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    ECL 5 - Transfer Deadline



    Good evening, NHLGamers!


    It has come to our attention that we've made an error during the process of finalizing the initial draft of the ECL5 rulebook. As a result the rule 10.1 regarding the transfer deadline states inaccurate information (that the transfer deadline is set on the last day of the regular season).

    Yesterday some of the captains may have already noticed that the team management tool had limited functionality. This happened because the actual transfer deadline that was supposed to be communicated in the current rules had passed.In our eyes having a transfer deadline that's set on the last day of the regular season promotes team-hopping and jeopardizes the integrity of the current competition. As such, we've decided to update the current rule and extend the deadline by one week - the new transfer deadline is 12th of November, 23:59 CEST. Effective immediately.



    10.        Recruitment and transfers

    The deadline for transfers is set to 23:59 CET on the 12th of November.


    - League Administration

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