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    ECL 8 Pro: Quarterfinals

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    Hi NHLGamers, 

    After an exciting 1st round of the playoffs we now have 8 teams that will be facing off in the quarter finals. From this point on, it is also worth noting that teams will be seeded according to P/G.

    The ECL 8 Pro Quarterfinals will be played between Monday, 18th of February and Sunday, 24th of February 2019.


    Here are the matchups for the ECL 8 Pro Semi-finals:

    Previews release later today.

    (1) The_Next_Gen.png The Next Gen vs. Black Horse ECL8 Pro - Black Horse.png (13)
    An incredibly strong TnG is in for their toughest challenge yet. Despite their dominant offense and a strong possession game, they had a tough time overcoming GHETTO FIREBIRDS in the first round. We'll need to see improvement if they want to move on from this matchup against Black Horse, who overcame their first round opponent Silver Sword Griffins in outstanding fashion. The Black Horse offense built around former Elite goaltended turned center @Hullued has been clicking and we expect that to continue. 

    (2) TIKI TALK.png TIKI TALK vs. SIKA SIKA.png (11)

    TIKI has found their stride as they are playing some fast-paced, effective hockey once again! It may not be pretty, but the bottom line is it gets the job done. Captain @itspardytime is surely the heart and soul of the team and if he can keep the ranks together playing as the good unit they have been so far, they'll have their way in this series. Their opponent SIKA is a scrappy team that's trying to find their way back to performing at the top level but aren't quite as far along the way as TIKI currently. The expectation is for them to have a tough time in this series, but if their defense is solid enough, there's a chance for an upset.

    (3) Gotham Knights.png Gotham Knights vs. POGGERS ECL8 Pro - Poggers.png (9)

    Gotham overcame their first round opponent SPARTANS convincingly with a series score of 4-1. They're a strong all-round team and a tight-knit bunch that is eager to bounce back after a tough last season at the highest level. @ReDMisTi and @selänne8 (BiggestEight) have been their most dangerous offensive weapons, so POGGERS need to keep them in check. On the other side we see a highly skilled and multitalented team, who consist of somne proven players. Their offensive trio of @Chafak, @Yoloberg and @JaKurrii is among the best in the league. It is notable that POGGERS won both head-to-head games in the regular season.

    (5) Checkmate.png Checkmate vs. Mentula SKA Mentula-SKA.png (6)

    In the first round, Checkmate crushed all doubt that chemistry wasn't there for them. @Tuukka.R lead them in scoring while the team performed well defensively in an excellent effort besting Speedy Bros Hockey 4-1. On the other side we have Mentula SKA, who have put forth an outstanding effort after being one of the last teams gaining promotion after a Lite campaign in ECL 7. Keep your eyes on duo @Hanssonni and @JiiPee87.


    Results from the relegation matchups:

    (G1 #13) EV Duisburg.png EV Duisburg vs. Bone Breakers Bone_Breakers.png (G2 #16) 1-4

    (G2 #13) CowabungaHockey.png Cowabunga Hockey vs. Murohoki Murohoki.png (G1 #16) 4-1

    (G1 #14) Clowns on Ice.png Clowns On Ice vs. Pata Hellalla Pata_Hellalla.png (G2 #15) 0-0 (Still to be played)

    (G2 #14) Freddie-Mercury-Institute.png Freddie Mercury Institute vs. Tiffen ECL8 Pro - Tiffen.png (G1 #15) 4-0


    We wish all teams good luck in the quarterfinals and also a big congrats for staying in Pro: Bone Breakers, Cowabunga Hockey and Freddie Mercury Institute!


    Signing off for now,

    ECL Pro Writer

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    8 minuuttia sitten, Savinaainen kirjoitti:

    Are the previews coming? :)

    They are, but we were unfortunately low on writers last night. I'll see to it that you get something tonight :)

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