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    ECL 8 Lite: Player Of The Week - Week 3

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    Another week has come to an end and it is time that we reveal the third ECL 8 Lite Player Of The Week. This past week has been great for many players but we have decided that @Jassoonsunlasso has earned the award.


    PSN-ID: Jassoonsunlasso
    Team: ECL8 Lite - Me Carvoset.png Me Carvoset
    Position: Center
    Games played this week: 6 (SKA from Neva, Campo De Juego, Western Express)
    Goals: 17
    Assists: 16
    Points: 40
    +/-: 25

    We gave the main man a call and asked him a few questions.

    Congratulations on being named POTW this week! What are your feelings about that?

    - Surprised and happy because we have secured a playoff spot!

    You have played 6 games this Week and scored 33 points (17+16). What is the key for you to score goals consistently?

    - About the goals.. i don't know? Every pass is a missed goal opportunity? Being in the right spot at the right time? Good passes from forwards and defensemen make it happen.

    You guys have been playing good so far this season. Why?

    - We've been having fun in chat during games, that's why I guess! Cap @Juanzaar switched me from RD to C in the middle of the season and after that I think our teamplay has gone to another level! Last but not least our Angry goalie Tepazor who has been sick for the last 3 weeks (IRL sick lol) is the right man between the posts!

    If you have to name one player in Lite that you would want to have in your team, who would it be and why?

    - This question is hard! Maybe @Pagemz because his shooting is 7.5% as F! We could help him to get it up! But i have to choose @Bantubox from Saucer Hockey. He's almost as good of a trash talker as me! We have so much fun when we are in the same party! All day every day!

    Once again we would like to congratulate Jassoonsunlasso on this award and we wish him good luck in the future.


    Until next time!


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