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    ECL 6 Pre-season Stream live TODAY @ 20:00 CET!



    We’re closing in on the deadline for registrations and the excitement is ramping up. Currently we stand at 90 teams, so we’re nearing the 100-team-mark with two days still to go.

    Tonight we will be hosting a preseason stream featuring a number of staff members, including @Kenu, @MartindalexC, @nylanderi and @SepiDN.



    The stream will be a forum for all new and old members to ask anything that comes to mind from our staff. We have a couple of things on the agenda, such as introduction of our new expanded staff and obviously discussing the new season about to start, along with all the fuzz and transfers going on in the community right now. We will be showing some preseason gameplay during the stream too, an opportunity to scout your opponents here!

    Tune in on our Twitch channel today at 20:00 CET, get your questions ready and put us on the spot!

    Last but not least, here is a listing of our new ECL Staff members, along with their approximate responsibilities.

    @Angepaoli - Social Media Representative, Forum Moderator
    @Bantubox - Forum Moderator
    @ICappeI - Forum Moderator
    @chavelski - ECL Elite Assistant, Journalist
    @cHIIMEERa - Streamer/Broadcast Crew
    @Crisu_rottis - ECL Pro Lead, ECL League Administrator, Streamer/Broadcast Crew
    @iRSPe - ECL League Administrator, Journalist
    @jahajaha93 - ECL Pro Assistant, Journalist, Social Media Representative
    @Kookasi - ECL League Administrator
    @Mannheimer1938 - ECL Pro Assistant, ECL Pro Assistant
    @MartindalexC - Streamer/Broadcast Crew
    @miisolegend - ECL Lite Lead
    @nylanderi - Streamer/Broadcast Crew, Journalist
    @Panarinz - ECL League Administrator
    @pnordetun - Journalist
    @ramseyy2 - ECL Lite Assistant
    @SepiDN - ECL Elite Lead, Streamer/Broadcast Crew
    @Snapster - ECL Pro Assistant, ECL Lite Assistant
    @Stylez-Hades - ECL Elite Assistant
    @Virtual_Saku - Journalist, Streamer/Broadcast Crew
    @Veikkonator - Social Media Representative

    In addition, @Hennisch has also joined our NHLGamer team as a programmer.

    Give our new staff members a warm welcome and stay tuned for more great stuff to come!

    Edited by Kenu

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