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  • Red Machine are ECL 5 LITE Champions!



    Hey NHLGamers,

    The ECL 5 Lite Finals were decided earlier this week and Red Machine was the team to walk away with a 4-1 win in the final series against Almost Famous. NHLGamer would hereby like to congratulate Red Machine for being the new ECL Lite Champions!

    If you wish, you can watch all five of the finals here: https://www.twitch.tv/nhlgamertwitch/videos/all


    These are the series results:

    • Game 1: Red Machine @ Almost Famous | 3-0
    • Game 2:Almost Famous @ Red Machine | 0-3
    • Game 3: Red Machine @ Almost Famous | 0-1 OT
    • Game 4: Almost Famous @ Red Machine | 1-2
    • Game 5: Red Machine @ Almost Famous | 1-0


    Red Machine Championship roster:

    • G: #40 T. Rask (aka seksileijona69)
    • G: #40 V. Lehto (aka James_Bontage)
    • D: #28 R. Stonewall (aka Rankaisija_)
    • D: #42 H. Huumetucca (A) (aka Mommmi)
    • D: #65 N. Mooh (aka kojowaa)
    • F: #9 A. Panarin (aka Chaostive)
    • F: #44 P. Tyni (A) (aka bleiki81)
    • F: #48 V. Saarijärvi (aka Chafak)
    • F: #88 L. Skywalker (C) (aka jergelii)
    • F: #98 D. delaVega (aka JaKurrii)


    Red Machine's road to the cup:

    • 13 wins, 2 losses & 1 OT-losses during the regular season, ranked 1st in Group 2
    • Round 1: 4-2 victory against Slapshot Club Germany
    • Round 2: 4-0 victory against Finnish Hockey Legends
    • Quarterfinals: 4-1 victory against Face Wash Hockey
    • Semifinals: 4-1 victory against Raging Monkeys
    • Finals: 4-1 victory against Almost Famous

    A more detailed ECL Lite season recap will be released soon. Stay tuned.

    Edited by Kenu

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