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    PS4 NACL Pro: Power Rankings - Week 1

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    Hello NHLGamers,

    For this season of PS4 NACL Pro we are rolling out a recurring segment that has been a feature of our ECL Elite coverage for the past two seasons. To put it simply, this weekly article looks to detail the ‘hottest’, ‘coldest’ and… ‘mildest’? teams in Pro over the past week. Each article in this series will be released on Mondays and will thusly be based on the days in between each power ranking iteration. In addition to this it should be noted that each ranking will invariably be in some way biased as it is, at the end of the day, a subjective list. Note: Each article will be based off of results starting from the Monday, all the way up to (& including) Friday. Ergo, any games played over the weekend will generally end up being a week 'late' so to speak. 

    The logic behind the ranking is admittedly a sort of internal subjective ranking that weighs up results, opposition 'strength' as well as thoughts on the general play during some games. As such a ranking is not 100% quantifiable in nature there will be some bias that creeps in. One thing I would like to make abundantly clear however is that points are not the be all and end all within these rankings; for instance, just because 3 teams have the same record does not mean they won't be ranked wildly differently, as the context behind said results are of great importance and simply cannot be understated. 

    Previous rankings:

    Season preview

    Week 1



    1. Best 4 Business (8-0-0) [+1]



    2. No Limits (7-0-0) [+2]



    3. Cross Crease (5-1-2) [+2]



    4. Smell My Cup (3-0-0) [-1]



    5. RAG RATS (4-2-0) [+1]



    6. Prestige Worldwide (4-2-0) [+1]



    7. Barbajous (3-3-0) [-6]



    8. Br0 Unit (2-5-0) [=]



    9. Elegant Elgins (0-4-0) [+1]



    10. Expect Many Errors (0-6-1) [-1]



    11. Gr8ness Awaits (0-10-0) [=]


    Standings timeline

    That's our power rankings after the first week of action in PS4 NACL Pro! We're looking forward to see which teams can keep their form running and who might be crashing. As always, if you want to see yourself at the top - keep working hard, win some games and check out the standings again next Monday!

    Until next time,

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