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    The Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup is here!


    Our North American following has been longing for some 6v6 action ever since the last NACL season concluded with the victory of Vertigo in mid May. We've been asked a lot about when our next North American event would be and the time has come to reward your patience. In cooperation with Northern Arena and Goalie Guild Gaming, we are proud to be bringing you The Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup - presented by Xbox Canada - with a prize pool of $10,000 USD.



    The Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup will feature a qualifying stage, where any North American 6v6 team can enter for a chance to represent one of the NHL's 32 franchises (including Seattle). Once the teams have qualified, the 32 best teams in North America will play throughout August in a battle over the largest slice out of the $10,000 USD prize pool.

    There are three ways to qualify for the Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup:

    • Official NHL Esports Team Representative: The NHL Cup will have four NHL Esports Team Representatives. The Florida Panthers, Columbus Blue Jackets, New Jersey Devils and Anaheim Ducks. The Florida Panthers and Columbus Blue Jackets have their own teams, whereas New Jersey Devils and Anaheim Ducks will be allowed to approach any of the existing qualified teams. Qualified teams reserve the right to decline would they rather represent another team. 

    • Standings from the CBJ Summer Cup: The top six (6) teams in the standings from the CBJ Summer Cup as of July 31st will be invited to join the NHL Cup. These teams are 1. Underdogs, 2. Composure, 3. BBB, 4. Entourage, 5. Vertigo and 6. X Factor.

    • Qualification tournaments: Teams who have not qualified through the aforementioned ways will need to qualify through an open qualifier. 24 spots will be up for grabs in the three (3) total qualifiers that will be held on Friday, August 7th, Tuesday, August 11th and Saturday, August 15th.

    For further details about the format of the NA NHL 20 Cup, please refer to this league format documentPlease also get acquainted with the ruleset of the Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup here before registering your team for the tournament. You can also visit the NA NHL 20 Cup official landing page for more information.

    NHLGamer is the official tournament partner for the NA NHL Cup. The tournament itself will be run on our platform here at NHLGamer.com Should you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support.

    Click here to sign up now!

    We've also set up a place in our community forums where you can discuss, introduce your team, look for players for your team, or find yourself a team. The official Discord channel for the tournament is run by Northern Arena. Additionally, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to join the NHLGamer Discord.

    Here is the schedule for the Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup:

    Registration period:
    Monday, July 7th - Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

    Qualifying period:
    Friday, August 7th (Qualifier 1), Tuesday, August 11th (Qualifier 2) and Friday, August 15th (Qualifier 3)
    Signups for Qualifier 1 closes: Tuesday, August 4th
    Signups for Qualifier 2 & 3 close: Tuesday August 11th

    Regular season:
    Tuesday, August 18th - Thursday, August 27th

    Saturday, August 29th - Saturday, September 5th

    More detailed info about what to expect in regards to broadcasts will be published closer to the tournament. What we can tell you now is that the semifinals and finals will be aired live on GINX TV and www.twitch.tv/northernarena.



    We want to take this opportunity to thank the handful of NHL teams that are involved in this event. In the end, we understand what makes a league successful is having the support of the players and teams. To earn that support we will do everything we can to make this an equally exciting and entertaining event. In return, we kindly ask for your cooperation and support, especially on social media. 
    When posting tweets of your lineups, matchups, recaps, clips, articles - or any other content you might want to create - can you please make sure to tag the following accounts and hashtag: 


    Disclaimer: The event is approved by EA and supported by some NHL teams. Not all players are official representatives of respective NHL teams.

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