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    ECL 7 Pro: Team of the Week - Week 4

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    Salut NHLGamers!

    It's time for yet another Team of the Week,

    For this season of ECL Pro, we'll have a running "Team of the Week"-segment. In other words, we'll be showcasing the best ECL Pro teams for both groups that week, but also a Top 6 lineup of individuals that excelled during said week. The articles will be released each Monday. Beware that we are only counting the stats for games played during each game week. This week our selection panel consisted of @Mannheimer1938 and @jahajaha93.


    Group 1 - Team of the Week - 4

    Synergy Hockey

    Is "hot" enough to describe this team right now? 6 games this week, 6 wins - and not against whoever, they won against the other top guns of group 1 when overcoming Speedy Bros Hockey, Wasps Gaming and EN HUND. Synergy is currently on a 12 game winning streak and has gained points in their last 14 matchups! They should be able to settle for the top spot in their group quite easily as we're going into the last week of the regular season.

    Group 2 - Team of the Week - 4


    These guys have been great recently! They've stepped up their game when they needed it the most. Catching up from below the playoff line to a more or less certain spot is impressive while also breaking down teams like Resurrection and Raging Monkeys on their way there. They are really shaping up to be one of the dark horses this season, look out for them in the playoffs! 


    Pro division - Players of the Week - 3 

    @Panarinz - @Playmaker - @Windblad
     @LegendenKurtz_ - @AndreasLeafs


    @Panarinz (Style)

    The assistant captain and leading scorer of Style managed to have himself a great week. Panarinz scored 10 goals and accumulated 4 assists on his left wing, having a total of three game winning goals among these snipes. Style is a team that after a tough start has heated up nicely, so look out for Panarinz and this group of guys in the weeks to come!

    @Playmaker (Deadly Phantoms HC) 

    27 points in 6 games - 3 points per game in the season so far (63 points in 21 games), Playmaker1010 is on another level right now as he's dominating the center land, tearing up opposing teams day in and day out. He is the leading offensive force for the Deadly Phantoms and surely brings it every time he laces up his skates but is also a key factor in the defense as he keeps the slot tight and makes it as hard as possible to score against his team.

    @Windblad (Synergy Hockey)

    Another center that has made it in this team of the week. Credit is due where credit is due, however. Scoring 11 points in 5 games doesn't tell us the whole story, but a +/- of 9 and a faceoff percentage of over 60 this week, it's very clear that this guy is well deserving of a spot on this roster. With his defense first kind of mindset, every team would be helped with him on the ice. 

    @LegendenKurtz_ (Style)

    Legenden has been one of the main reasons for Style going on an incredible run of form lately. 8 points and a +/- of 10 in 6 games is proof of just that. Even though he is a very defense minded defenseman, he is ranked in the top 5 for points by defensemen. Beware if you face him 1 on 1 with or without the puck, he can dangle you out to the parking lot.

    @AndreasLeafs (Raging Monkeys)

    A guy currently ranked number 1 in points for defensemen this season who also had a great week, who am I thinking of? AndreasLeafs of course! 8 points in the last 8 games and a +/- of 6. He isn't known for scoring goals, that's for sure. Instead this Norweigan defenseman knows how to set up his teammates. Will he be ranked 1st in the points by defensemen standings at the end of the season too? 

    @DUNZA (Synergy Hockey)

    Even with games remaining DUNZA himself has set a new ECL record! 11 shutouts so far in a single season is a remarkable stat, setting a new high for ECL goalies on any level. To be honest with you, he could've been featured every week. He has surely been a game changer this season and every stat I could mention here is proof of that. Let's just stick with his 11 shutouts, a GAA of 0.82 and a save percentage of nearly .90 is incredible.


    That's all for now, ladies and gentlemen. If you want to be featured next week here's the recipe: work hard, play hard and do your best to make it happen! Be sure to tune in next week to see if you, your team or one of your teammates made it into our "Team of the Week".

    Over and out, 




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