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    ECL 7 Lite Playoffs: Round 2



    Hi NHLGamers,

    We are ready for round 2 of the ECL 7 Lite playoffs! After a very quiet first round with nearly no upsets, as 30 out of 32 ended with the higher seed winning. The stage is set for another exciting week of playoff hockey and we are now into familiar territory with the best 32 teams of the Lite division that will have to do or die. We expect some upsets in this round, based on previous seasons, as some favourites will struggle and some underdogs will rise.

    The games will be played best-of-7, meaning it takes four wins to make it into the next round.

    Due to the EA server downtime pushing the regular season end and eventually causing the Playoff pairs in round 1 to be published quite late, we ended up allowing one extra day for the first round of the playoffs, thus pushing the rest of the rounds forward, meaning round 2 has to be finished by end of Monday the 19th of November.


    Below are the pairs for round 2:

    1. The Next Gen vs 43. Pink Panthers HC

    2. Finnish Snipers vs 35. Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat

    3. The Black Jacks vs 32. Lehmannen Badboyz

    4. Mentula SKA vs 31. Puck Panthers

    5. Clowns On Ice vs 29. Etelan Vetelat

    6. Prowlers vs 28. Infinity

    7. FarmiNaattori vs 27. Elämäm Kiekko

    8. Supernatural vs 26. Suomen Sonnit

    9. Rajatorpan Mafia vs 25. Finnish Hockey Legends

    10. HokiDogit vs 24. Supremacy

    11. We Kings vs 23. K A R H U T

    12. SPARTANS vs 21. Poston Fruits

    13. Freddie Mercury Institute vs 20. Blackdawgs

    14. Inter Iceland vs 19. Kaukosen Luistin

    15. Perttilan Kommandot vs 18. Dubnation Gaming

    16. Kalamasu HT vs 17. Team France


    Please let us know when these matchups are going to take place, which gives us a better chance to cover it on our Twitch channel.
    Should you want your games to be covered in our live broadcasts, please provide us with the necessary information as early as possible before the games.

    The information includes:

    • Date
    • Time
    • Line-ups for both teams (including correct spelling of PSN ID’s and player numbers)
    • Captain/player interviews are a plus!


    We wish all the teams the best of luck - have fun out there!

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