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    ECL 7 Pro Playoffs: Finals Preview

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    Hello NHLGamers, 

    It's 'final-ly' time for the Pro Finals! After yet another exciting season full of interesting events and lots of surprises, the time to crown a winner is nigh. The playoffs have certainly left us gasping for air at times, with surprises like ECL 6 Lite silver-medalist Cowabunga winning their group, seeding in second place into the playoffs only to be eliminated in the first round by 16th seed Pata Hellalla. Bucketeers, another newly promoted team also seemed to find their stride this season, pushing far into the playoffs and reaching the semifinals for a shot to make Elite through a relegation battle. Our final two isn't maybe the most predictable matchup, but certainly two well-rounded teams that have been strong performers all season long.


    Here's how our final matchup stacks up:

    (1) Deadly_Phantoms.png Deadly Phantoms HC vs Synergy Hockey Synergy%20Hockey.png (4)

    In this iteration of the ECL Pro Finals, we'll have a somewhat rare sighting as neither finalist is Finnish. I even believe neither team has any Finnish colour in their roster. Refreshing, to say the least!

    After a great semi-final round against Bucketeers in a thrilling and even series, the deadliest of Phantoms have yet again stated their claim for an Elite spot and are looking to get that big trophy as well. They've been one of the great storylines this postseason, as they've had to overcome adversity not many teams in the community has faced. From having their play style under scrutiny in the first round to switching up the lineup throughout the playoffs, they have prevailed every time. 

    Synergy Hockey has really gone back to their roots and found the strong play we're so used to seeing from the veteran Swedes. They're a strong defensive unit that doesn't put on a show on the ice, but is tremendously effective at everything they do. The team has had everything go their way this season, starting all the way from the back end, where the marvelled @DUNZA has been taunting forwards on a nightly basis. Synergy has had a rather convincing playoff run so far, as they've dropped only two games in the three series played so far. Prediction: Deadly Phantoms HC in 7.


    The_Rayman80 (17GP, 17+11=28) vs Isindar (14GP, 9+13=22)

    RPH_31 (17GP, 12W, 83.81 SV%, 1.64 GAA) vs DUNZA (14GP, 12W, 91.00 SV%, 0.64 GAA)


    Schedule for the finals:

    Game 1: Monday, 10th of December 21:00 CET Deadly Phantoms HC vs Synergy Hockey (1-2 OT)
    Game 2: Monday, 10th of December 21:30 CET Synergy Hockey vs Deadly Phantoms HC (2-3 OT)
    Game 3: Thursday, 13th of December TBA Deadly Phantoms HC vs Synergy Hockey 
    Game 4: Thursday, 13th of December TBA Synergy Hockey vs Deadly Phantoms HC
    Game 5: Thursday, 13th of December TBA Deadly Phantoms HC vs Synergy Hockey 
    Game 6: Thursday, 13th of December TBA Synergy Hockey vs Deadly Phantoms HC
    Game 7: Thursday, 13th of December TBA Deadly Phantoms HC vs Synergy Hockey 

    That's all for now gamers and as always, be sure to check out our twitch channel for streams on these games and from our other leagues, that's got some exciting playoff action for yall. 

    PS: Stay on the lookout for our ECL 7 Pro Season Recap article, it might be posted sooner than you think...

    Pro Writing Team

    @jahajaha93 & @Panarinz

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