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    No Limits are the inaugural NACL Pro (PS4) Champions

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    Hey NHLGamers, 

    No Limits have been crowned as the first NACL Pro (PS4) champion by beating Best 4 Business 4 games to 1. Naturally, NHLGamer would like to congratulate each and every player from NOL for putting on a show en route to their title. Additionally, we would also like to thank everyone that participated in this inaugural season for making each game as memorable as the last. 


    The game by game results for the series are as follows:


    Game 1: Best 4 Business - No Limits 3:5

    Game 2: Best 4 Business - No Limits 1:3

    Game 3: No Limits - Best 4 Business 5:1

    Game 4: No Limits - Best 4 Business 0:2

    Game 5: Best 4 Business - No Limits 0:1


    No Limits' championship roster:


    #55 i. SoWhat @icallsowhat55

    #69 M. Hunt @thebipolarjew69

    #70 B. Holtby @Capitalsfan_08


    #8 M. FLoWeR @LaFleuR11

    #9 -. Heiskanen @RSall14

    #10 B. Dangles @Bo-dangles10

    #91 A. Stammer @Stammerchel


    #8 -. Ethan @xDeath

    #19 I. Jbur @i9-Stamkos-1i

    #21 K. Rivs @Rivnasty

    #89 Y. Gladu @Yann_Gladu

    #90 -. Laziee @LazieeQc


    There really were No Limits to the greatness of this team during the past season. No Limits only suffered one regular time loss all season long and it didn't come until in the fourth game of the finals against Best 4 Business. The teams proved to be a superior defensive power with a serious scoring upside as they conceded less than a goal per game during the season and averaged over five a game at the other end of the ice. 

    No Limits' road to the trophy: 

    Regular season: 13-0-1 (1st)

    Quarterfinals: 4:0 vs. Gr8ness Awaits

    Semifinals: 4:0 vs. Barbajous

    Finals: 4:1 vs. Best 4 Business


    As always, NHLGamer would like to extend a warm thank you to all participants and every single member of this great community! Enjoy your break and get ready to step on the virtual ice again very soon!

    Your NHLGamer Staff

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