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    ECL 7 Pro: Season Review

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    Hello NHLGamers, 

    After another great season with a bit of this and that is done! ECL 8 Pro sure included everything you could've imagined,  and we've now arrived at what we call the end review. We had an exciting starting point to the season, as five teams were promoted at the end of ECL 6, leaving a lot of space in the division to be filled up. Some teams also folded in the offseason, freeing up even more. The Pro division experienced something of a cleanse, bringing in tons of new talent such as Raccoon Rampage or Bucketeers who were immediately looking to make an impact, some teams surely did that too!

    In this review of the season, we'll be taking a brief look at the top eight teams of the season. All of these teams did an outstanding job and we even saw some great surprises among these teams. Without further ado, let's get to it:

    Top 8 teams of ECL 7 Pro:


    Deadly Phantoms HC
    - The champions of ECL 7 Pro had an incredible season. In all honesty, they couldn't have done it better. 1st in the group stage and capping off by winning the playoffs. Their players were topping almost all categories and positions, whilst still focusing on getting the wins, a feat in which they succeeded. After a tough 1st round in the playoffs vs Saints (4-3) they bounced back extremely well and got through the next rounds with only 3 losses in 3 rounds. It'll be great to follow this team in Elite next season and I think they could surprise and make the playoffs. Their record 27-3-0 was a proof of all that. 

    Synergy Hockey
    - or shall we call them @DUNZA Hockeywall? It was all about their defense and brickwall DUNZA in net to lead them to a record of 22-6-2 with only 34 goals against in 30 games. After losing the final two games of the regular season against their direct rival Cowabunga Hockey, they finished 2nd but were able to go for a long playoff run which ended in the finals. Synergy experienced an unfortunate loss at the hands of DPH but still secured an Elite spot for the next season.

    Bucketeers - The buckets had a season that could only be described as excellent and a massive upset. Due to the low amount of registered Pro teams they got called up to the big leagues and showed us all that they truly belong there. The semi-finalists won their promotion battle and now Elite is looming in the horizon. Their center @Demski13 stepped up big time in the playoffs and led them to a promotion. He was also ranked 2nd in points during the playoffs. 

    Resurrection - Another semi-finalist that clinched promotion to Elite. After a tough end to the regular season with 3 wins in their last 10 games, Resurrection resurrected from the dead and got by both TIKI TALK and Speedy Bros Hockey in the 1st respective 2nd round. One of the difference makers was their goaltender @Jiihooo86 with 3 shutouts and over 82 in save% during the playoffs. 

    Speedy Bros Hockey - Even if they came just one win short of the semi's, Speedy Bros Hockey still had a remarkable season and have the capability to play in even higher divisions, read Elite. They scored the most goals out of any team in group 1 and 2nd after Phantoms in the whole division. 

    Wasps Gaming - The 2nd highest scoring team in group 1 had a great regular season finishing with the same point score as Synergy, the runners up this season. With a stunning start in the 1st round of the playoffs beating Belizzi 4-1, the Wasps were set for success when they were matched up against 8th seeded Bucketeers. Unfortunately for Wasps, Bucketeers came out swinging and had a run to remember, ending the season for Wasps Gaming. 

    - Maybe on of the biggest upsets this season was the victory of CLUB ONE against 3rd playoff seed Checkmate. Not only did they come out on top during this series but they did it in a dominant manner, 4-1. Synergy ended up being too much for them and their season ended in the 2nd round vs said team. A big reason for their success was goalscorer @makichuk, with 39 regular season goals and 6 in the playoffs he showed his importance for the team.

    Pata Hellalla - After just and about clinching a playoff spot in group 2, Pata showed real strength and experience in the playoffs. Getting by the 2nd seeded Cowabunga Hockey 4-0 in the first round. Yes, you read me right - FOUR to ZERO. Not bad for the last seeded team. Unfortunately for Pata, the later champions were waiting in round 2 leading to a rather one-sided series, being sent home with a score of 4-0.


    Promotions to Elite:

    Deadly Phantoms HC

    Synergy Hockey



    Relegations to Lite:

    Free From Rodents

    Nordic Nosebleed

    Sektion K



    As last seasons recap, this seasons will also be in form of an official NHLGamer ranking.

    The ECL 7 Pro division ranking (Sorted by playoff wins, P/G and relegation faceoff wins):

    1. Deadly_Phantoms.png Deadly Phantoms HC (Group 1) - 16 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 27-3-0

    2. Synergy%20Hockey.png Synergy Hockey (Group 1) - 13 Playoff wins,  regular season record -- 22-6-2

    3. Bucketeers.png Bucketeers (Group 2) - 10 Playoff wins, 4 promotion faceoff wins, regular season record -- 19-8-3

    4. Resurrection.png Resurrection (Group 2) - 9 Playoff wins, 4 promotion faceoff wins, regular season record -- 21-5-4

    5. Speedy_Bros_Hockey.png Speedy Bros Hockey (Group 1) - 7 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 21-8-1

    6. Wasps_Gaming.png Wasps Gaming (Group 1) - 6 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 21-5-4

    7. Club_One.png CLUB ONE (Group 1) - 5 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 17-10-3

    8. Pata_Hellalla.png Pata Hellalla (Group 2) - 4 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 14-10-6

    9. Saints.png Saints (Group 1) - 3 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 16-10-4

    10. EN%20HUND.png EN HUND (Group 1) - 2 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 17-9-4

    11. TIKI%20TALK.png TIKI TALK (Group 1) - 2 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 18-11-1

    12. Checkmate.png Checkmate (Group 2) - 1 Playoff win, regular season record -- 23-6-1

    13. Bellizzi.png Bellizzi (Group 2) - 1 Playoff win, regular season record -- 16-10-4

    14. CowabungaHockey.png Cowabunga Hockey (Group 1) - 0 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 23-4-3

    15. Raging%20Monkeys.png Raging Monkeys (Group 2) - 0 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 19-8-3

    16. Born-With-It.png Born With It (Group 2) - 0 Playoff wins, regular season record -- 17-12-1


    17. raccoon_rampage.png Raccoon Rampage (Group 1) Regular season record -- 16-11-3

    18. Ghetto_Firebirds.png GHETTO FIREBIRDS (Group 1) Regular season record -- 14-10-6

    19. Visionaries.png The Visionaries (Group 2) Regular season record -- 14-11-5

    20. Style.png Style (Group 1) Regular season record -- 14-12-4

    21. Pohjoista-Voimaa.png Pohjoista Voimaa (Group 2) Regular season record -- 14-12-4

    22. Baltic%20Sea%20Eagles.png Baltic Sea Eagles (Group 1) Regular season record -- 14-12-4

    23. Silver%20Sword%20Griffins.png Silver Sword Griffins (Group 2) Regular season record -- 13-15-2

    24. Le_Coq_Sportif.png Le Coq Sportif (Group 2) Regular season record -- 9-11-10

    25. Nordic_Stars.png Nordic Stars (Group 2) - 4 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 11-14-5

    26. Bone_Breakers.png Bone Breakers (Group 2) - 4 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 10-14-5

    27. Murohoki.png Murohoki (Group 1) - 4 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 8-14-8

    28. EV%20Duisburg.png EV Duisburg (Group 1) - 4 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 9-17-4

    29. no-logo.jpg Unity (Group 1) - 3 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 9-18-3

    30. Sektion_K.png Sektion K (Group 2) - 1 Relegation faceoff win, regular season record -- 5-19-6

    31. Nordic%20Nosebleed.png Nordic Nosebleed (Group 2) - 0 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 5-19-6

    32. Free_From_Rodents.png Free From Rodents (Group 1) - 0 Relegation faceoff wins, regular season record -- 1-29-0


    Playoff MVP: @Rayman (The_Rayman80)

    Most Points: @Tzon93, 53 Goals, 47 Assists, 100 Points in 41 games
    Most Goals: @Rayman, 62 Goals, 27 Assists, 89 Points in 45 games
    Most Assists: @Playmaker, 33 Goals, 63 Assists, 96 Points in 45 games
    Most Hits by a Forward: @vilperi90, 224 Hits in 35 games 
    Best +/-: @Tim_FlyersFan & @Playmaker, +67 in 34 & 45 games

    Most Points by a Defenseman: @Mannheimer1938, 11 Goals, 46 Assists, 57 Points in 41 games
    Most Goals by a Defenseman: @Mannheimer1938, 11 Goals, 46 Assists, 57 Points in 41 games
    Most Assist by a Defenseman: @Mannheimer1938, 11 Goals,  46 Assists, 57 Points in 41 games
    Most Hits by a Defenseman: @Speedy104 (speedcell104), 278 Hits in 35 Games

    TOP 3'S OF ECL 7 PRO

    Top 3 Forwards Regular Season:

    1. @Playmaker, 26 Goals, 53 Assists, 79 Points in 25 games
    2. @Tzon93, 38 Goals, 37 Assists, 75 Points in 30 games
    3. @Tim_FlyersFan, 27 Goals, 40 Assists, 67 Points in 19 games

    Top 3 Defenders Regular Season:

    1. @AndreasLeafs, 5 Goals, 31 Assists, 36 Points in 30 games
    2. @oo-joyst1ck-oo, 2 Goals, 31 Assists, 33 Points in 30 games
    3. @SolenX86, 4 Goals, 26 Assists, 30 Points in 27 games

    Top 3 Goaltenders Regular Season:

    1. @RPH_31, 25 Wins, 88.60 %, 1.00 GAA, 9 SO in 27 games
    2. @Jonitski, 23 Wins, 89.52 %, 1.10 GAA, 8 SO in 30 games
    3. @DUNZA, 21 Wins, 86.19 %, 1.13 GAA, 12 SO in 29 games

    Top 3 Forwards Playoffs:

    1. @Rayman, 23 Goals, 12 Assists, 35 Points in 22 games
    2. @Demski13, 13 Goals, 17 Assists, 30 Points in 17 games
    3. @Isindar, 10 Goals, 18 Assists, 28 Points in 19 games

    Top 3 Defender Playoffs:

    1. @Mannheimer1938, 2 Goals, 19 Assists, 21 Points in 21 games
    2. @riihimaenharski,  0 Goals, 15 Assists, 15 Points in 11 games
    3. @Supremski, 2 Goals, 9 Assists, 11 Points in 17 games

    Top 3 Goaltenders Playoffs:
    1. @RPH_31, 16 Wins, 84.44 %, 1.59 GAA, 6 SO in 22 games
    2. @DUNZA, 13 Wins, 88.34 %, 1.00 GAA, 7 SO in 19 games
    3. @Vampyrgurkan, 10 Wins, 84.07 %, 1.47 GAA, 1 SO in 17 games

    The controversial 'Top 6' of the season is making a comeback! What this means is a selection of six players in a starting lineup, that have showed exceptional skill and played a good season. Please note that all selections are subjective and they are made by community members who have been keeping an eye on ECL 7 Pro, in this case your Pro writing team. Without further ado, here's the top 6 of our Pro division in ECL 7:

                          @Tzon93 (Speedy Bros Hockey) - @Playmaker (Deadly Phantoms) - @Rayman (Deadly Phantoms)
                                                @Mannheimer1938 (Deadly Phantoms) - @Supremski (Synergy Hockey)
                                                                                         @DUNZA (Synergy Hockey)

    There you have it, Gamers. With this review, we're happy to wrap up ECL 7 Pro and turn our looks towards what season 8 brings our way. We'd like to extend a massive thanks to all participants, see you next season!

    Pro Writing Team

    @Panarinz & @Mannheimer1938



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