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    PS4 NACL Pro Season Prediction

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    Welcome one and all to the opening season of NACL on PS4! Almost a month has passed since we first announced the NACL league structure as a whole, and thanks to the interest of the 11 teams below, we were able to extend the NACL to PS4, as well as the XB1.

    As NHLGamer up to this point has been almost entirely EU based, we were somewhat at a loss in regards as to what to say about the players and teams taking part in this league. As such, prior to this season starting we asked all teams to submit a prediction of how the table will shape up, once all the games have been played in the regular season. So, without further ado, here is your NACL PS4 season prediction:

    1. no-logo.jpg Barbajous

    2. no-logo.jpg Best 4 Business

    3. no-logo.jpg Smell my cup

    4. no-logo.jpg No limits

    5. Cross_Crease.png Cross Crease

    6. no-logo.jpg RAG RATS

    7. no-logo.jpg Prestige Worldwide

    8. no-logo.jpg Br0 Unit

    9. no-logo.jpg Expect Many Errors

    10. no-logo.jpg Elegant Elgins

    11. no-logo.jpg Gr8ness Awaits

    Of course, these type of predictions tend to fall into irrelevancy as the season goes on, with many teams going on hot streaks, and many falling by the wayside in the attempt to win it all. Despite this, we hope that this rather brief breakdown of NACL PS4 gives you a good enough idea of who the favourites are going into the season! As always, we wish all teams the best of luck and we hope to provide the high quality league experience that NHLGamer is associated with.

    Anyway, now that the formalities and boring stuff are out of the way we can get down to the important stuff - so in other words, let the games begin! 

    NACL Writer,

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    No Limits should win this pretty handily.  Best 4 Business has pretty good chem and Rag Rats are all guys that used to be really good.  Shouldn't take this as a look at the top comp in NA though.  A few teams are full of guys that I've never even heard of, can't imagine they'll stick too long after a few 10-0 beatings.  Hopefully it'll be interesting still!

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    Cant wait to see NACL teams in action! Hopefully all the teams will finish their season with full GP and no one quits :) once again welcome to NHLgamer and let us know when streams starts :D

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