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    NHLGamer and Grail Group announce co-operation



    (The news story in Finnish - Uutinen Suomeksi: https://nhlgamer.com/grail_finnish.php)


    Good evening NHLGamers,

    Today, on the day of the NHL 18 pre-release, we are truly proud to announce that NHLGamer and Grail Group have agreed on a partnership.

    The agreement stipulates that NHLGamer will have the honor of organizing both the NHL 18 and FIFA 18 1vs1 Finnish Championships for Grail Group, which will culminate with a live final at Grail Quest in the Turku Gatorade Center on October 19th - 21st, 2017. The prize pool is 1200 € per game!

    Not only will NHLGamer be producing the live event, we are also very proud to say that the online qualification stage will be held right here at NHLGamer.com. The online qualifications for NHL 18 will be played 25th of September - 4th of October and the online qualifications for FIFA 18 will take place between the 4th and the 14th of October, so be sure to be available around those dates. The qualifications will be played as a best-of-3 knockout tournament and the 16 best players for both NHL 18 and FIFA 18 will be making their way to the finals in Turku.*

    The qualification stage is open to users on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The total amount of finalists from either console is yet to be determined but will be confirmed once the sign-up period has ended. The final tournament is played on the Playstation 4 console.

    In order to sign up, check out the rest of this article and then head over to https://nhlgamer.com/grail-quest/.

    *We reserve the right to make changes to the tournament structure, if necessary.


    What is Grail Quest?

    Grail Quest is an event in which every visitor has the opportunity to experience the whole spectrum of gaming during one amazing weekend, with different things to experience on each day of the event. The programme includes - among other things - presentations of the latest games and technologies, competitions, exhibition activities, stage shows and last but not least; the Finnish championships in eSports.

    In short, the event is suitable for anyone and everyone interested in gaming and the gaming industry, regardless of age or gender.

    As mentioned earlier, Grail Quest is hosted at the Gatorade Center (home arena to TPS in the Finnish Liiga) in Turku, 19th - 21st of October 2017.

    The event opens on Thursday the 19th at 12:00 and closes on Saturday the 21st around midnight. You can read more about Grail Quest at http://www.grailquest.fi

    Participating in the Finnish Championships - also known as eSM - is only possible for Finnish citizens. In order to participate in any of the tournaments, every participating player has to have the official "eSM-player license", which currently costs 10 euro. The license allows you to participate in several eSM-tournaments.

    The license can be bought at http://www.esm.gg/.

    About us

    For those of you who don't know us all that well, NHLGamer continuously strives to offer the best experience for any and all gamers who have come to enjoy the competitiveness of playing the EA SPORTS series of NHL games. We made our biggest stride forward yet when we in late 2015 introduced the first ever European Championship League (ECL) - a league where all the best European NHL gamers create teams and compete against each other in the game mode EASHL (6v6) for the title of Best EASHL Team in Europe.

    Today, over 2500 website members also visit NHLGamer for all the latest NHL and gaming related news and exclusive content such as developer interviews and early gameplay impressions of upcoming titles.

    While proud of our achievements and the success we‘ve had in creating and maintaining such a great community of talented gamers, this is just the beginning. Our long-term goals include growing the community to host larger leagues with prize pools and working together with EA SPORTS and gaming-focused organizations, like Grail Group, to ultimately establish a platform for professional players at the cutting edge of Esports.

    NHLGamer also features some of the very best 1 vs 1 players in Europe like Dominointi, Hansulinho and PleeMaker.

    Ultimately, we believe that if you want to be one of the best players in the world - you practice, chat and play with the pros.

    Grail Group

    Grail Group is a Finnish start-up dedicated to providing gamers with those extra thrills for their online experience. One of the main objectives for Grail Group has been - and continues to be - building a bridge between the eSports community and various business partners by managing athletes, offering game training and organizing events such as Grail Quest.


    So there you have it Gamers - we're very excited about Grail Quest and the opportunity to crown the best FIFA 18 and NHL 18 players in Finland! I look forward to seeing you in Turku in October! And if you're not Finnish and are feeling left out - don't worry. We have other exciting projects coming up in the future.


    On behalf of the NHLGamer staff


    Edited by Kenu

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    43 minutes ago, Heero said:

    Prize pool 1200€ per game what do u mean? 

    1200 € for FIFA 18 and 1200 € for NHL 18

    It became clearer when read the article in finnish.

    Edited by Tauri
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    3 minutes ago, Rimpe said:

    So do you need to pay anything to play the online qualifications? I know it said about the 10e license but im still bit confused 9_9

    I'm pretty sure that the only payment needed is the license

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