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    NACL Season 1: "We have some of the best teams signed up"

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    Almost two weeks ago, we announced our venture into the North American NHL gaming scene and we received a warm welcome! Registrations have come along nicely, but there's still some space both in our Elite and Pro divisions. 

    The Elite division is aimed at teams who are looking to play at a highly competitive level and fight for the prize pool of $3000*. The Pro division on the other hand is aimed for teams that are looking to introduce themselves into more competitive play and enter the world of 6vs6 leagues.



    An excerpt from our NACL announcement:


    NHLGamer’s goal for the first season is to provide an Elite and Pro division for the North American players on the Xbox console. The Elite division will have the best NA teams competing for a monetary prize consisting of buy-ins ($200) from the teams, while our Pro division will be a free division, where teams will have the chance to compete for promotion spots to play in the Elite division. There will be promotions and relegations between the two divisions. The sizes of both divisions will be determined by the total amount of teams that sign up.

    We're really excited to have two as experienced guys as @Scheckel29 and @TheCreasePolice running our league. They will provide lots of knowledge and will work together with existing pieces in the NHLGamer staff in order to bring our new NA players an excellent first season to build upon and strive for bigger things.

    In order to kickstart the NACL 1 season, I got in touch with @Scheckel29 for a short interview:

    Please introduce yourself to the community

    My name is Scheckel29, most commonly known by my last name Scheckel or Scheck. I am one of the original players of EASHL. I fell in love with the game mode in NHL 09 and haven't looked back. I have been around the competitive community since then and mostly play goalie, although my secret that I can actually play forward decently well was let out of the bag recently in another league. I am the current goalie for Entourage, a new team, but filled with players that have been around the scene for a few years and have won some money leagues in the past. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and proud to be a cheesehead!  Currently getting my masters, my full time job has me working lots of weekends and starting up NACL is really all I have time to do besides playing video games in my free time.

    What do you expect from the first season of NACL?

    I hope we have a good amount of familiar top NA teams that can put on a competitive season. I hope we can have some great broadcasts to show NHLGamer and the world, that 6s can be very entertaining. Also would like to see a successful PSN league as there really isn't much out there for PS players on the competitive side in North America. A successful season is one with few forfeits and lots of great games!

    Any team/players to look out for especially?

    I may be biased but I think our team (Entourage) is definitely one to look out for. In another league we have been playing well and should make the playoffs. If we keep riding this streak we are on, I think we will do very well in the NACL. We definitely have our eyes set on being crowned NACL champs in season 1. I see some newer teams sign up as well (Next Question and Natty Light Knightz) and this should be a real test to see how they compete in more traditional season format. It is exciting to see new teams try to compete against the best. Anyway, I think we have some of the best teams signed up right now and some more should be signing up soon.

    Any greetings for new fans of the league or players coming across a stream or the site for the first time?

    Welcome to NHLGamer! They have been doing amazing things for the 6s scene in Europe and I am extremely excited to be working with them on NACL. If everything goes to plan, we should have some fantastic broadcasts and some really great games of NHL being played. I look forward to continuing to help 6s esports grow in North America with NHLGamer!

    Keep your eyes wide open, as we'll be bringing you some prime NACL action on our Twitch channel very soon!

    Yet again, welcome to NHLGamer, North America.

    Your NHLGamer Editor,


    * The $3000 (USD) prize pool is confirmed when NACL Elite has 16+ participating teams.

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