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    ECL 8 Pro: Player Of The Week - Week 3

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    Hi NHLGamers,

    We are back with a small look into the third week of the Pro division. This season we are doing a player of the week segment, to highlight an individual and his team because of their success during said week. We will also do a small interview with our nominee and try to get to know the person better and get some insights of the team and the league in question.

    Without further ado we would like to present you our third Player Of The Week


    PSN-ID: Hassu85
    Team: ECL8 Pro - Poggers.png POGGERS
    Position: Goaltender
    Games played this week: 6 (vs God Tier, Silver Sword Griffins, Clowns On Ice)
    Shots faced: 56
    Goals against: 5
    Save percentage: 91,07%
    Shutouts: 3

    Our writer @Panarinz was sent out to get a few comments from this weeks main man:

    A good week for your team and especially for yourself, with 3 shutouts in 6 games! What do you think was the reason for your success this week?

    - Hard to tell. Our roster had a lot of changes from the past season. We also didn’t train almost at all before the season, but now the game has started to fall into it’s place. We have rock solid defense, and what can you expect if you have @JaKurrii as a mastermind of the offense and @Chafak and @Yoloberg as wingers? 

    What is your aim for this season? as a team and you personally.

    - If I can help the team even a little bit, we will win the whole thing.

    How did you come up with your PSN ID?

    - In my hometown everyone calls me Hassu, even my parents. 

    What is the best player build in this version of the game for goaltenders? 

    - When NHL 19 came out, I chose one build right away and I have sticked with it. It’s a secret. 

    What is your strengths as a goalie? 

    - I think I can read the game pretty well. I usually know what the next happen now.

    Which team will win ECL 8 Pro? 

    - Poggers or Checkmate.

    If you want to be featured next week, remember to work hard and help your team to success!

    Signing off for now,

    ECL Pro writing team

    @Panarinz & @Mannheimer1938

    Additional art by @CzE Toni

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