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    ECL 8 Lite: Finals Preview

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    It's been a wild ECL 8 in 'The Jungle' formally known as ECL Lite. For this season, the playoff format was changed up a bit due to a large amount of teams signing up and due to a community outcry for more regular season games. In past seasons, the Lite regular season has probably not bees as tightly contested as in our other divisions simply due to the fact that a vast majority of teams have made the playoffs - this season, a large amount of teams made the playoffs, but we found a way to bring more meaning to the regular season by creating larger groups. Now teams had to fight for their post-season a bit more! The Lite playoffs, however, are notorious for being an absolute free-for-all. With 48 teams making the playoffs, we've now weeded through five rounds in order to make it to the finals, that's a lot of games right there. Number 14 seed Oton Letkutemppu has played a total of 20 playoff games so far and the opposing number 20 seed Vesa Pompa HC have fought through a total of 24 playoff battles. 

    (14)  ECL8%20Lite%20-%20Oton%20Letkutemppu.png Oton Letkutemppu vs. Vesa Pompa HC no-logo.jpg (20)

    The season finale is just around the corner and it is going to be a big one. Both teams have had a strong playoff push against good teams and they will wrap up the season in this best of 7 series.

    Who will lead their team to victory? Will it be @Lehikoinen_ who has recorded 44 points through
    20 games for Letkutemppu or will it be the notorious L2-spam legend @Eken45jr who has 59 points in the same amount of games for Vesa Pompa.

    If you want to be ECL 8 Lite champion you have to put the puck into the back of the opponents net. In order to do that you have to beat two very solid goaltenders in this series. Will @peppeztvshow be the big difference maker in the series with an outstanding goalie performance with a record of 12-1 or will @Huuru (10-3) be more successful at keeping the puck out of his 4 by 6 net? All of these above questions will be answered starting tonight, as the ECL 8 Lite Finals kick off with a bang. We're going to see a tightly contested battle between two mildly surprising finalist teams, so make sure to stay tuned for a schedule announcement and tune in to the stream tonight!

    I hope you guys are as excited as we are to get this thing started. Other than that, let the series begin.

    ECL Lite Writer,

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