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    A Letter to the Community



    Another EA SPORTS NHL season is upon us. With our most successful year yet behind us, you can be sure we aren’t resting on our laurels. 
    Instead, we are kicking things up a notch. 

    NHL 19 saw the number of 6vs6 and 1vs1 tournaments produced by us here at NHLGamer.com increase by a significant margin. For NHL 20 we will be working towards solidifying this expansion of ours, while at the same time offering even more ways to compete in NHL gaming. While this is certainly cause for optimism (not yet celebration), it is also a time for reflection.

    Gamers, we want you to get amped up for the coming season. Because we hope to make NHL 20 the best year yet for competitive virtual hockey. 
    That said, the intent of this “letter from the commissioner”  (as @The_Alpha_Furyan coined it) is not just to wax poetic about how great the upcoming year will be. It is also to advice any and all teams and players out there to prepare themselves accordingly for what is to come. 

    For example, with the increasing number of 6vs6 tournaments that we have planned there is a chance that we will see leagues and tournaments overlapping. Some slightly, others considerably more. This isn’t necessarily by design as much as it is a consequence of our conscious efforts to have prize pools and live finals for most of the tournaments we produce.

    If you are one of those teams that take great pride in competing in as many tournaments as possible, prepare to enlist a deeper roster. Or prepare to set aside a lot of time for EASHL gaming. 

    We are working to produce as many as 10 (or more!) 6vs6 leagues and tournaments in the NHL 20 “calendar year” here at NHLGamer.com. Before you choke on your beverage, be advised that some of these tournaments will have restrictions placed upon them – mostly based on nationality/location. 

    The 6vs6 leagues will feature (but not be limited to) our established ecosystem of leagues:

    • ECL (Europe - Q4 2019)
    • NACL (North America - TBC)
    • FCL (Finland - 2020)
    • GCL (Germany - 2020)
    • RCL (Russia - October 14th, 2019)
    • SCL (Sweden - 2020)

While we talk a lot about 6vs6 here and it continues to be something we are very passionate about, we will continue working with 1vs1 competition as before and work with opportunities in the 1vs1 space as well.

    Barring confirmation from partners and sponsors, we hope to be able to release the information on any upcoming seasons and events as soon as we can.


    There is certainly a lot on the table for the next 12 months and we couldn't be happier to share it with the community that we have all built together. Speaking of which, if you're asking yourself "What can I do to help?", here are a few suggestions:


    See you all on the ice. 🏒🥅🚨


    On behalf of NHLGamer
    Kenneth “KenuFHR” Lehtinen

    Edited by Kenu

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    Hello, community! 🏒

    Sorry for asking, maybe somewhere was a information about specific time when will start new ECL9 season(ECL (Europe - Q4 2019)), can you guys say about when we need settle our teamates and gather together to more ready to coming season!? Sorry once again! 😀 

    Best regards, Rocky! 🥊

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