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    ECL 9 Pro Playoffs: Quarterfinals Preview


    Playoffs in all our divisions are rolling on nicely and we're only starting to get into the really exciting games where the best of the best match up against each other. The Pro division this season has been as exciting as ever and as usual, we've seen some real powerhouses among the group. Without further ado, let's get into some previews about the upcoming series:

    Here's how the playoffs of ECL 9 Pro will be played from this point on:

    • Quarterfinals: 9.1 - 15.1
    • Semifinals: 17.1 - 24.1
    • Finals: 26.1 - 2.2

    All series are played in best-of-7 manner, meaning that the first team to amass four victories advances to the next round.


    Here are the matchups for the Quarterfinals of the ECL 9 Pro Playoffs:

    (1) Delusion.png Delusion vs Black Horse Black_Horse.png (8)

    To no surprise, Delusion had no difficulties in their first round series against Pata Hellalla. Advancing 4-0 and now meeting a slightly tougher opponent is not going to faze them either and their true test will come in the later stages of this tournament. Black Horse has a mountain to climb if they want to advance against a major favorite in this matchup.

    (2) Vesa_Pompa_HC.png Vesa Pompa HC vs Reality Check Reality_Check.png (7)

    Vesa Pompa HC played well in IS Cup 4 some months back and advanced with a comfortable 4-0 win over ZSC Lions in the first round of the ECL 9 playoffs. The team is expected to continue their good form, but beating a very skilled opponent in Reality Check won't be easy. Reality Check might challenge Vesa Pompa HC well and I would not be surprised if Game 7 is needed in this series.

    (3) Gotham_Knights.png Gotham Knights vs Vaxjo Lakers HC Vaxjo_Lakers_new.png (6)

    This might be the one to watch in the quarterfinal round. Gotham might very well be the most long lived team in the NHLGamer era and they have eexperienced their fair share of ups and downs. After a fairly successful regular season campaign, they are looking to build on that foundation and overcome any obstacle they might face. Captain @ReDMisTi for Gotham is the biggest individual player in this series due to the x-factor that he possesses. Vaxjo on the other hand, I have some mixed feeling about. They are just about ready to get into their eSHL campaign which surely must be exciting but there is a risk that it takes away from their focus on this series. They are a solid team every step of the way and their performance will be determined by their level of focus.

    (4) Ghetto_Firebirds.png GHETTO FIREBIRDS vs Kaupallinen Yhteistyo Kaupallinen_Yhteistyo.png (5)

    I see GHETTO FIREBIRDS advancing from the first round as a minor surprise. They faced Sandstorm, who are a team stacked with talent, but this time it seems like the experience and teamplay of the FIREBIRDS prevailed. Kaupallinen Yhteistyo has a skilled roster lead by their high-powered offensive trio @Jooonasaurus, @Katuhessu (KrisutusB) and @Limbe65, who need to be shut down in the series. Overall I expect this matchup to be a tight one. The games ere expected to be rather low scoring and in the end the more disciplined team will come out on top.

    Good luck out there, as always - play hard and have fun!

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    Personally don't see any upset in Ghetto advancing from the first round. After all they had very strong regular season. And great job from Black Horse to advance 4-0 against Nordic Stars, would give them a bit more credit even the next opponent is Delusion. GL to everyone😉

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