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    ECL 8: All You Need To Know

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    Hi there NHLGamers,

    The time has come for the 8th iteration of the European Championship League to kick off, the best EASHL 6vs6 league there is (in our unbiased opinion)! This time we beat the registered teams record AGAIN! We've increased the amount of teams in consecutive seasons from 108 teams to 123 and now 129. That's another increase from last season and it's great to see growth happening once again. Let's make sure we are as welcoming to new members as possible to make sure we continue on this path. 

    The season for all divisions kicks off tomorrow on Monday 7th of January, however we would like captains to attempt respecting the suggested gamedays as follows:

    Elite: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Pro: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    Lite: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday

    The schedules for all divisions are available through the menu both on the main page and here on the community side.

    Now let's get into all you need to know:


    ECL 8 Rules

    As usual, we have fine-tuned our ruleset, so we suggest you give them a good read before the season start! The rules for ECL 8 are still being fine-tuned and will be released tomorrow afternoon (Monday, January 7th, 2019).


    League Administration

    All league related verdicts will be decided by the League Administration. To open up a case, visit the new Support section on the forums.

    Please note: before contacting League Administration, teams are expected to solve issues they might have on their own. Familiarize yourself with our rules first, as they include lots of guidance for different issues. League Administration is always to be used as the last resort to solve any disagreements.


    In which division can I find each team?


    ECL 8 Elite

    15 teams confirmed their participation for ECL 8:

    • AIK Hockey
    • Almost Famous
    • Bucketeers
    • Butterfly Effect
    • Deadly Phantoms HC
    • Dynasty
    • Northern Stars
    • Resurrection
    • Rusty Blades
    • Symphony
    • Synergy Hockey
    • Team Frosty
    • Unlucky Boys HC
    • Written In The Stars

    As ECL Elite was missing a team, League Administration decided to promote a team according to rule 4.3, "Similarly, if the number of open spots in ECL Elite exceeds the number of promotions from ECL Pro, these additional spots will be filled with additional teams from ECL Pro according to the following factors from the previous season: Playoff wins". The promotion was offered to Speedy Bros Hockey, who according to the previously stated rule were next in line, but they declined. POGGERS also decided to stay in ECL Pro. Therefore the promotion goes to the next best ECL7 Pro performer:

    • HC Wildcard (Previously known as CLUB ONE)

    We would like to congratulate HC Wildcard for making it to ECL Elite!


    ECL 8 Pro

    25 teams confirmed their participation for ECL 8:

    • Bellizzi
    • Bone Breakers
    • Born With It
    • Checkmate
    • Cowabunga Hockey
    • EV Duisburg
    • Gotham Knights
    • Mentula SKA
    • Murohoki
    • Nordic Stars
    • Pata Hellalla
    • Raccoon Rampage
    • Reality Check HC
    • SIKA
    • Silver Sword Griffins
    • Speedy Bros Hockey
    • Style
    • Supernatural
    • The Black Jacks
    • The Next Gen
    • Tiffen
    • Virtual Horizons eSports


    With HC Wildcard getting promoted to Elite, we now had 7 open spots in ECL Pro. 

    According to the rule 4.2, "...If the number of open spots in ECL Pro exceeds the number of promotions from ECL Lite, e.g. due to ECL Pro teams disbanding, these additional spots will be filled with teams that applied during the sign-up phase according to the following factors:

    Priority for ECL Lite quarter-finalists from the previous season, Franchise history, Roster composition, EASHL record"

    First of all we looked at the Lite quarter-finalists from last season, which also had said "Yes" to apply for a Pro spot in their registration. These two teams fit the criteria:

    • Freddie Mercury Institute (QF)

    These two teams will play in Pro this season, congrats!

    For the 5 remaining spots, we were looking at teams who applied for ECL Pro in their ECL Lite registration. Based on the previously listed factors the ECL Staff decided to promote the following teams:

    • Black Horse
    • Clowns On Ice
    • God Tier
    • Horror Hockey
    • Rajatorpan Mafia

    Congrats to these teams as well, you will all play in Pro this season!


    ECL 8 Lite

    The remaining 81 teams that applied for ECL Lite will play in ECL Lite this season.



    ECL 8 Groups:

    Below is the complete list of the teams participating this season and in which groups they will play. 

    Here are your ECL 8 groups:




    ECL 8 Lite - 6 Groups

    ECL Lite will be played in six groups consisting of 13-14 teams each. With 2 games against each opponent, this results in an 24-26 game regular season for each team in which the top 8 teams out of every group will go to the playoffs (48 teams total).

    Group 1:

    Club Savage
    Elämäm Kiekko
    Kanadan Majavat
    Men Of Mysteries
    North Pole Huskies
    Perttilan Kommandot
    Polarbears HC
    Red Devils HC
    Savo Bears
    Scrubs of Sweden
    Unknown Ice Breakers


    Group 2:

    Atomic Hamsters HC
    Devils in Disguise
    Grey Werewolves
    Last Period
    Nearbird Fighters
    Night hunters
    Old Farts
    Russian Lightning
    Stayhard Stallions
    Suomen Sonnit
    Uncle Dens
    United Crew
    Varissuon Toverit


    Group 3:

    Blueline Bandits HC
    HC Slapshot
    HighCoast Eagles
    Kaukosen Luistin
    Niederrhein Canucks
    Rusty Bulls
    Saucer Hockey
    Slapshot Club Germany
    The Dudes
    Vesa Pompa HC


    Group 4:

    Campo De Juego
    Cheers Hockey
    Finnish Hockey Legends
    HC Finlandia
    Me Carvoset
    Nordic Nosebleed
    Pink Panthers HC
    SKA from Neva
    Western Dynasty
    Western Express


    Group 5:

    Beast Hockey
    Ice Aliens HC
    Midnight Owls
    Mighty French Roosters
    N0 Name
    Poston Fruits
    Puck Panthers
    Rising Phantoms HC
    Sons of Baron
    UnderRated Lekstuga

    Group 6:

    Czech Infamous
    DEG eSports
    EV Füssen eSports
    HC Bad Boys
    K A R H U T
    Korpens Finest
    Kouvola Screaming Eagles
    Oton Letkutemppu
    Red Light Zone
    SKA Hokurit
    The Everblades
    We Kings



    Schedule: ECL Lite schedule






    ECL 8 Pro - 2 Groups

    ECL Pro will be played in two groups consisting of 16 teams each. With two games against each opponent, this results in a 30 game regular season for each team in which the top 8 teams out of each group will go to the playoffs (16 teams total).

    Group 1: 



    The Black Jacks


    Silver Sword Griffins


    Rajatorpan Mafia


    Nordic Stars


    Gotham Knights

    God Tier


    EV Duisburg

    Clowns On Ice



    Group 2:


    The Next Gen


    Speedy Bros Hockey


    Reality Check HC

    Raccoon Rampage

    Pata Hellalla

    Mentula SKA

    Horror Hockey

    Freddie Mercury Institute

    Cowabunga Hockey

    Born With It

    Bone Breakers

    Black Horse

    Virtual Horizons eSports


    Schedule: ECL Pro schedule






    ECL 8 Elite - 1 Group

    As usual, ECL Elite will be played in one group, where the teams face each other twice per opponent. This will result in a 30 game regular season for each team in which the top 8 teams go to the playoffs.

    AIK Hockey

    Almost Famous


    Butterfly Effect

    Deadly Phantoms HC



    HC Wildcard

    Northern Stars


    Rusty Blades


    Synergy Hockey

    Team Frosty

    Unlucky Boys HC

    Written In The Stars

    Schedule: ECL Elite schedule



    Team management tools

    All teams have been created, the team management tools on the main page have been unlocked for the team captains (click on your username in the top right corner to access them). All players need to be invited to the team rosters ahead of your first game. Please note that all invited players need to accept the invitation (there will be a popup alert on the main page for them) before they show up on the team roster and can start playing!


    In case you have further questions, feel free to use the comment section below this article.

    We hope everyone has a great ECL and good luck to all teams!


    On behalf of the ECL staff,

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    Just now, Egyptologen said:

    Wouldn’t Poggers (Wasps) be next in line for Elite? Or did they also turn it down?

    Sorry, forgot that in the article. They were also offered and turned it down. Thanks - I'll add it now.

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    3 minutes ago, Niksu21 said:

    Might be just me being dumb but I can't seem to find transfer dates from anywhere. 😵

    This is most certainly not the case @Niksu21. The dates are in the rules that will be published in the afternoon.


    Here's the info you asked for:



    The deadline for transfers is set to 23:59 CE(S)T, on the following days: 

    • ECL Elite: 24.1.2019 
    • ECL Pro: 24.1.2019 
    • ECL Lite: 22.1.2019


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