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    Player Spotlight: Reto "Haldeem" Haldemann of ZSC Esports


    In the latest edition of Player Spotlight, we asked Joel @jtorro1233 Tourunen 17 questions. Today it’s once again time for a new article in the series and this time we are featuring the Swiss defender Reto @Haldeem Haldemann. We asked him 16 questions and as you already know, some are the same as earlier and some are brand new.

    1. What was your first experience with the EASHL mode in NHL?

    - I started playing EASHL in the summer of NHL 09, only with random people in drop-ins, but the mode itself got me into the game. First I tried as a forward, but my teammates told me because of my “good“ positioning and calmness, I should play in the defense.

    2. What’s the best part of playing NHL 20 for the Swiss club ZSC Lions?

    - My teammates, each individual is a bit crazy in their own way, but always with the right attitude when it comes to everything. Also the support from the fans increased enormously after we switched from The Black Jacks to ZSC Esports, which is a great feeling to watch in every game in the Twitch Chat.



    3. What do you remember the most from your NHL 20 career??

    - Three highlights came to my mind:
    1. Playing in the team “The United Knights“ in NHL 12, with the forward Lineup @Foppatofflan, @hpkfani and @Urlauber61. Unbelievable what these guys were able to do.

    2. The only EHL/ECL title I‘ve ever won in NHL 15 with MUKIMIEHET. Some guys say it doesn‘t count because it was on old gen, but hey - an EHL title is a title.

    3. The 1vs1 tournament in Switzerland with over 100 participants. Every game was played on one monitor, so one player always had a disadvantage to play two periods downwards. The lucky fairy put me as top seed in the whole tourney and in every game I only played one period downwards. That was the advantage I needed to win the tourney.

    4. Describe your perfect breakfast!

    - A coffee with milk, some pancakes and bacon, looooots of bacon.

    5. If you would be a manager for a day and had to pick one defender, one forward and a goalie to build a new ECL Elite team around. Which players would you choose? You can only choose one from your own team.

    - In Net is Mr. Einstein @sibeelius. I have always been a big fan of him and his SV% in the current ECL shows the quality he has. My D-Partner would be another former teammate in @loimmu. Not only because of his offensive numbers but he‘s also reliable in defending the own zone and he‘s a Flyers fan, big plus. As forward I would take @FlyerKungen, in my opinion the best 6v6 player right now (let the debate begin). Great two-way game, pain in the ass in 1vs1 situations, good leader (that‘s a wild guess) and a fun guy in the party too.

    6. What would you rather be, an average player in the real-life Swiss hockey league or the world’s best EA Sports NHL-player in both 1v1 and 6v6?

    - I prefer to be the best in a smaller community than average in a large community, so I’d take the best NHL-player.

    7.  Do you play or have you played hockey?

    - No, never in real life. My skating is too bad.

    8. What’s your best hockey memory?

    - It was in 2015 when my local team SCL Tigers got promoted to the highest division in Switzerland. The series itself wasn‘t spectacular, but the party after is something I will not forget.

    9. What do you like to do in your spare time besides playing NHL? 

    - I used to play football in a lower division but because of motivation problems I quit. Now it‘s mostly hanging around with friends.

    10. Pineapple or no pineapple on pizza?

    - NEVER pineapple on a pizza!

    11. If you would have to spend one day playing NHL and had to listen to one song only, during the whole day, what song would you pick?

    - As I listen to basically every genre in music, I can’t decide on one specific song, so we go to the next question.

    12. How did you come up with your PSN ID?

    - My friends came up with the name “Haldem“, which is a short form of my last name. It wasn‘t available anymore so I Added an extra “e“ into it, now everybody says Haldim.

    13. Who’s the best player in ECL according to you?

    - Answer is in question 5, @FlyerKungen.

    14. What kind of holiday is your favorite and why? 

    - I guess it's a bit generic, but I‘d like to relax on a beach, enjoy the sun and go swimming. Combined with some day trips into hills/mountains.

    15. For the last question, as you are from Switzerland, chocolate or cheese?

    - Hahaha always something “sour“, cheese in every sort and form possible.

    We thank Haldeem for taking the time to sit down with us for this interview. For next time we want you to tell us who to interview. Please let us know which player you would like to hear more from below in the comments!


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    Great article, as always. "The Reto" is truly a national treasure!

    Next I would like to hear from my mortal enemy on the ice, @itspardytime 😍 I am sure I'm not alone in this. Both the wanting to hear from Pardy-part and the having him as a mortal enemy-part.

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