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    ECL - Hidden Gems: BiggestEight



    BiggestEight - Free Agent (FA)

    ECL Hidden Gems is a concept that was created by @The_Alpha_Furyan and @pnordetun (patovic). The idea evolved out of discussions concerning what type of content patovic himself would like to see more of at NHLGamer.com and what kind of texts he'd be most interested in writing. Hidden Gems, for the purposes of this feature, means players that the author feels haven't quite gotten their time to shine at NHLGamer or players that aren't getting full credit for the skill they bring to the table. This is the third edition in a six-part series that patovic has written so do enjoy the witty writing of "pato" and leave a comment with your thoughts on the piece. 

    Alex Ovechkin, Teemu Selänne, BiggestEight… There’s a number of "big eights” in the hockey world but virtually, we’re talking about the best one right here today. The gamer we’ll be taking a look at for the third edition of Hidden Gems is BiggestEight, aka @selänne8.

    The great BiggestEight really caught fire and put his name up on the boards during his two seasons with HC Checkmate in ECL 3 and 4, scoring an amazing total of 81 and 96 points respectively. ECL 5 saw him repeat a nice point-total of 76 points, albeit now representing Baltic Sea Eagles. At this point, I think it’s safe to say that he is living up to the name that his PSN-ID is suggestive of.

    In the group stage of ECL 4 Pro he finished 2nd in points behind Tapparafan - and was 1st in goals, GWG and shots on goal with a full 49 shots (!) more than the next player. This is surely a feat that isn’t all too far-fetched for the real-life counterpart of Alexander the Great either. In the all-time leaderboard BiggestEight can be found at 5th in points and 3rd in goals with only PleeMaker and Joukki pacing him in the goals-column. Always dangerous in the offensive zone and especially from his office at the left faceoff circle from where he lets the one-timers rip.

    Word on the street is that he lives by the motto: “the top corner is always open.”

    BiggestEight has yet to succeeded come playoff time, though. The reason could obviously be the high level of competitiveness at the tournaments hosted here at NHLGamer but BiggestEight has yet to make it past the first round in the playoffs. Once again we find similarities between him and the real-life counterpart on the Washington Capitals. However, it appears possible that ECL 6 is the time and place where this promising offensive juggernaut could be seen sniping top-cheese deep into the playoffs. It all depends on which team is able to snag this Hidden Gem before the registrations close.

    In the end, maybe it’s just a matter of trying a new stick manufacturer or applying a different tapejob to his stick - all will be revealed in ECL 6 so stay tuned for more goals from BiggestEight.

    BiggestEight Fact Box [Player profile]

    • Joni Kurtti, Finland
    • ECL All-Time Stats: 151GP, 209G, 165A, 374P, +86
    • All-Time overall leader in shots on goal
    • Favors the LW position in EASHL
    • Looking for his first strides in a 2nd-round playoff matchup come ECL6


    Text by: @pnordetun
    Editing and additional content by: @jahajaha93
    Art by: @OxtreeLAT

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    Just now, plee999 kirjoitti:

    Waiting for "big names" to come here and say "who" :D

    U mean guys called "ES Jonne's" ? :D and nice article pato, great player & person, pick him! :P

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