bellizzi, MOCKBA and Enigma

    Enigma will start as the favorites against both of their remaining opponents but every point is absolutely vital for Djurgarden Hockey and The Syndicate so winning won’t be easy for sure. One of the biggest matchups will be Kaupallinen Yhteistyö vs Blackdawgs. The winner of this game could secure a playoff spot and in the best/worst scenario, a shared 3 points could see both of these teams running away from the teams below the playoff line. That’s why Djurgarden Hockey, MOCKBA, Cheers Hockey and The Syndicate have to play for only for full points in the remaining matches if they want to keep the playoff dream alive. 

    Group 2

    Sulkavan Sudet, Vaxjo Lakers HC, Rookie Mistakes, Herlev Eagles and We Kings will battle for the playoff spots in the Group 2. 5th place TIKI TALK will also play a big role in the battle while 6th placed Nordic Stars should be able to gather the points from rest of their opponents and fight for a top 3 finish with HanaaHC and ZSC Esports.  

    Standings and the opponents for the rest of the season:

    5th TIKI TALK (24 GP, 35 pts):  Herlev Eagles, We Kings and Vaxjo Lakers

    7th Sulkavan Sudet (26 GP, 32 pts): ZSC Esports and We Kings

    8th Vaxjo Lakers HC (26 GP, 32 pts): Pata Hellalla and TIKI TALK

    _______________________________PLAYOFF LINE________________________________

    9th Rookie Mistakes (24 GP, 28 pts): HanaaHC, Me Carvoset and Herlev Eagles

    10th Herlev Eagles (24 GP, 27 pts): TIKI TALK, Company of Geeks and Rookie Mistakes

    11th We Kings (24 GP, 27 pts): Prowlers Esports, TIKI TALK and Sulkavan Sudet

    Just like Enigma in Group 1, TIKI TALK are the favorites for their remaining matches but especially Herlev Eagles and We Kings need all the points to remain in the fight. For Vaxjo Lakers HC it’s important to win both games against Pata Hellalla and get as many points as possible against TIKI TALK to secure the playoff spot. Rookie Mistakes will play big games against HanaaHC and with wins from those matches they could really put pressure on Vaxjo Lakers HC and Sulkavan Sudet. We Kings are expected to win against Prowlers Esports and with crucial points against TIKI TALK their last matchup against Sulkavan Sudet could be decisive for who gets to the playoffs. This could be the case with Herlev Eagles and Rookie Mistakes as well if Herlev Eagles manage to get full points against Company of Geeks and steal the points from TIKI TALK. 

    As you can see, pretty much everything is still possible in the playoff battle. The importance of the remaining matches will grow the pressure in the dressing rooms as every point will be crucial. There is no room for errors and only the strongest teams will continue to the playoffs. This will be a great week in ECL 10 Pro, we hope you enjoy it. 

    Play hard and fair!
    Your ECL Pro Writing team
    @Oliverigood & @JakePlay77

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