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    LA Ruling on the recent events

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    Dear NHLGamers, 

    We would like to address the events that took place a little over a week ago, starting on Thursday the 22nd of November, where ECL Pro team Deadly Phantoms got called a "puck ragging team" and some of our members advised other teams not to play matches against them, insisting that this tactic should be forbidden. It escalated during the weekend and we had several personal attacks towards the members of Deadly Phantoms. This is something that we cannot see past nor accept in our community. 

    These events have caused the League Administration to act and make decisions about this kind of behaviour.

    • First of all, everyone that has contributed with insults and broken our code of conduct (3.1, about mutual respect between our members) have been issued with a severe warning
    • User @FinKonna has been issued a 2 week forum ban from NHLGamer.com, due to posting a thread on our site where urged every team that matches up against the Deadly Phantoms to avoid playing them. The ban does not affect the members ability to participate in the ECL Elite playoffs.

    We, the LA, do NOT accept this kind of behavior from anyone and we will be adjusting our rules and community guidelines to make it even clearer that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated. 

    We also need to point out that while it was mostly Deadly Phantoms members taking the heat, the situation should have been handled differently by certain Deadly Phantoms members as well.

    To conclude, the LA would like to remind everyone that it is perfectly fine to start a discussion about something that you think breaks the rules or the so-called gentleman's rules, but the discussion should always be with a community building and constructive angle and not as a tool to attack another team. Please always consider what you write and how other people could interpret it. We are aware that there are plenty of people in our community that write their messages tongue-in-cheek and with little seriousness, but at the end of the day, you are responsible for your own writing and how your writing can be interpreted, so please think for a bit, before pressing that submit button.




    - League Administration


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    1 tunti sitten, xLVxRitchey kirjoitti:

    What a joke! Then LA need Ban everyone who is typing in chatbox  ''dont play with that club because they dont quit after lose 1 player''

    I don't know man, you've signed up which means you have accepted the community rules. I really don't think your example is near this case but I see your point. Admins/leaders have to make tough decision in every community and this one has been explained very well imo. Maybe you noticed something that is against the rules? I still think it's important to let the people have their own opinions and the rules allow it, just respect your fellow nhlgamers.     

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