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    ECL 8 Elite Finals: "Expect the very best"

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    What's up, gamers?

    As we're at the doorstep of the ECL 8 Elite Finals between Written In The Stars and FILADELPHIA, NHLGamer founder @Kenu joined Mika Kuha from radio station Aito Hitti for a short interview about the upcoming weekend and one of, if not the biggest NHLGamer event so far. It's about ten months ago since Kenu last sat down with Mika for an interview about our site and now we're treated with another short segment. For those that understand Finnish, listen to the interview below, for those that don't we have a short recap.

    The ECL 8 Elite Finals:

    (1) Written_In_The_Stars.png Written In The Stars vs. FILADELPHIA Filadelphia.png (2)

    LIVE at LanTrek '19 in Tampere, Finland.
    Stream at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer

    Game 1 17:00 CET
    Game 2 17:40 CET
    Game 3 18:20 CET
    BREAK 18:55-19:55 CET
    Game 4 20:00 CET
    Game 5 20:40 CET
    BREAK 21:10-21:20 CET
    Game 6 21:25 CET
    Game 7 22:05 CET

    *ECL Staff withholds the right to alter the schedule if need be.

    What's the underlying reason we're seeing an ECL 8 live final at LanTrek in Tampere?

    - Well, there were many. First off, the timing was right and we had been taking massive steps further, so we were happy to take the natural step with organising a live final. Tampere is at a good location as it's very central and easily accessible from all around Finland and even from abroad. I've never attended LanTrek, but heard good things about it, so I'm happy to be able to showcase the pinnacle of our league at this event.

    Are you surprised about these two teams matching up against each other in the final?

    Anyone could have made it, but it's not a massive surprise that Written In The Stars and FILADELPHIA meet at the very first live ECL Elite final. These two have been some of the stronger teams in our league for quite some time now and they actually had their last live event clash at the IS Cup 3: 6vs6 eSM, where all three games went into overtime before FILADELPHIA managed to win and ultimately hoist the cup. Both teams surely have those games in fresh memory. In the regular season, FILA won both games in the matchup between these two teams. Nevertheless, both of these teams are tremendously skilled and wether you are a fan of versus NHL or 6vs6 NHL, expect the very best at this final event.

    Bringing these games to a live setting must surely bring an interesting twist to playing, how do you feel about that?

    - It's certainly different and I think it'll have an effect on the players. For both FILA and SKY it's kind of a familiar situation, though. If I recall correctly, @Eki stated that it's even easier for him to play live sometimes and looking at his performances, I don't doubt that. When playing live, it's always interesting to see how players react to the pressure of the crowd and the cameras.

    It's been nice to follow what's been going on in the ECL throughout the season. It seems like you're a tight knit community, talk a bit about that.

    - Yeah, we're enemies on the ice and competition is tough, but the community is very tight knit and it all comes together nicely at these live events. This community has been built by the players and we've grown quickly on to bigger things lately.

    Let's take a quick look across the pond. You recently announced the NACL - When does that kick off?

    - The NACL kicks off on the 11th of March. I can't stress enough how excited I am about this, I know the North American community has been itching for our market entry and now the time was right. The announcement blew up on social media and we've had some registrations already. We expect more of the very Elite of NHL 6vs6 to join our site now that we offer a chance for North American players to compete in one of our leagues too. 

    Kenu, ECL action is at it's best when it's live. What do you have to say to all the people doubting attendance?

    - Couldn't say it better myself. ECL action is at it's best when it's live. Entry to LanTrek is only 15€ and on top of some excellent ECL action you'll get to devour some delicious Rustica Pizza right next to our stage. Thank you all and see you at LanTrek!

    Puck drop is at 17 CET tomorrow!

    Your NHLGamer Editor,

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