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    Sack Brothers are your ECL 10 Lite Champions!


    Congratulations to Sack Brothers on winning ECL 10 Lite title. Your name will be written in ECL history alongside teams like Sulkavan Sudet, Oton Letkutemppu, The Black Jacks, EV Duisburg and Red Machine as the champions of Lite division. 

    Sack Brothers started the season as one of the main favourites to win the trophy and they played true to those expectations right from the very beginning. They were the best team after the regular season with a record of record 28-1-1 and didn’t slow down in the playoffs. In the end no one was able to stop their victory march and the captain @Datupeijooni had the honor to lift the trophy above his head as a deserved winners. One of the main reasons for their successful campaign was definitely the quality to finish their attacks in goals. There was no better attacking team in the league than Sack Brothers was and coupled with steady defence and great goaltending this team was unstoppable. Hats off to Ducktales BK who also had amazing season and fought bravely in the finals.


    sack_brothers_500x500.png Sack Brothers 🏆

    Group stage record: 28-1-1 (1st)
    Round 1: vs HockeyProfessorn HC (32) 4-1
    Round 2: vs Tic Tac Toes (25) 4-2
    Quarterfinals: vs GENESIS (18) 4-1
    Semifinals: vs HUIPPUPASSI (10) 4-2
    Finals: vs Ducktales BK (7)  4-1



    #41 M. Ruutiainen @mikeruud

    #97 K. Teppana @KXnet1b


    #6 B. Steel @Kossu80

    #7 E. Söderholm @Persusta95

    #14 P. Kytta @XippiX

    #92 E. Yalcin @Kucherov86


    #40 J. Asikainen @snippystatue

    #52 J. Luostarinen @luosttin

    #55 T. Luukkanen @Datupeijooni (Datzonee)

    Finals recap

    We started the final series last Thursday with games 1-3. In the first game Ducktales BK was close to taking the lead in the series but 20 seconds before the final buzzer Sack Brothers captain @Datupeijooni (Datzonee) scored the tying goal and finally won the game for his team in overtime 3-2. In the second game, Ducktales BK changed their approach to a bit more of an aggressive style and was able to steal some puck possession from their opponent. However, counter attacking specialists Sack Brothers were able to benefit from this and won game 2 with a clean 0-4 score. In the third and last game of the day Ducktales BK showed why they are in the finals as they were able to find the balance between offense and defense and won game 3 with a score of 2-1. It was a big mental win for Ducktales BK who now didn’t have to start gameday two with their backs against the wall. After day one Sack Brothers were leading the series with score 2-1.

    Three days later on Sunday, these two great teams were going to finish the season in games 4-7. Right from the first game of the day it was clear that both teams had made their homework and we saw the most balanced clash of the series so far. After regulation time that included lots of goals, both teams had their chances to end the game in overtime but  finally it was Sack Brothers who scored the winning goal that proved out to be maybe the biggest goal of the finals. Game 4 ended 4-3 and Sack Brothers put a chokehold on the series with a 3-1 lead. Now the pressure was on the shoulders or Ducktales BK, they had to win. Game 5 started promising for Ducktales BK as they were able to continue where they left off in the previous match and created good scoring chances. However @KXnet1b who was picked between the Sack Brothers pipes instead of @mikeruud proved why he had deserved his starting spot and made an impressively solid performance in the net and kept the game tied at 0-0. Sack Brothers were able to score two goals in the second period and kept their own net clear. The third goal at the start of third period was too much for Ducktales BK. Sack Brothers started their march to victory and were able to score four more goals behind Ducktales BK keeper @Rymaan. The game finally ended with a score of 1-7 and the party was ready to start. Sack Brothers won the final series 4-1 and were crowned as the ECL 10 Lite champions.    

    Overall, this Lite season was really entertaining and packed with skilled teams and players. Now it’s time to take a little break from ECL games and begin the practice/rebuild stage because the next season will most likely be even more competitive. We hope you enjoyed the finals as much as we did. Once again congratulations to Sack Brothers! Enjoy your success and thank you to all finalists, viewers and casters for giving us an entertaining show.

    Have a nice summer and stay safe.    

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