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    ECL Elite 16 in 16: Rusty Blades

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    ECL Elite 16 in 16 is a season preview series we're implementing ahead of ECL 7. The idea was conceived by @chavelski, but due to time constraining the man himself, the project is now being carried out by the rest of our Elite writing team. The series will be released in 16 parts, one article for each team. The teams have been ranked by all team captains, and articles are being released in order from predicted last place finish to predicted champion of ECL 7. The objective of this series is to give an idea to the community of who is representing which team, added by a small insight into the team with an interview of the team captain.


    Hello, gamers!

    As October is now here, I think it's time for all of us to shake the rust off and get prepared for ECL7. Get it? Rust? Rusty Blades? No? I'll get my coat.

    Rusty Blades are known as one of the grittiest teams of ECL Elite. Atleast that's how they stepped into the Elite division a few seasons ago in ECL5 when they surprised pretty much everybody by ending the season with a good record of 15-11-4, leaving teams like MUKIMIEHET, Kattiautomaatti, Sjukstugan, Silver Sword Griffins and Nordic Nightmare behind them. The Blades scored only 2.00 goals per game during that season, but still they found their way to the playoffs. Not bad for a debut Elite season. What happened for them in ECL6, though? Were the few overtime losses the difference? The Blades scored a few goals more than they scored in ECL5 and even conceded fewer goals but still, the separation to 8th placed Northern Stars, was seven points. Harsh. Once again, a fact which proves that ECL Elite really is an elite level virtual hockey league.





    ktewjh <--Gotham Knights

    Migo_boo99 <-- Shameful Knights


    Kikiukko --> Almost Famous

    Epelis --> Club One

    Wuorio --> Tiki Talk





    Current roster:

    Lamsa @Lamsa
    koojiikoojii (A) @koojiikoojii
    Migo_boo99 @Migo_boo

    Tanski87 (C) @Tanski87
    kinnune @kinnun3
    ktewjh @Janikka

    Supreex (A) @Supreex




    I managed to snag an interview with team captain & founder @Tanski87 for this piece, let's get to it:

    Last time Rusty Blades played competitive hockey on NHLGamer was on the 2nd of April, so that's about five months ago. Still from what I've seen and heard it seems like you guys managed to keep practicing all summer long. What has Rusty Blades been doing all this time - any new signings or losses perhaps? Is there any rust left for ECL7 after a long, hard working offseason?

    We just love to play this video game together. We have a nice group who are fun to play with. That is why we play so much and often. 
    There was a couple of changes during the long offseason. First we lost @Fuhrer Vuorio to Tiki Talk. @epelis kinda took original member Wuorios LW spot during the season and Wuorio thought it was his time to find some new wind. Good luck to Tiki Talk and thanks for your time with us. We later lost the well seasoned Epelis while we tried @imosi on our roster. That didn't work out sadly, but we acquired a talented youngster in @Migo_boo to fill the empty spot. @kikiukko went to Almost Famous to get some more ice time at his main position RD.


    I'd say NHL19 will probably be the best game in the history for NHL gaming, as the game itself seems a little bit better once again and money will be involved on the highest level as well. How does all this new stuff feel for you guys - NHL19's gameplay and the ECL license? 

    It's really nice that the game is going forward and this community is growing. We've seen a lot of growth with this as some esports organisations have already backed up a few teams and a few individual players have signed legit contracts.


    Rusty Blades has been known as a hard competing, never waivering team that plays a simple and some might say ugly game. What is your direction from now on - any new game plans? Will the Rusty Blades compete in the upcoming ECL7 playoffs and if so, with what teams?

    A simple and ugly game does not keep you in Elite. I think we have something more. As a team we are hard as nails and we do not do drama, no matter how hard it gets. We keep it together. This season I believe we will be better than ever. I have high faith in these guys.


    Thanks for your time Tanski! Hope you can shake off the rust and compete hard this year!

    Stay tuned for more ECL Elite 16 in 16 later today, as we take a look at a fringe playoff team, who has been fighting it out in Elite for some time now. Can you guess who was predicted to finish next in line?

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    39 minutes ago, Tuukka.R said:

    "I'd say NHL19 will probably be the best game in the history for NHL gaming"


    Best game in the history of NHL gaming will always be NHL 94 on Sega Mega Drive for it's groundbreaking introducement of  "one timer, an authentic hockey move where a player shoots the puck directly off of a pass." 😍

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    2 hours ago, Tuukka.R said:

    "I'd say NHL19 will probably be the best game in the history for NHL gaming"


    I believe the point was that the NHL community is blooming and we are seeing better and bigger tournaments and leagues than ever. 

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