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    It seems like it has been the month of announcements, doesn't it? Well, today we bring you another one.

    NHLGamer.com are immensly proud to announce that we are partnering with Ilta-Sanomat, SJK eSports and SeAMK for the latest edition of the IS Cup! You may remember our reporting from the last edition of IS Cup, if not you can find it here (Part 1) and here (Part 2), where we met up with many community members (including eventual winner @plee999) and covered the event from a journalistic perspective. 

    This time around we will be an active host and participant in the prestigious tournament that will be open to players from all over Europe and is free to sign up for

    Oh and, did we mention the 6000€ prize pool? 

    Here you can find the official news story from main partner Ilta-Sanomat [Article in Finnish]. However, if you're not a native Finnish speaker, here's our brief breakdown of the event:



    Take part in the biggest NHL tournament in Finland! The IS Cup Prize Pool is 6000 €

    IS Cup 2 prize pool 6000 euros: The best NHL gamers clash together in Kamppi Center on 17th and 18th of November! 

    Finland’s largest news media Ilta-sanomat, Playstation Plus, SJK eSports, Kamppi Center, NHLGamer and SEAMK collaborate in creating the event in Kamppi Shopping Center on 17th to 18th of November.

    The sixteen best players will compete for the prize pool on the most popular console platform in the country - Sony Playstation 4.

    The IS Cup 2 event will be held on the fourth floor of the Kamppi Center on the 17th and 18th of November. You are welcomed to join in and spectate the event live or follow the stream on www.is.fi/esports. 

    The 6000€ prize pool will be distributed as follows:

    • 1. 2000 €
    • 2. 1000 €
    • 3.-4. 500 €
    • 5.-8. 250 €
    • 9.-16. 125 €

    In addition, players will be awarded with product rewards, courtesy of PlayStation.


    Are you the best NHL player (and able to attend) in Finland?

    16 players will take part in the IS Cup 2 final event and you can qualify in three different ways; first, by succeeding in the online qualifications (12 spots), second, by qualifying from the local qualifications at Kamppi (2 spots), third, by invitation (2 spots).

    The online qualifications for the IS Cup will be held by NHLGamer. The qualification round will be played in October and there is room for 1536 players, but the amount can be increased if needed. Registration for the qualifications can be found on the NHLGamer website.

    The local qualification will be played in the Kamppi Shopping Center on the 17th of November, with a maximum attendance of 64 players. More details about the local qualification event will be published later.

    The organizers will invite two players to the event on basis of previous achievements. The invited players will be revealed at the end of October.


    The online qualifications will be played on the following schedule:

    Wed 27.9. Online qualification sign-ups open
    Sun 8.10. Online qualification sign-up closes
    Tue-Thu 10.–12.10. Online qualification starts, round 1536
    Fri-Sun 13.–15.10. Online qualifications round 768
    Mon-Tue 16.–17.10. Online qualifications round 384
    Wed-Thu 18.–19.10. Online qualifications round 192
    Fri-Sun 20.–22.10. Online qualifications round 96
    Mon-Tue 23.–24.10. Online qualifications round 48
    Wed-Thu 25.–26.10. Online qualifications round 24
    Fri 27.10. Online qualifications close.


    As mentioned before, here at NHLGamer.com we are truly proud to be one of the main, active partners of this tournament and will work tirelessly to see it top the tremendous experience that was provided through the last IS Cup.

    So, how do I sign up?

    As mentioned above, the tournament is available to anyone in Europe, as long as you're available to travel to Helsinki for the final tournament (at your own expense).

    Here's where to sign up:


    For all of our members out there, old and new, I suggest you strap in - the NHLGamer journey is just getting started.


    (Article editor: @The_Alpha_Furyan)

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