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    Hi NHLGamers,

    Finally, the time has come for NHL 18 and we have begun the preparations for a new fascinating season of gaming.

    The first games have been played, the first goals have been scored and the first goalkeeper saves have been made. Hundreds of pages on gamer forums around the whole world are already filled with discussions on how good or bad this new part of the hockey franchise from EA Sports is.

    But for us, just having the game in our hands wasn’t enough. We had something else in our sights! We’ve worked hard on it and have spent many sleepless nights full of discussions and work.

    For a long time we thought about how to unite hundreds of people who are thousands of kilometers away with several hours of time difference between them. After we were done thinking, we started working. We started a project to make sure that a geographically very large nation to the east could fully be a part of our big NHLGamer community.

    We have overcome many difficulties along the way. Not everyone we asked were ready to join the new project, but the general response we received from the majority of people has made it clear that we are on the right track. People need this project and people follow us.


    The RCL

    In Russia many of us can’t play in the ECL, for a number of reasons. For example, when most of the ECL teams are warming up before the games, many of us have already woken up and gone to work, university or school. Furthermore, a lot of us have certain problems with the quality of connection in EASHL games due to the closest EA SPORTS servers being a few thousand kilometers away. Some also experience difficulties with language communication.

    But are these reasons worth thinking that these people can’t be part of our community? We say: of course not!

    Today is a big day for those of us who have been involved with this project. Today we declare that the Russian Championship League (RCL) is opened: the new official league of Russian teams on the PS4 console. We’d like to describe it as the beginning of a new journey for the Russian NHL community. This news story is our way of saying: “Hi, NHLGamer Community!”.

    The registration starts today, the 26th of September, and ends on the 15th of October. The RCL season will kick off on the 23rd of October.



    We have gathered over 15 Russian EASHL teams from our old platform and we are working constantly on getting even more teams to join. We have also been working with NHLGamer leader @Kenu on making the website NHLGamer.com more comfortable for Russian users, so the players who have never been on this great website before didn’t experience any difficulties, language or otherwise. There is still some work to be done, but the first phase has been adding the Russian language to the community forums.

    There is a new section for the purposes of the RCL, and you can find it here:



    Finally, we would like to express our huge gratitude to the administration of NHLGamer for the immense help which they have provided us and will continue to provide in the future. We hope that all players of our NHLGamer community will also accept us, even though we might not be as strong English speakers as you.

    We understand what a heavy responsibility we have undertaken. But we are full of energy, we are full of ideas and we say “Hi” to the world of NHLGamer and competitive gaming.

    Let’s play hockey.


    Yours faithfully,

    Russian Championship League Administration @MAYZIIX, @Denisovl17l, @Khemnos, @s_w1ld_rus.

    (Article editor: @The_Alpha_Furyan)

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    15 часов назад, Vanish сказал:

    Юра Букатов, и ты здесь?

    Мне интересно всё, что связано с кибер хоккеем. Вот на выходных еду на Кубке швеции учавствовать. Любопытный опыт.

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