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    FILADELPHIA is the IS Cup 3: 6vs6 eSM champion!

    FILADELPHIA is our IS Cup 3: 6vs6 eSM champion! (Picture courtesy of Jussi Jääskeläinen)


    What a weekend, gamers!

    GameXpo is now in the books and we can surely say it was a success. Saturday was the end of IS Cup 3 6vs6 and we set all kinds of records! It was most definitely a great stepping stone for the whole 6vs6 community. On behalf of NHLGamer, I’d like to thank everyone who showed up either to the event or joined via stream. Also a massive shoutout to everyone who helped out with the production of the event. Although we faced some adversity, our persistence prevailed and we were able to bring you what we are now proud to call the biggest event in NHL 6vs6 ever so far.


    While the stakes were high, the players were enjoying themselves. (Picture courtesy of Mika Tuononen)


    Late on Saturday night, FILADELPHIA was crowned the champions of IS Cup 3: 6vs6 eSM. They are the first ever 6vs6 Finnish champions.

    FILADELPHIA’s road to the cup:

    10 wins, 1 loss and 1 overtime loss earned FILA a 2nd place behind Symphony in their group. Their one loss came in a 1-0 game against Symphony, who they later swept in dominant fashion in the semi-finals. @PleeMaker led the team in scoring through the group stage with 20+10 combining for a total of 30 points. 

    FILA was coming in very confident into the finals event at Messukeskus, as captain @Patzlaf stated in an interview for Ilta-Sanomat that nobody is going to stop them from winning the tournament. FILADELPHIA played their semi-final against Symphony, who managed to steal points from them in the group stage. This time, FILA came out strong right from the get-go and were determined to send their competition home quick. The first game ended up being tightly contested and ended in a 2-1 win for FILA, with an impressive amount of people watching the game both at the event and on stream. The boys in orange also managed to win the second game, now with a larger score margin, 4-1. FILA was now in for a short break as the bronze game was taking place before the finals.


    The final series were extremely even and long, the players had to focus for an extended amount of time. (Picture courtesy of Mika Tuononen)


    The finals were a different kind of spectacle for sure. I think it's safe to say we've never seen two teams matching up that well agains each other. All games went into OT and a total of only five goals were scored over the around 15 periods of hockey played. FILA won the first game as right wing @Eki opened the scoring of the IS Cup 3 6vs6 finals early in the first overtime period. The second game of the finals was one for the ages. Both teams went at it full-force and Written In The Stars had came back to play with their backs against the wall. FILA drew first blood and they looked like certain champions but SKY had different thoughts as they tied the game two minutes before the buzzer. Regular time ended 1-1 and we headed into overtime again. The teams played through five scoreless periods despite several scoring chances and bouncing pucks around the crease, only to see SKY right wing @Dominointi bury the series-tying goal in 6th overtime. What a thriller! There was still one decisive game left, both teams very exhausted but ready to go head-to-head for the trophy and a whole lot of cash that comes with it. We saw no surprise as it was yet agains a very tightly contested battle and both teams showed excellent defensive play and outstanding patience with the puck. It took 2nd overtime in game 3 to decide our IS Cup 3 6vs6 champion as @vatalisti, the right defenseman of FILA blasted a rocket from the blueline. The puck chipped the left post and crossed the line at 8:45 into double overtime of game 3 and we had a champion!


    Vatalisti scored the decisive goal of the IS Cup 3 6vs6 finals. (Picture courtesy of Mika Tuononen)


    1. Filadelphia.png FILADELPHIA 🥇


    Championship roster:

    Patzlaf (C) @Patzlaf 🥇
    I_Eki_I (A) @Eki 🥇
    PleeMaker @PleeMaker 🥇
    mikaasi @mikaasi 🥇
    FIN_Potilas @FIN_Potilas 🥇

    vatalisti @vatalisti 🥇
    Janzuh @Janzuh 🥇
    oGBioLan @oGBioLan 🥇

    FinKonna (A) @FinKonna 🥇
    Zande95 @sibeelius 🥇



    2. Written in the Stars.png Written In The Stars 🥈


    Written In The Stars had to settle for second place this time - despite their great effort. (Picture courtesy of Mika Tuononen)

    Dominointi (A) @Dominointi 🥈
    FlyerKungen (C) @FlyerKungen 🥈
    Bugimir @Bugimir 🥈
    topikeranen @topikeranen 🥈

    jtorro1234 (A) @jtorro1233 🥈
    willekunq @willekunq 🥈
    VesKuLiNe @VesKuLiNe 🥈

    JANURI98 @JanneK. 🥈
    Hansulinho @Hansulinho 🥈

    3. Symphony.png Symphony 


    Symphony managed to win the bronze game and secure the bronze medal. (Picture courtesy of Mika Tuononen)

    indi969 (C) @indi969 🥉
    Puantso (A) @Buantso 🥉

    vSilenttio (A) @vSilenttio 🥉
    Ilmari_30 @Ilmari_30 🥉
    Entii112 @entii112 🥉

    Laurilion @Lauri 🥉


    Results of IS Cup 3: 6vs6 eSM
    Written In The Stars - Dynasty 2-0 (5-0, 3-2 OT)

    Semi-final: FILADELPHIA - Symphony 2-0 (2-1, 4-1)

    Bronze game: Symphony - Dynasty 2-0

    Final: Written In The Stars - FILADELPHIA 1-2 (0-1 OT, 2-1 OT, 0-1 OT)


    IS Cup 3 ended in a disappointing 4th place for Dynasty (Picture courtesy of Mika Tuononen)


    Once again, thanks to all the teams, viewers, staff and everyone who in some way participated in the event. We made history and we will continue on that path onto even greater things to come. Also, congratulations to FILADELPHIA as the recent IS Cup 3 6vs6 champions!


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    A massive congratz to FILA, a massive thanks to Kenu and his crew for their hard work and dedication, and a massive shoutout to our awesome community ✊🏼🔥

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    Congratulations to FILA and SKY for a well fought miniseries, i didnt even know who to cheer for but i was still nervous.

    Big up to Kenu for setting this up for the finnish side of the community, i hope us swedes are next :)


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    Ggs and huge congrats to FILA, SKY and SYM! ❤️ and Thank you @Kenu + boys for making this possible.

    Ofc we are very disappointed but it was very fun to play and drink beer with everyone after games :D 


    Rip Gunther-moustache 






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    Massive thanks to @Kenu and the staff for your hard work. Never had so much fun playing the game, and I really hope we can have these LAN opportunities in the future :) Congrats to FILA, hell of a series 😅

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    Gz Fila! Biggest fan on first row after Potilas, Mikaasi & Konna! Especially thanks to Potilas who hold my hands when things goes crazy in overtime! 

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    Congrats to Fila, it's a shame it had to be best of 3 with teams being so even. Huge thanks to NHLgamer! When first launching ECL 1 this event probaly seemed to be just a distant dream but here we are and I wonder where we'll be in another 3 years. This was pretty much the final big tournament for me before hanging the controller slash skates and it was nice to see people that I've played with and against, so thanks to everyone who took part whether it was as a player or spectator.

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