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    HAVU Gaming is Your ECL 10 Elite Champion!


    What a showdown the two most prevalent ECL dynasties HAVU Gaming and Linköping HC put up for us over the course of these two nights! Based on the ECL 9 finals, we were expecting close games and the teams delivered. All seven games of the ECL 10 Elite finals were decided with a margin of one goal and four games required overtime to sort out a winner. Friday was all about HAVU Gaming as we witnessed three straight games ending 2-1 in favour of the green squad, when in turn Saturday was all about flashbacks galore when Linköping managed to clutch three games and push it to a seventh. Memories from the wild comeback in ECL 9 flashed through our minds, but ultimately - HAVU Gaming prevailed!


    HAVUGaming.png HAVU Gaming 🏆

    Group stage record: 26-3-1 (3rd)
    Quarterfinals: vs BRAYCE Phantoms (6th) 4-0
    Semifinals: vs hREDS (4) 4-1
    Finals: vs Linköping HC (2) 4-3



    #88 H. Kettunen @Hansulinho


    #28 E. Koski @Eemil

    #43 W. Juntunen @willekunq

    #78 K. Katajisto @Nassustelija


    #6 I. Lehkonen @Buantso

    #13 R. Järvi @Dominointi

    #87 T. Keränen @topikeranen

    # 91 T. Kuha @FlyerKungen


    Conclusively, it's been one wild ride throughout this season. 16 teams went into battle with the same ambition - some more set on the final objective than others. We were expecting a tighter season than ever before and through some surprising turns of events along the road to the finals, we saw a three-peat of the HAVU & LHC duo in the last series of the season.

    On behalf of the NHLGamer staff congratulations to our champions HAVU Gaming! We also extend a warm thank you ta everyone who tuned in to the streams over the weekend, if you happened to miss some of the action, the streams are archived on our Twitch-channel. Please find yesterdays broadcast here:


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    You deserve the biggest words👏👏👏With a victory, HAVU🏆🏆🏆 Thank you Linköping for the series, nice comeback with 0-3. Both teams are the best in ECL, which dominate everyone. Thanks for this series, I think we watched the coolest final in ECL history! Respect👍

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