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    ECL 8 Lite: Player Of The Week - Week 5




    The final week of the regular season is here and a lot of important games have been played in the hunt for a playoff spot. The ECL Lite Writing Team sat down and discussed the weight of the players who took their team on their shoulders and helped them reach a top 8 spot. This week we have chosen a player that did just that. @Lidaas79 showed the way when Nordic Nosebleed secured their playoff spot scoring 5 goals and setting up 8 more against second placed Cheers Hockey and HC Finlandia who finished ninth, a mere point shy of the playoffs.

    PSN-ID: Lidaas_79
    Team: Nordic%20Nosebleed.png Nordic Nosebleed
    Position: Right Winger
    Games played this week: 4 (HC Finlandia, Cheers Hockey)
    Goals: 5
    Assists: 8
    Points: 13
    +/-: 5


    Congratulations on being named the Player of the week! How are you feeling about that?

    - Wow it came as a surprise, fun to get the award.

    Your team was relegated to Lite last season. What have you changed this season?

    - It was a tough season last ECL but now it feels like we have found the right way. We are underdogs in the playoffs so we'll see how far it carries us.

    What is behind your and your teams great form against tough opponents in the last week of the regular season?

    - We started to get the team together and work well for each other, the defensive game works very well right now.

    If you have to pick a player from the Lite division and add him or her to you roster, who would it be and why?

    - I have all the players I need in my team right now. 😃

    Last question. How far will you guys make it in the playoffs?

    - We aim high and hope to reach a semifinal.

    Thanks for your time Lidaas_79 and good luck for your team in the playoffs!

    ECL Lite Writing Team
    @Tonimo92 & @Willander97

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