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    ECL 9 Pro Groups

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    It's time to kick off the ECL season for our Pro, Lite and Neo divisions this week. With that being on the agenda, there was a need for some promotions for vacant spots in ECL Pro. These vacant spots have been left by teams who have either disbanded or simply not signed up for ECL Pro in ECL 9. After promoting the expected four teams (Oton Letkutemppu, Vesa Pompa, Cheers Hockey & We Kings) at the end of the ECL 8 Lite season, a total of eleven spots were open in the division for this season, out of which two were filled with automatic promotions based on performance in ECL 8 Lite (Quarterfinal losers). The two teams promoted based on these criteria are Prowlers Esports (formerly Prowlers)  and Virtual Horizons eSports (formerly Blackdawgs). After that, nine spots remained to be filled.

    The selection of teams receiving promotions has been made based on team history, previous merits and perception of skill and recent performance.



    Without further ado, here are your ECL 9 Pro groups (promoted teams in bold):

    Group 1:

    • Cheers Hockey
    • Children of Ice
    • HC Wildcard
    • Horror Hockey
    • Me Carvoset
    • Nightmare
    • Nordic Stars
    • Oton Letkutemppu
    • Pata Hellalla
    • Resurrection
    • Shooting Stars
    • Silver Sword Griffins
    • The Syndicate
    • Vesa Pompa HC
    • Virtual Horizons eSports

    Group 2:

    • Alliance HT
    • Bellizzi
    • Black Horse
    • Cowabunga Hockey
    • Delusion
    • Freddie Mercury Institute
    • Gotham Knights
    • Kaupallinen Yhteistyo
    • Nordic Lightning
    • Prowlers Esports
    • Rakish
    • Reality Check
    • Sandstorm
    • Vaxjo Lakers HC
    • We Kings
    • ZSC Lions

    The schedule has been generated and games will be ready to begin on the evening of Monday, 17th of November.

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