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    hREDS dive back into NHL esports after hiatus

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    Today we’re the bringer of good news in the form that one of the most prevalent Finnish esports organizations - hREDS are diving back into NHL esports after a hiatus on that front. The organization based in our nation's capital has signed the roster of former Delusion, who will be assuming their new name from this point onward. 


    You might associate hREDS with being one of the first organizations to take on NHL esports when they announced the signing of Erik @Eki Tammenpää back in the summer of 2018. The cooperation was short-lived but successful, as Eki won the first-ever NHL GWC representing hREDS, after which he was allowed to move on to bigger things with Sampi whereas hREDS shifted focus into other games with success especially in Fortnite by Lassi BELAEUKallio

    Ever since our contract with Eki ended, we’ve been thinking about getting back into NHL esports. When we got word that Delusion was looking for an org, it seemed like the opportunity we were waiting for. The players sold the cooperation very well and Kenneth from NHLGamer was a big help along the way too.” - hREDS GM Christer Kasurinen about their new signing.

    It’s important for us that our ambitions align with the ones of the roster and I feel that we have been on the same path right from the get-go. The team is very talented and made some excellent additions, so we’re going to battle for those top spots for sure.”, Kasurinen continues.


    "It's great to have the opportunity to represent the high class organisation that is hREDS. Our goals for the future are unchanged but
    the fact that the org is backing us will give us a massive boost going forward.
    " - Team captain Perttu @Beniittto Kemppainen about being signed to hREDS.



    The ECL 10 Elite season is currently set to start on April 6th and hREDS will be diving right into action in battling for the championship title and their share of the prize pool. Convincing performances in both of their previous tournaments indicates the same trend to continue!


    Follow hREDS on their social media channels here:


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