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    NACL: League Administration Rulings & Statement

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    NHLGamer’s NACL League administration (LA) have been sent multiple cases over the past few days, with infractions to a multitude of rules. We have decided to make a change to the rulebook to reflect this influx of cases. Before that, however, we will outline each case and the subsequent decisions made. Important note for captains: At the very least, read about the rule change at the end of this post.


    Case 1: Player ECHAMPO from the team Cross Crease (PS4) accepted a fight prompt.

    Per rule 10.8 which states the following:

    Players are not allowed to fight in NACL Elite & Pro. In the case of a fight, the player (or goalie) accepting the fight will be suspended for one (1) game… “

    As stated by the rule above, the action of accepting a fight carries an automatic 1 game suspension and the intention behind the fight is of no interest / relevance. As such, we have decided to suspend ECHAMPO for 1 game.


    Cases 2 & 3: Forfeit wins concerning Rag Rats & Smell My Cup (PS4), as well as Cross Crease & Smell My Cup

    Smell My Cup have been disqualified from the tournament, as such under rule 14.9 all games involving said team will be removed from the standings & schedule, played or otherwise.

    “Disqualification “Disqualification” is when a team gets removed from the tournament. A disqualified team has all its games cancelled, played or un-played. … ”


    Case 4: Forfeit wins concerning Complex & Chaos Esports (XB1)

    Complex and Chaos Esports were scheduled to start playing at 22:30 ET on the 25th of March. Just 15minutes before the start time, Chaos Esports informed Complex they could not play and asked to reschedule. Complex declined and proceeded to message LA asking for forfeit wins.

    Under rule 9.2 it states the following:

    “9.2 Postponing Games Teams are allowed to postpone any of their games before 4:00 PM ES(D)T on the day the game is supposed to take place according to the schedule. To meet this deadline, it is sufficient to submit a message to all three of the opponent's captains via private messages on NHLGamer. … ”

    As Chaos Esports neglected to message anyone from Complex, we have decided to award Complex with forfeit victories in this matchup.


    Case 5: Forfeit wins concerning Quality Control & True North (XB1)

    Quality Control and True North were scheduled to start playing at 22:30 ET on the 27th of March. Upon messaging True North’s assistant captain, who responded 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, it was found that they would not be able to ice a team to play. As such, we have decided to award Quality Control with the two forfeit victories from this matchup.


    Case 6: Forfeit wins concerning Epicenter & Kangaroo Court (XB1)

    Epicenter and Kangaroo Court had made arrangements to start their matchup at 23:30 ET on the 25th of the March, unfortunately Kangaroo Court failed to show up at the scheduled time and as such, we will award both victories to Epicenter by way of forfeit wins.  


    Case 7: Forfeit wins concerning Epicenter & Chicago Mafia (XB1)

    Epicenter and Chicago Mafia were scheduled to start playing at 22:30 ET on the 27th of March. Chicago Mafia did not show up to the default time, claiming that neither team decided on a specific date to play, however the GM of Epicenter never received a message regarding this. As such, Epicenter will be awarded the two forfeit wins from this matchup.


    Case 8: Forfeit wins concerning GT R & Chaos esports (XB1)

    GT R and Chaos Esports were scheduled to start playing at 21:30 ET on the 27th of March. Despite repeated attempts to contact Chaos’ captain by GT R, as well as messaging Chaos’ assistant captain, they received no response. Due to this, GT R will be awarded both forfeit victories.

    Additionally, it should be noted that Chaos Esports are now no longer able to forfeit any more games in this current season before facing disciplinary actions from LA. This is due to rule 7.2, in which it outlines that a team may only give out a max of four walkover wins over the course of a season before facing further consequences.

    “7.2 Forfeiting Games Teams are allowed to forfeit a maximum of 4 games in one tournament without further consequences. By forfeiting, the opposing team will be given a walkover win.”


    Case 9: Forfeit wins concerning GT R & Fox Squad (XB1)

    GT R & Fox Squad were scheduled to start playing at 22:30 ET on the 27th of March. Unfortunately, due to some issues regarding prior arrangements, Fox Squad was only able to start the 1st game at ~22:55 ET. After the first game was finished, Fox Squad then asked for the 2nd game to be rescheduled to another time. As this reschedule request was asked after the deadline outlined in rule 9.2 had passed, we have decided to award GT R with the forfeit win from the yet to be played game.


    League Administration statement

    It is at this point that the LA would like to make a statement of sorts referencing the sudden influx of these types of cases laid out before you.

    For instance, (in particular reference to case 9) it should be said that whilst there is not specific rule stopping teams from playing potentially just one game of a matchup, such an arrangement should be made in advance. Additionally, if you know you might have issues getting to a game (e.g. games scheduled in beforehand), then it may be advisable to delay the start of the second game to make sure that you and your team are able to make it to the start time punctually.

    The point of this of course, is that you cannot make these types arrangements if you do not contact the other team’s captains in advance. As such, from this point onwards we will be making it mandatory for people to message the other team when concerned with trying to schedule a date. This is not us diminishing the value of the schedule, instead we are just requiring captains to be a bit more proactive, doing their best to work with the other team to find a suitable day for both, as opposed to just waiting in the DR and hoping the other team shows up with zero prior contact. Will it require more effort? Yes. However, the result is worth it. Note: Teams are required to contact the other team in advance, even if just to confirm the default date.

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