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    Herlev Eagles become first Danish club expanding to NHL esports by joining the ECL

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    We’re a passionate community of gamers and fans that are constantly growing - it’s with great pleasure we tonight announce the first Danish traditional sports club to join the ECL! Herlev Eagles will effective immediately be assuming the place of Kouvola Screaming Eagles in ECL Pro. KSE is a team with history dating back to ECL 5, when they debuted in the Lite division. The team recently gained promotion to the Pro level and has been giving competition a run for their money so far into their first season at that level.


    We reached out to team captain Oliver @oSandello Sandell for some comments regarding the contract:

    How was the contact with Herlev initiated and what factors attracted you to the club the most?
    “Without a doubt, we can give all credit to our Danish superstar Martin @vibholm10 Vibholm. He has represented Herlev in multiple Danish championships with great success, which gave us a line of communication to the organisation. He also used to play real hockey in their second team. The rest of the team was really excited when Martin came to us with this idea of putting together the first professional Danish NHL esports team, and it all went smoothly from there. Furthermore, both sides agreed that a Danish eagle species combining with Finnish eagles could only be a good thing.”

    As you'll now be representing an organisation, how do you think it will resonate with your gameplay and mentality, if at all?
    “I don't think we will change anything gameplay wise. We have always prided ourselves with solid team play and will continue to play the same brand of hockey. Mentality wise this was obviously a great boost to the team morale. It feels great to know that the organisation has put faith in our talent, and we are looking forward to showing that we are worthy of their investment.”


    "Our entry into esports contributes to strengthening and expanding the foundation on which we have worked purposefully to build over the past few years. It provides increased opportunities for both sponsorship revenue and creating a greater community around Herlev Eagles. This basically helps to strengthen our brand and make us even stronger." - Statement by Herlev Eagles

    Herlev Eagles
    Herlev Eagles is a Danish hockey club founded in 1968. The team has been competing at the highest tier in the nation (with some stints in lower divisions) for a majority of their history. In 2019-2020, the Eagles were on track for one of their most successful seasons in recent history, but due to the pandemic their eventual playoff push was cut short.

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