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    Grenoble BDL hopes to jumpstart French eHockey

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    The French Ligue Magnus team Grenoble Brûleurs de Loups has launched their own e-sport team and will be the first French traditional sports team to join the ECL in its 10th iteration. The birth of Grenoble BDL Esport is the result of a common desire to create an esports movement in France on the fringes of the the country's main league. Grenoble will thus be engaged in ECL for the next three editions. The French team Illusion migrates to the all new Grenoble BDL Esport roster.


    Here's the roster of Grenoble Brûleurs de Loups for ECL 10:
    Matthieu @Trollstivegen Péan - Trollstivegen

    Maximilien @Tromi13 Tromeur - Tromi13
    Raphaël @Raphalsky69 Merle - Raphalsky69
    Thomas @Thomas Cosnier Crosnier - ThomC15 (C)
    Alexandre @Coco Lavigne - x--CoCo76--x
    Julien @julien-meudon Peltier - Julien-peltier
    Adrien Frinkelin - @Adri1_SCP - Adri1_SCP

    Jacques Reboh, chairman of Grenoble Brûleurs de Loups
    “The Brûleurs de Loups club is an enterprising club that wanted to seek new initiative. This is a new modern, innovative project in which I have a lot of faith and in which we want to bring the whole BDL Nation family together. It’s an opportunity to showcase our club internationally. We will work hard to be able to perform on the esports scene. I hope that other French hockey clubs will join us in this new adventure.”

    Kenneth Lehtinen, NHLGamer founder
    “We're incredibly excited to have our first French traditional sports team entering NHL esports. The sport has grown tremendously in the past year and months through some of the projects that we've been able to work with. We have appreciated our small but passionate community in France and we believe that the step taken by Grenoble BDL Esport  will be one of many towards growing the sport also in the French market.”

    Thomas Crosnier, aka ThomC15, Grenoble BDL Esport team captain
    “It is a real pride to be able to take up this challenge and achieve a great first in France. We will wear the colors of a great French club, it is up to us all to rise to the challenge by carrying the standard of the Brûleurs de Loups. The players are all very excited and ready for puck drop. We hope on the sidelines of this project to be able to initiate a movement throughout the country so that one day the eMagnus championship can be born as it already exists in Sweden in particular."

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